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I’ve been thinking about how some bantering between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark would go. I hope they do that in the next movie and I imagine it would be hilarious. I am interested in how you think it would go. -Requested by @punken316

“… So.”


The tension in the air was almost tangible. Maybe it was a bad idea to convince your new friend Stephen Strange to meet your good friend Tony Stark. But Stephen was a sorcerer, and could be a potential valuable member to the Avengers. After all, he already saved the world once. The only problem was getting past the awkward first-meeting stage.

Tony cleared his throat after a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. “… So you’re friends with (y/n), I see.”

Stephen kept his gaze even, like he was trying to stare into Tony’s soul. “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s… cool.” Tony shifted in his chair. “And… how long did you say you knew each other for again?”

“A month.” 

“That’s… nice.” Tony turned to you. “And you trust this guy that you’ve met for a month, right?”

You nodded your head, “With my life. Stephen’s a good guy, Tony. You can trust me on that.”

“Mm.” He studied the sorcerer with contempt. It was all-too obvious that he didn’t like the guy. “So Stephen, tell me about yourself. (Y/n) mentioned you were a magician. Do you do, like, party tricks or something?”

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Warren Worthington + “I cheated.”

When Warren had crept silently into your shared apartment, with his wings folded inwards and shoulders hunched together- making the black leather of his jacket crinkle -and his baby blues glued to his worn down boots you knew something had happened back at the mansion.

“Warren?” You asked, drying your hands as you then turned off the water. You leaned back against the edge of the sink, wetting your shirt just a little.

It took a minute for him to even look at you, but when he did he roughly stuffed his large hands into his pockets and breathed in deeply.

I cheated.” You were quiet for a moment, and then once the words ‘I cheated’ actually processed you tossed your head back and laughed. Not a quick, breathy laugh of disbelief, but a bitter, almost poisonous to hear, cackle.

“You cheated?” You blinked, you didn’t frown like the fourth time you’d heard that coming from his mouth, and a furious fire never erupted from behind your eyes like it had the second time he’d come home stinking of another woman, and not a single tear burst from you like they had the very first time he’d confessed. Instead you stood there, leaning against the sink, with a bitter expression on your face.

“I-I wa-” You cut him off,

“Drunk? You were drunk and what your dick fell into another person? Wait-do I know this person? Or were you not even at the mansion last night?”

“I was,” Warren answered, like that would make up for another ‘mistake’, “Just, after the mission Scott and I, we went to this bar and-”

“You know I don’t actually care right?” You implored, and Warren looked up with gravy boat sized eyes.

“What?” He was almost hurt that you weren’t angry or crying-he was hurt that you weren’t.

“I said I don’t fucking care, and do you want to know why Warren?” He didn’t answer. He didn’t want to know why.

“It’s because I am so beyond done with this raging sack of bullshit we call a relationship! I mean this is what, the fifth-sixth time you’ve cheated on me? Truthfully I don’t know why I even took you back after the first time. It probably had something to do with the fact I loved you.”

Loved, Warren noticed you used the past tense and not the present one.

“You don’t love me anymore?” He asked so timely, the lead weight in his chest suddenly felt a thousand times heavier-it was crushing his lungs. He couldn’t breath.

You looked him dead in the eyes, and without blinking answered him, “No.”



Annotation: (Y/N)’s life used to be horrible. Her childhood was beautiful and she only had the worst memories of her parents, family. When she finally reached 21, they told her about a special program. SHIELD is looking for new agents and as always they open a one-year training program for applicants. Only the best of the best can become agents. Everything changes after she is accepted into the program and discovers her instructor is the one and only James “Bucky” Barnes.

(A/N): This story is inspired by the Divergent book and movie (because I love it). The chapters are written in present tense - I’m writing in present tense for the first time. Notice several things -  f!reader is 21, has long hair and is visibly shorter than Bucky, and has horrible past. The chapters are short.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Warning: language, disturbing content, maybe smut (not sure)

Chapters: Prologue x  One x  Two x  Three x  Four x  Five x Six x Seven x Eight x Nine x Ten x Eleven x Twelve x Thirteen x Fourteen x  Fifteen x Sixteen x Seventeen x Eighteen x Nineteen x Twenty x Twenty-one x Twenty-two x Twenty-three x Twenty-four x Twenty-five x Twenty-six x Twenty-seven x Twenty-eight x Twenty-nine x Thirty x Thirty-one x Thirty-two x Thirty-three x Thirty-four x Thirty-five x…

