i still can’t understand for the life of me people wanting Rey to kill Kylo in the name of Han and Leia AND THEN expect Leia to take her in as a “replacement” for Ben without any problems at all? like, the pure notion of taking in your sons killer in your own family is like????? are u serious??? IF rey where to kill kylo (even if it was out of far better reasons then cold blooded murder like some people actually wants) i still think Leia would have a hard time looking at Rey the same way after, she may have some understanding of Rey (deepening on her reasons) but she most definitely would not take her in as a replacement for Ben, that I’m 100% on… 


Enjoying a nice night on their balcony :3


fancafe From.PTG update: Jinho:

April 😊


I’ve spent a happy month of April. From the birthday event to MagazineHo with Hongseok, I’ve received an underserved celebration really really thank you 💕 I will be Jinho who will return your love. I love you ❤💕❤

And above all, thank you for every kind of celebration, I won’t forget 😘

translated by 0026yoyo

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Jikook: please don't leave me alone

first of all i hav no idea how this became a mini 2k fic and i am so sorry for not knowing how to do a read more bc i keep flopping and failing but yes hav a jikook not so drabble im sleepy its midnight so im sry for any typos etc i lov u💕

“hey, jack frost, eating alone again today?”

the voice that trails behind him his taunting, teasing him as if the person took pleasure seeing him squirm, especially the many eyes trained on him like scavengers. he clutched his messenger bag tighter, muttering quietly under his breath, “shut up,” and continued walking faster, until someone tugs at his sling, preventing him from moving further.

“aww, poor little elsa, no one else to eat with because he freezes up the whole place, poor thing,” his aggressor snidely remarks, throwing his whole bag upside down, all his books and papers- and hell, his laptop- and the memories of a few years back come back to him all at once.

he remembers waking up cold, so, so cold- presenting as a goddamn ice prince of all things waking up on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, his whole room like an igloo, a dinghy ice palace. his parents had been happy, in spite of his ebony hair turned strawberry blonde hair, melted chocolate eyes gone a striking electric blue.

it seemed like with every day that passed, his powers got more out of hand; and even though he had tried to make new friends and hold a decent conversation at this ‘special school’, people would avoid him and flee as fast as possible- who in their right mind would want to befriend or even interact with a human icicle that could freeze them within seconds?

and now before him he sees that mocking, condescending cackle, sees the accusing fingers jabbed in his direction, sees people literally talking bad about him in front of his back.

what did those normal people call it, see red? ah, but no, jeongguk was way beyond that.

he saw blue.

the way his veins would bulge out from his thin skin from the cold, like trails of cornflower blue icicles down his arms, azure eyes glowing with a vengeful desire. he had his fists balled up, nails and lips turning into deep hues of dark blue and mauve.

“i said shut up!”

the beams of arctic and sky blue along with streaks of cerulean were artistically swirled and channeled into graceful streaks that eventually concentrated on his bully. strangled cries bubbled in the other boy’s throat, but they never quite made their way out, considering how jeongguk had quite successfully transformed him into a life size ice sculpture.

“no, stop!” two voices said in unison, causing jeongguk to whip around. the people along the corridors had long dissipated in fear of being the next centrepiece for the hallway. hovering in midair, above his aggressor and his head were a locker, and all of the items in jeongguk’s bag.

right. that kim taehyung, vice president of the drama club, was telekinetic. slowly landing the levitating objects back to where they belonged, his shorter companion rushed over to mitigate the damages done.

“oh my god, are you alright?” and holy crap, jeongguk has never heard a voice more attractive than this. he’s known who the black haired boy is, just as he knows him by reputation alone.

when everyone said park jimin was on fire, they didn’t just mean he was smoking hot, hella attractive- they also meant he played with literal fire, conjured flames at his fingertips.

at the snap of his fingertips, jimin melts away some of the ice to let the frozen popsicle of a boy breathe, sopping wet save for his frozen lips so he survives while waiting for the rest of his body to thaw. he then slaps the guy across the cheek lightly, hissing through his teeth. “how dare you treat jeonggukie like this, huh?!” his voice is like gravel, a stark contrast to the charming lilt he enunciated just moments ago. the gagged boy makes incomprehensible noises of fear and faux repentance, and jimin pays no heed.

taehyung’s using his unique abilities to weave gently all jeongguk’s belongings back to the systematic compartments they belonged to, a few steps away. “sorry,” he says cheerily, in spite of the upset expression he wears, “i’m kinda wearing a really thin gucci shirt today so,”

and jeongguk nods mutely in acknowledgment, and then shakes his head to say it’s okay. taehyung seems to understand his curt, introverted ways, and announces his departure to jimin, something about a project meeting for the club.

jeongguk’s far too stoned to even process the whole whirlwind of things going on, body as numb as ice, a dull throbbing at his chest, hands feeling tingly and eyes all blanked out. “hey, you okay?” jimin says softly, tugging at jeongguk’s bony fingers, a seeping of warmth spreading to his palms. jeongguk makes no reply, and jimin tiptoes to get into the frame of his eyes, sweetly clutching at his jaw.

