Come for the smoking hot pictures of Holtby, stay for the discussion of his fashion sense and the specatular bromance with Nate Schmidt.

Braden Holtby’s runway is the walk from Verizon Center parking garage to the Washington Capitals locker room before each game. His carefully assembled suit typically elicits compliments from arena staff, and the fashion choices that used to be the subject of light ribbing from his teammates now earn a nod of appreciation.

“The bar has been set,” defenseman Nate Schmidt said. “And the bar is, what is Holts wearing today?”

“I love it,” Schmidt said. “It inspired me. I went and bought a hat. It’s not very good though. He said I need to go back and try again.”

When the team is on the road, Schmidt has occasionally tagged along on Holtby’s spontaneous shopping trips to some of his favorite boutiques — John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren’s Double RL and Suitsupply. “I just kind of hang out and watch in awe, then flip over the price tag every once in a while,” Schmidt said. If Schmidt feels conflicted in what he should wear, he texts Holtby for guidance.


❝ I feel invisibile to you ❞

Plot: What could happen when you’re tired of being lonesome and invisible? 


Words count: 2k

Genre: angst 

For my Illi, I love ya cutie. ♥♥ M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“See you tomorrow Y/N!”  


Your friend laughs and you nod, while you get out of the restaurant and let the fresh air of the night caresses your skin. The sky is full of stars, you can barely see them because of the city lights, but you know they’re there, watching you.  

You smile slightly, head off toward home. The safest and relaxing place you know, place you’ve built alone during those years of independence.  

Dinner with colleagues was a great pastime for not thinking about your boyfriend’s absence, away for more than two months. It’s your job and you knew that when you decided to become his girlfriend, but you wouldn’t have expected to be ignored like that.  

Two months and barely managed to get a call every now and then, some texts that seemed incredibly cold and the sparse reassurances by Jimin. They’re stressed but you began, with time, to think that for him was no longer the same.  

The feelings change, sometimes they fade and you’re aware of it. If he stopped to love, you just need to hear it and can move forward.  

Even if you know it will be hard to really go after him.  

You check your smartphone, now is more a habit, and you don’t surprise about the absence of any sign of life. Your soft and fleshy lips turns into a grim smile, while the decision you were thinking for days starts to seem more and more the only possible way to make things “better”.  

“Hi Y/N!”  

“Kyle.. You scared me. How come around this time of night? ”  

“I brought home my girlfriend, I don’t like she’s alone in the middle of the night.”  

You just nod as your neighbor greets you with a wave of the hand, leaving you alone again. With your thoughts and your regrets. Taehyung never drove you home and it’s something was never weighed so far for you.  

“He maybe got sick of me… Or he never really loved me… ” You whisper while a tear slips on your cheek and you don’t waste any time to dry it, you’re so tired that you don’t have the strength to cry or do anything else.  

The only thing you can think is to get home, take a hot bath and hide under the sheets, with the hope that a great night’s sleep can help you to find a decision.  

The lock snaps and its sound is something familiar, manages to calm the tornado of thoughts and anxiety that it’s eating you alive, but when you turn on the lights of the lobby you jump, finding your boyfriend sitting on the couch focused by reading what it looks like a manga.  

“Tae.. ”  

“Hey! I didn’t hear you coming, where were you?? ”  

His tone turns up your nose, he’s so quiet and with that adorable smile that you wonder if you are living two different relationships. You watch him get up and almost fall over the couch, approaching and clutching you into his arms with strength and hiding his face into your hair.  

You can’t reciprocate, indeed stay motionless in his arms and he notices immediately because you see him move away and cupping your face in his hands. His big and strong hands that always manage to make you feel perfect when he touched you. Your eyes meet and can’t see, in his eyes, the same joy that you saw before. To you it seems as he’s doing this because it’s what he has to do and not because he wants to.  

“What happens?”  

“Let me go Tae…”  


“Can you.. Let me go? ” You murmurs, taking his hands and lowering them, leaving immediately his grip and doing two steps back. You’re uncomfortable and it’s the first time in many months that you feel so.  

“Y/N… What’s going on? Are you okay..? ”  

“Are you really asking me if I’m okay, Taehyung..?”  

