[on a date thing with a guy but shhhh]

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Before I ask I just wanna say I'm sorry. I really liked the female chim chim you did for the other anon and i really want a jiminxeveryone plz :) and I'm really sorry cause I sound burdening and I know you said you don't like writing fem! AU's but it doesn't have to be long at all and I understand 100% if you don't want to write it :))

((cries im so shit with fem but you said sorry so many times i’d feel bad if i didn’t write it lol so however shit this is i’m sorry too))

(((also you were kinda vague with what you wanted so i just made it jikook and platonic everyonexjimin)))

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  • Girl on date: "So, who're you?"
  • Morty: "Oh, I-I'm Mor-"
  • Girl: *Stuffs bread-sticks in bag and leaves*
  • Rick: "I told y*Uuurp*ou it wouldn't work. The girls only want the bread-sticks, not you Mor*Burps*ty"
  • Morty: "Aw j-jeez Rick, why're you taking all the bread-sticks too?"
  • Rick: "For god sakes Morty, w-we're in a bre*belches*ad-stick meme. Y-you know, those things that losers on the internet make for shits and giggles."
  • Morty: "W-what? Ric-"
  • Rick: *Puts hand over Morty's mouth* "Sh-shhhh, Mo*OR*rty, you see it all started when a guy was on the internet- a lonely bastard that wanted a date- and bread-sticks! And that's how the meme came to be."
  • Morty: *Stares for a few seconds* "..what?"
  • Rick: "J-ju*UUU*st take the bread-sticks Morty, quick before someone catches us."