“you okay?” he repeats, and jeongguk mumbles something he can’t hear. “all you had to do was ask,” jimin slyly replies, and tugs jeongguk down into a warm, tight hug. the heat radiates and blooms, to every inch of his back and it starts bleeding into his entire being. he feels funny. he’s like an ice block most of the time, so heat is a concept he’s never quite grasped.

it feels funny, the way he’s somehow gone out of control again, and the park jimin is embracing him like they’re lost lovers or something.

the bell rings, a little while later, and jimin gasps, pulls a pen out from his leather jacket, and prettily writes his number on jeongguk’s palm.

“remember to call me!” he shouts, as he springs off for his afternoon class, giving jeongguk one of the most beautiful smiles he’s ever seen.

the good thing about jimin and taehyung being best friends is that, whenever jimin wants to be romantic oryou know, do something cute to make someone feel better, he has taehyung who’s got his back.

jeongguk gets to shy to call, in the end, even after chewing on his bruised lips for the umpteenth time, thumb hovering above the call button, which always resulted in the locking of his phone and tossing it aside.

the manoeuvred paper aeroplane drops by his table, sender and co. knowing he has the window seat in his homeroom, full of cute doodles and hearts and telling him he’ll find jeongguk for break later.

jimin’s signed off with hearts atop the ‘i’s of his name, and if that isn’t ridiculously cute, jeongguk doesn’t know what is. and no, his supposed ice heart isn’t melting at all.

one lunch break turns to two, turns to three, evolves into as many as possible.

“are you cold?” jimin would ask, without fail, and jeongguk would always shake his head, abundant piercing jangling; double helix on display just to keep up with the unapproachable, tough guy image everyone around him had conjured on his behalf.

and after this routine, jimin would intertwine their fingers together, jimin’s right and jeongguk’s left, a little established routine that somehow snaked its way between them.

“is… is this what a friend feels like?” jeongguk had murmured out of the blue one day, both of them leaning against the fence of the basketball court. the grip on his hand squeezes tighter, followed by a little jeongguk… as the latter tucks his blonde wisps beneath his daily beanie, trying to hide his nervousness.

“jeongguk, you know, when i was younger they called me wildfire- i set everything i loved ablaze, i burnt people when i touched them, when i got angry… it was a total disaster,” jimin sighed, brushing a hand through his hair. jeongguk knows how bad it can get, the way jimin’s hair will turn from black to brown, silver, blonde, orange and red in ascending order according to how angry he was;

“it’s okay, jeongguk-ah, we all take time to learn and grow,”

“hyung, you don’t understand- i’ve tried, i really have-”

“baby, baby- hush, it’s okay,” jimin soothes, hands wounded tightly, ringed fingers working their way through tousled blonde after scraping that stussy beanie off. “are you warmer now?” jimin asks, closing the gap between them, proximity garnering added warmth.

“the only thing i do to feel warm- i go to work out and there’s this temporary rush i feel in my veins, and i feel it; but i feel so alone, hyungie- wherever i go it freezes up and it becomes an ice palace or something and i,” jeongguk gushes, rambling.

“hey, it’s okay, you’re a blue blood, and i think that’s really pretty, like you know the way royalty are also called blue bloods?” jimin smiles, and jeongguk softens.

another thing they do is eat in silence, hands still laced together during their free periods by the deserted basketball court where nobody goes to, save for this cool senior, but he’s left some time ago too.

they use their other free hand to munch on a granola bar, chocolate, sip from a packet of milk. sometimes they just bask in each other’s presence, jimin lazily resting his head on jeongguk’s shoulder in pure affection.

“yoongi hyung used to play here everyday, hyung. he had a mind shield, meaning that he blocks out everything save for whatever he has in mind to do, and one day he just stopped coming,” jeongguk says sadly through a packet of banana milk, jimin holding a strawberry flavoured one, thumbs idly stroking at each other’s skin through interlocking hands.

