Polynesian Beliefs in Fantasy


I’m thinking of working on a fantasy novel about mermaids.  The mermaids are various ethnicities and will be from regions like the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.  I am from the Caribbean and feel like I understand the nuances of Caribbean culture, but I don’t think I’ll have the same understanding of other cultures.  I have two questions:

1) Is it problematic to include Polynesian mythology from across many Pacific Islands?  Or would it be more respectful to include mythology from one culture instead?  

2) Is using Polynesian mythology problematic in general, and if so would including something like folklore be more respectful?   

I would like to include aspects of various cultures, but if some things are problematic I might decide to include an ethnically diverse cast and either come up with my own ideas for the mermaids’ culture or have the mermaids culture be more influenced by nature/the environment.

I’d appreciate any opinions on this.  Thank you for your help! 

Note- I am not Polynesian and have a tendency to miss a few things about the various Polynesian cultures, because I only know it from anthropology. So grain of salt!

  1. I’d say it 100% depends on how well you can represent each culture. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but opinions are split on tokenism and homogenization. If you feel you could accurately represent multiple cultures without going “look at how diverse my world is and how educated I am!”, then go for it. Even if you just end up showing one, you can hint at others within the plot of the novel. I’d personally love to see more knowledge about the diversity within Indigenous groups in published works.
  2. I tend to take issue with the word “mythology” for Indigenous beliefs, because mythology tends to apply to “dead or exotic” things in the West. Indigenous beliefs are religions that are still alive. But, different groups/people have different preferences, so that word could be completely fine.

But as for just generally using Polynesian beliefs? It completely depends if you have permission to use them. Some parts of Polynesian beliefs are closed (like… don’t go giving characters tattoos willy nilly. Those are very sacred things that have detailed processes to determine what they are and who gets them), but nothing’s stopping you from exploring.

When in doubt, ask. If you get a yes, then go for it. If you get a “modify,” modify it according to their instructions. If you get a no, then rework.

Hope this is helpful!

~Mod Lesya

y’all: omg yaaasss disney wants a drag queen to play ursula in the live action yassss slayyy

me, who does not want ursula to be played by a drag queen or a man at all, because ursula’s original design is very transmisogynistic and who is sick of only villians being lgbt coded especially since disney made their only canon lgbt character a villain recently: ok moving on then


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Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: Such a precious little thing you are. A part of me is saying to just let you go, that this is ridiculous and not worth all the hassle. Unfortunately for you, I live for the chase and I will not stop until I’ve taken my prey.


He was a little disappointed at the speed of the boat he was following. One would think with a person so close to death that they would have picked it up a bit. Bucky could easily outswim any ship. Which is why he loved challenges when it came to prey. The faster they were, the more inclined he was to target them during a hunt. His friends liked to call him the Mako at times, although he found it rather insulting seeing as he was a lot quicker than one.

A familiar whistle reaches his ears and he merely rolls his eyes. He isn’t about to stop and look for his sibling, so instead he responds with a whistle of his own. It’s not long before a smaller figure makes its way to his side. “Would have been nice to know you were going hunting.” He glances at his little sister and scoffs. “I wasn’t planning on it.” Rebecca looks up at the boat and then back at Bucky. “So what are you doing?” She catches sight of the marks on his face and narrows her eyes. “What the fuck happened to you?” “Don’t worry about it. I handled it.“ “Another one?” Her constant questioning was beginning to get on his nerves. “Don’t you have something important to do? Like Steve…” He could feel her glare, but he ignored it and remained focused on the vessel in front of him. “Don’t do anything stupid. Steve and I will keep an eye out for anymore intruders. Let us know when you’re done with whatever the hell you’re doing.” Rebecca darts back the same way she came from, her whistle echoing through the water as she calls out to her mate.

When the boat neared the harbor, Bucky had to be very careful not to get snagged in one of the nets placed nearby. He had already experienced being caught in one, but thankfully he had help escaping before he was discovered. They came to a stop at one of the docks and he heard the worried voices of the women on board and soon they were accompied by two men. Bucky watched as the redhead took off with one of the men. A low growl escaped him when he noticed the female he had set his eyes on in the arms of said man. There was no chance of following them now without getting caught. So he waited and remained vigilant, as the two who stayed behind began cleaning the blood from the boat. It would have been easy for him to take them down and have a feast, but he was a picky eater. Nothing was eaten unless he actually craved it and he was reminded of this the second they dumped the blood they had cleaned up over the side of the boat. The familiar taste of his chosen prey, nearly drove him crazy.

The humans finally departed, giving him the chance to jump into the boat after making sure the coast was clear. He crawled into the cabin and hesitated a moment before beginning his transformation. It had been more than a decade since he had done this, so whatever immunity he had for the excruciating pain had long since faded. Luckily no one was around to hear his screams. Bucky remained on the floor for what seemed like hours, regaining whatever energy he had lost doing the change. He slowly got up with the sound of someone humming a tune and wobbled over to one of the windows, eyeing a man who had sat down at the edge of the dock.