Firefly: Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mal is influenced more than anything else by his internal ethnical beliefs; he acts first on what he believes to be right. He is a passionate individualist and tells everyone around him so; he is disgusted by the upper-crust lie of the party in ‘Shindig’, of the dishonesty in Inara being paraded around like her date’s prize, he tells Jayne firmly that Saffron has a name (ie, is an individual) when Jayne offers to trade for her and letter tells Saffron herself that she should do what she wants with her life. He takes on Simon and River because it’s the right thing to do, even though it’s impractical and will get him in deep trouble with the Alliance (and frequently does.) He returns the shipment of medicine to the small town in “The Train Job” because he believes it to be right, even stating that in that position he doesn’t have a choice, despite the fact that doing so will get a homicidal maniac on his trail. He fought the Alliance as a young man because he passionately believed in their cause; he still does believe in it, even though they lost, and will still fight for what he believed then and still knows to be right. He forms deep emotional attachments, to both people (Inara, Zoe, his crew) and things (Serenity), and will remain deeply loyal and committed to those people and things no matter what happens. He keeps his powerful feelings on the inside, acting on them but never discussing them. His own emotions, internal ideas about right and wrong, and a sense of each person’s innate individuality: That is Mal’s primary defining characteristic.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mal’s Se is fairly obvious. He lives a rough-and-tumble, flying by the seat of his pants lifestyle that requires him to never know from day-to-day what will happen next, and likes it that way. He throws punches in the heat of the moment, regardless of consequences. He takes quick and immediate action to fix his problems, usually by shooting, whether that be shooting a man mid-stride or kicking a threat into the engines of his ship. He’s quick to judge what he sees (Fi) and primarily observes what’s going on around him in the present tense. He’s sharply observant and takes notice of many small details about his surroundings. He utilizes his environment to his advantage frequently in confrontations; in the pilot (”Serenity”) he uses all aspects of the terrain to ensure he has some upper hand in the confrontation with patience. He takes advantage of his opportunities and acts on them, quickly and decisively. He makes many impulsive, heat-of-the-moment decisions that often get him and those around him into trouble. He generally lives in the moment, in a world of harsh reality with little sugar-coating or sweet-talk or willingness to pay compliments.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He’s often the man with the plan, the guy who sizes up those he has to do business with (like Badger in the first episode) and guesses many things about them just through intuition or gut feeling. He’s got most people figured out fast; he picks up on things about them using the Se/Ni axis, develops an idea about them and acts on that idea. When he needs to make a plan, he does so; neatly and immediately coming up with a long-term idea of how to talk the materials he has and utilize them to combat the enemy he’s dealing with. Sometimes he identifies with the symbolic ideas of higher Ni characters like Inara (ENFJ) and River (ENTJ) (”Is it bad that what she just said made perfect sense to me?”) He is nearly unshakeable from a goal once he’s acquired one; his Ni can be incredibly stubborn and refuse to budge from a certain intended point. He usually utilizes his Ni for practical purposes, like making plans and setting goals, rather than theorizing or imagination. He lives his life by a few strict principles (”I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed”) that are unbending and unyielding. Mal’s plans have little room for flexibility, and often wind up having trouble adjusting when things go a different direction. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Mal almost never does the pragmatic thing, the logical step that would keep everything under control. He won’t turn in Simon and River to the Alliance, even though they’re trying to fly below radar. He won’t do the job that will hurt other people and compromise his morals even though his crew needs money. He does make plans, but they often turn out to be impractical. He’s sharp and to the point; his Te is often unhealthy and shows up in crude, cutting remarks (”You’d be like a sheep on it’s hind legs” - to Kaylee about her dress) that accomplish nothing but are what Mal sees as unblemished truth. He struggles to accomplish anything in the long-term, any kind of pragmatic end or life goal. He’s not the most organized and the ship is often short of basic goods or practical needs because of this. He does play the role of authority figure, giving commands and direction to his fellow crewmates and taking quick action to solve his problems.

adampaerrish  asked:

ok how abt jeremy taking french classes and like jean helping him with some homework as to how to pronounce stuff and jeremy is like just,, heart-eyes or something like that

