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Sleepy!Lance + cuddly/touch starved keith = best klance


Lance sighed deeply and let himself fall back on the bed. “I’m beat. Exhausted beyond limits. It feels like every time I get used to Allura’s training regimen she cranks them up another level.”

“Because that’s what she does. It’s how you get better,” Keith answered, sounding entirely unimpressed. If Lance had been any less tired he would have glared at him or something but as it was right now he was content to just groan and roll over. 

“Okay, yeah, I get that but like - can’t we have a break sometimes? I think we deserve one.”


“-doesn’t do breaks, bla bla bla, I know,” Lance sighed. Keith made an irritated noise and nudged against his arm. For a moment Lance contemplated to stay spread out over the entire bed but he wouldn’t put it past Keith to just drop down onto him, so he groaned and rolled over. His body already hurt enough as it was, thank you very much.

“We can have our break now.”

“I still want a longer one but I guess you have a point.”

A dip in the mattress alerted Lance to his boyfriend joining him and he shifted to face him. The annoyance from before melted away as he made his way under the covers, pulling the blanket up to his shoulders. Lance smiled and tugged it up a little more until everything from Keith’s nose down was covered.

He looked adorable. 

Wiggling closer, Lance pressed his forehead against Keith’s. “Hey, you.”


Keith was smiling, Lance knew; the small crinkles at the corners of his eyes could only mean one thing. His heart beat faster in satisfaction and he stretched his neck to press a kiss to the tip of Keith’s nose. The crinkles deepened and the warmth in his chest grew.

“You’re great.”


“Super great.”


“Almost as great as me.”

Choked laughter came from under the blanket and Lance felt something push against his stomach. His sleep-addled mind took a moment to understand that it was Keith’s hand playfully shoving at him. Once he realized that he tightened his grip around his upper body and trapped his arms against his chest - not that Keith really seemed to mind. If anything he seemed happy about it, he sighed contentedly and nuzzled closer.

Ah. His boyfriend was adorable

“Sleep now?” Lance asked. Keith’s reply was to hide his face against his collarbone, leaving only the top of his fluffy mullet to peak out from the blankets. Smiling down at it, Lance loosened his grip and settled into a relaxed position. His fingers skimmed through black hair as he closed his eyes. 

“I love you,” he breathed out. Keith made a soft noise and tangled their legs together, one of his hands curling into the fabric of Lance’s pajama shirt. 

“Love you too.”

By the time Lance’s breath evened out he was only half-aware of the gentle kiss that was pressed against his throat. 

It was still enough to make him fall asleep with a smile, happy to have his boyfriend with him.

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You're basically make up the entire Jaspearl tag

dont i know it LOL

A Very Sanvers Chanukah

With the Danvers Family, ft. The Superfam (full text on AO3)

Maggie doesn’t quite know what to expect. She’s done her reading, of course. She knows the legend and she knows some of the most common modern ways of celebrating.

She went with Alex to the small, informal Passover seder at Kara’s last April, when she and Alex had been together for only about six months, and she’d been in awe of the rituals and the traditions and the dedication to justice and freedom. And, of course, the Rugrats Passover Special that they’d watched afterwards had been truly fantastic.

But Maggie has gotten the sense that Chanukah with the Danvers family is an even bigger deal than Passover was. Maggie knows, from her reading, that Chanukah is a more minor holiday, religiously, but from the way Alex talks about it, it seems like that religious ranking doesn’t matter much to the Danvers girls.

Maggie had been invited over for Christmas, last year, even though she and Alex had only been together for a month, but she hadn’t been invited to Chanukah.

She knows they did something for it, Alex and Kara and Eliza, but she hadn’t been invited.

So she’s nervous, this year.

She has Alex’s ring on her finger, and they’re planning their wedding for the spring, and Eliza loves her, and things with Kara are better than ever, and they’d all been so generous with her at Passover, so she’s not entirely sure why she’s so nervous.

But she is.

She arrives to Kara’s at 4:15pm. It’s a Tuesday. She had to get special dispensation from her captain to leave work early, but it turns out his sister married a Jewish guy, so he had just nodded knowingly and said “Gotta beat sundown, huh?” before shooing her out of the office even earlier than she’d asked.

She stops by the little store a couple blocks from Kara’s to pick up two bottles of red wine and a bouquet of flowers, because she honestly has no idea what to bring to a Chanukah…thing. Party? Gathering? Ceremony? But she figures wine and flowers can’t be too wrong of a choice.

