[not doubting his erection]

Captain’s Girl

Description: Tony is a flirt, but he needs to remember that you are Steve’s girl

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: lmfaooo smut obviously, flirty Tony

A/n: okay someone suggested “jealous Steve” for a fic, and since I’ve been writing Tony non-stop I ran with that

Originally posted by urmychilicheesecake

A low whistle sounded as you and Steve walked into the room. Soon, Tony was by your side, walking with the two of you to the bar.

“Well, I can definitely see why the capsicle likes you so much.” 

You glared sideways at him as you took your seats. “And why is that, exactly?”

“Let’s just say that dress is showing off more than I’ve ever seen of you. I’m impressed.” He winked, smirking.

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Good Morning

Title: Good Morning

Rating: M

Description: You wake up a little early, and are more than a little turned on by Tom’s sexy snoring… 

A/N: This short little thing basically just happened because I would rather fantasize about Tom Hiddleston’s scratchy morning voice than get much needed sleep. Enjoy! ^__^ 


You open your eyes, and lie awake in the semi-dark light of way-too-early-morning. Your heart sinks as you realize what day it is: Monday.

But then- you remember just which Monday. A long weekend Monday. Which means another day to spend with Tom.

You roll over quietly, checking to see if your boyfriend is still asleep, which he is. You smile as the sound of his faint, sexy snore fills the room. His snore always turned you on, ever since you started living together and you first got to hear it. It was so masculine.

You nudge his shoulder gently, and he stirs a little. “Mmm?” he mumbles, lifting his head from the pillow and rolling over to face your side of the bed. His eyes adjust, and he frowns as he sees the time.

“It’s 6:00 in the morning, love…” he mumbles in his scratchy, drawling morning voice, another thing that turns you on beyond belief. You grin. “Yeah… but today’s a holiday.” He smiles, and rolls back over to you. “So shouldn’t we be sleeping in?”

You smirk mischievously. “Your sexy snoring is getting me in the mood.” He grins. “Then I guess I’ll just have to snore more often, hm?” You laugh softly as you crawl closer to him, shifting one of your legs to the other side of him so that you straddle his lap under the covers.

You lean down, and give him a deep kiss, feeling the short, scratchy stubble of his yet to be shaven chin. He smiles against your lips, and you shift against his lap, feeling his member start to become stimulated beneath his tight sleeping boxers.

He groans lightly, and moves his hands underneath your tiny white nightie, kneading your hips as you kiss him again.

He takes a breath. “Good morning,” he says with a little laugh, and you bring your hands down over his broad chest, massaging circles around his defined pectorals.

He pauses for breath, then kisses you again as he lifts your nightie above your head, leaving you naked and chilly in the morning temperature.

“Oh, darling…” he mutters, eyeing your breasts with a still tired, yet hungry gaze. He suckles on each one gently, making you moan, and you work on tugging his boxers down.

When you finally do, his painfully stiff erection springs out, no doubt hard from overnight, and you start to run your finger and your thumb from the base to tip, making him quiver under your touch.

After a minute of this, he finally grabs you by the waist, and lifts you up, lowering you onto his cock. You gasp as you take him in, feeling him deep inside of you, filling you so perfectly. You move up, and down again over him, and he bites his lip as you start to bounce, working yourself off of him.

He thrusts upward, heightening your pleasure, and at the angle that you’re both at and the leverage he’s got, he hits your g-spot again and again, bringing you close with every thrust.

“Oh love… just like that,” he encourages, squeezing his eyes shut. You moan loudly. “Oh, Tom, yeah!” He pushes your hips and moves you in time with his thrusts, and you feel your climax approach.

He keeps thrusting, and you both come undone at the same time, breathing each other’s names as you feel his seed spill deep inside of you.

“Thomas…Thomas… oh…” you whisper breathlessly as you come down from the high, feeling his cock throb rhythmically as he loses his breath.

He leans back into the pillow, looking up at you. “I love you so much, you know that?” he asks after a moment, quirking a smile as he tugs you down overtop of him. “I love you more,” you muse, and he chuckles.

“That’s a war best settled in bed. Next time, of course,” he grins, and you nuzzle your head into the crook of his arm as you two drift off back to sleep under the warm, fluffy comforter. 

