[play] the moment of truth

Icarus | Taehyung (m)

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Summary: An innocent game of truth or dare plus two broken hearts turns into a very eventful night.

Word Count: 7,314

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: This turned out very long but I’m kinda proud of it idk ??? Also, I have no idea where this Greek mythology came from but ya

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Game Night//Z.D.

Zach Dempsey x reader

an: hi guys! oml look it’s my first little drabble. I wouldn’t call it a full imagine, but that’s ok I thought it was kind of cute. anyway, if you guys could give me a little bit of feedback or something to let me know how I did that would be great. I hope it turned out ok, because I thought it was adorable and I’m kind of proud of it. so anyway, enjoy?

summary: Zach and his girlfriend have game night…

warnings: I think there is like on curse word but like other than that nothing ??

word count: 758

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Privileged (9/?)

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“During the celebration of Unity Day Bellamy finally convinces *yn* to let her hair down and he sees a playful side to her he never knew she had. *yn* and Clarke finally come face to face with the grounders in an attempt to create peace.” 

Warnings: Fluff, swearing

Notes: Based on 1x09 ‘Unity Day’ of the 100. This part is almost pure fluff seeing as the last few parts have been angsty, enjoy ;)

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“Today we celebrate the anniversary of the day that the 12 nations united to form the Ark that we now call our home. However, this Unity Day is particularly special. This Unity Day will be the last one of its kind, the last one we celebrate on the Ark. Next years Unity Day will be taking place on the ground, where we rightfully belong. To the teenagers on the ground we…” 

*yn* tuned out as Jaha began to ramble on about togetherness and community and other things she deemed total bullshit. She rolled her eyes when she spotted her father standing behind Jaha. Deciding that was the last straw she turned away from the screen that Raven had set up for the other delinquents to watch the Unity Day celebration.

“Monty made some more Unity Juice bitches!” Jasper suddenly shouted as he dumped a huge barrel of Monty’s concoction into the centre of the camp. 

The other delinquents whooped and hollered at this and all scrambled to be first in line for the mind numbing elixir. *yn* just shook her head in amusement to herself as Jasper excitedly began to serve up the drinks. 

This was going to be interesting.

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My Musings: Headcanon: Ver: Hubby Kei

featuring: Wiggling Toes & Kisses | Tea Cups | Goodbye Kisses

–He loves to snuggle on the couch and just watch TV or often just watch YOU watching TV which is just as entertaining to him. He purchased large fluffy blankets that he cocoons you both in, his feet somehow always managing to be tucked between your legs no matter what position you two are sitting in, and you can tell when he wants a quick playful kiss when he wiggles his toes to get your attention.

“Stop staring at me,” you don’t even look away from the program, because you know there’s no use, but sometimes you just need to say it out loud.

“You know I can’t do that,” Kei murmurs, a smile in his voice, his fingers lifting to put another piece of popcorn in front of your mouth, which you quickly take in with your tongue, “how would you eat your popcorn then?”

You hum softly, feeling contented. Kei is laying against the armrest of the couch, his body stretched out, and you’re nestled between his legs, curled up into a small ball, blankets tucked under your chin to keep you warm from the chilled air, as he feeds you popcorn. His toes which were initially entirely too cold to go underneath your thighs were now toasty and just a comfortable extension of him around you.

He feeds you another piece of popcorn, and you feel his toes wiggle, causing you to yelp and smack at his legs. He laughs softly, reaching out to give you another piece of popcorn. You gasp as his toes begin to flutter, softly, carefully pinching the skin of your thigh, and you try to stay focused on the show, obediently taking the popcorn from his fingers as he hums softly beside you.

“Not now, Kei,” you mutter, not wanting to miss the show, as you slap his leg again. His toes still.

You don’t see it, but you can literally hear the pout on his face screaming to you from where he’s sitting. It’s just twenty more minutes, and then he can have your attention for the rest of the night!

You feel his toes begin their assault again, and you are about to slap him right upside he head when the scene on the television pauses. Your head snaps sideways, jumping when his face is inches away from yours, squeaking out in your surprise as you didn’t even realize he’d sat up. 

Your aggravation is lost when his hands move under your hair, gently grazing your skin to cup your face as he whispers, “I missed you today, so just one kiss, for me, please?”

He knows the answer and doesn’t wait for your response, just pulls your head to him, his lips gently pressing into yours, moving softly as his tongue runs smoothly across your mouth, dipping in for a quick taste before he draws back, your head following him, not feeling done, not wanting it to be over so fast.

He chuckles, as he settled back onto his position on the armrest, his smile full of mischief as you blink at him, your fingers drifting up to touch your mouth that is still tingling from the kiss, because his kisses are imbued with magic, you’re thoroughly convinced of it. You sigh softly, eyes finally focusing on him, he winks as he reached over and presses the button on the remote and you hear the show begin to play again.

It was a split second decision, as you lurched forward to grab the remote out of his hand, frantically pressing the pause button, as his laughter bubbles up, his arms coming around you as you shift yourself toward him, his smile lighting up the whole room, his voice sing-song and light-hearted, but still holding and edge of seduction in it, “Did someone change their mind?”

Not nearly as capable of a flirt as he is, you don’t even bother trying to find the best way to play this moment, instead you simply whisper the truth before you insist he kiss you again, “That’s why we pay for the DVR, isn’t it?

–He makes you a cup of tea every single morning–he buys the teas from a shop online and to this date you have yet to drink the same tea twice in a row. He has also put together an extensive collection of lovely tea cups and saucers and he seems to always have a flower that matches the tone, color, theme, or design of the teacup he uses each morning.

