[muffled yelling in the distance]

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The room was filled with a long tense silence, papers ruffling was the only sound and eyes were moving to look at one person in the room. It was his time to shine and continue the Hanbridge legacy, it was his job and it only made sense that the job was place upon him being the only child. Inaudible words came out from his father followed by a unison nod from all members present in the room. He had no say, so being the remarkable son he was he just nodded his head. They clapped for him in the cold, cold room. He wanted to run, they were clapping not because they admire him or thought of him in a nice light. It was more because they feared his father and they wouldn’t dare step out of their lane.

His eyes became menacing and his hands curled into a tight fist. They were going to stop fearing his father, because he would be the one they feared and the one they looked up to. Maybe it was his dormant rebellious streak seducing him to think the way he was.  He felt a pat on his back that snapped him out of his inner thoughts. He turned to see his dad giving him the look to say something to his audience. He bit the urge to sigh and proceed to look directly at their associates and talk.

“ I will ensure all of you to keep us afloat and successful as ,us, Hambridges have done and will continue to do” a bitter taste was left on his tongue.

The guest left and congratulated Paul Hanbridge for his the coronation of his son as the new leader for the Hanbridges. He knew his son would excel, after all he has been trained for this moment most of his life. Now, he had to tell his son to fuse his little gang with them that way things could run a bit smoother. Of course they would need to hold a loyalty test to those ruffians to ensure that they are to be trusted. After all in the mafia, no one can keep their eyes close for long. He turned from bidding farewells to guest to direct himself toward climbing the stairs. Pain soon interrupted his walk up the stairs, he was getting too damn old. He was aging and running out of time.

Andrew locked himself up in his room after the meeting. Cold was the room, cold like them, cold like him. When was the last time, he had smiled or laughed. He closed his eyes and he thought of the girl from the other day.

“Ak…ko” slipped out of his mouth, the girl who had manage to give him that.

She was like any regular human, but what exactly made her different to the point she caused him to smile. He was intrigued by her, know he should say bewitch because after all she was a witch according to the grocery list she dropped the day of their encounter. His room became darker as clouds covered up the full moon. As if to tell him to retire to bed to which he did that night.

He woke up the next morning, his room was still dark despite it being morning. He got up from his bed and proceed to wash his face. Water ran from the faucet as his gathered some in his hands to splash on his face. He dried his face and saw his reflection. He seemed older with notable pair of bags under his eyes that he hasn’t paid much attention until now. The water ran and he continued to stare at himself. He was in his last year of Appleton, but then he would also join his dad on the political scene, the politician disguise. He would be one of those corrupt politicians as seen on the news, exactly like his father and those in his circle. A politician who lies to people while he deals with the dirty mafia and leading to show in intoxicating people.

After fixing himself, he headed to the  dining room to  eat breakfast. He sat down in his assigned seat across his father and noticed  his father who was thoroughly reading the newspaper. Andrew raised an eyebrow taking note of his father’s silence. He continued to eat his scrambled eggs courtesy from their personal chefs.

The crumbling sound of newspaper was a new noise in the room beside the clanking of the eating utensils and Andrew looked up at his father. The senior Hanbridge had a deep scowl on his face and his hands placed under his chin as he thought. Observing that  his father was remaining silent, Andrew looked down at his food and grabbed his fork to resume eating.

“Foolish people and their protesting. Must be Augustine’s doing” mumbled the senior Hanbridge. He fixed his posture and looked at his son.

“ i’m going to have to assemble a meeting because of this bloody mess. See me in my office this evening, don’t be late.” his father’s tense tone made Andrew wonder what was going on. He reached for the crumbled newspaper and unfolded it to see what sent his father mad. The protest about the government were growing and to any politician, especial his kind, it was a threat of the public finding out. Now if he only knew what or who was Augustine he could possibly understand more. He got up and left his half eaten breakfast alone.

