[looks into camera like im on the office]

  • Me: People say you're so dramatic.
  • Scorpio Moon: 🎭DRAMATIC⁉️ 🗣SAYS🗯 who❔ 👀👀👀👀 Someone ☝🏻 is being a 🐍🐍🐍 and if you don't 🗣SAY🗣 who 😤😤 cause I'm 🙅🏻N🙅🏻O🙅🏻T🙅🏻 dramatic AT ALL 🙄🙄🙄. Someone's lying 🤥🤥. Imma ✊️catch🤞 them in the 🎬ACT📹 too 😡😡. I've 🙅‍♂️NEVER🙅‍♂️ been 💃🏻DRAMATIC🕺.

My catholic father literally just said “No, wait, but wasn’t there that story where Jesus and Buddha met? And they lived together for some time? Wasn’t that a thing?”

“And they went on a rollercoaster?”

“Wait, yeah!”

“That was an anime, Dad.”

My catholic-raised father just confused Saint Young Men with the Bible.

  • Yurio: Gross the pig and Viktor are fucking disgusting. Like wtf they need to stop being so gay it's horrifying
  • Otabek: Hey Yuri, why are you putting your fingers in my mouth again?
  • Yurio: To pull off my glove because it's fucking cool and it's not gay okay.
  • Otabek: *looks into the camera like in The Office*
  • persephone: happy mother's day!
  • demeter: aww sweetie pie I love you
  • demeter: lets have a girls day out, we can shop, get brunch, talk about how you should ditch that guy you're seeing, maybe go to a spa
  • persephone: *looks into the camera like the office*

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also someone tell me why when I google 'meaning of carolina' it has to go and say 'a latin baby name meaning: strong' *looks into the camera like im on the office* i meAN-

“In Italian the meaning of the name Carolina is: Strong”


Neil in book one: *panicking* I can’t ever let the press even see me I can’t talk to any reporter or speak to anyone they will find me and kill me no no no oh my god

Neil in book three: *grabbing the microphone back after talking shit on live television for 20 minutes* AND YOU KNOW WHAT? ONE MORE THING I THINK COACH MORIYAMA SHOULD SHOVE AN EXY RACKET RIGHT UP HI-

there’s a lot of moments seeing deh live when u realize that ur actually there, at the music box theatre, breathing the same air as a lot of theatre enthusiasts and people who’ve been dying to see the show for ages and people who might have just discovered it as well as all these actors you love? so i’m gonna list some and please feel free to add on anything that was a “punch in the face” moment of like wow this is real i’m here!!

- when you get there tbh, and you sit down and you see the screens moving and THE BED illuminated by a single spotlight
- (in my case, there were these girls next to us who must have been around my age or a little younger, and i remember i looked down the aisle and just said “shook” and all three of them were like “same?!” and in that moment we just connected yk?)
- when the lights go down and there’s this little ringtone and it says “please silence your cellphones” or something to that effect and u just feel the !! in ur chest
- when the lights come back up and there’s ben platt !!! sitting barefoot on the bed !!!! and there’s this WILD APPLAUSE and he just shoots into the opening monologue and ur just laughing and crying and why am i crying? because im witnessing this live that’s why
- when jlt says “he’s not high!” and mike faist sort of raises his head like he’s looking into the camera on the office
- when connor pushes evan to the ground and there’s this shift and all the lights go blue and you hear the opening to waving through a window and you’re crying and no one else is crying why am i the only one crying please help?

(i will add more to this later when i have the energy but u guys add ur own stuff if u want i.m crying)

Molly and Sherlock on April Fools Day
  • Molly: Sherlock, will you put a couple of ice cubes in my drink, please?
  • Sherlock: Of course, darling. *fixes drink before promptly bringing it to Molly*
  • Molly: Thank you, love. *takes a sip*
  • Sherlock: *barely containing his soft snickering that soon turns into a snort* April fools.
  • Molly: What did you do to my drink?!
  • Sherlock: *still snorting* You asked for a couple of ice cubes, and I only put in one. *reaches up to wipe the tear forming in his eye due to sheer hilarity*
  • Molly: *looks into the camera like she's on the office*

Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–