“Yes.. I mean.. I want to know.. ”  

“Of course and I’ve to believe you. Two months you’re on tour and you called me three times, don’t even bother to text me. Are you sure you want to know how I am?? To me it seems quite the opposite. ”  

Your voice is like a slap in his face, he immediately pulls himself back, upset by what you just said. You don’t care, you’re hurt by weeks because of this but you never had the strength to tell him. And this is the right time because you finally get that maybe break up is the better thing for both.  

“Does this seem like a relationship to you?? I’ve always accepted your schedule, your life idols’ life, everything! But fuck, Taehyung it’s to much effort call me? Am I so invisible to you? ”  

“You know I had nothing else to do, you realize I’m busy every day almost for twenty-four hours straight? You know how my days are?? ”  

“Because mine is really soft and beautiful, huh! However I always try to write you because I miss you. It doesn’t seem the same for you. ”  

Your voices have started to increase gradually and you already have the breath, even though you have just spoken and not screamed. You feel the tension between the two of you, you see it in his posture but is his look to get scarier. But you don’t want to flinch, because you’re tired of suffering because of him.

“Now because I haven’t called or written, you make all this mess?”

“Excuse me? I’m your girlfriend and I feel invisible to you! If you tired, you must have to tell Taehyung, I just want to leave all this huge crap behind. Also because in these months is as if I had been alone, I’ve got used to it.”

You’re lying, you haven’t got used to his absence but you’re angry and want to hurt him. You look at his expression and it’s slowly changing, his eyes darken and his lips tuck into an expression that freezes the blood in your veins. You gulp and make other two steps back and feel your shoulders banging against the door, while he continues to stare as if he sees you for the first time.

"You’re lonely? What can I do?? I wake up every morning at four o'clock for practice, singing lessons, training sessions, rehearsals, concerts, interviews, shows.. Do you think this is easy for me? Fuck Y/N; you’re mistaken. You need to stop putting yourself at the center of the world, not all about you! ”





His screams scare you more than the words themselves, those hurt you and break something in you that you don’t know if you can fix it,  you squeeze your eyes waiting for yet another charge of shouting, loud of anger or hate.





Your voice now reaches octaves never heard and you’re going to yell against him, when his gaze turns you completely petrifies. There’s a darkness in his eyes, behind that melted chocolate, you’ve never seen. You would like to back away but you can’t, the door is there behind you and although you started looking for the handle you can’t find it.

“Haven’t you ever seen? Really? ”  

He murmurs, stepping towards you. He’s walking slowly and you feel the chills of fear make you tremble violently. “All the efforts I made for you, huh? The nights that I ran to you, after work, although I had to sleep? Dates I couldn’t afford otherwise, if the management found out about us, I was in troubles?? All this means nothing to you? ” He continues with his low and rusky voice now icy, even colder than his gaze, giving you even more thrills that slide through your back and they’re freezing you. You seem to be out in front of him, you feel small and his scream drives you to jump, while the crash of something forces you to open your eyes.

The vase on the desk at the entrance is on the ground, completely destroyed and he’s right next to it, shortness of breath and face pale, almost as if he had just seen a ghost.

You start to cry, but it’s a silent cry and you stay leaning against the door, too afraid to come near him or run upstairs, safe in the bedroom.


“Go.. Go a-away Taehyung..”

“Y/N.. ”

“Don’t c-come near… I’m scared. ”

You mumble succeeding, finally, to look up and fix your gaze on him. Taehyung stares at you and tears begin to slip even on his face, but you can’t get out of your head his screams, the sound of broken vase and image of broken glass scattered on the floor. You’ve seen a side of him that you didn’t even know existed and you’re incredibly scared. 

You see him take a step towards you and you slip up against the door,  turning away and causing him to freeze immediately. You shake your head, feeling the salty tears wet your lips, running away from the door when he takes another step to you. You’re fast and run upstairs, entering immediately into your room and lock the door.

“Y/N.. Please.. I-I’m sorry Y/N ” He shouts down the stairs, but you push your hands over your ears and pretend to not hear him, while beginning to cry more loudly and being able to hear even the sound of your own sobs waisted between throat and chest.