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Have you heard of the hc that when Tim "dies" Damian is the only one beliving that he's still alive? And all he does his trying to find him. The rest of the batfam don't belive him of course but at the end Damian saves Tim (then they bond and Damian finally sees Tim as a brother). I think I fell in love with this hc

Okay. So as much as I roll my eyes at Tim’s “death”, I too really like this headcanon. If only because it offers the perfect opportunity for some sort of reconciliation between Tim and Damian.

But on the other hand, I kind of feel like one of the flaws in the whole Tim death story arc is that, once again, everyone seems to accept Tim’s death too quickly? I mean… Bruce travelled back in time… “but yeah, no, Timothy, my son, is definitely dead. The evidence is all there in his blood spattered suit and staff. There’s no doubt about it. Time to erect a monument to his bravery. Rest well my soldier…”

I also especially don’t think DICK would make the same mistake of not believing a brother in that way again, after the whole Red Robin debacle. So I think he would absolutely take Damian’s side and together they would work on convincing the family to search for him. (I think Steph in particular would brush away her tears and be all like “okay bitch let’s do this, where do we start?”

Still, I think the fact that it is /Damian/ who initiated the questioning and the search for Tim is very very important, and I think that would mean a hell of a lot to Tim when they find/rescue him.

Alas, I’m afraid it is yet another missed opportunity by the writers… :( if the comics had played out this way, I would definitely be keeping up with this arc more I think.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to make a request for the drabble prompt game. Member is Hansol, prompt 50, & smut. (Thanks in advance)

Thank you for requesting! I worked hard on this one to try and make it better than my other smut! I hope I succeeded!! :) Have a nice day <3 

@bangsevtan Here it is! I hope you enjoy it all the same as everyone else! 

Originally posted by jenissi

Hansol #50 Smut. “Why don’t you come closer and show me?”

This was how you liked Hansol best. He was sweaty and still giving it his all. His hip thrusts were powerful as you stared at him in the mirror. Watching him practice was your favourite past-time. It was even better when he let you draw him. Getting a clear picture was always difficult, but you took mental note of his best angles and improvised using your imagination. You liked to think these were your best works. Hansol always appreciated admiring the sketches between his rounds of practicing his personal routines. This time he spent the whole night working non-stop. You had to drag him home to make sure he’d sleep at least a little that night. 
“But this is my FAVOURITE song!!“ He pouted. 
"Desperado can wait! You need to rest!” You said while giggling and poking his cheek to make his pout disappear. When you arrived at your apartment he came upstairs with you, you thought nothing of it. He probably just wanted to trick you into letting him fall asleep in your bed so he wouldn’t have to go back to the dorm. As you two were cuddling up on the couch to watch some TV before bed Hansol leaned over and asked softly,
 “Did you sketch me today?” You nodded cheerfully and got up to retrieve your sketch book. You handed it to him and started walking into your bedroom to take off your makeup and get changed into your lazy clothes. He followed you with his nose in your sketchbook, running a finger over each of the drawings.
“You’re so good at drawing Jagi! You have to do a proper portrait of me one day! I’ll hang it on my wall. I like this one!” He said excitedly, turning the book to show you.You squinted a little and leaned slightly towards him while sitting at your vanity.
“I can’t see it from here. Which one is it?” You asked.
“It’s the one of me against the mirror.” He said suggestively. Wiggling a playful eyebrow at you before breaking into a hysterical little giggle.
“Why don’t you come closer and show me?” You said dryly.He looked over at you and moved closer, showing you the picture.
“Hmmmm yeah I liked that one too. You look sexy doing that dance.” You stood up to be eye level with him as you wiggled your eyebrows back at him.
“You always look sexy when you’re focused on your sketches you know.” He smirked and placed your sketchbook on the vanity.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. You smiled and kissed him slowly. He smiled into the kiss and brought a hand up to run his fingers through your hair. Your hands were placed on his chest and you gripped his shirt to pull him even closer to you. He guided you backwards until the backs of your knees hit the edge of your bed. He continued forward and you scooted your body back across the bed until he stopped and placed you on the warm, soft sheets. He pulled away and looked at you lovingly.
“I love you.” He said seriously.
“I love you too, Oppa.” You said with a smile.

