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▪️ This weeks topic Is called “Holiday Prep”. Memorial Day weekend is only a few days away and I see that a lot of people are starting to panic about falling off there diets. This week I’m going to prep every one to make sure that they go into the weekend feeling 100% and looking even better. I will be introducing a few tricks that will help you avoid feeling terrible after the weekend. I also want you to have some fun so stay tuned for some easy to incorporate secrets that I use.
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You are one of the few real magic-wielder left on earth. One day, you start sensing an unfamiliar magic energy signature. You begin to search for the source, but somehow they are always one step ahead and manage to evade you. After a while, the person you are following is fed up and confronts you. It’s Loki (surprise), and he makes it very clear that he only wants to be left alone. You, however, have different ideas and suggest a partnership.

Anon: So why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that Jimin and Hobi’s short films for Wings are connected? Like??