–If he forgets to kiss you goodbye that day, he will come back home straight away–no matter what, even if it means he will be late–much to the chagrin of the rest of the group members who were thankful he didn’t forget it often. If he knows you have already left home for the day, he will text you to find out where you are going so he can meet you to kiss you goodbye. When he does this, the kisses are always super sweet–and he’s confessed to you before that the reason this is so important to him is that he’d watched his father kiss his mother goodbye every day as a child and it seemed to be the most important part of his father having a good day at work.


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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in… 

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Part 1~

{I usually do stories using your point of view.. but decided to try something different}

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 //


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“Jenni! Please, I have to sort it out with her. Just open the door if Hoseok arrives earlier than planned and let him go to my room or something.” Kevin my older brother practically begs and I continued to just stare at him.

“You know I hate Hoseok,”

“Don’t talk to him, just open the door that’s all I’m asking you to do.”

I sighed and I was about to continue protesting but what was the point? The only thing my brother was asking me to do was to just open the door for Hoseok while he goes sort things out with his girlfriend.

“Fine.” I blurted out as I crossed my arms and the next thing I know I felt my brother pull me into a hug which caught me off guard.

My brother was the last person to ever show affectionate in this family…

“Um…. You should get going.”


I watched my brother run out the door and there I was alone at home.. All I had to do was wait till Hoseok arrived..


I brought my knees to my chest and continued to stare at my laptop screen with watery eyes.

“Go with him already!” I shouted at the K-drama “Cheese in the trap” playing on my laptop.

Just as I was about to have the moment of truth whether Hong Seol was going to accept Yoo Jung request of officially going out… the bell suddenly rings.

“Come on!” I shouted annoyed as I threw my arms up and paused the show and dragged myself off my bed.

Did Hoseok have to come now?

Does he magical powers where he knows when I am busy and he decides to show up at that very moment?

One by one I continued drag my feet down the stairs.

Ring Ring

“Hold up!”

At last when I finally arrived at the door, I slowly brought my hand to the door knob and the sound of a fist banging on the door began to ring my ears.

“Does he know what patience is?” I mumbled to myself and at last I opened the door find Hoseok standing then and there smirking.

Without say a word, I push to the side and opened the door wide enough to let this boy in and he walks in but he walks in taking the slowest steps in the world.

I’m pretty sure a turtle would probably be faster than him at this point.

“Any day now!”

He stops and turns all his attention to me.

“Now is that a way to treat your guest?”

Was he really being serious?!

“Shut up and just get in.” I barked in annoyance and I tried to go upstairs and back to my room and hide in my little cacoon till..

Hoseok hand grabbed a hold of my wrist and stopped me on the first stair step.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I wanted to be far away as possible from Hoseok after what has happened… I was beyond mad at him and he knew that… But he still continued to do anything he could just get my attention.

“Hoseok… Just leave me alone.”

I tried to remove my hand from Hoseok grip but he was holding on pretty tight..

“What if I don’t want to?”

With my other hand, I tried to take away his grip off my wrist but he grabbed a hold of my other hand and pulled me close to him.

“Why are you acting so distance all of sudden?”

“Hoseok..” I gulped and he a huge smile spread across Hoseok face.

Without realization, I felt Hoseok gently pull me to who knows where and the next thing I know… I was pinned against the wall with his hands above my hand and his body hovering me.

“Baby girl, you’re all I want.”


*1 Month Before*

“Ya! TAE!!! STOP CHEATING!” I shouted as I fiercely stared at the tv screen playing mario karts.

“Aishh you’re just mad because I’m beating you.”

I hated when my best friend Taehyung talked back and think it’s okay. I glanced at Tae slowly and the next thing I know an idea appeared in my head. I paid close attention on the way Tae seemed so concentrated in the game. As soon as I seen my opportunity to make my move. I jumped on Tae’s lap catching him off guard and tried to win the game.



Taehyung tried to push me off but kept one hand on the control but he couldn’t manage to do both. A smile of satisfaction appeared on my face. I hit the finish first and victory was mine!


I smiled and the next thing I know Taehyung laid me down on the couch and began to tickle me causing me to laugh.


I started to laugh out of force trying to catch my breath till…

The sound of the front door was the only sound that was heard, causing Taehyung to stop tickling me and me to freeze. We both glanced at the door and I noticed my brother and Hoseok walking in.

“What’s going on here?” Kevin asks and Taehyung immediately got up and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

Kevin knew that Taehyung was my best friend.. But the thing is.. He had this theory where he thought Taehyung and I had a secret relationship that he didn’t know about. Taehyung was cute and everything but Taehyung had a girlfriend that he was happy with. Taehyung was like another brother to me..

Why would I look at a guy who’s like a brother to me in that way.. Gross..

“Calm down, we were just wrestling.” I spatted out as I rolled my eyes and Kevin just stared at me and smirked.

“If you say so.”

Again I rolled my eyes.

“Unlike you I’m a holy child.”

As that comment left my mouth I heard laughter but it didn’t come out of my brother mouth. Instead it came out of Hoseok mouth..

You see Hoseok with my brother’s best friend. They met in kindergarten and they’ve been close ever since. He was my brother’s best friend, but he was also someone I crushed on…

I have no idea why..

Without saying anything, I glanced at Hoseok and he just smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the tv.

Hoseok used to be nice but for some reason the older he got… the more difficult he seemed to be.. Every time I would be around him, we would constantly butt heads and have nothing but arguments.. It gets quite annoying.

I continued to stare at the tv screen blankly till finally the sound of footsteps seemed to be heard and at last they were gone.

Or at least out of my sight.

“What’s wrong?”


I turned to look at taehyung and he just continued to stare at me. That’s when I realized that I fisted my hands by my side and and was looking at the my brother and Hoseok as if I was going to kill them.

“Nothing.” I quickly mumbled and Taehyung sighed and placed his arms on my shoulder.