Andrew decided to take a stroll in Glastonbury to see the situation himself and hopeful catch anything worthy to the situation. He looked out the car window as they arrived to the destination. Before he knew it he was out of the car and chasing his what caught his attention.

“Lord Andrew!” was yelled by his chauffeur left in the distance and who’s yells were muffled out by the protesters shouts.

Andrew ran because  he knew it was her, it could recognize her red eyes and soft brown hair from anywhere. But what made his blood boil was seeing her run is distress from 2 strangers. He didn’t know what compelled him to run, it didn’t matter he needed to catch up. He had to maneuver his way around the protestors, wearing his jacket and tie would certainly give him away too easily that he was ‘ a politician son’. He discard them as he picked up his pace more because on his watch nothing his gets taken.

“No government! No lies!” shouted endless voices that seem to trap Andrew as he ran. His run faltered a bit to see the protestors themselves, they were scared and lost they weren’t of the their future. They could yell all they want about being strong to take down the government, but what they really wanted was trust; trust that their government respects their rights, that they aren’t being left in the dark, and the simple yearn of a better future.

“What did we do? What did my father do?”, he felt his throat become dry watching the scene in front of him. Before he realize it he was slowing down and he needed to catch up to the chasers and the one being chase.

“I swear I didn’t mean to! I just accidently stumbled with whatever you guys were doing” shouted a feminine voice who struggle to keep running. Tears were threatening to fall and her stupid wand wasn’t working. Due to the protest she got separated from Lotte and Sucy and she accidently stumbled into a shop that clearly wasn’t friendly.

Akko turned her head to see the proximity between her and her pursuers. All it took was one turn for Akko to trip on the uneven pavement and fall into an alleyway with no exit. Instinctively she craddle herself in attempt to sooth the scrap on her knees.

“Don’t ya know it’s not polite to enter without permission and eavesdrop”, Akko’s heart sank knowing she was good as cornered. She quickly eyes if there were any hidden doors or small openings she could squeeze through, however hopes were crushed as there were none.

“What did you expect? She is damn, pathetic witch. She couldn’t even defend herself, but run” snickered the other.

Those tears fighting to stream down came undone, she knew she was pathetic. She was a witch who couldn’t even do the basics and if she could they would backfire on her. She had a hard time as it is, but when someone calls you out on it in a harsh way and the the situation she was in right now was too much for her to handle. She attempted to stand up and fight back because she had to at least try, but the pain in her knees made her legs fail on her and she landed back on ground.

“You know girly, boss said to keep you quiet and that is what we will do” the bigger man of the duo lifted his shoe to approach closer to her, but instead fell forward as someone kicked him in the back on the leg. Akko gave a shriek seeing how the man fell and his face was close to her.

“Raph, wha-” he was unable to finish his sentence thanks to an abrupt punch on the face. Akko looked up to her savior and she couldn’t help but smile big, it was him! The guy from outside the shop from a couple weeks back. She felt him grab her wrist and pull her behind him. He looked at her and gave her the smirk she knew. Akko out of the corner of her eye notice one of their attackers about to punch Andrew, but her mouth moved to slow and Andrew was knocked down. The guy was going to go for another punch, but Akko grabbed couple of small rocks on the floor and threw it and him as a way of distracting him.

“You better stay  out of this.” one of the man told her as he directed his attention toward her. Andrew quickly snapped out of it and immediately threw punches at the guy.

“Akko, run!”, demanded Andrew as he handled the threat, unfortunately the other man looked like his was gaining conscience  from the strong punch to the face. “I’m not going anywhere, if I leave who know what can happen!” she yelled back to Andrew who managed to trip the guy who was walking toward Akko.

“God dammit, I’m telling you to run! It’s an order!”

“Well, I’m not leaving and ignoring your order” she fiercely responded to him.