“Y/N .. O-Open.. I didn’t want to.. P-please … ”

“Go a-away.. Taehyung go away, please. Before I call the cops.. ” You wishper sobbing.

“N-No.. Please.. I.. ”

“I’m really scared.. G-go away.. ”

“I’m.. I-I love you…” His voice is low and you feel a shiver down your spine.

“I don’t know, Taehyung.. I don’t know anymore … ”

“I.. ”

“Just.. Go away, go away.”

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So everyone has some sort of Figment? Even me?

Dark gave a nod, once and firm. Parts of his hair jostled to the side, but he paid no mind to its movement.

“Everyone holds Figments in their being that are able to hold some type of subconscious. So no, not everyone, if everyone is accounting towards animals and beings of life such as plants, who are unaware of their thoughts or are incapable of completing them. It is humans, and those acutely aware. Surprisingly, intelligent animals like pigs, crows, and killer whales have Figments of their own because they follow thought process on top of instincts. Invigorating, is it not?”


Halla: “Thanks again. I’ve missed soaking in that thing.”
Belassan: *Laughs* Anytime.“
Halla: ”…Are you working tonight?“
Belassan: ”Tonight and tomorrow.“
Halla: *Nods*
Belassan: ”…Why?“
Halla: "Just wondering. When does your shift end?”
Belassan: *Snorts* Four am. I’ll have to sleep all day to be up for it.“
Halla: "Oh. Okay.”
Belassan: “If…you’d like to come again sometime, I can get you in for free.”
Halla: “…Maybe I will.”

Waiting Game - chapter 6

In which Neal and Emma get to the bottom of the misunderstanding.  You’ll have to wait for the next chapter for Gold and Lacey making up, but they’re definitely in a far better place.

Also on AO3

Lacey paced up and down by the Cadillac, the bright sunshine a strange counterpoint to her mood.  A red-haired man walking a Dalmatian smiled and nodded to her as he passed, and she glared at him, which made his throat bob.  Bloody small towns and their nosy inhabitants!  It occurred to her that Gold was bound to be the chief source of gossip for them all when they found out he’d gotten a college girl pregnant.  Perhaps him moving to Boston made sense after all.  She had yet to tell her father the news, and she was dreading it.  To have become everything he’d said she would: a college dropout and single mother, not married, no relationship with the father, no money and no prospects.  It was everything she had studied hard to avoid, and the thought made her desperately sad.

The sound of the door behind her made her spin around, and Gold surveyed her through dark glasses as he adjusted the cuffs of his shirt.  The tie was back on, the collar fastened, and she got the impression that the suit was like armour for him, a barrier between him and anything that might get under his skin.  A gold tie pin secured the length of royal blue silk, gleaming in the sunlight.  It made her long for his more relaxed look, tie off and shirt unbuttoned, a glimpse of his tanned chest and his forearms.  She licked her lips, shoving the inappropriate thoughts aside.  It was thinking like that that had gotten her into this mess in the first place.

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idk why but i’ve just had this really random thought of aaron walking out of the prison and his eyes just setting on robert who’s leaning against the car, arms crossed and this big smirk on his face as he says “you ready to behave yourself now dingle?” and then he’s practically leaping up, racing towards his husband and hugging him after aaron nods quickly in response to his words

yeah now i need to see that.

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You know you have to handle your crush on Arin but like...I have to handle crush on Arind AND you as well?? Ughhh send help. Love you all and I'm so happy to """know""" such a talented and wise human being <3 <3

we each carry our own burdens, friend *nods wisely and pats you on the shoulder with great understanding*

hey can someone link me that gif of the guy, from the show or whatever with its free real estate, going like, nodding and shaking his head a bunch before just looking completely bewildered

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Jason makes Billy promise not to tell Zach that Trini and Kim are already dating because Zach is hilariously unsubtle in his attempts to set Trini and Kim up on a date. Zach even calls himself "The Ultimate Wingman"

A/N: Back at it again with some Trimberly :)

“I don’t understand why we can’t tell him about them.” Billy frowns as he trails behind Jason. “Doesn’t Trini and Kimberly want all of us to know?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be funny not to tell him just yet.” Jason explains as he pauses at his locker. “Trini and Kim said that they’ll tell him this weekend at our movie night.”