“Something’s bothering you. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

Taehyung knew if I didn’t tell him what was up now, I would remain in a bad mood and take it out on everyone else.


I looked around and made sure no one was in sight besides taehyung.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

“I swear Kevin is soo annoying! How many times do I have to explain that you and I are just friends?! Then on top of that Hoseok laughed at when I said I was a holy child. What is that suppose to mean?! I am a holy child! I haven’t d-”

Before I could finish my rant, taehyung pulled me in a surprise hug having my face right on his chest and his arms around the back of my head.

His cologne was the only thing I could smell, and the sound of his heartbeat was the only sound I was able to hear.


I closed my eyes and did as I was told.


“You gotta be kidding me.” I mumbled annoyed as you tried to reach my nutella jar on the top shelf of the cabinet.

I got my tippy toe and stretched up my arm as much as I could, but still couldn’t reach it.

“Fuck my life,”

“Need help with that?” A voice appeared from my behind me causing me to jump up and turn around.

There he was just standing there leaning against the kitchen counter, with his arms folded.


“No I’m fine.” I barked in annoyance and I faced back at the cabinet and continued trying to reach for it.

Just as I thought it had the Nutella in my hands, my legs seem to give up on me and I quickly lost my balance and all of sudden began to fall back…. with no Nutella in my hand…

I was expecting to hit the floor, but catching me off guard, I felt a pair of hands and I opened my eyes  and seen Hoseok look directly at me.

My heart began to race as his eyes soften and at the way he seemed to admire my face.

Why does you heart do this every time you see him!


A huge smile spread across his face and you noticed the small amount of space we had between be two of us and how close my face seemed to be near his…

At this point we were probably breathing the same air…

“Hoseok…” again I repeated saying and he slowly lifted me up and I was back to standing in my two feet still staring at him.

I was about to say the two words I never thought I would ever tell Hoseok till…

“Pabo, you should of listen to me when I offered to help you!”


“Wow.. and to think that I was just about to thank a jerk like you,” I barked annoyed crossing my arms and he began to smile again.

“You still need to thank me.”

“You should of let me fall to the ground, it would of been less painful.”


I rolled my eyes and I was about to walk out of the kitchen till Hoseok got a hold of my wrist and I stopped and looked at him.


“Where’s my thank you?”

“Up your ass,”

I removed my wrist away from Hoseok grip and continued to walk away.

“I’ll get my thank you from you eventually.”

Hoseok shouted as I walked away and all I did was roll my eyes and smirk.

Never in a million years..



Kagome Kagome

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characters: 2jae (youngjae x jaebum)

word count: 3,572

summary: youngjae went missing in 1988, present day Jaebum goes looking for him

genre: horror/ angst

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE EASILY AFFECTED BY GORE AND SCARY THINGS!! I have also written this on wattpad before so if it seems familiar that is why

Youngjae was walking through the dark forest with a flickering flashlight. He heard a bird crow making him shout in fear and almost trip over a berry bush.

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Truth or Dare (Vic Fuentes Smut)

Summary: Vic and Y/N have been best friends all their life and they play truth or dare and do kinky shit.
Oh yeah, Vic is really sassy at that one part for whatever reason.. I wrote this at like 11 at night and I was really tired.

Cuddled up to Vic was the best position to be in. I’ve known Vic my entire life and small moments like these were the moments I loved best.
“Let’s play truth or dare.” Vic blurted out. I gave him a weird look.
“Uh, ok. You first." 
"Truth or Dare?” He asked.
“Truth.” I answered nervously. I’ve seen the dares Vic has done at parties, and let’s just say, he goes all the way.
“Worst date?” He asked.
“Remember that time I had a crush on that kid in middle school? Well we went on a date once and he failed to tell me he was severely allergic to sea food and he ended throwing up all over my brand new dress, then we had to go to the ER.” I said to Vic as he laughed. I rolled my eyes.
“Truth or dare.” I asked him.
“Ok.. I dare you to go outside, rip your shirt off and scream ‘THIS IS FOR MEXICO!’” I laughed to him.
“Girl, I ain’t gonna wreck this perfectly good shirt for a dare.” Vic said, putting his hand up in a bitch please motion. I looked at him suggestively.
“Fine I guess your going to have to take your shirt off.” I smirked at him.
“I didn’t know we were playing this kind of truth or dare.” He muttered as he threw his shirt off to the side. I checked out his tan body, my eyes lingering a little too long on his stomach.
“Y/N truth or dare?” He asked.
“Dare.” I said, looking him in the eye.
“I dare you to touch my dick.” I looked at him with a shocked expression.
“Don’t worry, it can be pants on. Or off. Which ever you decide.” He said, with a wink. I swallowed hard. I moved my hand where his member would be and rubbed circles into his pants.

“Vic, truth or dare.” I asked him, still rubbing his package.
“Dare.” Vic smirked.
“I dare you to take my top off.” I winked. Vic slowly pulled my tight V-neck shirt over my head and through it with his shirt.

“T or D?” He asked.
“I think you know the answer.” I said suggestively to him. 
“I dare you to play with yourself." 

I got up and sat on the counter where the TV was and pulled down my shorts slowly, then my bright pink thong. I made direct eye contact with Vic as I rubbed small circles into my clit, making me moan slightly. I then stuck two fingers into my wet slit, bucking my hips in motion with my fingers. Pumping my fingers in and out, I moaned loudly and threw my head back.
"Oh, fuck.” I moaned. 

Vic moved my hands away and pressed his lips to my soaking wet sex. He sucked on my clit and I rubbed my hands into his curly hair, making it messy. He then stuck two fingers into my slit and I moaned, bucking my hips in unison with his fingers. He curled his fingers, leaving no place inside me untouched. He hummed sending vibrations up my body, making me moan loudly.

