[pity me pls]

Help me out for a sec?

Hey guys! So I have this school project that requires me to gather data around the topic of gender and it’d be great if you could spare some time to take the survey my group made! It’ll take like 2 minutes and all your answers are anonymous so we ask that you please be as honest as possible regardless of what your answer is. Thank you so much in advance!

Instead of blasting hate at me; care to explain what’s ACTUALLY wrong with my art?

Because then I can work on that and make it better


I made these! It’s a crossover of AOT/SNK and Neko Atsume! I worked rlly hard on these so I hope you guys like them or something..! Hope you all have a very nice day..!


20 Days of Calum
Day 11 ➢ Favorite Quote

Calum came in and owned that song. He’s not really the guy who will step in and take over situations like Michael and Ashton will… Calum came in and said, “This is my song.” I remember Michael tried to step in, but Calum slayed the chorus.