//The amount of people bitching about Eggsy and Tilde being together is amazing. Like oh, you don’t like boys that like girls? Heterosexuality grosses you out and you’re holding protests online and starting petitions to get more representation in films because the blatant heterosexuality is ‘getting old’? You’re ‘squicked’ by ‘the heteros’ and even seeing Eggsy wink at Tilde in the trailer makes you want to vomit? 

That’s what heterosexuals have been doing/feeling regarding homosexual relationships since the beginning of time, especially in Hollywood.

As I’ve stated before: the filmmakers are selling the film to the largest target audience, which is males between the ages of 18-35. Hollywood’s normal target audience for most action films since action films have been produced.

Saying shit like ‘get this hetero bullshit out of my face’ and ‘let’s hope Eggsy cheats on her with Harry’ makes you whinging children sound like terrible, terrible people. 

Also, bisexuality apparently doesn’t exist in your world, does it? Eggsy is 100% gay or nothing? That’s also excluding a part of the LGBT family, or have you forgotten that the B stands for ‘bisexuality’? We’ve seen Eggsy having sex with exactly one woman and nobody else so far, but yeah, in your world he’s totes gay. -slow clap-

|| Guys Shini is 100% human and like maybe 5'7 ish and she SHOVES SLASH AND LEATHERHEAD TO GET TO KARAI.

Like…whoa…sure she only pushes their arms but fuck!! Shes tiny compared to them but for her gf Shini will just throw herself at huge mutants.||

important; please read.

so, i’d like to address something that i came across today that sickened me to the core. so much so that i felt the need to make this post - and the topic in mind is ONLINE BULLYING. someone i hold dear got heavily humiliated today by people who were their supposed friends, this for a reason i’ll keep private as that’s not really the concern here. the problem lies in the fact that no matter what anyone says or does to you on the internet - it does NOT give you the right to publicly humiliate them in front of their friends. it does NOT give you the right to ruin their image. it does NOT give you the right to HARASS and BULLY them. these are PEOPLE we’re talking about. there is an actual PERSON sitting behind that screen, being fed these inhumane comments about themselves by YOUR hand. the right you do have is to BLOCK and DELETE them; no one can take that from you, abuse it as you please. but for christ’s sake, act like people. why would you go in for hurting someone so badly here when the option to simply block them out of your life is right there? why would you do that? we’re all here to distract ourselves and have fun - why would you try to take that opportunity away from someone by purposefully going out of your way to RUIN their reputation? why? just fucking tell me why. i’ve seen the comments and i was disgusted; absolutely disgusted at how cruel people here can be. an update which humiliated my friend got thirteen likes on aim. thirteen. thirteen people thought bullying was funny - or maybe witty, or maybe they agreed - it’s all the same, and it’s making me sick. 

look, i’ve plenty of people i wouldn’t mind hanging out in public for the things they’ve done; but you know what? i know that’s not what you do to people. that’s what the two-dimensional villains in k-dramas do, not actual real people. just, please stop. block and delete them. don’t bully people. what the actual fuck, people. what the actual fuck.

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oh my god i’m so sorry i’ve been away everyone! recently got back from vacation and having a bunch of issues with school set up and blahblah. i’m unsure if anyone would like me to continue previous thread with them but i’m BACK and ready to stab u in the face roleplay.