“Vic.. I’m close.” I whined. His lips traveled down and they licked my wet sex. I moved my hips in rhythm with his fingers, making me closer and closer to my orgasm.

“I can’t hold it much longer…"I moaned. I felt him smile against my skin. He took hold of me inside his mouth and sucked, pulling slightly. Finally I reached my climax and screamed, holding onto his curly brown hair. Vic looked up at me with a devilish look in his eyes. 

He stood up, unbuttoning his pants and let them fall to the floor. He then pulled down his boxers and let his member spring out.

"Truth or Dare.” He whispered, leaning against me.
“I dare you to make me cum again.” I whispered back. 

Vic positioned himself in between my legs, hands at my hips. He looked up at me for confirmation and I nodded weakly. He thrusted into me and I screamed.

“Fuck, Y/N, your so tight!” He grunted, pumping in and out of me. I moaned loudly, clawing at his back. I bucked my hips forward and moaned loudly.

“Say my name!” Vic demanded.

“Oh fuck! Victor! Fuck me harder!” I yelled, holding onto him tightly. Vic pounded into my g-spot and I screamed. With every thrust I became closer and closer to my climax and I could see Vic getting closer to his as well.

“Y-y/n! Truth or dare?!” He moaned.
“Uh! Uh! Dare!” I moaned back.
“I dare you to cum for me!” He said, pulling my hips closer to his. I let go, my orgasm spilling. Vic released as well and gave a last thrust of satisfaction then slowly pulled out, making me moan once more.

“I love you.” He muttered, pulling me onto the couch.
“Mm.. Love you too.” I panted. There was a short moment of silence.
“You up for round two?” Vic asked.


selena, danielle, kylie, & ariana {dirty imagine}

”your turn kylie. truth or dare?” danielle smiles at me. “truth.” i say softly. “was it true you were nervous to come here?” she asks looking towards selena then to ariana. “no.” i say nervously. “c’mon jenner tell the truth were you?” selena says glancing to me as she scoots closer. “no.” i repeat lying through my teeth. “what are you scared of kylie?” selena smiles leaning closer to me, she keeps smiling looking at me as ariana says “selena truth or dare.” “dare.” selena says finally breaking our eye contact to look at the brown eyed babe. “i dare you to kiss me.” ariana says. selena gets up walking across our small circle to straddle her lap. ariana smiles looking up to her, grabbing her waist. “pucker up baby.” selena whispers aloud enough for me and dani to hear as they lock lips bitting down on the others lips, sliding their tongues into each others mouths. ariana runs her hands down selenas body slapping her ass. “damn it ari.” selena hisses grinding down. i watch mesmerized. selena smiles pulling away from her moments later. “danielle truth or dare.” selena says still on top of ariana. “dare.” danielle smiles. “i dare you to eat my pussy.” she giggles climbing off ariana and laying down, legs spread in front of danielle. “it would be a pleasure ms. gomez.” danielle laughs grabbing the pockets of selenas shorts tugging them down to see she has no undies. “oh baby girl so naughty.” danielle smirks rubbing her core making selena whimper. i watch danielle bend down giving licks to selenas clit. “fuck dani.” she grunts sitting up on her elbows watching herself getting eaten out. danielles tongue slides into selenas pussy going deep into her, she moves her tongue around quickly, rubbing her clit with her thumb. iam so busy watching i dont notice ariana walk behind me. “kylie.” she moans into my ear grabbing my breast from behind me. i turn around to see her right hand in her shorts. i bite my lip feeling myself getting wet. “kylie.” she moans again closing her eyes as she hand speed up. she leans back against the couch, her legs spread in front of me. i scoot closer looking over my shoulder to selena loudly moaning as danielle attacks her pussy. ariana lifts her shirt letting her breast fall out bra less. “touch me.” she begs pulling off her shorts. her hand is still in her undies which was barely anything basically just two strings connected together. i scoot more so that she is practically sitting on my lap. i lean down grabbing her breast with one hand rubbing her nipple between my two fingers making them harder then wrapping my lips around it sucking on them lightly. ariana moans i could feel her hand against my pussy as she pleases herself. “stop touching yourself.” i mumble kissing her other breasts leaving a small mark while i play with the other one. i look up to her shes smiling watching me. she places her hand over mine squeezing her breast. i lift my shirt showing off my new bra but that quickly changes as she rips it off throwing it aside. “cute bra.” she smiles. i laugh moving so she could take off my shorts. “fuck danielle.”  selena moans behind us. i move my hand on arianas pussy simply ripping her undies with one tug. “i need you to fuck me.” she moan grinding down on my lap. i strip myself of my shorts and undies. i grip her thighs pulling her forwards on top of my lap. i kiss her breasts making her grind that pussy on my leg. she moans rocking. i feel her wet clit rubbing against my skin. i look back to selena and danielle naked rubbing each others pussy. “yes.” ariana moans wrapping her arms around my neck. i grab her ass grinding her harder. “does it feel good ari?” i whisper slapping her ass. she moans and nods. i suck on her right breast swirling my tongue around her erect nipple. “mmm please finger me.” she begs laying back rising her legs in the air. “let me.” selena mutters from behind me crawling her way to ariana.  ariana smiles spreading her legs. danielle lays on the floor looking up to the three of us breathless. “shes ready for round two kylie.” selena smiles glancing to danielle as she sits in front of arianas pussy. i dont wait for selena to make her move i just turn around slowly crawling to dani. “ fuck selena  harder baby yesss!!!!” ariana screams from behind me. danielle sits up kissing me immediately. our tongues battle for control, which she obviously takes the lead after a few short moments of touching. she lays me down playing with my breasts  "truth or dare?“ she whispers bending down to kiss my left breast delicately.  "dare.” i mutter running my hands through her hair. “ i dare you to contain your moans while i do this.” she mumbles kissing my down my torso playing with my clit when she finally gets to my core. i bite my lip from moaning out. dani smiles flickering her tongue over my clit driving me crazy. “please.” i whimper . “shhh” she smiles pressing her finger against my entrance. ariana screams out behind me, i glance up to see selenas head planted between the young artists legs. ariana grabs her head tugging on her hair. i turn back to dani when i feel her push two fingers inside me. i cover my mouth to catch a moan that was leaking out. “good girl.” she smiles pumping them roughly then slowly then back again. “now no moaning until i say.” she says sliding another inside me.  "no cumming either.“ she adds kissing and sucking on my clit. "shit.” i mumble as she rams them in and out of my dripping pussy. “i. said. no. moaning.” she says in between jabs. “getting the brains fucked out of you?” ariana asks sitting next to me. i laugh nodding. ariana plays with my breasts just as selena joins us. she goes to ariana as she leans down to kiss me and licks her to her pussy to her ass. ariana moans in my mouth sliding her tougue inside my mouth. i hear danielles hand slap against my pussy juices. i start feeling myself cumming any second now and it shows. “no cumming.” dani reminds me. “please.” i mutter against ari’s lips. danielle smiles to me then shakes her head. ariana bends down to my pussy sucking on my clit as danielle still rams her fingers inside me causing me to go closer and closer to my climax. selena kisses me lightly then looks at me and smiles. “w-what ahhh.” i struggle to say. “i love seeing you like this.” she smirks smacking arianas ass besides her then looking to my breasts. she grabs my breasts kissing me. i moan into her mouth. “let her cum danielle.” selena smiles looking back to dani. she nods keeping her pace. ariana sucks harder pulling on my clit added with selena making out with me i just lose it. “holyy shittt!!!” i scream rocking my hips. selena smiles into our kiss. i scream and curse some more before they all pull away. i sit up breathing slow watching them all sit back in a circle with ariana to my left and selena on my right with dani in front. “so selena truth or dare?” danielle smiles looking at me then to selena. “dare.” she smiles. 

