The non-finalized script for episode 20 of Kill la Kill (as included in the The Complete Script Book) includes a bit of a different description for the fantasy sequence that Ryuko sees in her mind:






(Rough) Translation*:

Ryuko’s Mindscape

A young Ragyo holds baby Ryuko, who is wrapped up in a baby blanket. Ryuko’s sleeping face looks peaceful. She seems very happy.

But Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes engulfed by the Life Fibers’ brightness, and that brightness then takes the form of a sailor uniform.

It’s a middle school entrance ceremony. Ryuko smiles brightly, dressed in her new sailor uniform. Ragyo watches happily.

Then, Ryuko’s sailor uniform becomes engulfed in brightness, this time taking on the form of a wedding dress. The glamorous dress covers Ryuko.

Beside Ryuko stands the groom, whose face can’t be seen. Ryuko looks very satisfied, content. Ragyo nods, smiling.

Ragyo: Yes, that is happiness for you. The bliss of being worn by clothing. Do you understand, Ryuko?

Ryuko (nodding happily): Yes, Mother!

Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.

A few parts of this nearly-final script catch my interest.

For one, the sequence is a lot shorter. While the final episode also details Ryuko’s preschool, elementary, and high school years, this script skips straight from baby Ryuko to middle school to wedding day. The final cut fleshes out the scene a bit more, but in doing so, it almost seems to muddy some of the symbolism present here.

Notably, there’s a clear image in the script of a sailor uniform in particular: Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes a sailor uniform that later becomes a wedding dress. However, in the actual episode, Ryuko is shown wearing lots of school uniforms…

… but none of them particularly resemble the classic sailor uniform look as the Honnouji Academy uniforms, Senketsu, and—most significantly here—Junketsu do. The image of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress is completely lost in the final episode.

And that’s a bit important, since Junketsu is introduced as a sailor uniform that will one day, well, be a wedding dress. The nearly-final script emphasizes and expands on that idea, but it’s ultimately lost in the actual episode.

On that vein, the most notable element of this script are the ending lines: “Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.” While it’s not as though the actual episode isn’t disturbing here—Ryuko jumps off a tall building filled with glee—I might almost find the image of joyfully being devoured by a monster a bit more so. (Okay, maybe this was cut out because of the inevitable vore jokes.)

More than that, though, the image also ties right back into what Soichiro said about Junketsu: “But as soon as you put it on, you’ll become a slave to clothing.” As soon as Ryuko puts on Junketsu, she is devoured by it. She becomes Junketsu’s prisoner, and the imagery in the nearly-finalized script is not subtle in this idea.

Perhaps the changes were made because the imagery in the script feels a bit too on the nose, but it also seems a lot more cohesive to me—and contains a lot of food for thought. 

For example, what does that idea of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress mean for Senketsu?

*My Japanese is extremely limited, so any corrections/additions are much appreciated.

However, if you’re interested in a particular moment/scene from the script, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a message. I can take a look!