oh boi i just ,, 

  • jeremy is taking french and it is 100% because of his course and 0% because of jean always muttering/outright talking in french and jeremy having no IDEA what he says but he looks so intense and its hot,,,
  • so jeremy is taking french. he can say oui non and bonjour by the third class which is TOTALLY good progress
  • when jean notices the notebook with present tense verbs he’s like O.O but he doesnt say anything (kinda freaking out bc what if jeremy understood those times he said something about his biceps and face and abs and ;;;;;;)
  • its all fun at first but ofc university = exams and requirements so jeremy cant really afford to fail the class. he’s the only one on the team taking it, so ofc he HAS to go to jean for help
  • jean is Indifferent but helps him bc he can snap at jeremy whenever he’s wrong and call him stupid so of course he’s up for that
  • they’re doing house-related vocabulary and jeremy just cant say the word placard which apparently is written the same way in french but when jean says it it sounds like a cOMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORD WHAT THE F
  • its been half an hour and they are both getting Frustrated. Jean keeps saying ‘just say the R like you mEAN IT, Jeremy Knox, stop with your stupid english rolling on the letters like they’re just waves youre surfing over!!!’ and using weird metaphors,, idk man the french
  • by that time jeremy is totally not listening anymore. he’s just staring at jean being all flustered and annoyed and his hands moving everywhere the way french people speak with their hands. 
  • jean notices jeremy’s just staring at him without listening
  • he explodes in french ESPECE DE PD TU POURRAIS AU MOINS ECOUTER!!!??!,?!
  • which is so hot. you need to understand 
  • but back to the point jean is mad. so he says “from now on i’ll only ever speak to you in french too bad if you dont understand”
  • and jeremy is torn between YES and NO because jean talking french is life but also he wants to understand everything jean has to say ever.
  • so he’s :’( ‘okay sorry can we try again’
  • jean nods but he’s mad
  • jeremy tries again and it gets better for the rest of the house-related words so they come back to the word placard which he still cant say. “what does it even mean anyway,” he pouts
  • “it means closet”
  • jean is smirking he’s actually proud of his joke the bastard even before he’s made it
  • jeremy : “shut up”
  • jean : “i didn’t say anything”
  • so jeremy just repeats the word again and again until he manages to put his tongue just right and say the full R and get the right vowel sound and he??? omg he actually said it???? he can totally speak french now???
  • he looks at jean with a proud grin, says with a good enough accent : “je sors du placard” (=i’m coming out of the closet)
  • !!! plot twist !!!
  • jeremy has had months to get used to jean speaking french, to keep the fluttering from his stomach to his toes in check, to be discreet about his obvious boner for jean speaking french
  • but jean hasn’t!!!! he didnt prepare for this!!!! he never even thought of jeremy speaking french!!!! abort!!!
  • and theres all the emotional significance of jeremy speaking his mothertongue, this language that has always been a shelter and home and jeremy who is aso starting to feel like home to jean and the two together he’s just having fEELS,,
  • BUT there is also the fact that its hot???? because jeremy’s accent isnt exactly right but. believe mE, to a french speaker, ppl speaking french with an english accent is fucKING HOT LIKE WE DIE EVERY TIMME
  • jean wants to die he’s gripping the fucking desk
  • jeremy is smirking
  • fils de pute
  • jean kisses him.
Stone Cold Pt. 2

(Bucky Barnes X Reader)

(Angst with some fluff)

A/N: I got a lot of requests to do a part 2 to Stone Cold! You all made my feels all warm and fuzzy! Glad you liked it! I tried to incorporate everybody’s requests into this part, so I hope you enjoy, because I thought this was crap lol THIS IS NOT A SONGFIC BTW (Oh, and BTW I made up an age for the reader, so if you are younger or older than that age, sorry! It just fit better with the story.)

(ALSOO I have another fanfic coming up! Spencer Reid x Reader angst!)

Y/N is your name, I don’t own anything, and you know the drill.

Part 1 // Masterlist

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

5 years later…

~Bucky’s POV~

“We have a mission.” Steve said from the front of the conference room, he had been pacing since the group sat down. “Five agents have been missing for twenty hours, now. Their last known location was in central Minnesota. One of them just activated a tracker. Suit up.”

As everyone left to go get ready, Bucky got up and waited to talk to Steve.

“Anything?” He asked him, like he did every time they had a meeting.

“No. Still nothing.” Steve sighed, “Buck, it’s been five years. You need to move on.”

Bucky’s heart gave a little squeeze, “I can’t, Steve. I seriously fucked up. I left her.” Bucky turned, staring out at the city. “I left her, to make sure The Winter Soldier hurt her again. Instead, I hurt her more than he ever could.” He turned back to Steve with tears in his eyes, “I need to get her back. I need to fix this.”

“What about Nat?” Steve asked, crossing his arms, “How does she feel about this?”

“We have been done for a long time. Nat misses her, too.” Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose, remembering the break up with Natasha and how stupid they had been.

“We both just want her back.”

