anonymous asked:

Can we have some Glave thinking about his two favorite bitc- ehm, I meant helpers?

Add, at least, was useful.

Oh, sure, he was a moody asshole with too much of a penchant for destroying things, but meh.  There would always be more timelines, Glave thought as he watched Add once again rip apart one of his failures.  And maybe one day Glave would actually tell Add about the anomaly in his equation that created wrong timelines for him to jump into.

But Add would have to bribe Glave first.

As for the newer one, Apostasia, Glave thought, he was… odd.  More of a servant of Henir than anything else, this Ain didn’t really seem to recognize Glave’s authority over him.  Which was both amusing and frustrating.  Sometimes Glave just really wanted someone to crawl around on their hands and knees and bark like a dog, dammit, and Add was more likely to do that than Ain, which was depressing because Ain’s voice lent itself perfectly to barking.

But beyond that, Glave supposed he was useful.  Loyal – to Henir if not to Glave himself – and far less straight-laced than those other two asshole Celestials, which was nice.  Powerful, too, enough to run all those errands Glave was too lazy to do himself.

Hmm. Now that he thought about it, what would happen if he pitted Add and Ain against each other?

Perhaps that was a game for another day.