Billy furrows his brow, “And I can’t say anything to him?”

“Not a word.” Jason smirks. “Promise?”

“Promise.” Billy nods.


“Kim, a little harder with your uppercut.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes at Jason’s order but follows it without question. The five teens let out soft grunts and (in Zack’s case) loud, dramatic war cries as they practice with Alpha 5 and the fake putties. Eventually, the exhaustion hits them and Jason can see that he has gotten the best he’ll get for now. All at once, the teens clamber for their water bottles and Zack watches as Trini offers hers to Kimberly.

“Hey, you never share with me.” Zack huffs.

Trini flashes him a look, “That’s because you’re you and Kim is Kim.”

“Interesting.” Zack nods as he guzzles his water before he wipes the back his hand over his mouth. “So, how do I get on the level of being Kim?”

“You don’t.” Trini snorts.

Zack pouts as he looks between them before he glances at his friends, “I want what you guys have. Jason, share your water bottle with me!”

“Like hell, dude.” Jason chuckles as he finishes the last of his water before he tosses the red bottle aside. “Alright. Thirty minutes of putty fighting and then we’ll call it a day.”

Trini nods as she accepts her water bottle back from Kimberly, with a wink the older girl steps away and morphs. The other four follow her lead, and Zack makes it a point to fight alongside Trini as he watches the way she flashes Kimberly small glances every few minutes.

“So, you like Kim?”

Trini looks his way and puts her fist through a putty’s gut, “I don’t think now is the best time to talk about this, Z. I’m kinda in the middle of something.”

“Oh come on.” Zack whines as he rolls away from a fist. “Now is the best time to talk about it! Everyone is distracted. So, tell me your plan.”

“Plan?” Trini scoffs.

“Too woo Kim!” Zack chirps as he slams his foot into the knee of a putty before adding a hard knee. “I mean, there has to be some kind of plan, right?”

Trini doesn’t look away from him as she slams her fist into a putty, “No. No there does not.”


“I said no.” Trini grumbles.

Zach sighs as Trini dives into a battle between a putty and Kimberly. His eyes narrow behind the safety of his mask as he sees how well Trini and Kimberly bounce off each other and move with ease. He is only shaken from his staring when he takes a swift punch to the gut.


“Is it wrong that we’re hiding this from him? I mean, we told Billy and Jason.” Kimberly frowns as she looks across the table. “We should just tell him.”

“But it’s so fun to torture him.” Trini huffs as she stabs a fork into their slice of their strawberry cake. “You should’ve saw his face when I told him that I didn’t want him to help me woo you.”

“If only he knew that I was the one who did the wooing.” Kimberly teases as she waves her fork playfully towards Trini. “You were too busy trying to climb up cave walls to avoid me.”

“You kissed me when I least expected it. You played dirty.” Trini whines as she snaps her fork against Kimberly’s. “I panicked, alright?”

“I thought it was cute.” Kimberly assures her as she moves to grab the last bite on the plate, but a fork quickly intercepts her. “I don’t think this is cute though.”

“What are you talking about?” Trini purrs as she slides the bite towards herself. “This is our thing. It’s adorable.”

Kimberly rolls her eyes and lets her girlfriend take the last bite.


“Don’t you think Trini and Kim would make an awesome couple?” Zack asks as he sets his putter over his shoulder. “I think they’d really balance each other out.”

Jason smirks as he takes a shot and watches the golf ball soar through the open air, “I agree, but the last thing I want to do is meddle in their business.”

“Dude, I’ve been meddling for weeks. I’ve been giving Trini all kinds of advice.” Zack shrugs as he readies his own shot. “I think she might be ready to grow a pair and ask Kimberly out.”

“And what makes you say that?”

Zack balances himself as he looks out at the the field where Billy is digging through different rocks, “She stopped blushing anytime I mention Kim, and they’ve definitely been hanging out more.”

“And what makes you so sure Trini even has a thing for Kim?” Jason demands as he leans his weight on his putter.

“Trini told me ages ago.” Zack scoffs as he finally takes his shot before he looks back at Jason with a bright smile. “I’m totally T’s ultimate wingman.”

“Wingman?” Jason repeats.