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Shattered [1/2]

Characters: Baekhyun x You ft. Xiumin

Type: Angst

Word count: 1664

A/N: Do you guys want a part 2? Tell me your suggestions then~

It hurts to get all the fault for something you haven’t even done in the first place.

Part 2 (final)

You couldn’t remember any school day being quiet and peaceful. Maybe the mornings, but throughout the day it would only get worse. Middle school was probably your only nice memory about school, it all changed with high school. When he started to harass you.

The hate towards you wasn’t groundless, you could understand why someone would be angry. It was your family who won the lawsuit after all. But that is because his father did some pretty illegal things. It was all over the news. His family was never bashed though, not after the public apology his father did. You understood his pain, but the anger was misdirected. When everything happened, you were only fourteen. You had nothing to do with anything. Yet he deemed it his responsibility to make your life a living misery, and he was doing a damn pretty good job at that.

It was only child’s play at first. Taking some of your things and not giving them back, calling you names that would make his and his peers laugh about it after. But they slowly escalated. You found your things being torn and drawn on the next day, finding some of them in the trash or the content of your locker completely wrecked. The physical bullying started in your senior year. It wasn’t name calling anymore, destroying your property. It was violence, physical harassment.

You started to come home with several bruises, hiding them from your parents whenever they were home. It hurt, it hurt of course. Baekhyun was your friend before everything went downhill, even if you weren’t close anymore, you never expected anything like this. And you didn’t have the heart to tell a teacher about him, you weren’t someone who threw your morals out of the window for revenge like him. You were not going to stoop low to his level, you needed to survive this on your own. Without your family finding out anything.

You were depressed and still are, the feeling of loneliness getting greater with each passing day, hour, minute; even seconds. The things he had done would forever be embedded in your memory. You wouldn’t forget, you couldn’t. Maybe that would help you in the future.

The moment your teacher started to speak about the next field trip your class was going to go to, fear started to creep into you. And you had every right to be. You guys would go camping for exactly five days and four nights, who knew what Baekhyun has planned to do to you.

Nothing happened when you boarded the bus, sitting beside a friend you were not so close with. He was very vocal about Baekhyun’s action towards you, but because he was a friend and a member of his group, he couldn’t say much. The disappointment seeing him there when Baekhyun torments you, hurts you every time; the fact that nobody seems to be able to help you.

“Look who is kissing the ground again.” Baekhyun snickered as he found you on the ground in front of him, wet from the puddle he shoved you into the moment you stepped out of the bus.

“Byun Baekhyun!” The teacher shrieked. “What do you think you are doing?!”

“Sorry, teach.” He simply rolled his eyes and crashed into your shoulder the moment you stood up and dusted as much of the water and dirt off you as you could. “She fell.” And the torture seemed to begin. To his full amusement.

By the time the last two days arrived, you had a couple new bruises and a subtle pain in your shoulders from his constant shoving away. Walking in this condition was not the best, but at least bearable and not a bother. Like always, you were rather at the back, away from the crowd of students during the hike, climbing up the mountains. It was a soothing scenery and you found yourself lost in its beauty, another mistake. Or more like, another one of his childish antics.

“Ah, such a slowpoke,” Baekhyun whispered into your ear from behind, pulling at the zip of your backpack and spilling its content on the ground. Turning around, you just sighed while crouching down and putting everything back in, not gazing at him. He wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t worth anything. Not your tears, your cries and your pain. He was nothing to you, no, he was dead to you.

There was a time where you wondered if he even thought through the things he was putting you through. Was he aware of the pains? Of the scares his actions against you caused? Of the fear, it was igniting in you? Wasn’t he aware that he was ripping through your soul? Oh right, that was – of course – what he wants to archive. He wasn’t far from reaching what he wanted, actions like these just proved how heartless he really was.

“How rude, not even looking at me.” He muttered mockingly, the amusement clear in his voice. “Come on, look at me.” He taunted, getting angry at your unresponsiveness. “I said, look at me.” But you didn’t budge, and that was another mistake. “Your loss.”

Forcefully kicking your shoulder with his right foot, you stumbled down the hill and off the walking track, out of Baekhyun’s sight and disappearing through all the bushes and trees.

“Baekhyun!” Xiumin groaned. “That was too harsh.”

But Baekhyun only shrugged as an answer, ignoring the little tug in his gut and kicking your backpack in the same direction you disappeared in. “An accident I am not responsible for.” Because for him, you deserved every single thing he did. “It’s not like she would go missing here, the forest isn’t that big. She will catch up.” He walked ahead, leaving Xiumin looking back. His face full of sadness and disgust. Sadness for everything you went through and disgust for him doing nothing but watching besides the boy who was the cause of your misery. He hated himself for not going against Baekhyun, for being the pathetic one.