Hansol removed his shirt and tossed it to the side. Removing yours right after and attaching his lips to your neck. You squirmed beneath him after he hit that perfect spot on the side of your neck and you let out a soft breathy moan. You felt Hansol smirk against your skin as he moved down your chest and stomach. He unbuttoned your jeans and pulled down the zipper while sucking light bruises into each of your hip bones. You felt yourself becoming more wet by the second and the adrenaline running through your body was making you impatient. But you knew he made you wait because it was worth it.
Hansol pulled your jeans off and threw them over the edge of the bed. He kissed back up your leg as he cupped your clothed breast with his hand and massaged it. You unclasped your bra and took it off of yourself and he lifted his head to admire the sight. He kissed down your chest and stomach before removing your underwear and teasing you by running his tongue on the skin just above your clit. You whined down at him and he giggled.
“Okay, Jagi, okay.” He said playfully before sucking your slit between his plump lips.
Your hips sputtered and your head was thrown back against the pillow. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive bud and you moaned each time you felt a wave of pleasure hit you. The feeling of his wet tongue between your legs drove you crazy. The vibrations of his soft moans running through you, creating an intense pleasure. You felt one of his fingers tease your entrance before entering you slowly. Hansol curled his finger upward to brush against your g-spot with each inward thrust. You felt your toes curl as your moans became louder and you became less able to control them. Hansol had you cumming in mere minutes. Your body waving in appealing flows, your hips squirming with Hansol’s tongue still dancing around your clit. When your movements became less energetic and your breath less laboured he pulled away with a smile. Pulling his fingers out of your core he leaned up to kiss your lips. After pulling away he sucked your taste from his fingers and returned to your lips.You ran your hand down his side and stroked his blatant erection. He let out a soft moan and raised his body to let you continue, digging his head into your neck to suck on your skin only when he wasn’t being overcome by your touch. His breathy moans turned into soft whimpers and you knew you wouldn’t be able to continue for long. He reached over to grab a condom from your bedside drawer, successfully pushing multiple items off of its surface. This sloppy display told you he wanted you very very badly. Not before he took your hand in his and pinned both of them above your head. He stared into your eyes deeply while catching his breath before removing his underwear and kissing you passionately. You heard the sound of the condom wrapper being pulled from the condom and a small grunt, no doubt from the sensation of Hansol’s fingers splayed over his own erection. Moments later you felt him enter you slowly during the kiss and the right feeling of your core stretching to accommodate Hansol’s size.
You moaned into the kiss and he let out a grunt, pulling away to observe your expression so he could determine whether or not to continue his movement. Your face told him to wait. He kissed down your neck as he slowly continued to enter you, you felt his hips meet yours and knew he had entered you completely. You let out a whimper and he cradled your face in his hands. He stroked your cheek and he looked down into your eyes and he smiled.
“I love you baby girl, so much.” He said, kissing your forehead.

You would’ve replied had you not felt him leave your core before slowly entering you again. Your reply was a longing moan. A moan that was drawn out for the duration of the next thrust. He grunted and dug his head back into the side of your neck, placing both hands on either side of your body. His thrusts were evenly paced for the first few minutes, successfully building you up before you broke. You felt his hot breath on the side of your neck and the sound of his breathy whimpers drove you crazy. In the room there was only a mix of the sound of your love. Deep moans and the sound of skin on skin. You felt yourself getting close and were grateful when you heard Hansol whine out,
“I’m almost there, baby girl.” Moments later you felt your orgasm rock you. Hansol’s thrusts were rough and sporadic. His moans filled your ear and you wrapped your arms around his back. Gripping roughly at his skin just to grab something. Your body squirmed beneath him and his body was tense and strong over yours. His moans died down and he pulled out of you, ripping off the condom and throwing it in the bin beside your bed. He dropped his body beside yours and wrapped you in his arms. He placed his head on your chest and you stroked his hair, watching his head rise and fall with your laboured breaths.
“Thank you, Oppa, that was amazing.” You said breathlessly.
“I’m the one that should be thanking you, beautiful. You’re the real gift.” He said.

Advice (Michael Clifford Smut)

Hii this is my first smut so please don’t be too harsh on me. Comments, requests and feedback are welcome :)

Requested: no

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Description: Michael thinks his girlfriend isn’t pleased with their sex life, so he asks his flat mate Y/N for help.

Warning: contains cheating, edging, sex (obviously)

Originally posted by bambisflower

You opened the door to your apartment after a hard day of work, dropping your keys on the coffee table as you made your way into the kitchen. You walked toward the fridge and pulled the door open, taking a water bottle from it and drinking the cool liquid in big gulps. You replaced the cap and set the bottle down on the kitchen counter, deciding to go to your room and change out of your work uniform.