“Yeah. I give her advice and make sure she stays confident. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” Zack sighs. “All I need to do is figure out if Kim likes Trini.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Easy. A little jealousy always brings the truth out of people.” Zack smirks as he holds up his hand in time to catch the ball Billy throws his way.

Jason frowns nervously, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

“Oh please,” Zack snorts. “What’s the worse that could happen?”

“Famous last words, dude.”


Zack keeps a close eye on his friends as they sit together at lunch; he loves this, being with them. They’re all so happy, and he glances to Trini to notice her lopsided smile. He loves how happy she’s become, he has watched slowly as she has come so far from the girl who forced herself to be invisible. Now, he has learned that she barely ever shuts up; and that she was entirely infatuated by Kimberly.

“Kim, doesn’t Trini look hot?” Zack blurts out, and four gazes snap to him. “I really like that shirt, T.”

Trini watches him with a frown, “Thanks.”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re beautiful? Because you are.” Zack grins, and he throws a quick look to Kimberly who watches on in confusion. “I bet you’d love my cousin, you should meet her. She’s just like me.”

“I’d rather punch myself in the throat, Z. Sorry.” Trini snorts as she arches an eyebrow at him. “Are you feeling okay today?”

“I’m great.” Zack assures her.

“You sure?” Kimberly demands

Zack perks up at the harsh tone Kimberly uses, “Oh yeah, totally. I was just thinking that my cousin and Trini would make a really cute couple.”


“I doubt Trini has time to date.” Kimberly cuts in with a scowl. “We all have our plates full with training, school, and keeping the world from ending.”

“You don’t think you can squeeze a little date in?” Zack frowns as he pouts his lower lip. “I’ve told Lena about you, and she said she was interested.”

The creak of wood catches his attention and Zack glances to Kimberly in time to watch as Billy grabs her hand to keep her from doing anymore damage to the table. A thrill of satisfaction rolls through him as he flashes Trini a quick wink, but all he gets in return is a wide eyed expression.

“Trini, we have that Biology homework to finish.” Kimberly grumbles as she stands to grab her bag. “Come on, we can go finish it in the library.”

Trini shrugs and stands, “Let’s go.”

Zack beams as the girls slip from the table and out of the cafeteria. He has to keep from squealing like a girl as he watches Billy struggle to put the table together while Jason chews his hamburger and shakes his head in amusement.

“Wanna know something hilarious?” Zack hums, and a laugh bubbles in his throat as Jason and Billy look to him. “I don’t even have a cousin named Lena.”

Billy shakes his head and gives up on the table, “That’s messed up, man.”

“Yeah.” Zack nods. “But it worked!”


“I was thinking that we should tell Z.”

Kimberly looks up from her textbook to watch as Trini twists a strand of hair around her finger, “Yeah?”

“He’s been trying so hard to set us up, and he has a right to know. I feel bad about fucking with him like this.” Trini admits as she meets Kimberly’s gaze. “Wanna tell him tomorrow?”

“If that’s what you want.” Kimberly shrugs as she playfully tosses a pencil towards Trini who easily catches it. “I wanted to tell him when we told Jace and Billy.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles as she rolls her eyes, the younger girl pushes her books off her lap and moves to kneel. “So, are you done studying?”

Kimberly arches an eyebrow as Trini begins to crawl towards her, “Well, I wasn’t but I think I can be persuaded.”

“Oh?” Trini hums as she pulls Kimberly’s books away and swings a leg to straddle her waist. “And how can I do that?”

“Well, this is definitely a good start.” Kimberly assures her as she slowly sits up and allows Trini to get comfortable in her lap. “Got anything else?”

Trini laughs softly and ducks her head to brush her lips over the shell of Kimberly’s ear, “I have a few other tricks up my sleeve…”

Kimberly simply turns her head and captures Trini’s lips with her own; Zack is all but forgotten as Trini shows Kimberly just how many tricks she has.


Zack gives a cry of excitement as he plunges into the water and swims his way through the wall of the spaceship. He knows he’s late for training, but he figures Jason can excuse him for taking a small nap; things had been a little intense in his house lately, and his exhaustion had definitely taken over.