Resuming the walk, the class headed back at dawn before the teacher started to count every student present to notice one missing; You.

The students were growing more tense, with each calling of your name, looking around in wonder. Baekhyun himself frowned. Many hours had passed, and your little accident happened in the late morning and it was already the early evening, where were you?

Turning around, he ran all the way back towards the hill. Momentarily forgetting his hate for you as worry, concern and guilt overpowered it. He never, not once, felt guilty for what he did to you. But this was different, it was too serious for his liking. A reality of his harshness was finally catching up to him and with that his conscience. 

Walking around aimlessly, his jaw tightened at the sky. It was getting darker with each passing minute and with that the chances of finding you. Seeing your backpack on the ground near a tree, he instantly ran towards, picking it up and walking down the hill he thought he kicked you down, it must be the way. Fishing out his phone it as a flashlight and constantly called out your name, in the hopes of a reply. Leaving some seconds after each call to hear your voice responding, but there were none and his heart grew heavy. Did you stand up and walk away? Were you unconscious?

He was on the verge of giving up, letting his eyes leave the tears it gathered as he noticed how high the hill actually was. How far you must have tumbled down, the ground not levelling up at all.

However, he was lucky that it wasn’t like that. You were unable to even move your finger, so much pain was coursing through your body. How would you have stood up and walked away?

You were not really minding anything anymore, no tears were there to be shed because there wouldn’t be anyone hearing you in the huge forest anyway. Why bother then, it was meaningless. You were ready to die, alone like Baekhyun wanted you to. Yet you couldn’t stop yourself from the hope coursing through your veins as you heard someone shouting out your name through the mist of pain and dizziness in your head.

Responding to the calls coasted you to concentrate all your energy to move your mouth. No wonder, by all the little stones and branches that pierced through your skin and your flesh. Including the huge stone, you collided with, which stopped you tumbling down but was at fault for your left fingers being deformed strangely, your head feels completely numb.

The moment you saw who the one to your rescue was, the hope instantly diminished as the feeling of acceptance and numbness came back.

“Here to finish what you started.” You whispered looking on the ground in front of you, your voice hoarse and strained as you gulped uncomfortably. 

Seeing your broken form on the ground, Baekhyun gasped. Blood was everywhere, staining every part of your ripped clothes and your whole face. Little branches sticking out from every part of your body, both your fingers of your left hand and your right leg deformed in a strange way, obviously broken. But what broke Baekhyun was the look of absolute blankness on your face. No trace of any feeling, besides the pain that was screaming through your eyes. He has done it, finally and completely. Not breaking you, this wasn’t you being broken. Broken things can be fixed, their wounds can heal.

You, however, you looked shattered. Not just your body, but every part of your whole being.

Miss Stanford [Sam Winchester AU] (Part 6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Series Title: Miss Stanford
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Castiel, mentions of Jess Moore
Warnings: warning here
Word Count: 2,097
Short Description: Alternate Universe where you’re Sam’s girlfriend and you both go to Stanford. Castiel calls after you find out about Sam and Jess’s old relationship and you realise that you don’t need to worry. You also eat pie with Jo and Dean.

Disclaimer: not my gifs

[Y/N] = your name

[Y/L/N] = your last name

You didn’t remember how long you sat on the bed in Sam’s old bedroom, but eventually, you fell asleep. When you woke up, it was dark outside, but not dark enough for the sun to have completely set. The bedroom was still deserted, and you weren’t sure if that made you happy, or very, very sad.

You weren’t angry or upset with Sam anymore; not at all. In fact, you felt more betrayed by Jess than you did by Sam. She was your best friend. She was the only person you told about your crush on Sam when it started, and she had told you she would help you.

If you had known that she could have been Sam’s fiancé, you wouldn’t have said anything to either of them. And you told Jess about everything. You told her about the time you broke her laptop, and you ended up buying her a new one because you cared so much about her friendship with you.

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Big Fish

Some days I am the mighty roaring bear

More often than not I am the trout

But it seems that there is a drought

I’m throwing my body upstream

Without any help from my team

Leaves me out here droppin’ and floppin’

Might as well swallow a grenade, just spit the pin

Could have been mud or pavement

Living life like I can pay rent

Look into my own mind, what do I see?

Not much but more than one closed door

Keep my head slamming into the floor

Let some of the outside flow in

Flood my brain cavity and let it spin

Like the record you lost your V-card to

When he beat you black and blue

Not trying to get what you went through

Just making it palatable for my crew

This rhyming and writing is just a defense

Notice why this is written in present tense

My only wish

To be a bigger and stronger fish

Adults? Really?

