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How I made a weirdo stop shoving garbage through my mail slot.

I live on an interesting little corner of the downtown area. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to describe it as the city’s hairiest armpit. Lots of crack addicts, dealers, homeless and the mentally awry. The gf and I hadn’t been aware of a gentleman who was stabbed in the kisser in front of our apartment until it was reported by the local news an hour later. I waved at the news crew. But whatever; the rent is cheap.

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what to expect on b.a.p’s concerts (and why you should attend):


amazing solo stages by members who worked hard in creating their own songs or covers

iconic and powerful performances (perhaps warrior, no mercy, one shot, badman, yw&f, skydive, wake me up, etc.)


illegal sexy bap

heartfelt talks

bap always saying thank you and i love you

bap always saying to not worry about them

*member says a joke or something

water fights

encore #1

song between bap and babyz (either with you or b.a.b.y)

encore #2

happy bap and their happy songs (like carnival, be happy, dancing in the rain, etc.)

encore #3


encore #126

Sleepy Headcanons [Villains]

Roman Torchwick -
• Once he gets into bed he knocks out pretty fast.
• Sometimes he’ll accidentally kick his s/o out of bed.
• It’s never easily to wake him up. You’ll need more than just an air horn
• Likes to stroke his fingers through your hair to help him fall asleep.

Mercury Black -
• What a jerk, sometimes he’d hog the blanket
• Tosses and turns to fall asleep.
• He usually slides an arm over you while you both sleep
(Sleep = Fighting for the blanket.)
• In the end, his s/o usually ends up getting the blanket

Adam Tartus -
• It’s like a cemetery when you sleep with him. He usually tries not to move while you seep.
• Usually sleeps on his back
• He doesn’t cuddle much unless you ask him to.
• Really likes when you play with his hair, he finds it relaxing
• It’s really easy to wake up him. One move out of place and you can startle him

Tyrain -
• Okay so this dude would straight up dominant you first thing if you climb into bed.
• Very tight cuddles, until you turn a bit red.
• You hear him laugh in his sleep from time to time
• You guys are surrounded and piled by layers and layers of blankets
• He’s pretty careful about not stinging you while you sleep
• Both of you sleep mostly in the day and wake up around dusk to do Salem’s missions.
• To wake you up , He’ll stare at you giggling and saying “(Y/N)…”
until you do.

Whitley Schnee -
• Whitely isn’t much of a cuddle buddy but he’ll hold onto your waist.
• He loves nuzzling your hair while you sleep
• From time to time you realize he’d have nightmares about you.
• In the mornings he’d have Cline bring in Crepes for breakfast

tumblr is a mess [air horns] tumblr is the weakest social media website on the internet by far [audience laughter] tumblr is a waste and everybody knows it [more laughter] it is so weak its laughable [longer, more extended air horn]