sorry if its crap i didnt reread. feed back welcomed. thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!  xx 

Good Thing Going

(Inspired by) Song: George Ezra, Over The Creek

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 3,707

A/N: This is probably one of the longest one-shots I’ve ever written. I got carried away but I know you’ll like it. Enjoy! 

“Eat up” Dean slid a full plate of eggs and fruit towards you. “Sam found a case, I’m guessing it’s a shifter” he explained and you nodded with a full mouth. Your foot continuously slid off the metal bar of the stool.

“How do you know?”

“Some eye-witness said she saw her husband in two different rooms at the same time, whatever that means” Dean shrugged and stole a strawberry from your plate. He took the stool next to yours and sat backwards, leaning his back on the countertop while reading the paper.

“See, look here” he leaned over so his cheek ghosted over yours, “County police are doing their best to close the case as quickly as possible” Dean read, “Yeah, right” he rolled his eyes and sat back in his spot.

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anonymous asked:

You can talk all you want but in the moment of truth you couldn't throw the punch. You have no cards to play.

Moment of truth? lol

You really think it is smart to punch someone on tarmac and risk killing them over internet drama? This aint the UFC bro, this is REAL life!

Punching people in the head is fine if you got gloves on otherwise you going to fuck your hand bones on their teeth or skull. Punching a human in the head is like punching 2 bricks wrapped in cling wrap that is dangling from a bit of string. 

NEVER punch someone in the face. There is about 50 better moves you can use to own the situation that dont lead to yourself getting injured or excessively charged if it goes to court. Choke holds being the best. Not many people know how to grapple like I can nor do they have the cardio and calmness to continue the fight. They gas out quick as they get consumed by rage/adrenaline and forget to breath properly. 

Notice in the video how relaxed I was 99% of the time. Sam had his mouth closed in between conversation and was breathing shallow from his chest. He was holding so much tension that one light knee to the ribs and he would have been winded on the spot. No damage done but totally disabled for a few minutes. 

I started training martial arts in 1992. I was homeless living on the street when I was 17. In juvenille prison there was no weapons so you had to learn how to stick up for yourself. The ‘gangsters’ these days all rely on knives, guns etc so they all feel helpless when they have no weapons. Times are more violent now for sure but they are all gutless as fuck when faced with bigger stronger opponents.

Party Games (2) Masterlist

part one

Chicken - phanfics-anonymous

Summary: Dan’s not sure if he’s gay so he asks Phil to experiment with him.

Come As You Are - fairylightphan

Summary: PJ and Chris have always wanted Phil and Dan to get along, well, mainly because they thought they’d be good friends. They’ve hated each other ever since they were first introduced to each other in elementary school. But when PJ gets drunk and thinks of a sick and twisted way of making them get along, a game of gay chicken ensues.

Confessions - cuddlephan

Summary: Dan asks Phil to play gay chicken for his truth or dare video but neither of them back out.

Forever You Will Have Me - phan-panda

Summary: Dan and Phil have a few questions for each other after an awkward session of truth or dare.

Game - kittyxuchiha11

Summary: Phil convinces Dan to play a game called ‘Too Hot’.

Gathering - lionphans

Summary: Dan and Phil go to a small party at Chris’. They play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and secrets are spilled.

I’m Not Chicken - im-a-phan-of-it

Summary: Based on: Dan’s video- Truth or Dare 2 where him and Phil play “Gay Chicken”.

In The End, We All Win - adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: The Fantastic Foursome play an extra friendly game of twister.

Just A Moment Of Truth Between The Lies - howellslester

Summary: Dan and Phil play truth or dare.

Last Chance To Lose Control - definitelythor

Summary: Chris suggests making out on the twister mat, and they go a step further.