I wanted to reblog this because after coming back to from the break and seeing the heartache pain and confusion in both Brandon and Callie. I am even more angry at the adults in their lives! It just didn’t have to be this way.

Over this long break I find my self getting increasingly upset at the adults in Brandon and Callie’s lives. They have no small blame in the whole mess Brallie find themselves in. Now mind you I’m not saying Brandon and Callie aren’t at falt for their actions. But the adults in their lives have completely let them down.

Let’s start with Stef and Lena:

Red flag #1 They knew that Brandon and Callie kissed at their wedding and that at least Brandon had very intense feelings for Callie and what was their response suck it up butter cup she’s going to be your sister. And did they not even talk to Rita or Callie about the situation and see if there was anything they need to address with her before moving right on along. REALLY? REALLY? Ok so instead of putting things on hold and exploring how each one truly feels and if there might be a problem or alternative route or anything let’s bulldoze right ahead with the adoption.

Red Flag #2 While wondering why Callie wanted to live independently Stef and Lena ask the question is she doing this so she can be with Brandon? If they have to ask that question or have those doubts maybe they need to explore that more with Brandon and Callie before moving ahead.

Red flag #3 At Franks funeral Lena saw Brandon guide Callie out of the kitchen and up the stairs with his hand on the small of her back. An action that speaks of intimacy, protection and possession. Then followed them upstairs where they were in Brandon’s room with the door closed. Not one word was said about it. Let’s move right ahead with the adoption shall we.

Red flag #4 Brandon’s speach at the winter dance when he took the fall for the fake Ids so Callie wouldn’t spoke volumes of feelings that have not gone away. Lena even suggest that to Stef they just blow it off for some reason. Stef even said “he’s gotta get over it, now.” Really? Ok? Then when Stef and Mike interrogate B they both know he was saving the money to give to Callie really no other thoughts or questions about that. Ok?

Red flag #5 When Brandon finds out about the AJ kiss his response could only be seen as jealousy. Stef even went to Brandon and told him how she was sorry she wasn’t there for him about Callie and she knows his heart was broken. Perfect time to see how he feels now and what that outburst was really about but no broken heart or not she’s going to be your sister. Yeah so….

Red flag #6 The Mexico trip while two of your children disappear on a road trip it enters your mind that they may have become pregnant. Umm no that’s a thing that should never come up unless there could be a problem you may need to address. I mean really you think it’s possible they’ve been sleeping with each other and when they get back from a trip they ranway alone together to go on and you don’t even have a conversation with them about that. Or think maybe we need to reevaluate the situation if for nothing else then to put your mind at ease. No Really? Ok?

Red flag #7 The social worker looking into the restraining order put on Brandon (because that wasn’t an over reaction and totally stoped them. When a conversation about his actions probably would have worked way better but we’re off topic now.) said their answers weren’t matching up so she had to investigate further. You don’t think to yourself why don’t they match? What could they be covering? What parts don’t they match on? Who’s lying and why? Come on Stef’s a cop she would have investigated the hell out of that. But no questions were asked we’ll just wait and see what the troubled teen girls at GU have to say.

One red flag should have been enough to realize something needs to be addressed. They just keep their heads in the sand if they don’t acknowledge it it’s not happening I guess.

Now on to Rita:

Red Flag #1 She knows through Callies time at GU her confessions during group how she feels about Brandon. She knows what happened when Brandon showed up there. That hug and conection is hard to ingore. Didn’t say anything to Stef and Lena about moving ahead with the adoption.

Red flag #2 Had concerns about how Callie was going to deal with living under the same roof as Brandon but decided it was a healthy choice for Callie to go back there? Yeah ok…

Red flag #3 When Rita found out about the AJ kiss she talked to Callie about it and Callie’s response was “it’s not the same as Brandon that she doesn’t love AJ” notice the use of the word love not only that but present tense used. No further questions or concerns about that? Nope…

Red flag #4 Callie sent a recording to clear Rita but on it there is information about Brandon and Callie and an onging relationship. Let’s not alert anyone to the fact there may be a problem with these two people becoming siblings lets not say something to the family no lets help it just go away lets talk a girl into lying for them and sweep it all under the rug. Really!? It’s your job to look out for the welfare of children you don’t think it could mess someone up to be legally bound as a sibling to someone they’ve been proven to have romantic feelings for? Ok…

The adults in Brandon and Callie’s lives let them down in a big way! They share in some of the blame here. I hope when this all comes out they take responsibility for their parts in this mess.

