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I was actually beginning to get concerned with all the new text posts remakes you were posting and the fact that you every day had to do all the make up and the wigs and film, edit etc and then I literally made an out loud “aha” sound when I realized you probably filmed all of them in one go and not separate times for each post and well that’s the level of intelligence some of your followers are at hope you’re proud

Hetalia being like : Italy loved HRE!!!

Real history : Italians wanted to leave HRE and costantly caused problems. Just look at the five campaigns of Frederick I in his 70 years of life and you can get a taste of how “fuck HRE” Italians were.

Also Hetalia being like : Spain basically raised Romano!

Real History : Yeah, no, they barely spent 200 years around each other, he was under other bosses (Austria included) for most of his life.

Historical hetalia bloggers who focus on the italian bros: W e l p

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You like Avengers Assemble...oh my god you're my favorite

I love Avengers Assemble more than I’m willing to admit and I’m so happy I’m not alone here xD


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While the MCU breaks my heart, Avengers Assemble heals me, waters my crops and feeds my cats

(Also Shuri’s sass in Avengers Assemble? Amazing)

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I just feel so sad when I'm trying to talk about your blog with my friends and I don't really call you she or he, but my language does not have a word for they... it's stupid but it feels like I'm disrespecting you. Sorry

(( OOC: Call me whatever you’d like dearie! I honestly don’t care what you use, don’t worry about it. :) )) 

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regarding the first comic link not working, for me I find it’s sometimes because of the dash in the tag. on mobile, when I tap on it I can see it takes me to a post tagged finally-free, and it doesn’t work but if I write finally free in the blogs search bar I can find it. I’m not sure how to fix it, but that’s how I can view it on mobile!

I’m presuming you’re using iOS, which has been shown to not cooperate with dash-links. :/ 

I’m gonna try to take some time to attempt another tagging method soon, but for the time being please just be patient with me.

Any recognition that critique of society is good must immediately be followed by a call to action against the systems criticized. To wait, to vote, to hope that things change by the ballot, is not an appropriate response to a grave injustice. If you truly recognize the oppressive tools the state and society use to subjugate the populace, then the only decent response is an open revolt, militant and forceful. 

The crimes of the state warrant its immediate deposition. To recognize this and not to act, as liberals do, is an action more immoral than to be ignorant and reactionary. Those who do not understand are more capable of redemption, by means of education, than those who do and yet ignore. Entrenched liberals, in short, must get the bullet too.


So…I done and fucked myself up. Here’s why.

I did plan to post the comic up today, but because I was busy with writing my latest creek fic on ao3 and school has been keeping me very busy, I wasn’t able to find any time today to actually work on the latest update of Tweek’s Monster Hotel.

I will try my best to work on it now and hopefully get it posted later tonight or tomorrow. 

I’m sorry for the inconvenience to all my Tweek’s Monster Hotel fans out there, sorry for being an idiot, sorry for not managing my time correctly, sorry for being slightly lazy, and sorry over all for making you guys wait even longer for the update. I promise I’ll work on the comic as well as give you guys some bonus stuff from the AU, so look forward to that very soon!

Thank you for reading, and sorry again. -Rosey