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rpc: we love poc fcs!! we love diversity!!
rpc: -tends to ignore poc fcs in group roleplays-
rpc: -most wanted lists in groups are usually 99% white-
rpc: -1x1 wishlists and muse pages are filled with white fcs-


The Family Cousland

      the finnigan family – a crew of jelucan miscreants 

                                   stetson & celeste finnigan - father & mother of the crew
                                     mick finnigan - eldest son // deanna - eldest daughter
                                                  oak & titan finnigan - rebels from birth
                                    suiche & carraig finnigan - twins & imperial servants
                   abhainn finnigan - imperial navy commander // leora finnigan - village medic


How my Gilinsky fc’s look:
         Just because they all have the same fc doesn’t mean they all look exactly the same/have the same style. So here’s a little something so you’ll get a better idea of how they all look.

Tyler Hausmann:
He’s taller than Jack, about 6′3″-6′4″. He’s also even more muscular. But he has the same fashion sense as G. He has short, dark brown hair that he sometimes combs in a liiiiiiittle small quiff thingy, but nothing crazy or noticeable. He sometimes forgets to shave. 

Yaakov Janovsky:
He’s the same height as Jack, 6′1″. And the same complexion as him, aka he’s muscular af but not /as/ muscular as Tyler who is just a mountain of a human. He has bleached ass blonde hair unless he forgets to do  his  roots in which case he cuts it short and looks like a damn hedgehog. He shaves always.

John Collins:
My baby. He’s 5′10″ and lanky af like fetus Gilinsky. But he’s a damn sweetheart and I know that has nothing to do with how he looks but I just wanted to say it because he deserves the recognition. He has dark brown hair, and constantly needs a haircut. He once tried to grow a beard but he has no facial hair whatsoever (failllll).