Moon Emoji Reviews

apple, producing the classic new moon with a face. he has such a smooth face, with baby like skin, and eyes as deep as the ocean, its hard to not get lost in his forever gaze. if you stare too long though, you will swear you can feel his human lips brush against your ear. 7/10

google’s interpretation is very friendly, welcoming. his big round nose reminds me of a papa cartoon character, and is, therefore, very easy on the eyes and lovable. although the eyes are a tad blank, and frightful. 6/10

microsoft takes an interesting take on the moon - it appears to look more like a stale cookie, or like spongebob’s parents. his feline type nose throws me off… hes throwing mixed signals… this is not a moon, but a beast of the night, taunting, lurking. 4/10

samsung… oh samsung… what did you do? you’ve turned microsofts cookie moon beast into a cgi monster, with soft features, similar to that of apple’s. maybe this would be better if he didn’t have those patronized glints in his eyes. 3/10

LG has taken an interesting turn. this moon is… curious… and content, but you can clearly see the pain behind his eyes. his eyes are deep. lurking. a man of mystery. 5/10

what a happy face!! i feel delighted to see this moon on my screen. he is doing great, but not quite giving off the look that this emoji is supposed to represent. he is wonderful though anyways. 8/10.

what an interesting buddy! Facebook has taken a different path, while taking time to accentuate each and every crevice and curve of this moon’s surface. a beautiful boy, with caressing eyes. 7/10

a very calm moon. i feel calm looking at it. it is doing a wonderful job on conveying the night times sleep appeal. it is not doing a great job as the original emoji purposes, but is conveying a different emotion entirely. what a beautiful and intricate boy. a work of art. 10/10

i didn’t think there could be a better moon emoji than the original, but i stand corrected. what a 🌚  emoji. the empty stare takes the cake. 7/10

mozilla does a nice job at creating a unique yet form fitting moon face emoji. nothing to call home about though. he looks too eager to be here… what is he planning… 4/10

… an… interesting… take… terrifying, yes. calming, also yes. i’m not sure how to feel about the immense detail upon this ones face. a solid 5/10 should be okay… although i know that i should give this emoji a higher rating, or else it will come to me tonight and look at me through the window, open mouthed breathing, gently fogging up the window glass around it.


If you think that exclusive same-sex attraction or any of the labels that go along with that are too restrictive then you’re definitely not gay lol

Crazy thought I know, but gay people don’t actually find homosexuality to be restrictive, as if we’re always so tempted to dip our toes into bisexuality or something but don’t feel allowed to. Gay people actually find embracing our sexualities to be extremely liberating and freeing and not restrictive in the least.

So, if you find yourself wanting to expand the definition of gay or lesbian because it doesn’t seem inclusive enough to you, maybe instead accept that you obviously aren’t gay and then find what label does fit you. Peace.

teus discos raros de jazz e blues me faziam sentir como se eu estivesse na terra dos anos 70.
passávamos a tarde inteira em uma cafeteria, discutindo sobre as utopias do mundo, sobre ocultismo e video games. eu colocava arctic monkeys e o mundo se dissipava à minha volta quando você me chamava de Arabella.
no fim da tarde, eu sentava no banco do passageiro do seu carro e te contava das minhas guerras internas. eu vomitava estrelas em você, e você dizia que “tudo bem, o mundo já nublou pra mim também”
mas depois do meteoro, os solos de guitarra da que banda que você me mostrou me parecem melancólicos.
eu tento 13 vezes por dia curar as feridas com café e poesia.
e percebo que ainda há muito mais de você em mim, do que imaginava ter, amor.
e às 2:02 da manhã meu único desejo, ainda, é você.