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I'm still confused (and sort of salty) as to why they didn't just make allura pilot the black lion because now 3 lions have the wrong paladins and it's just so MESSY.

humans obviously know more about voltron than the princess of altea! they don’t look at her as the leader already :)) it makes :) sense :))
but honestly, it is fucked up like.. they robbed allura and i was so!! mad!!!!!! when they said she isn’t “full lion material yet” like. excuse me??  & they spent a lot of time showing us that red & keith have a very strong bond and that keith….. doesnt want to lead ?? like…….. okay

This is niche as fuck but I love 17th and 18th century pictures of women selling things on the street. Fish, fruit, pies….anything. They’re always standing there, basket leant against their hips, messy smile, dimpled arms, sparky look, tits might just be peeping out for a gander, shouting charming vulgarity…..goals