With a sweep of his hand, Zack clears off the small residue of water as he walks towards their training room. Just as he steps through the threshold, his feet skid to a stop as he watches Trini tilt her head up to press a soft kiss to Kimberly’s lips.


Trini stumbles back and looks wide eyes towards Zack while Kimberly simply arches an eyebrow. For a moment, he simply stands there before he jumps up in excitement and pumps a fist. With a shake of her head, Kimberly curls her arms around Trini’s waist and ducks her head to rest on her small shoulder.

“So, my advice worked?” Zack beams.

“What? No.” Trini snorts as she glances up at a grinning Kimberly. “Kim and I have been dating for about three and a half weeks, Zack.”

“Wait…” Zack scowls as he looks between his friends and sees their looks of utter amusement. “Are you telling me that you’ve been dating this entire time?”

“Yep.” Trini chirps.

“So, I used my wingman skills for nothing? All that free advice was wasted?” Zack whines as he crosses his arms over his chest. “That’s just cruel, crazy girl. I thought I was helping you.”

“You did.” Trini shrugs, and Zack perks up in excitement.

Zack looks to Jason and Billy with a smug smirk, “Told you guys I was an awesome wingman. See what happens when you doubt me?”

“Sure, man. Whatever you say.” Jason laughs as he nods his head. “Alright, team. Let’s get back to training.”

They jump straight into the order and all five teens are on their A game as they dodge rock arms and legs. Zack takes a hit to the stomach that winds him, but he doesn’t complain; he’s too busy smiling and watching the way Trini and Kimberly look at each other. He gives himself a mental pat on the back, his wingman skills really came through.

Amajiki doesn’t like to eat in front of people or rather he’s selective about who he eats in front of. Kirishima learns this quickly when he visits Fatgum’s office and has lunch with them. Amajiki excuses himself and takes his food with him. Fatgum nods and continues carrying on a conversation with his new intern, Kirishima is worried, however; with his chopsticks discarded, he sits back and wonders if he said something wrong. He voices his worry to Fatgum. The man assures him that Amajiki means nothing personal of it, he’s very anxious and gets nervous around new people. He tells Kirishima to be patient; Amajiki will come around.

Today is spartan day
  • Spartan!Blake, shooting her M6C Magnum pistol at targets in the base's shooting range, counting off her marks: One...two...three, four...
  • Spartan!Yang, coming out of absolutely nowhere to stand next to Blake, all the auxiliary lights on her armor flashing as well as the integrated lowlight systems, cooly leaning against the lane divider, nodding towards Blake: Hey...what's up?
  • Spartan!Blake, trying to ignore Yang and her flashing armor: Five...six...seven...
  • Spartan!Yang, flexing her free arm around: So uhh, yeah, sorry for the flashing lights but, y'know. Gotta keep everyone warned about...
  • Spartan!Yang, striking a pose: These guns, amirite?
  • Spartan!Blake, finally lowers her weapon and sighs, turning to face Yang, looking up right into the visor of the Spartan-II: Look. Yang, right?
  • Spartan!Yang, putting her hands onto her hips: Heh, yeah yeah, I get it. Playing hard to get, acting like you don't know my na-
  • Spartan!Blake, cutting Yang off by firing a single round into her gut, causing Yang to collapse onto the floor in groaning pain, shakes her head in disbelief: Oh don't be such a baby, a Spartan-II's shield could survive six or seven shots from the M6C.
  • Spartan!Yang, writhing around in pain, even through her helmet's speaker the voice obviously comes through gritted teeth: I had my AI divert all shield power to maintining the auxiliary and lowlight lights.
  • Spartan!Blake, looks at Yang in absolute shock, before shouting out: ....m-MEDIC!!
  • ~~~
  • Spartan!Yang, de-armored and laying in the infirmary bed, shirtless with a wrapping around her stomach, groans in irritation: That's not what my AI said.
  • Ironwood, stops in his tracks and turns to Cinder and Glynda, pointing an accusing finger at them, only one recoils while the other stands their unimpressed: And THAT'S why I have you two here. I would like an answer. WHY is one of YOUR AIs putting my Spartan in a dangerous situation.
  • Glynda, shakily looking down at a datapad: W-well this particular AI paired up with Yang is generally indifferent...to anything.
  • Ironwood: And WHO assigned Yang this AI?
  • Cinder, finally coming to attention when she notices everyone looking at her, defensively shifts her stance: Don't look at ME. Why not ask the AI herself?
  • AI!Raven, standing cross armed from a holobase on the infirmary's bedside table, shrugs: Personally I thought it would be funny.
  • Cinder, watches as Ironwood storms out in a rage, and Glynda follows suit, leans down to Raven and chuckles: It kinda was...
  • Spartan!Yang: I'm right here you know.
Glide (Mulligan x Reader) 5