You walked past your flat mate’s Michael’s room, hearing faint moans. You scrunched your nose in disgust, but you were pretty used to the sound, considering his girlfriend, Audrey, came around a lot and the two of them went at it like rabbits. However, you remembered that Audrey was out of town with some friends, so whoever was in there with Michael was definitely not her. Michael didn’t seem like the kind of guy to cheat, but there was no other option. Curiosity got the best of you as you slowly pushed open his bedroom door, peeking inside, revealing Michael laying on his bed with his laptop balanced on his stomach, a graphic scene playing on the screen. Upon hearing the light gasp that escaped your lips, Michael turned around and hurriedly closed his laptop.

“Y/N, um what are you doing here?” he stuttered, obviously not expecting you to come in.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you?” you retorted, slightly amused at his sudden awkwardness, a nice contrast to his usual cocky and confident demeanor.

“Shit, this is embarrassing.” he groaned, running his hands through his dyed hair. “I think Audrey isn’t satisfied with our sex life.” he admitted, a light blush coating his cheeks.

“Why do you think that? From what I’ve heard, it sounds like she’s enjoying herself plenty.” you commented, remembering the high pitched moans you would frequently hear in the middle of the night.

“I heard her talking to her friend, and um yeah I don’t think she likes it. I thought if I watched some videos I could maybe see where I was going wrong, but I don’t know what it is apart from..” he trailed off, obviously too embarrassed to continue.


“I think my, um you know, might be too small for her.” he muttered, staring into his lap.

“Let me see it.” you demanded.

“Wait, what?” he questioned, startled.

“Let me see it.” you repeated. “I can give you a second opinion, help you figure out what’s wrong.”

“Are you sure? Won’t it be awkward?” he asked, still unsure.

“Do you want my help or not?” you sighed, squeezing your thighs together as you sat down next to him on his bed. If you were being honest, you had always had a thing for Michael, and all this talk about his sex life was making you a bit excited.

“Audrey can’t find out about this…” he muttered as he unzipped his skinny jeans and reached into his boxers. His hand emerged, holding his slightly erect penis, no doubt from previously watching porn, as he shakily exhaled and looked up at your face, trying to read your expression. “Well? What do you think, Y/N?”

You chuckled lightly, still staring at his beautifully sculpted cock. “Trust me Michael, I’ve seen a lot of small dicks, and this isn’t one of them.”

“Really?” he sighed in relief, looking down at his penis. “What else do you think it could be then?”

“When you have sex, who usually cums first?” you ask, hungrily staring down at his generous length. “Do you mind if I, um…?” you gestured to his crotch, slightly embarrassed by your neediness.

“Sure.” he replied, regaining some of his confidence and leaning back leisurely against a pillow, watching you take his dick in your small hand and start pumping it slowly. “And I always cum first. Does it matter?”

“Kinda, yeah. Whenever you have sex, is that your goal? You blow your load, get off her, and continue with your day?”

“Pretty much.”

“And does Audrey orgasm?” you ask, reluctant to bring up his girlfriend in case he realised how wrong what you were doing was, but knowing this information was vital to helping him improve his sex life.

“I, um, I dont know. Fuck, do that again.” he moaned as you rubbed your thumb over his slit.

You took your hand off his dick, causing him to groan in frustration. “You dont know if your girlfriend orgasms? You don’t go down on her before you have sex?” you asked in disbelief.

“I do, but I usually finish before she can cum.”

“Have you ever tried edging?” you ask him, your hand returning to his painful looking hard-on.

“Not really.”

“That’s what we’ll do then. Basically, you tease yourself for as long as possible, and every time you think you’re about to cum, stop. If you can train yourself to not cum, you can have sex for longer, and hopefully give Audrey some time to finish off too.” you told him.

“Okay, lets do it.” he replied, taking his pants off and watching you as you shimmied your trousers down your legs. “What are you doing?”

“What? I wanna have some fun too.” you said, dipping your hand into your underwear, your fingers teasing your wet entrance.

“Fuck.” Michael moaned, watching you pleasure yourself as he pumped his dick in his hand, quickly nearing his release. You realised, and slapped his hand away, waiting a couple seconds for him to calm down from his near orgasm before telling him to repeat the process again. After he did so a couple more times, you took your panties off and positioned your dripping heat in line with his painful looking erection, slowly sinking down onto him. A moan escaped your lips as you felt him stretch you out, your pussy fitting smugly around his thick cock.

