anonymous asked:

Your art is amazingly beautiful! It would be awesome to see you draw Nyx! That's what I really need in my life right now.

You got it! Here you go moogle! I needed some quick practices on clip studio, so why not use Nyx and give you a little life at the same time! I somewhat know what I’m doing now—-Kinda, but here you are! 


letting you go almost killed me.
I ripped myself apart a million times trying to figure out why you left,
why I wasn’t good enough for you to stay.
I told myself it’ll be okay, but god knows how miserable I was,
how many times I cried myself to sleep looking at our pictures.
I meant nothing to you,
but you meant the world to me..
—  kg
nights like this i wonder if you regret the choice you made. if you regret picking her over me. i hate that this still lingers on my mind, but it does and i can’t help but think, do you miss me? do you look for me in every person you meet? or did she replace the memory of me? on the nights that you can’t sleep do i somehow linger in your mind?
—  kg