Livin’ On A Prayer

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Request: Hi!! I noticed your requests were open, and I was wondering, could you write one where the reader and her brother Dean are on a long, long drive back to the bunker, and reader is the one who’s driving back. But on the way back they’re suddenly attacked on the road- and a prayer is sent out to Cas and he saves them right before they die? (Cas x reader)

Warnings: Near death experience (?)

A/N: As with most of my fics, sorry for the title. Experimenting with present tense again, idk if y’all even notice. Hope you enjoy!

For @supernaturalsuniverseinwriting

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“Can I change it now?” Dean whines, his hand hovering over the cassette eject button as he taps his foot impatiently.

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anonymous asked:

How do I write a Chinese character who only recently learned English without falling into just writing a bad stereotypical "Asian accent"? Do you have any sources that realistically show the issues that a Chinese ESL speaker would have when speaking English?

Chinese ESL Speakers and Realistic Speech

The ones I’ve seen with my relatives most of the time are with gender and verb tenses. (We speak Mandarin, so it could be different with speakers of other dialects. Does your character also speak Mandarin, or is it a different dialect like Cantonese or Hokkien?)

There’s only one third-person pronoun in Mandarin, and it’s gender neutral. (There’s a feminized written form, but according to my parents, it’s only been in use for the past fifty years). A lot of the time Chinese ESL speakers get genders confused when it comes to third-person pronouns—think “him” when they’re referring to a woman and vice versa.

There’s also no real past tense when it comes to Mandarin, so I’ve noticed that sometimes when speaking in English the tenses will be in present form.

(note: I’m ABC, so if any followers are Chinese ESL, please feel free to contribute!)

—mod Jess

Meryl and Maks Daily Recap August 5th, 2014

I have been dreading writing this recap all day, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.  I am still on board this ship.  Meryl did not say anything today that she has not said before, even before I joined tumblr.  I have a theory about what might happen in the coming days, I am not going to share it at this time, but if it occurs, I don’t want anyone to say I’m just making excuses when I give my opinion.  I will refer back to this recap if it happens.  (I’m sorry to be so unclear, but just in case they do see what goes on here, I don’t want to give them any ideas.)

So, Meryl and Charlie had two phone-in radio interviews today.  In one of those interview the host asked Meryl about her romantic involvement with Maks, she laughed, paused, gave and “Um,Yeah” and then said, “I mean, we’re not in a relationship.  We have an incredible friendship. (notice the present tense).  We developed an incredible friendship over the course of the show, and yeah, we had an incredible time”  The host then said “so you haven’t driven fast”.  Meryl laughed a lot, then said, “We haven’t driven fast, *giggle*..That fast”.  

So, here are you choices:

  1. You totally believe Meryl is telling the honest truth, you believe there is no chance for them and you jump ship.  That’s totally OK, if that is how you feel.  Please don’t try to convince us before you go.  
  2. You totally believe Meryl, but you think there is a chance for them in the future.  By all means, stay and lets see what happens.
  3. You realize that Meryl could very well be telling a lie because she and Maks want a private relationship. 

I am in group 3.  I had a nasty anon write me today and accuse me of being a hypocrite because I said I didn’t believe tabloids and would only believe Meryl or Maks themselves.  I will say this, I don’t think I ever wrote those words, but if I did, let me clarify.  If I physically, personally meet Meryl Davis or Maksim Chmerkovskiy and we become friends, and one of them tells me they are not or never were in a relationship, then I will believe them.  Because they only discuss these things with family and friends.  Every single friend they have spent time with over this summer has immediately liked or started following either an M&M fan site, or Meryl and or Maks themselves, and or photos that Meryl or Maks post.  For example.  Meryl’s uncle’s partner started following both Meryl and Maks after spending time with Meryl on Sunday and Maia Shibutani liked Maks’ photo of LeReve today!  I do believe that coincidences are possible, but I also have a brain.  It just happens too often to be a coincidence.

I would also like to point out to people who say Meryl has been very forth-coming in the past.  You’re right, she has.  When she said she wasn’t dating Charlie she did not giggle or say “um” or “yeah”.  Also, the way people handle situations can and does evolve over time.  Her situation, her level of fame, and her need for privacy have all changed drastically since the start of DWTS.  It is not outside of the realm of possibility that her strategy with answering questions in the media would also change.  In fact, it only makes sense that her media strategies would evolve.  She has by necessity become “more hollywood” in the way she handles things.  Most celebrities lie about being in relationships, at least at first.

