i was told something today that makes a lot of sense and a lot of people on here could probably use this. basically, its that what your brain may do because you are mentally ill is not your fault, however it IS your responsibility.

its like having a dog. its your dog, you own it and you train it. that dog is your responsibility. if you take your dog over to someones house and it pees all over their rug, is that your fault? no. is it your responsibility? yes, because that is your dog and you are in charge of that dog. you can train it to not pee on peoples rugs, but it can still happen

it’s the same thing with your brain. if you hurt someone because of mental illness, something you cant help, it isn’t your fault. however, it is your responsibility, because it is still your brain and you are responsible for your brain and your actions, regardless of if they are intentional or not.

this is why mental illness can NEVER be an excuse for something like abuse, homophobia, racism, anything that people use mental illness as an excuse to take the easy way out. sure, it might not be your fault that your brain is like this, however it is still your brain and you are still held accountable to your actions. you can use methods to help your brain, to train it from causing bad behaviors, but if those still happen you are 100% responsible for those actions and need to learn how to take responsibility for those actions.

and yes, this means that people have a right to be mad at you, just like your friend has a right to be mad at you if your dog pees on their rug. you will always be held accountable for your brain’s actions whether its your fault or not and you need to learn how to grow as a person, find tricks to train your brain when these things do happen so your actions don’t continue to harm other people