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so basicaly i'm reading about 13 on-going fics rn and i just have to check them everyday to see if there's an update but then i get sad that there's none and the thing is that i need more lol,,, so do u have any new-ish not finished jikook fics? would be highly appreciated <3 thank much love <3 <3

here are some of my recent bookmarks, there havent been a lot. i also had asks for new jikook fics in general so these will be both oneshots and ongoing
christmas shuffling by confessa
your body is a place to stay by jonghyunslisterine
- of nudes and love by kissmytears
- nu abo: a memoire by park jimin by decompositionbooks; ongoing
- dance with me always by mar11
- on patrol by ragi; ongoing
every love story is beautiful (but ours is my favorite) by ms_mochi; ongoing
you make my heart saur by sugrpill
- you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece) by kafeuka; ongoing
- sing for you by jeonify; ongoing
- bloom by mnsg
we should just kiss (like real people do) by neversailingships; ongoing
- web of lies by untrueee; ongoing
throwing rocks in frozen rivers by busan_brat; ongoing
- hamartia by chihiro; ongoing
- the ball’s in your court by kookiekeys; ongoing
- nice guy by drpuffles; ongoing
he hangs like a tuesday afternoon by fatal; ongoing
take out by wordcouture
- (need) a little sweetness in my life by heyhomonster; ongoing
- heartwrecker by busanmelodies; ongoing
longing: a yearning desire by nahe

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Yoonseok bottom yoongi pwp? I've used up all in the tag, thank you in advance!

Don’t Pout at Me by LanLanLu; daddy kink
I’ve Always Liked You by mar11; college au
Want (I always get my way) by BossyBishQueenBaozi; daddy kink
The Universe Stops For Us (In One Of These Nights) by paralove; domestic
I Love It When You’re Mean by WantedMirrors; sex toys 
You Know Better by TakeU2HongKong; Dd/Lb

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Bayern v Shakhtar (2nd leg)

a summary

  • robben’s butt problems get him sent off
  • lahm is looking adorable af from the benches just fyi
  • only about 92343 missed opportunities
  • jerome boaTENGS FREAKING GOAL SLAY ME [2-0]
  • and of course gotze finishes it up with one last GOAL [7-0]
  • we’re back bitches MIA SAN MIA

There’s this guy at my school, with blue-ish/green hair. And everytime I see him, I’m just like, ‘We should be friends. Best friends. Our hair color is almost similar, and you’re cute. But I’m awkward and I can’t say hi to you because you would think I’m weird. And you always have your headphones in. And you probably think I’m a creeper because of my friend, and I added you on facebook without even knowing you. BUT YOU ACCEPTED. Also, why are you torturing me by adding your number in your status? I would definitely text you if I weren’t so awkward.' 

The two of us could be the cutest friends ever.


and still thinking of changing my URL, to change or not to change? THAT IS THE QUESTION.  


Day 70/366: March 10, 2012.
Today was amazing. :) Went ACB game at San Vicente in the morning. Haha, saw these two really cute guys there. Monique & I didn’t know their names so we just called them FBLG #4 and Mt Carmel #3. xD After the game, went home and changed. Had to wait for my brother to get ready because we needed to drop him to his track practice. Freaking guy took so long. So I got to the mall at around 1:30. Met up with Louise, Vivian, Bernadine, MJ, and Kate. :) Stayed in Coldstone for a bit and caught up with some stuff. Went Bestseller and saw these really nice bookmarks. They didn’t have that many good books so Louise said she’ll buy me books some other time. Later, went to go eat at Veggie & Seafood with Bernadine. Went Macys, looked around, tried on some clothes, then bought luzr’s birthday gift. c: Mall was getting pretty boring, so we decided to go Tumon early. Bought our tickets to the trolley, then yeah. It was my first time riding a trolley. xD lol I’m so lame. The ride was really fun. We kept waving at tourists we pass by. haha, when our trolley passed by this other trolley, these guys in it waved at us. They were cute lol. c: Got down in front of McDonald’s. Went to Guam Plaza Hotel to drop off MaryJo’s band stuff, bought an ice cream cone from McDonald’s, then strolled around. Went Kicks Hi first. Saw these nice Janoski’s and Nike SB. After, went DNA and saw TOMS! I want Toms. They were only 48$. Guess my Stay Positive hoodie can wait. I shall save up for Toms first. c: Went Artbox, GAP, Outrigger, some other places, then back to Guam Plaza. Stayed in the Blue Coral room until all the band members came. haha, Crystal, Louise, Vivian, & I made this game where whenever you see a hot guy, you yell out “TEN!” xD Later on, Bernadine told me to buy her McDonald’s so I went with Earl. Saw André and Sena there. The concert was alright, I guess. I was a loner because Vivian & Louise went home already. So yeah, I sat with strangers. :( Later on, went with Crystal and her brother to McDonald’s again because they were hungry. Saw Earl, Norbin, Stephen, and his little brother. After, went DNA because they wanted to go shopping. Crystal bought Toms. D: Lucky, rich nigga. Got dropped home, then yeah. I’m tired. Today was a really great day. I need more days like this. :3

Day 71/366: March 11, 2012.
Boring Sunday, as usual. Woke up, chores, homework, church, then homework again. I hate homework. :(

Day 72/366: March 12, 2012.
School was boring. Our group is dying again lol. Track & field clinic was fun though. Didn’t do much running so I was a happy camper. :D We did Indian runs though, but it wasn’t so hard. :) Getting a bit better at my sprints though, kind of, I guess. lol. Strip by Chris Brown was stuck in my head during the whole practice so I kept singing it. xD I’m getting sucky at discus now. o:< I think it’s just because it’s been a long time since I’ve thrown, but that’s not an excuse. oo:< I need to work harder. I was super tired when I got home. Didn’t even lay down one bit because I had chores and I needed to learn how to cook French toast from my mom. :(

Day 73/366: March 13, 2012.
Alright Tuesday, I guess. 8th per., watched Mamma Mia since most of the people were at the fieldtrip. 7th, watched Hoot. omg Logan Lerman and Cody Linley in one movie oh damn. :’D 6th, Bacani watched us because Manalang was absent. Lunch, told jokes with Kate, Sena, Mason, and Mr. Reyes. xD 4th, had a spelling bee. I lost because I write slow. :( 3rd, Dumaran was absent but we still went outside. Third period was fun. 2nd, Gumataotao wasn’t there so Louise, Brendan, Glyssa, and I went to Escobar’s class. We all played Draw Something, including Ms. Escobar. lolol. 1st, read The Hunger Games and got lumpia from Monique and a melted caramel frappé from Vince. c: The frappé tasted like shit though lol. ACB was boring. Got home then started on Bacani’s first draft in the research paper. Yeah. Okei.