“he found his soul partner, didn’t he,” jimin replies dreamily, knowing the entire story since yoongi was dating his dance captain jung hoseok. if there was anything cooler than fire and ice, it just had to be hobi hyung’s abilities. just like people had names hanging above their head in death note, hoseok saw people’s weaknesses written above their heads like a bounty prize; and bless the heavens that had granted him a pure heart that would make flowers grow, if not their would have been massive chaos by now.

“we communicated by nods and water bottles and he- yoongi hyung was my only friend and now that he’s gone i just-” jeongguk sobs, and immediately jimin straightens himself up, brings his hands to cup jeongguk’s cheeks, wipe his tiny teardrops away. “you have me,” he says softly, and jeongguk cries harder, warmth blooming wherever jimin touches, sending his heart exploding, skin burning wherever he touches.

his pale skin is now dusted with hues of pink, from all the warmth jimin oozes in his cute hands and pretty face and handsome eyesmile, which comes from “there we go, my baby bun’s all warm now,” seconds ago.

the bell rings, somewhere in the distance, and jimin gasps, but jeongguk pulls him even closer, frantically grabbing at the back of his sleeveless muscle tee, unwilling to part.

“please, jimin, don’t leave me.”

it comes out as a broken plea, and the fact that he uses jimin’s real name in desperation instead of the usual respectful ‘hyung’ breaks his heart. he haa chemistry now, but clearly the one with jeongguk’s more important than the actual class itself. “don’t cry, my darling- i’ll send someone a text real quick, alright? i’m staying with you, always.”

perhaps if he thinks really really hard his mind reading lab partner namjoon will hear it, and he’s texting taehyung’s superior, president of the drama club kim seokjin; other than being one of the faces of the school, always scouted to print on the covers and banners, he’s also known for being a modern day mystique- meaning he can shapeshift. given that the two heads of drama are this talented, it’s no wonder why when their annual skits and performances come along students from neighbouring schools will climb past the fences just to sneak in and watch. taehyung and seokjin are just that magical.

“don’t cry any more, love. i’m staying.”

whenever jimin leans on jeongguk for fun, or in attempt to make him laugh or smile, jeongguk feels this burning desire within, makes his insides feel like they’re all molten, a strange fire in his loins; jimin messes him up, truly, makes his icy skin feel like everything but that, and every move he makes secretly drives jeongguk crazy.

“jeongguk-ah, how do you actually feel when i hold you? hot? lukewarm?” jimin asks in curiosity. “for me when you hold my hand i feel like it’s a spring breeze, like eating iced lollies on a summer day- what about you?”

jeongguk gets all flustered, damn it, you feel like someone i want to cherish and make mine for as long as i live. and also, the way jimin pronounces his name with that stupid cute busan lisp, making his name sound like jung goog ah is driving him mad.

“w-well, you um,” he halts, free hand digging into his palms harshly, the terrifying hesitancy surging back like when he was supposed to call jimin coming back tenfold.

“it’s okay, jeonggukie!” jimin laughs, and oh god, what are these feelings of wanting to kiss him? “if you’re shy then i guess i’ll find out another day,”

and jeongguk swears he’s going to combust when jimin sends a flirtatious wink his way. jesus christ.

“so this is what a friend feels like?” jimin muses, peering at jeongguk who’s furiously gnawing on his lower lip, eyes boring into the now slightly frozen court- his control’s gotten better now.

“yeah,” he whispers, turning to face jimin, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows anxiously, right hand tipping up jimin’s chin. all ready to kiss those delectable lips. to make jimin his.

“and i’m hoping this is what a lover feels like.”

I’m so proud of the group made up of F’s and a D. Okay, the vocals were off at times but they are combined, the lowest ranked trainees yet still managed to hold it all together and pull off a half decent performance of ‘Manse’. I’m a sucker for underdogs and I am truly proud of that group. I hope their efforts get recognized.

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I don't really care about them, but this season it seems that the writers completely forgot them. I understand that Camilla Luddington was pregnant, but they had time in the middle of the season. I'm sorry for their fans

I assume you’re talking about Jolex?

I agree. This season has been a mess altogether but looking at the whole picture, I don’t think us Omelia fans can complain much when compared to what they did to Japril and especially Jolex. 

I mean, Japril sleeps together on ep 16 and after that nothing else is mentioned? and both characters continue to make appearances normally? Jackson and April haven’t even talked about what happened to other people.

And what the hell is wrong with Alex that all his conversations are about Meredith’s sex life while the woman he loves has shared some of her deepest secrets with him and is obviously in distress? where the hell is Jo?


 It makes no sense, really. 