She knocks on the door, and it’s Winn who answers it. He grins and gives her a quick hug, leading her into the warm, bright apartment, and she takes a deep breath.

She hates feeling out her depth.

She looks around, taking it in. It’s not a big group, like she’s seen here for birthdays or celebrations before. James and Kara are chatting over by the stove, and Eliza and J’onn are looking out the window together.

Maggie and Winn take a couple steps inside, and Maggie’s about to drop the wine on the counter when Alex strides out of the bathroom.

And Maggie is nervous but the sight of Alex immediately calms her.

The sight of Alex always calms her. No matter how fucked her day is, or how badly her case is going, or how frazzled she is. All she has to do is see Alex and it’s like she can breathe clearly.

And, of course, the hug and the kiss and the squeeze Alex gives her, and the way Alex’s eyes light up, and the way Alex looks at her like she’s the most precious thing in the world – those help too.

Alex takes the wine, placing the bottles on the counter with an appreciative raise of her eyebrows, and Maggie hands the flowers to Kara, who comes over to hug her hello. Eliza and J’onn come over too, and Maggie gets hugs from both of them. Eliza says, “It’s so good to see you, sweetie,” right in her ear. And Maggie has never really liked being called “sweetie,” but it’s what Eliza has called her since the beginning, and every single time it makes Maggie feel ridiculously cared about and safe.

James opens two bottles of wine, and passes out glasses. They all cheers, glasses tinkling softly against each other. It’s warm in the apartment, and the light is a little dim, and the sun is just starting to set. Maggie leans into Alex’s body, her arm low around Alex’s waist and Alex’s arm draped over her shoulders, her hand coming down to press tight against Maggie’s ribs.

Maggie takes a sip of her wine and then lets her head tip over, just for a second, to rest against Alex.

Alex, midsentence, turns her head enough to drop a kiss to Maggie’s hair.

Every single day with Alex is an experiment in have I ever felt this loved before? And today is no exception. Maggie wiggles the fingers holding her wine glass just enough so she can see the glint of the simple ring on her finger.

She thinks she’s done it subtly, but Alex pulls her in even tighter – without looking away from her conversation with James, on her other side – and Maggie can’t help but grin.

God, she loves this woman.

At 4:40, the tone in the room changes. The Danvers women smoothly spring into action, but the mood is suddenly quiet and a little solemn. James, J’onn, Winn, and Maggie clear the snacks and bottles of wine from the dining room table, and the Danvers women all disappear for a moment. Alex and Kara come back with a tablecloth that Maggie’s never seen. It’s blue and white and it looks old and delicate and foreign in a way Maggie can’t quite pinpoint. Alex and Kara spread it out on the table like it’s delicate and precious.

Eliza brings over a menorah, holding it carefully with both hands.

It looks really old.

It’s silver, and tall, and ornate. It’s clearly well cared for – recently polished – but there are tarnished and aged spots on it that even the best polish can’t take off. Each of the nine branches are twisted and designed, and the center branch is the tallest and most intricate of all. The base has something written on it, in blocky Hebrew letters over the ornate design, but Maggie has no idea what it says.

She has a million questions, but there’s a reverent hush in the room, so she swallows them back.

Eliza places the menorah on top of a small plain white cloth that Kara has set on top of the tablecloth, in the center of the table. Alex has two candles in her hand, and she places them, carefully and delicately, in the menorah. She puts one in the taller center branch and the other in the furthest right branch, leaving a gap between the two. Maggie knows from her research the center candle, in the tallest branch, is called the shamash.

The three of them stand, then, in a line facing the menorah. Alex is in the middle – Kara on her left and Eliza on her right. Maggie is standing with the boys over to the side, able to see the faces of the Danvers women and the menorah and the city outside the windows.

Just as the sun slips all the way into the ocean, Eliza strikes a match and holds the flame to the shamash in the middle.

The candle catches, and she holds the lit match out to Kara, who grins as she puts out the match with her bare fingers. Alex reaches out, then, picks up the lighted shamash, and uses it to light the other candle on the right side of the menorah.

Once that catches and ignites, she passes the shamash to Kara, who gently puts it back in its spot at the top of the menorah.

The two candles burn, several inches apart, bright yellow and steady in the darkening apartment.

The three of them join hands, then, and close their eyes.

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