Add to this Maks’ own need for privacy.  He has always been private out his personal life, but lately he’s become even more so.  I know from his own interviews that Maks goal is to have a relationship that is nearly if not totally hidden.  His role models are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.  Who many thought had broken up until we all found out that Eva is 7 months pregnant and no one knew.  That is super hidden, folks.  This might be a very long haul.

So, that is where I stand.  I am still here and I still believe.  

Day 12

Day 12

Opening the front door of his home, Rick made his way upstairs, calling out for Michonne. He’d been out and about looking for her with no luck. After Carl’s recent disappearing act, Rick had made it his mission to keep his loved ones in his sights…as much as possible, anyway. He walked into their bedroom, startled to find Michonne curled up in a ball crying.

Rushing in, Rick climbed in bed beside her.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he questioned, gentling rubbing her back.

Michonne sniffled, refusing to face him. “I’m fine. Have you thought anymore about how to handle Spencer? Last thing we need is him trying to stir up trouble.”

“I don’t care about Spencer,” Rick scoffed. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just stressed, Rick. It’s nothing…just…I’m fine.” It was obvious she was far from fine but Rick didn’t want to push her.

“It’s stupid,” she admonished. “Shit happens. People die. That’s how it is.”

“It’s not stupid, ‘Chonne…it’s not,” Rick assured her, embracing her from behind.

Michonne had spent so much time being his rock, his constant. She’d held him and the others up while deep down she’d been falling apart.

Michonne had always seemed stoic, keeping them focused on the task at hand. Rick wondered if this was the first time she had gone off on her own to mourn in private.

Rick wrapped his arms tighter around her body, nuzzling the back of her neck.  It felt as if she was still holding back, trying to compose herself. She needed to let it go.

“You don’t have to be strong, Michonne. You don’t. I got you,” he whispered against her. “It’s okay.”

“I really should be used to this kind loss. This is the world now,” Michonne murmured.

“The worst thing that could happen to me has already happened. Seems like everything would be easier at this point. But it’s not…”

The worst thing that could happen, Rick wondered. What was the worst…Oh…god.

As if Michonne could read Rick’s mind, she quietly spoke up.

“He was three…when I lost him. Just turned three…”

Rick squeezed his eyes shut tight, tears running down his cheeks as his suspicions where confirmed. He’d been wondering since the prison if she’d had a child. The way she talked to Carl, how she handled Judith was indicative of how a mother would take care of her own children. She had been helping him raise his kids while missing her own. She’d cuddled Judith, holding her close while her own baby had been ripped from her.  Her heart must have broken again and again. And yet, she still did it, nurturing Carl and Judith without hesitation.

The strength of this woman was unlike any he’d ever seen.  

“Do you want…do you want to talk about it? You don’t have to…” Rick offered.

She shook her head. She wanted to tell him, needed to.

“I was on a run. I left Andre with his dad, thinking they would be fine. Mike, his father…was struggling with how things were. We needed him to stand up, to accept this was reality but he just couldn’t. When our camp was overrun, Mike wasn’t able to protect himself or Andre. I lost them both.”

Michonne turned over, facing Rick and burying her face in the crook of his neck.

“Oh…honey…” Rick choked, his shirt getting damp with fresh tears from Michonne.

“My only job in this life was to keep him safe and I failed,” Michonne cried.

“Every time someone else from our family dies, I feel like it’s another step back. Maybe we’re just kidding ourselves that we can build a life here. There’s always someone who’s going to take it from us.”

Michonne had been the one to hold everyone up. And now the hope she’d held onto was slipping away. It had always been her that kept him together. Now, he needed to do the same for her.

Rick stroked the back of Michonne’s head, his fingers threading through her locs.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt to carry this around with you every day, ‘Chonne. I’m so sorry about Andre. But you didn’t fail him. That was not your fault.You’re an amazing mother.” Michonne noticed the present tense in his compliment and smiled a bit.

Her breath was starting to calm down, the tears slowing to a trickle. “He was the most beautiful boy, Rick. So sweet, so silly. You would have loved him.”

“I already love him. Just like I love you.”

Michonne lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss against Rick’s lips.

“I know you do. I love you, too.”

She dropped her head back against him, exhausted.

Neither one spoke, content to lie wrapped up in each other in the dark, quiet room. The outside struggles and dangers could wait, at least for now.


Next up is Day 13 with @classicbkrder815

you may notice i often talk about my favourite dead characters in the present tense. this is because i am in denial. i know i am in denial. dont point it out. i know. i am fully aware and not in the least bit bothered