“Fuck, Y/N.” he groaned as you started to slowly bounce up and down on his dick, intensifying your pleasure. “Audrey can’t find out about this.” he repeated for the second time that day, slightly irritating you.

“Stop thinking about her.” you whined, feeling yourself get closer and closer to your high. “I’m not on the pill, so you’re gonna have to pull out before you cum.” you warned him.

“Shit, I’m close.” he said, gripping onto your waist and thrusting his hips up quickly, his cock hitting your g-spot immediately.

“Fuck, Mikey just like that.” you whimpered in response, reaching a hand down to rub sloppy circles on your clit, desperate to cum as soon as possible. You screamed as you felt your orgasm rush over you, your eyes closing as a result of the intense pleasure. Michael quickly pulled out from underneath you, his dick almost instantly releasing his cum onto your shirt. The two of you breathed deeply as you calmed down from your highs, sprawled across his bed.

“Sorry I ruined your work uniform.” Michael chuckled, staring at the creamy mess on your navy coloured shirt.

“It’s fine, I’ve got five more of these in my closet.” you laughed breathily, running your hands through your slightly sweaty hair. You suddenly realised the position you were in, laying half naked on your flat mate’s bed, your glistening core out for all to see. “I should um, get cleaned up.” you got up awkwardly, grabbing your jeans and panties, making your way toward his bedroom door.

“Y/N.” Michael called out just as you were about to twist open the doorknob. “If you’re ever up for a continuation of what just happened, you know where to find me.”

“What about Audrey?”

“Don’t worry about her.” he replied nonchalantly.

You didn’t know whether that meant he would break up with her, or if he was fine with cheating on her, but either way, you knew you wanted to repeat what happened between you two today.

Horses and a Hunter - Sam x Reader

A/N: Next part Sam and the reader are going to get a little closer if you know what I mean… ;) Until then, here’s part five! As always, feedback is welcome.   Hope you all enjoy! 

Previous: One | Two | Three | Four

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Originally posted by heytheredeann

Warnings: Eventual Smut. Masturbation (male). Horse birth. Not nearly enough editing. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 2700

“Sam, stop looking at me as if I’m going to die any second.” You chided playfully, resting on Flame’s back as he grazed. Petting his side as you sprawled out over him comfortably. Taking a small break from fence repairs.

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Santa Baby [Part 1]

Fandom: BTS

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Smut and maybe a little bit of angst

Word count: 2683

Request:  You where in Korea, it was Christmas day while your boyfriend was touring around the world, you wished he was there to celebrate this Christmas holiday with you but he called and he said he wasn’t going to make it so now you are just at home lonely when your door bell rings and jin is standing there with a present //by the birthday girl @waejimin

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


He didn’t came with a present, he WAS the present. Excuse me for dying over writing this, it is not done yet and I am already dying and screaming at my imagination OMG, forgive me Jesus for I have sinned! You guys, hope you enjoy it and sin with me! AHHH! Also, thank you for requesting thi, I am dead! 


Originally posted by parkthejimin

“Baby, I am so sorry, I know I said I’ll be home for Christmas but something happened and we have to stay here one more night.”

“But Jin, you said…”

“I know, I know and I am incredibly sorry, I promise to make it up to you. I am sorry baby.”

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Philinda Fanfic: Favorite Things


SPOILERS: Season 1

SUMMARY: Phil and Melinda need to huddle up for warmth and things are totally not awkward at all. Nope.

NOTES: For oparu because she had a bad day! I added a little bit. I hope you like it!


“Well, this isn’t awkward.”

“Why would it be?”

“Because we’re cuddled up in a sleeping bag together.” Phil swallowed. “Naked.”

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Bed. Now - BTS Jimin Drabble (S)

Gif is not mine

#16. Bed. Now.

#17. Call me that one more time, see what happens

Requested by anonymous

Warnings: Slight smut (you’re welcome)

You and Jimin lay on the couch, wrapped in a single blanket as the movie played before you. It was some movie you found on netflix about a boy and his dog and although you honestly found it quite boring, Jimin was really into it; laughing at the funny parts, ‘awww'ing at the cute moments. You didn’t bother to pay attention, instead you just enjoyed being in your boyfriend’s company. Eyes closed, your head rested on Jimin’s shoulder, as you listened to his light munching sounds from chewing popcorn. 