Words: 2500+

Warnings: cussing, blood

A/N: i literally have nothing to say this time lol

Part: One Two Three Four

“Thomas?” You said, taking your hands off your head. He smiled, nodding. “What happened to you, why are you like this?” He shrugged, picking up his cane from the floor. He swung it in a circle, his face unreadable.

“It’s because you left me behind, Y/N. You made me like,” he gestured to himself, “this piece of shit you see right now. Well, you could at least admit that I’m a handsome piece of shit.” He winked at you.

“Stop joking around, Tommy,” he flinched at the nickname, his hand tightening into a fist.

“You don’t deserve to call me that.”

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Anonymous said:

This is a bit difficult to explain, but I suppose that’s what I need help with. What are ways to put into words that satisfied nod people do? The only visual example I can think of comes up when you Google “not bad Obama meme” and it’s a picture of him doing a face people usually do when they see something that is, for lack of better terms, “not too shabby.” Sometimes accompanied by a nod. Hope this made sense! Thanks!

I’ve never been able to find a specific word or phrase for that look, though there probably should be one. Here are some possibilities that should get the point across. Keep an eye on the comments in case anyone else has suggestions. Just remember: simple is always better, so don’t jump through too many hoops to describe it. :)

- satisfied smile/grin
- approving smile/grin
- impressed smile/grin
- lips pressed together in approval
- lips pressed together in satisfaction
- lips pursed in approval/satisfaction
- look of satisfaction
- look of approval
- looking impressed

I hope that helps!

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Somebody responded to the SFC weekly prompt, Gifts, with a wonderful story, and then I thought, I can think of gifts. Kind of. Experiences are gifts.

 SWTOR, no spoilers.

Kirsk made an elaborate bow. “Milady. Do you dance?”

Elara looked at me, not out of any serious expectation that I would tell her no. Since eye-rolling couldn’t physically impact my brother I just nodded. “He’s good,” I said honestly.

The floor was crowded; the happy couple had a lot of friends and a lot of them danced. I preferred not to be the bantha trying to avoid treading on toes. So I just watched Kirsk float off with Elara on his arm. He pulled her close and started moving with a blend of cheerful verve and straight-out, scary expertise.

Well, okay, I would find it scary. Elara didn’t mind in the slightest.

Five years of in-the-trenches combat will teach you a lot about how a person can move when she has to. This was different, and it was nice to see. She looked good from her coiffed head to her strappy heels, and say what you would about Kirsk’s priorities, he knew how to make someone look even better. Kirsk twirled her out and back and she said something, laughing. I just watched. How an idiot like Kirsk can get along with a class act like Elara I never would know, but he had the safety of family. And so did she, now.

She kept her hand on his elbow when they returned to the table. “And that,” said Kirsk, “is how it’s done.”

“Please,” I said, and stood. “I could probably show you a thing or two.”

“Show her,” Kirsk said airily. “I don’t follow.”

“Ahem,” Elara murmured.

Kirsk grinned. “You’re a special case.”

“Another round?” I said to Elara.

“With pleasure.” Sure, I prefer not to be the bantha in the room, but even a bantha is occasionally inspired. She was steady in my arms, the music was good, and, to be honest, I was besotted. We danced until she laughed and drew back. “I could do with some water,” she said.

“Right.” I slid my arm around her and took a look around. Kirsk was just bowing away from a pretty stranger. He met us back at the table.

And he shot Elara a bright smile. “Told you we could get him to.”


“Press button A, get adorable and photogenic dance from person B. That’s just science.”

That was just textbook manipulation. “You’re a monster.”

Elara was laughing. Kirsk’s merry brown eyes took us both in. “Yeah, but you’re happy.”