“Ugh” he scrunched his face as he got a punch deliver to his stomach. Akko eye’s widen seeing Andrew in immense pain. She couldn’t leave him and she didn’t know what came over her the minutes as she got her hands on a brick and hit the man on the head leading him to fall. Andrew after recovering a bit grabbed her hand and whisk Akko away. Andrew grasp tighten on Akko as the ran and he felt shock when he felt her tighten his hand back. They reached the mobs from the protest and Akko got closer to Andrew. He raise his eyebrows in question and Akko gave a sheepish smile.

“So we don’t get separated” she answered as Andrew let go of her hand and place his arm instead around her in a protective hug as they pushed through the crowd. Andrew winced a couple of times from the pain in his abdominal and Akko worried more. By the time she looked up, Andrew managed to lead them to a limousine where he told her to get in. They both got in and Andrew immediately shut the door and look at his chauffeur to drive. The chauffeur look back to his master and the young lady, he decided that it was in his best interest not to ask and just drive.

“Do you think we lost them for good?” Akko asked as she looked back. Andrew gave a sigh and shook his head.

“We probably lost them for now.” Andrew only said it to comfort Akko but he was suspicious of those two and what exactly Akko heard. He would make sure to ask her once they are patched up. Akko moved around her seat and patted the seat as Andrew got into deep thought of those two suspects.

“Sure a nice limo you got. All you need is a first aid kit somewhere.” Akko commented as she look at her lap. The chauffeur overhood and used his right hand to hand Akko a first aid kit.

“There you go miss. Make sure to apply the ointment, so you don’t get your injuries infected”

Akko thanked the old chauffeur and began to apply ointment on her knees. Akko soon finished and was about to place it back until she saw a small cut on Andrew’s cheek. Her red eyes looked at him, but he was too distracted it seem as he hasn’t said much. She wondered what could be running through his mind. Then a thought came to her head and she gave a mischievous smile. She slowly moved to seat next to him. Certainly the sting from the ointment would ‘wake’ him up.

He had too many questions in his head and it angered him not knowing what it was. Sure he ran a small gang, but apparently their smallness gain them ignorance of what was around them. He thought he had the turf covered, apparently they didn’t or his father was very good at hiding things along with others. He wasn’t exactly aware of what was going on behind doors in the government either just small whispers and his father saying things were good or complain about things. He also wondered how the protest sprung and who was the ‘Augustine’ his father mention. Then the guys who chase after Akko don’t look like your average people with how formal they were dressed. Something surely was unfolding before his eyes and he needed to get answers and clarity. He suddenly felt his cheek sting and something jell-like being placed on it. He winced and his green eyes turn to meet red eyes that were too close to his.

“Don’t be a baby. Hold still as I finish” commented Akko who was busy finishing applying the ointment before bandaging his cheek. Andrew felt strange through her action, he felt warm inside.

“Oi, are you blushing.” teased Akko who sat turn to look at the road.

‘I’m not, bunny.” he knew that the last word would rile her up, so they would move on topic. He was tempted to touch his cheeks to confirm Akko’s remark, but opted not to.

“Hey, I can push you out of the car right now!”

“Like to see you try, you little bunny”

Akko turn to him and place her hands on him as he attempted to push him, it only lasted a bit before she decided to instead reach out and pet him in the head. Andrew unfolded his arms that were cross and turn his attention toward her with a quizzical look to his face.

“I wanted to say thank you. Who knows what would have happen if you didn’t show up.” she cease petting his head and fought the blush forming on her face.

“ You are welcome.” he said those three simple words that send her to smile. They both looked forward, not saying much. It was the time of comfortable silence to Andrew. One that felt warm and with no trace of worry. He was going to ask Akko about a contact they could call to come pick her up as he had minimal knowledge about the witch world thanks to a family partner, the Cavendish., and knew that you simply couldn’t drive there. He open his mouth to ask, but he felt weight on his left shoulder. He turn to see Akko felt asleep. She slept peacefully without a frown on her face, so unlike him and he admit he was a bit jealous of that. Seeing her asleep made him also sleepy and before he knew it he fell asleep as well with his head lean on top of hers.

