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Name: Heather

Nickname: Bosie, Bosie Jan (I just really love Oscar Wilde, all right?)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Ethnicity: So white that I glow in the dark (Scottish-Dutch)

Orientation: Bisexual (legit, yo. I’ve had sex with both)

Age: 35

Occupation: Accountant

Favorite Fruit(s): Pineapple, blueberries

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Book(s): Lost in the Barrens - Farley Mowat

Favorite Flower(s): Bird of Paradise

Favorite Animal(s): Panda, red fox, corgi

Favorite Beverage: Peach iced tea, coffee, vodka, spiced rum

Favorite colour: Blue

Favorite actor/actress: Vin Diesel, Colin Firth, Liev Schreiber, Tom Hardy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Charlize Theron

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

Favorite Fictional Characters: Too many to list, but I usually like the background characters with family issues (Harry is an exception)

Dream trip: London, Amsterdam, anywhere in Scotland

Blog created: 2015, but been on tumblr since the beginning on other blogs

Number of followers: 287

Not gonna tag anyone since I only interact with a single blog, but feel free, darlings.

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important; please read.

so, i’d like to address something that i came across today that sickened me to the core. so much so that i felt the need to make this post - and the topic in mind is ONLINE BULLYING. someone i hold dear got heavily humiliated today by people who were their supposed friends, this for a reason i’ll keep private as that’s not really the concern here. the problem lies in the fact that no matter what anyone says or does to you on the internet - it does NOT give you the right to publicly humiliate them in front of their friends. it does NOT give you the right to ruin their image. it does NOT give you the right to HARASS and BULLY them. these are PEOPLE we’re talking about. there is an actual PERSON sitting behind that screen, being fed these inhumane comments about themselves by YOUR hand. the right you do have is to BLOCK and DELETE them; no one can take that from you, abuse it as you please. but for christ’s sake, act like people. why would you go in for hurting someone so badly here when the option to simply block them out of your life is right there? why would you do that? we’re all here to distract ourselves and have fun - why would you try to take that opportunity away from someone by purposefully going out of your way to RUIN their reputation? why? just fucking tell me why. i’ve seen the comments and i was disgusted; absolutely disgusted at how cruel people here can be. an update which humiliated my friend got thirteen likes on aim. thirteen. thirteen people thought bullying was funny - or maybe witty, or maybe they agreed - it’s all the same, and it’s making me sick. 

look, i’ve plenty of people i wouldn’t mind hanging out in public for the things they’ve done; but you know what? i know that’s not what you do to people. that’s what the two-dimensional villains in k-dramas do, not actual real people. just, please stop. block and delete them. don’t bully people. what the actual fuck, people. what the actual fuck.