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okay, so can we talk about the opening to BvS for a quick second?

I just want to point out all of the amazing parts to this scene: Bruce hopping off the helicopter in loafers before it’s even on the ground, his fear that’ll he’ll be too late, the awesome driving skills. The potential robins in like, every other shot. 

But what really gets me, every fucking time, are the 9/11 vibes. Most of us remember at least something about that day in the US, or definitely saw videos in school. Remember the clouds of dust, the collapsing buildings with thousands of people sprinting in front of them?

Hans Zimmer did an AMAZING fucking job with this score, because it pulled at every heartstring. When Jack is praying, the music slows down, and it feels so hopeless. 

Then Bruce starts running, once again in loafers, towards the building that’s actively collapsing. The music speeds up, the choral sections growing louder as he barrels towards the dust cloud, and then–

he hits the cloud, and everything goes white. It was timed absolutely perfectly. The thing that gets me is, Bruce never stops running. He puts his hands up and fucking sprints into the cloud, pretending like, somehow, one man could stop a building from collapsing, and if he only got close enough, it would be enough to save his employees, and his company. To save Jack. 

This scene messes with me for so many reasons. I think I almost panicked in the theaters when I watched it for the first time. I knew, then and there, that Ben Affleck’s Batman was going to be my favorite. 

hey kiddos just want to point out super quick that the intentional vagueness of the current use of “queer” is a real convenient way to obfuscate whether or not someone is ACTUALLY lgbt and that’s not an accident

thinking about things

I’m just going to point this out real quick.

The newspaper had some random person’s name on it. It’s not like it went from “Iris West-Allen” to “Iris West” or “Iris West-something else”. It’s entirely possible that Iris ended up going into TV journalism, which is what I think most of us want anyway. Barry and Iris have always been destined on every Earth and in every timeline. 


Source:【Oh!バーロード】ものまね by まつもと
Full resolution: http://imgur.com/a/ASIoD

Just a quick post to point out something I forgot to address in another post: the Asker in this question talks about “a leaked pic of mewni guards carrying Marcos friends”. I had already heard something about it months ago, but forgot to investigate about it.

After the initial “WHAT?” and confusion, I found out that these rumors were likely referring to this Periscope Adam did in August 2015:

And that the supposed scene about Mewni guards carrying Ferg and Al were just very blurred scenes from Interdimensional Field Trip. Maybe people, at the time, mistook Skullnick for a Mewni soldier.

So no scene from season 2, just a wrong rumor. After all in August 2015 season two was still being voiced in animatics form, they didn’t have animated footage yet.

Wait. Guys. I figured it out.

2016 has been a downward-spiraling shit show, and things just keep getting more bizarre.

Homestucks have been quick to point out the parallels: comets, a corrupt billionaire/tyrant running for president, clowns…

And now today, it has been officially announced that Hiveswap Act 1 will be released in January 2017.

All of 2016 has merely been the prelude for the apocalypse that will come with the release of Hiveswap, when our world will inevitably come to an end and as many of us as possible will have to boot up Sburb to recreate the universe.

I just want to point something out here really quick…

Mark didn’t say “be nice to Pewdiepie”. He said “remember that people are people”. What I took away from the video is that he won’t judge us if we hate Pewdiepie, we just have to remember that he’s a human like us.

I think he made a very important distinction in his video that people haven’t picked up on- that hate and respect aren’t mutually exclusive. You can absolutely hate someone and refuse to support them, but you still have to acknowledge that they’re people.

Just wanted to point that out real quick please don’t yell at me.

And just to clarify- I don’t stand with Pewdiepie. I don’t condone what Pewdiepie did. I won’t be watching any video featuring him, including the livestream tomorrow.

Quick point out

So I’ve just recently gotten into Killing Stalking and the one thing I’ve noticed is that just when Sangwoo is about to kill someone he breaks down their entire lives but at the same time is psychoanalising himself. Is that just me or…..

“I’m running I’m running I’m running….”

In which Duncan tries to punch a ghost and Kim shows us the proper way to react upon meeting your worst nightmare.

All the theory stuff is fun and all but just a quick point to make. ARMYs out there who feel like not understanding this whole saga makes them dumb, who feel anxious for not being able to theorize or for missing hints other people see - you’re totally fine. It’s okay not to get it. It’s okay not to know what the hell is going on. It doesn’t make you dumb. It doesn’t make you less supportive of the group. So try not to feel too bad!

The Loud House: Lisa Loud [INTP]


Introverted Thinking (Ti): A prodigious young genius, Lisa has devoted her life’s work to answering questions and finding her new solutions. She spends days on end locked in her room, operating experiments and machines. She can sometimes be found drawing incredibly large math equations on the walls just for the sake of it, and is quick to apply scientific language and vernacular to just about anything. She’s quick to point out a fallacy, usually spending entire car rides listing off the number of ways the car could crash. She can be very underhanded, sometimes sneaking experimental drugs and mixes into her sisters’ food and make up.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lisa is interested in tackling questions that surely, not many have even fathomed to ask. She’s developed formulas for turning people blue, making their skin glow in the dark, and just about any other wild ideas that inspire her. She works on her science whenever the moment strikes her, whether she must use the hallways themselves or whatever else to sketch her thinking.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Lisa’s head is almost always elsewhere, almost totally absorbed with her studies. She’s developed something of a habit of experimenting on her sisters, as well as taking up massive amounts of electricity during her operations.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): While normally aloof, Lisa has a somewhat fragile ego and will sometimes shut down if she feels usurped as the ‘genius of the house’. When Lincoln seems to be on the path of getting a girlfriend, she’s overjoyed, and gives her brother a big hug when he inadvertently does her a huge favor by destroying one of her experiments.

I’ve finished the relevant scans for the Sailor Moon issue of Animerica that I found buried in among my endless piles of old crap. It’s from 1996, though I couldn’t find a specific month.

I flipped through the whole magazine and scanned anything that would relevant to our mutual interests, and will throw them in a post here in a second. This may be my very favourite bit of it all though.

Just this little blurb tucked away on a page somewhere talking about Sailor Moon’s North American broadcast future, and I love it for being such an artifact of its time.

Beyond “you can still catch Sailor Moon on US broadcast TV”, and the encouragement for everyone to contact DiC to tell them you love it (POLITELY, the blurb is quick to point out), I love this bit just so much:

“In the meantime, for more information, the World Wide Web is brimming with Sailor Moon ‘web sites’”.

Not only did they have to spell out World Wide Web, but “web sites” is in ACTUAL QUOTES.

I was there for all this shit, and it’s just so fucking adorable in retrospect to see the Internet making this slow and kind of awkward transition into everybody’s everyday life.

Oh and don’t worry, I do have that page 73 doll stuff they’re talking about scanned. It’s quite a thing.