No One Has To Know - phan-panda

Summary: A house party takes an interesting turn for Dan and Phil when they are dared by a rather rude party-goer to play a game of 7 minutes in heaven together.

Our 7 Minutes In Heaven - littlelordciel

Summary: Dan, Phil, Chris and PJ were playing Truth or Dare, until Chris makes 1 dare for Dan and Phil to complete. 7 minutes in heaven. What does this dare change between the room mates?

Strip Twister - teenagephantxsy

Summary: Dan and Phil find that playing Twister by themselves is pretty boring. To make the game more interesting, Dan suggests that every time someone loses a round, they have to take a piece of clothing off. Smut occurs.

Terrifying Truths And Drunken Dares (ao3) - thejigsawtimess

Summary: It’s late, they’re both drunk, but there’s vodka and each other, and hey - you know what sounds great? Truth or frickin dare.

The Gayest Of Chickens - jilliancares

Summary: Dan and Phil play gay chicken.

Tonight I’ve Got You - undressrehearsal

Summary: It’s late and they’re playing truth or dare, and Dan’s never kissed anyone. They’re best friends, so it shouldn’t be awkward, right?

Truth Or Dare - troylerftphan

Summary: Dan and Phil gather a bunch of their friends together, including Connor and Tyler, and they have a party right before summer ends.

anonymous asked:

53, balloons (well the loud sound they make when bursting) and... Jean, Scott and Kurt ~

53. I-I have a fear of ___ Prompt idea list here

You, Jean, Scott, and Kurt were hanging out in the front lawn of Xavier’s mansion under a large oak tree, out of the shade. It was supposed to be a study group, but things quickly derived and now you were playing truth or dare.

“Ok, (y/n). Truth or dare?” Jean asked you.

You decided to play it safe. “Truth.”

She thought for a moment before speaking. “What’s one of your irrational fears?”

Your ears turned pink as you thought of yours. You didn’t want to admit it out loud. It was silly; surely they’d make fun of you. “Uh… Is it too late to pick dare?”

“We dare you to answer that question, then.” Scott smirked behind his red sunglasses. “Besides, if you don’t answer Jean could probably just read your mind.”

He got you there. You had no choice but to answer. “Fine, but you’ll probably think it’s stupid. I-I have a fear of balloons popping.

It was silent for a second before they started laughing.”Really, (y/n)?” Jean snickered. Your face blushed.

“Shut up, Jean.” Scott smacked her arm playfully. “Remember that time your balloon animal popped and you screamed so loud Xavier thought you were in danger?” It was her turn to blush.

Kurt turned to you. “It’s okay, (y/n),” he grinned. “We all have our own irrational fears.”


Where, oh where, to begin? Maybe I will start from my conversation with Lisa and move backwards. I find it a bit frustrating that my employer is making statements about me and Tom on a personal level. Sure, we have both worked for Lisa for years, but her knowledge of who we are outside work is extremely limited. I couldn’t help but wonder where Lisa got the idea that Tom is a “charming devil” (or whatever she said). I have known Tom for four years now and for the first three of those years when we were just friends, we certainly never had any need or desire to impress one another or put on any kind of act. I have never felt it appropriate to use the word “charming” to describe him. Tom is goofy, smart, creative, and kind, with a seriously oddball sense of humor.
To bring me to my next point, the idea that somehow he has “charmed” me into some sort of stupid sheep is unfathomable. This whole “love is blind” thing is a concept that I have never understood nor subscribed to in my life. It goes against every fiber of who I am as a person. This is why it is so beyond frustrating for those words to ever be used in reference to me. What is and has always been important to me in all matters is facts and logic. I know that I have said this before, but it seems as though I can say things a thousand times and somehow never be heard or taken seriously. I was a theatre major in college, but I always excelled in math and sciences. Do you know why I enjoy those things so much? The answers are black and white (very few exceptions when you get into the advanced or theoretical subjects). I approach situations in my own life with this same mental approach. Given that knowledge, would it make one iota of sense that I would blindly follow anyone? Ever? No. Discretely leaving Sur was the best thing we could have done in that moment. I refuse to lose my job over petty dramatics or be a participant in this game. Does anyone really think that Tom should have stood there in the middle of the lounge with customers present and be a part of a disgusting screaming match with those girls? I would hope not. So, let’s get into the facts that provide me with all of this confidence on the subject, shall we?
Below is a list of things that were said and the facts that refute those things:
“We talked for 7 hours”- I would really love to know how talking to someone for that long, or at all, would be physically possible if Tom was on the phone with me multiple times for prolonged periods throughout the night in question. Not only that, but during said conversations Tom described to me these three girls who were fans of the show who seemed to be asking a lot of questions about it and creeping him out. Tom is a very nice and welcoming person so, when he is expressing discomfort at someone’s presence in the group, you know he isn’t kidding.
“He held my hand”- The only reason the three guys were in Miami was because they were doing paid club appearances. Therefore, they were advertised and overtly informed people where they would be at all times. People came to see them, meet them, and take photos. Again, please explain to me how this would have happened and it would be plausible that there would be no photos or recounts of this from anyone else. Also, wouldn’t Tom have to be as brain-dead as a piece of plywood to do that? She really should have considered these things before she started all of these lies. At least pepper your story with details that are believable.
“I found her on social media”- This all began when this story was sold to a tabloid for monetary compensation. Upon first hearing of it, I immediately saw multiple red flags and contradictions to what I know to be true based on many factors. Not only did she admit that she sold it and her reasons for doing so (Jax was holding her laptop until she and her friend paid him back for items they charged on his card and she was vewwy vewwy mad about it), but her story has warped at least a handful of times since its original print version.
“He’s still in love with Kristen”- LOL
“It fits the description”- Oh, let me guess, Tom’s penis is shaped like a penis? This actually might have been a good one if we weren’t fully aware that Kristen and this girl talked for months about this or if Tom had any kind distinct penile attribute.
Supplemental item #1- My brother went on this trip with them. It was actually really cool to see and hear him and Tom begin a friendship that has truly blossomed from there.
Supplemental item #2- The night this all happened at Sur, Tom and I were in the back parking lot chatting before we left. Around the corner comes an extremely irate Miami girl. Plain as day, she shouted “This isn’t how Kristen promised it would be!”
Can I please rest my case?
Despite all of this, people will say whatever they want to say. They always have and they always will. I have done what is in my power to shed light on these allegations, but I do not preside over the court of public opinion. As far as I know, a romantic relationship is between two people and not the entire cast of a show plus its audience. I will always get heated when I see people I know so well and care about being dragged through the mud. It upsets me when anyone speaks poorly of my friends. I don’t typically jump in the ring for myself, but I do for them.
I thank Scheana for speaking up about the whole thing. I hope she sees now that I am not only happy and in love, but that I don’t have any reason not to trust Tom. He has always made sure that I don’t have to play guessing games or wonder for a moment what the truth is. I have to give him a lot of credit. We all have a past. We all have previous relationships. We have all made mistakes in our lives. Tom has learned from his past mistakes (as have I), and never have I experienced a relationship that is so solid, open, and loving. I try every day to treat Tom with the same love and respect he has shown me. We have all heard that true love is rare and hard to find. We are so lucky to be able to experience that with each other. On that note, I have some serious cuddling to do.