You sighed lightly, boring yourself further. You had endured for half of this dumb movie; you had no idea how you could stand another 45 minutes. An idea popped into your head as you stared up at Jimin, his eyes still on the screen. You smiled fondly at him, admiring his beautiful features. His blonde hair fell low on his face and his deliciously plump lips gleamed from the buttery popcorn. You looked back at the screen as if to not seem suspicious, as you pursed your lips and slowly started rubbing your hand up and down his thigh. Jimin didn’t seem to notice. 

It wasn’t until your hand got dangerously close to his crotch that he shifted in his seat and swallowed, trying to ignore you and focus on the movie. You smirked lightly, feeling like you achieved something by getting his attention. You turned your body so you were facing him and started to graze your lips on his exposed collar bones. You reached a hand to grab his neck as you sat up and started to kiss the tender flesh under his ear. 

Jimin pulled his head away. “Babe, what are you doing?”

“I think you know what I’m doing”, you whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

He shrugged you off, turning his head away from you. “We’re watching a movie. I r-really want to finish it”, he lied. There was no doubt an erection was forming in his pants and you had no idea why we has denying it.

You just fell back onto the other end of the couch, landing with a huff. “What a pansy”, you mumbled. 

Jimin glanced at you. “What did you call me?” His tone had become serious and you were reminded that Jimin hated being teased, especially about his ‘manliness’. 

“A pansy”, you repeated. You often used his pride to your advantage, riling him up and then have him take it out on you in the best way possible. “Why? What are you gonna do about it”, you taunted.

“Call me that one more time, see what happens.”

“You’re. A. Pansy!” You sat up, and stared straight at him, giving him a sly grin. You bit your lip, anticipating his next move.

Jimin’s eyes became dark with lust, as he reached for the remote and turned the tv off. “Bed. Now”, he said sternly.

“Oh honey, I don’t think we’re gonna make it to the bed.” You lunged forward at him, meeting his lips in frenzied passion. Straddling him, his hands immediately went to your waist, as your hands cupped his cheeks. Jimin’s hands ran up your shirt, which was quickly discarded, along with his own.

Let’s just say, you didn’t finish the movie that night.

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 234 : Stare (Teacher/Student AU)

Levi’s seat is in the back corner of the classroom.

Which is perfectly fine by him, English is an obnoxiously easy subject anyway so it’s not like he needs to sit closer to his favorite teacher to understand the material. In fact, he loves sitting in the back, because of how his desk is positioned he’s a little bit behind the last seats in all the other rows so no one but Eren can see what he’s doing usually.

A fact that he uses to his advantage whenever he gets bored.

Which is a lot.

Like right now.

As one of their units they have to read a play so, to keep things even mildly interesting, Mr. Jaeger assigns parts to whoever wants to ready that day and they read for the period. However, it’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, which Levi has already read and seen on Broadway so he’s bored by his classmates’ much more mediocre renditions of each other the character. Especially with that one kid who sits in the front who won’t read the curse words even though they’re part of the script.

So he sits with his book closed and keeps his eyes fixed on his teacher who is sitting on his own desk, listening. As soon as Eren’s eyes land on him, Levi smirks. Eren cocks an eyebrow. Slowly, Levi slides a legs from beneath and slouches in his seat a bit so Eren can see between his legs.

Slowly he trails a hand up from his knee to his crotch and clutches gently, making a sex face at his teacher.

Even from across the room Levi can see Eren’s eye twitching as he pulls his lip between his teeth.

He doesn’t move his hand any but he rolls his hips as if he were riding Eren and he changes his faces up, never breaking eye contact with the older man. He watches as Eren gnaws on his lip so Levi tries to smirk before stuttering his hips for a moment and mimicking what he feels like his o-face looks like.

Eren chokes to cover a moan as he double over to cover the no-doubt obvious erection tenting his pants. The class is silent as they watch him resituate into having his legs crossed. “Keep going,” he says.

Levi bites the inside of his cheek to fight back a giggle.

A girl in the front asks, “Are you alright Mr. Jaeger? That cough didn’t sound too good.”

“I’m fine,” he replies, clearing his throat. “I just inhaled some… saliva, I think.”

The class resumes their reading and Levi resumes his stare. Eren doesn’t look at him again until he asks him to stay after class.