Honestly he couldn’t care less about walking around naked, but humans were so sensitive to nudity and he certainly did not need any unwanted attention on himself. So when the opportunity presented itself, he went for it. An enchanting melody drifted from the cabin, the young man on the dock stopped prepping his crab trap. His attention drifted to the boat and he stood unwillingly, making his way towards the song. Once he entered the cabin, Bucky ceased his singing. It brought his victim back into focus and he stared at the naked man before him. “What the hell?” Bucky tilted his head and frowned. “Such a shame I have to do this. You’re quite the looker.” Before the he could respond, the merman reached forward and snapped his neck. He wasted no time in removing his clothing and jumping into them himself.

Bucky stared down at the body, trying to decide whether to eat or leave it behind. In the end he chose to dump the body into the water. If anyone found him, they would just think the man had fallen and broken his neck. He headed back into the cabin, searching through all the papers in the vicinity and hoping he could find an address of some sort. Even if she had been taken to a medical facility, she would eventually have to return home and he would be waiting. He chuckled to himself as he imagined the lecture he would be getting from his buddy, Steve, about him going through all this trouble and possibly exposing their kind over one measly human prey. It was an unhealthy obsession that he was well aware of. Once he had a target, he just would not stop until it was his.


“How is she?” The doctor smiled at the concerned couple, “Your friend is stabilized. The blood transfusion went well. Depending on how fast she heals, she will be cleared to go home in a day or two.” Nat sighed in relief and thanked the doctor. Clint took her hand in his and they both made their way into Y/N’s room. She was a real mess, but at least they had cleaned her up a bit. “Hey guys.” Her voice was barely a whisper, she felt completely drained. This was the first time she had been so weak in years and she absolutely hated it. “You almost gave me a heart attack back there.” Clint placed a hand on Y/N’s forehead, relieved that some warmth was finally returning. She had given him the scare of his life when she had passed out in his arms the second they walked through the hospital doors. Her body had been as cold as death and he had feared the worst.

“Can I go home now?” Nat laughed, knowing how much Y/N hated hospitals. “No you cannot. Doctor said you have heal up before they can let you go.” Y/N groaned and waved a hand in the air. “I feel fine.” Her voice croaked at the end, a dead giveaway that she was far from being fine. Clint chuckled and shook his head, “Just rest your pretty little head, Y/N. You’ll be out of here in no time.” Y/N frowned, but closed her eyes anyway and quickly drifted off to sleep. Her dreams were not very kind as they replayed the attack in a constant loop. She woke up with a scream, her friends jumped to their feet and rushed to her side. Sam and Wanda had joined them only moments ago. “What’s wrong? Does something hurt?” Wanda’s eyes wandered all over her friend’s body, seeking anything that might not be right or maybe a wound opened up again. Y/N wrapped a hand around Wanda’s wrist and she offered her friend a small smile. “I’m okay, dove. It was just a nightmare.” She could see her visibly relax at her touch. Y/N leaned back and closed her eyes again, but failed to fall asleep. She didn’t want to worry her friends again so she merely pretended to sleep.

It had been four days before Y/N had been cleared from the hospital. When her body had failed to heal normally, they ran some tests and discovered she had poison in her blood. It was not strong enough to kill her, but it was enough to keep her body from functioning properly. Once that was taken care of, her body recovered and she was sent home. Y/N had to shoo her friends away from the front door, they were being overly protective. When they left, she rushed to her bedroom. She needed a long warm, relaxing bath after the hell she had been through. What she didn’t expect was to find a man sitting at the edge of her bed and corpses littering her floor. He looked up with a smirk, his eyes turning black as night. “Hello, doll.”

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Short Drabble of When Me and Daddy Meet


           I nervously fidgeted sitting on a bench, my fingers rolling from pointer to pinkie then pinkie to pointer. This… this was it. We were meeting. After texts and words and pictures, you would be in front of me, living and breathing. I could hug you. You could hold me. We could do anything, but not until I actually saw you.

           You weren’t late, I was just extremely early. The kind of early showing I couldn’t really sleep the night before. The kind of early showing excitement, anxiousness and an overall aura of happiness in every breath. It had taken us a while to plan how to meet and where, but now the plan was in action.

           There you are. I was frozen, my legs tensed wanting to run to you but my brain lying to me saying the figure of you in the distance didn’t actually exist. My eyes teared up. Were you actually there? Would you still want me? Would you still love me? Now I was fully crying.

           “Sweet Pea?”

           That’s me.

           That’s your nickname for me.

           You are actually here?

           My legs finally worked and I jumped off of the bench and I ran. I ran. I ran. I ran. Then suddenly you were there. You were there in front of me. This is happening. My voice cracked out, “Daddy?”

           Your face broke into a smile, lighting up my world. I lived for that smile. I reached up a hand to touch the curve. My hand grazed over your cheek and I watched my hand seriously, finally tracing my fingers over your still upturned lips.

           “You’re here. I’m here. We’re here. Heck. We’re here. We’re together. WE ARE FREAKING TOGETHER.” I spoke to myself then increasingly got louder until I shouted to the world. Distance no longer separated us and nothing could unless we allowed it.

           “You’re so cute.” You said smirking, causing a quick blush to dust over my face. I covered my face out of reflex, but you grabbed my hands and shoved me into your chest. This is heaven, it must be. You hugged me.

           “I love you.”

           “I love you too, Sweet Pea.”