[patiently waiting for scanlation]

On spoilers, scanlation teams, and the law

If this week’s lack of spoilers have taught me anything, it’s that there are many different reactions had by the fandom. To the anons who have sent me asks on their thoughts on the situation, I hope you understand when I say I won’t reply to each individually/publish them. 

We probably will not be getting spoilers faster than the official release in Japan any more, as that was the main reason why the recent arrests were made. (The authorities, many of the Japanese fans, and the mangakas are well aware that unofficial translations of their works are circulating online.) 

We should be able to see spoilers on Thursday, the day of the week the Japanese fans can buy the new chapter. Worst-case scenario, Young Jump puts up digital copies of the chapter a week after the release in Japan and we will be able to see the chapter then. Mangastream will now be scanlating TG:re, but I do not know Mangastream’s schedule and it will most likely take a bit of time for them to set up a regular release schedule as they adjust their workload.

The fandoms outside of Japan have been reading their manga before the Japanese fandom for a long time. This simply means that we will be re-set to the same page as the Japanese fandom from now. It may be hard to wait, but please be patient and appreciate all that the scanlation team has done for the fandom. 

On a final note, here is a reminder that the translated chapters the fandom tends to take for granted are illegal, and we should not be surprised at any action the Japanese authorities decide to take.