The old chauffeur look back to see how his master was doing. He gave a small smile and was glad for him. Andrew looked at peace and reminded the old chauffeur of his masters early years. He then saw the young lady next to the Master. He probably had her to thank for Lord Andrew’s state of peace. Now, he would have to report to Earl of Hanbridge about things he overheard in the mobs as he waited for Lord Andrew to return.

Akko gave a small sneeze that just lead her to nuzzle against Andrew and he unconsciously moved his arm around her as they remained asleep for the rest of the ride.

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ok yes amputee pharah is an excellent concept but jen’s art reminds me to invite you to also consider: cybernetic augment spine mercy

  • not a new invention in itself– they’ve been around as both prosthetic and/or “upgrade” for a while now and for a range of purposes (see: sombra) but she made herself the prototype for one that incorporated the nanobiotic tech she pioneered
  • (because she refused to let anyone else take the risk of the surgery’s consequences when the outcomes were unknown)
  • source of low-level stream of biotics that helps her body regenerate over time when injury is detected
  • links up to the Valkyrie suit to allow the user to control its wings via direct neurological signals, improving maneuverability in the air. the side effect being that her wings pick up on fluctuations on her thoughts and moods as well (evidence for this in mercy’s idle/sitting animations, where her wings twitch and quiver at times every now and again)
  • ^she probably clocked McCree in the face with an unintentionally flared wing at least once
  • in battle, protected by a second layer of armor plates integrated with the Valkyrie suit
  • out of battle: it still catches her by surprise sometimes, the feel of fabric brushing against the curves and edges when she changes clothes, a textureless sensation that nevertheless is sensed, in a way difficult to put words to, but makes her think of stepping stones pressed deep into the soil
  • every night she runs her fingers down each vertebrae, checking for any cracks or dents that shouldn’t be there
  • (even more important nowadays, out among too many worn-out tents and too little supplies, desert sand dusting every crevice, athena’s diagnostic systems a fond memory)
  • a new ritual, years later; fareeha’s warm fingers trailing down the same path, counting segments while they rest forehead to forehead, knee to knee, the stiffness in angela’s shoulders easing once fareeha reaches the end and bumps their noses together, a murmured “all clear” through a soft smile
  • (she does the same for fareeha’s prosthetic arm, sometimes, though not so much to examine– that much is done downstairs, in whiter rooms of sterile air– as to simply feel, and be felt, to memorize curves and edges worn with desert sand, to listen to hitched breaths drawn when her hands linger where metal and skin meet in jagged lines)
  • (and fareeha, sometimes, draws breath from her in the same way.)

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 636

Summary: Based off – Imagine Dean being chased out of a mall by a store detective, and snatching a bunch of flowers for you as he runs to the car.


You looked out of the Impala, sitting patiently, waiting for Dean’s return. You watched through the windows of the mall as people scurried round buying things they didn’t need. It made you smile though, to think that they were so oblivious to what was going on around them. They had no need to worry about what was around the next corner; demons, vampires, werewolves. The list was endless.

The sun was shining bright down on the vehicle and you could feel yourself beginning to slowly bake. Where was he? What the hell is taking so damn long? You thought to yourself while scanning faces to try to find him.

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meanwhile at ABC headquarters

*muffled yells in the distance* “No one cares about Hook!”

“Aww, everyone’s talking about Hook. Better put him on the poster. Get those blue eyes front and centre. Hang in there Killian, Emma’s coming for ya.”

“Stop Once Upon A Captain Swan!”

“Oooh, ‘Once Upon A Captain Swan’? That sounds great. Someone write that down. Jimmy, write that down. That’s our new slogan. Love it. Man. Our fans are the best.”

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spoopy rubooby and creppy sapphy (as Frankenstein’s monster and a vampire respectively)

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