The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
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Anon message inspiration here

Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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On the Phone - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

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Word count: 646
Inspiration: I’m horny for Jai. This literally took ten minutes to think of and write.

Being the girlfriend of a successful actor, like Jai, definitely had its ups and downs. Unfortunately you were experiencing a downside. Your boyfriend had finished filming his latest project a while ago and he had been home for a good amount of time, but now he was on the press tour. One of your least favourite things about dating Jai was how much you missed having him around when he was away for so long.

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Mr. Courtney Part. 2 (SMUT WARNING)

Part 2 of the Mr. Courtney series requested by this lovely anon.

Word Count: 1516
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It had been weeks since you and Mr. Courtney had sex and ever since then he had been ignoring you significantly. He didn’t berate you if you turned up late to form, he didn’t ‘accidentally’ touch you as he walked past you and he definitely tried to avoid eye contact with you. You were confused to say the least and you were worried that he had just used you for sex.

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botw AU with young Ganondork

post game. 

dark influence of demise hanging over the young gerudo king’s fate.

Once it begins to burst unbearable hatred and anger. This anger can be expressed in the form of hallucinations and other things that can influence the world view (Demise needs to tune the young gerudo king so that his further state contributes to the fulfillment of his plans), but this happens if the “reborn” initially refuses to submit to the will…..and as we see - he doesn’t

Guess who’s back... Back again...

Surprise, it’s me. After a year long hiatus I am back, and filled with stories I’ve been dying to write, many of them are Jai Courtney based, but also plenty that aren’t. I will be continuing some of my old series, and starting lot’s of brand new ones. 

From now on I will be posting a story at least every Saturday (NB: Friday outside of Australia.) If I’m inclined, or inspired, I’ll post more than that.  

Now, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and I’m sure many of you have forgotten who I am, so to get us back into the swing of things I’ve included a masterlist of my favourite fics so far, note that they are all at least a year old, so be nice, I’m hoping my writings improved as I’ve gone. 


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