Truth or Dare, a Phanfic

It was a quiet night in the Howell/Lester household. Dan was in his usual spot, his sofa crease, browsing away at tumblr. Phil was on the other end of the couch playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Even though he and Dan had already beaten the game numerous times, it was still one of Phil’s favorites.

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Drunk On You

Request: can you make an imagine where u and cal (besties) are home alone because your parents are out of town. you and him would be watching a scary movie and drinking loads of alcohol. then you two would have sex because you were so drunk and the next morning he tells you he loves you and wants u to be his gf.

I accidentally changed it up a bit, i’m sorry.

“Okay! Bye y/n! I’ll see you Monday!” Your mother pulled you in for a quick hug. “And remember, no friends over. Okay? I don’t want to hear about any crazy parties. Stay away from my liquor cabinet and don’t let any strangers into the house.” She kissed you on both cheeks and adjusted the strap of her bra on her shoulder. “I’ll miss you, baby.”

“I’ll miss you, too, mom.” You rolled your eyes, but pulled her into another hug, squeezing tightly.

Your mom was leaving on a business trip to Hawaii for the weekend, and this was the first time she was trusting you to be home alone for 3 days. You appreciated the fact that your mother thought she could trust you, but you also knew that she no reason to. You had already called Calum and he was waiting in the bushes behind your house for her to leave.

Eventually after a few teary moments, she threw her bags in the trunk of her car and drove off to the airport.

You stalked to your backyard and cupped your hands around your mouth to make your voice louder and carry further. “Alright, Loser, she’s gone! You can come out now.”

The bushes next to you shook and you pushed one of the branches aside expecting to see Calum crouched down, but all you saw was an overly excited squirrel. You frowned and spun around, checking the surrounding area for your best friend, but the boy was no where to be seen.

You decided to go back into your house to get your phone and call Calum, but when you walked into the kitchen he was looking through your mom’s liquor cabinet, a chocolate covered pretzel rod hanging from his lips.

You snorted, pulled the pretzel out of his mouth, and pushed it into your own, biting down. “She specifically told me to stay away from the liquor cabinet.”

Calum turned around and pouted, biting the end of the pretzel that stuck out your mouth. “Yeah, but she never told me that.” He pulled out a bottle of rye whiskey and winked at you. “I’m about to make you the best Irish Cream you’ve ever had.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and and shoved the whiskey back into the cabinet. Then you pulled out the bottle of vodka and smirked. “Why don’t we just drink out of this again?”

He shrugged and pulled the cap off, chugging nearly ¼ of the bottle. He jerked back, letting out a loud burp.

You grimaced and took a small sip.

Calum tore the bottle from your hands and started up the stairs to your room, pushing your door open with his hip. He plopped down on your bed, nuzzling his face into your pillows. You could hear he take a deep whiff and rolled your eyes, throwing yourself down onto your bed next to him.

“What should we do this weekend,” you asked, flipping your body over to look at him.

He was silent for a few moments before he spoke. “We could play truth or dare.” His voice was muffled.

“We can’t play truth or dare the whole weekend, Cal.” You lightly drummed your nails on the back of his neck.

“I wanna play now.”

You nodded silently in agreement and took a large swig from the bottle. “We should get drunk first.”

Calum didn’t speak, but held his hand out for the bottle which your gracefully placed in his palm, snickering when he dropped it, spilling a little on your bed.

The two of you passed the bottle back and forth, discussing everything and nothing as the night rolled on and the only reason you could see each other was the moonlight streaming through your window.

Your head rolled onto Calum’s shoulder and he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your chest down on top of his.

“Hey, y/n?”

“Yeah, Cal?”

“Truth or dare?”

You giggled into his chest and placed a kiss on his neck. “Ummmm … truth.”

“Would it ever be possible for a girl like you to like me?”

You pulled back from him and squinted your eyes, bursting into hysterics. You and Calum had been best friends since 8th grade, and although you had had a crush on him since you were 13 years old, you couldn’t imagine the boy actually liking you. You could see the corners of his mouth tip down and that’s when you knew he was serious.

“Hey, truth or dare, cal.”

“Dare.” He mumbled pitifully.

“Kiss me,” You breathed and leaned into him, breathing in his scent like he had done to your bed earlier.

His head snapped up and you watched his eyes search yours, looking for the signs of a joke, but when he saw none, he surged forward capturing your lips with his own.

You felt your heart clench with excitement and moaned when you felt his tongue licking at the seam of your lips, happily granting him access. His hands tilted your head back to give himself total control and began fucking his tongue into your mouth, causing you to fist your hands in his shirt, moaning unintelligibly into his mouth.

You felt his fingers reach down and grip the hem of your tshirt and pulled back from his kiss. A line of spit attached your two mouths and you grinned before breaking it as you pulled your shirt over your head to expose your lacy bra covered breasts to Calum.

He groaned and reached around you, effortlessly unclasping your bra with a flick of his fingertips and the straps fell off your shoulders, the cups plopping down into your lap.

He wasted no time in taking your tit into his mouth, running his tongue over the hardened nub as you fiddled with his tshirt, tearing it off his body when he removed himself from your nipple. You slapped your hands down on his chest, loving the way you could feel his muscles flex under his skin. You giggled and threw your head back, drunk not only from the vodka, but also on the thought that this was actually finally happening.

His fingers pressed against your center, and you gasped, feeling him smirk into your neck. He massaged your clit through the material of your shorts, and you squeezed your eyes shut tightly, gripping onto his bicep.

“God, Cal, p-please.”

In one swift movement he had pulled your shorts and panties down your legs and was rubbing the pads of his fingers against your heat again, barely even giving you time to mourn the loss of his fingers and rejoice at the gain of them.

You gasped and arched your back, whimpering.

Calum danced his fingertips down to your entrance. “You’re so wet. You’re so wet for me, baby girl.” You bucked your hips up into his touch only to have him hold you down with his other hand. He smirked and circled your entrance, but never fully sunk in.

You groaned and felt tears of frustration slip from the corner of your eyes. “Goddammit, Calum, what do you want?”

“I want you to beg for it.” As he spoke, his middle finger dipped into you suddenly, retreating just as quickly as it had arrived.



It was fairly obvious that you weren’t big on submitting to other people, but when you looked up at Calum and he smiled the most genuine, pure smile you had ever seen, you knew you could trust him. And you were also extremely desperate to get some part of Calum inside of you.

You dropped your head onto the pillow behind you and sighed, squeezing your eyes shut in case he was going to laugh at you. “Calum, please give it to me. I’ve been such a good girl and I need it, i need you.”

You heard some ruffling and when you opened your eyes, Calum had shed his pants and was pumping his long, thick cock. His eyes were locked with yours and sharp with lust. “Go on,” He moaned, throwing his head back as his thumb circled his tip. His voice was gravelly and rough and you felt another wave of your arousal pool between your thighs.

You gasped and squeezed your eyes again, fisting your fingers into your comforter. “God, Calum. I can’t take it anymore. I want to feel your thick length pushing into me and I want you to whisper dirty things in my ears as you throw my legs over your shoulders, pounding into my tight pussy.”

Calum growled and next thing you knew, he had thrown your legs over his shoulders, pressing your knees to your chest. You panted when you felt his tip against your entrance and you threw your hips forward, but he pulled his own back at the last minute.

Calum leaned over and kissed you right below your ear. “I’m going to take real good care of you, baby girl.” And with that he pushed into you to the hilt, groaning at your tightness while you groaned at the stretch of his thick and heavy dick inside of you, finally.

He stilled for a moment to press his forehead to yours. You gulped and tilted your head up, kissing his upper lip and whispering “move” into his mouth.

At your words, Calum pulled his hips back slowly, letting himself dragging against your inner walls, reveling in your long, drawn out moan. And then he thrust back in, continuing on without a moments pause.

You choked at the change of speed as Calum began slamming into you. The sound of his hips slapping your ass sounded throughout the room and you grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging it incessantly the faster he went.

Your breath was coming out in short uh uh uhs and Calum smirked, ducking his head down to suck a love bite into your collarbone. You eyes fell shut as he found your sweet spot and a knot began forming in your tummy.

“God, Cal, p-please. touch me, Calum, please, t-touch me. I need you to touch me, baby.”

His arm reached around and wiggled into between the two of you, his fingertips pressing into your clit harshly. You moaned and arched your back into his touch, gasping loudly.

Your senses were in overload. All you could see was Calum’s eyes wandering your body. All you could feel was the delicious friction Calum’s cock was causing as he thrusted into you, hitting your g-spot with every push in. All you could smell was Calum’s cologne and your sweat mixing together. All you could hear was the sound of your panting and his skin slapping against yours repeatedly. All you could taste was Calum’s breath and his tongue as he plunged down to kiss you again. Everything was Calum and that’s all it ever was and all it was ever going to be.

“Fuck!” You tightened around him with a scream as pleasure exploded throughout you. You were gasping shortly into Calum’s neck when he released inside of you, filling you up with his cum and letting out a string of curses. You toes curled as his cock slipped out of you and the muscles in your legs screamed with joy as Calum let them down from around his neck.

He plopped down next to you and rolled so he was on his side with his head on your collarbone. He placed a soft kiss to your skin and his fingertips danced on your hip.

You didn’t know what to say and your body was still numb from your mind blowing orgasm.  When you looked down to ask Calum if things were going to change between the two of you, you saw that he was already watching your face.

The soft sheets were pulled up to your chin with a cheeky wink and squeeze to your hip. You giggled, still slightly drunk and unsure of yourself.

“Baby girl?”

“Yes, Calum?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, Calum.”

You could practically hear the boy beam as he rolled so he was above you, peppering your face and neck with kisses.

 A/N: I worked really hard on this and if you little shits don’t appreciate it I’m going to shave Luke’s head in his sleep.