College Roommate A/U (Part 1)


Pairing: DeanxReader

You thanked the taxi driver before they drove off and let out a nervous sigh as you turned around, facing the college you would be attending for the year.

Kansas University.

Taking a deep breath, hoping to calm yourself down, you hauled your three bags with you into the building.

You entered, nearly running into someone once you stepped in, due to how crowded it was inside.

People were moving everywhere, some moving confidently as if they knew the place like the back of their hand, and some still finding their way through the place.

It wasn’t hard to find the directory to find out where the girls dorm was, so you followed the directions passing a staircase which led up to the boys dormitories and continued forward easily finding the girls dorms.

As you moved down the hall you passed each room counting the numbers but hadn’t found 26B, your room.

You were about to head back and ask for help but bumped into someone as you turned around.

“I’m sorry,” you quickly apologized looking to see who you had run into.

In front of you was a short red-head who seemed unfazed by the small incident.

“It’s no biggie,” she replied brushing it off, “must’ve happened twenty times with so many people around.”

You smiled with relief, nodding in agreement.

“I’m Charlie, Charlie Bradbury.” she introduced with a smile of her own.

“Y/N.” You replied with a polite nod.

“Well, Y/N, are you lost? Need any help finding your way around?”

“Is it that obvious?” you asked with a nervous laugh.

“Nah, I just thought, since I’ve never sen you around here before.” she paused looking down at the bags you were holding. “Do you need any help with those?” she offered.

“If it wouldn’t be a bother.” you replied hoping you didn’t sound to needy.

“It’s no problem, you just looked a bit tired there.”

“Yeah,” you replied not bothering to disagree. “didn’t get much sleep in the cab, plus I haven’t found my room yet.”

Charlie opened her mouth to reply but a shout was heard down the hall, “Charles!”

You looked behind Charlie to see a blonde heading your direction.

“Hey, Jo.” Charlie greeted with a small wave.

“Hey, who’s this?” the blonde, apparently named Jo, referring to you.

“Jo, meet Y/N. Y/N meet Jo.” Charlie briefly introduced motioning to each of you in turn.

“Nice to meet you,” Jo extended her arm for a handshake and you returned it glad to meet another colleague.

“Y/N here is a little lost,” Charlie continued, picking up from your last conversation.

“Is that so?” Jo asked looking back to Charlie, then you, “so where you headed Y/N/N.”

“Room 26B,” you replied, before realizing she called you by a different name. “who’s Y/N/N?” you asked wondering if she got yours wrong, or confused with someone else’s.

“It’s your nickname,” she explained with a proud smile, “do you like it?”

You stood thinking for a moment before nodding, “Yeah it… fits.”

Your reply seemed to satisfy Jo and Charlie rolled her eyes, “She has a knack for making nicknamed for everyone.”

“Oh come on Charles, you love em’”

Charlie snorted before turning back to you, “Anyway, you said you were looking for 26B?”


“That’s weird,”

“What’s weird?” you asked hoping there wasn’t anything wrong.

“It’s just, your room is in the boys area.” she continued with a confused expression.

“The boys area?” you repeated hoping you heard wrong.

“Oh man, you are so lucky.” Jo cut in looking at you with a smirk.

“I wouldn’t really say lucky.” You added not as exstatic about the idea.

“How are you not excited? I mean, you get a sneak peek at the guys at K.U this year.” she continued in attempt to convince you.

“Well, I’m just not the type to have a male roommate.”

“Wait.” Charlie cut in holding up a hand, “Are you, attracted to the opposite gender?” she asked slowly.

You stood confused before catching on to what she meant, “Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely. I just don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same place with a guy I don’t even know. you explained quickly.

"Oh, ok,” Charlie nodded, “but if you ever change your mind.” she added with a wink.

“Cut it out Charlie,” Jo said punching her lightly on the shoulder.

You laughed shaking your head, “It’s fine, I’m flattered really.” You all laughed over this until Jo realized you still hadn’t gotten to your room yet. “Hey, come on, let’s go see your room.”

“You just want to see the boys don’t you?” Charlie asked helping you pick up one of your bags.

“Yeah, I do.” Jo replied nonchalantly, leading the way. You and Charlie laughed following her up the stairs reaching the boy’s hall quickly, As you walked down the hall, you ignored the stares and whistles from the guys lingering outside their rooms.

“Alright 26B,” Jo announced stopping at a closed door, loud music playing from the inside.

“Looks like your roommate’s already moved in,” Charlie observed.

“I guess so,” you added setting your bags down beside the door.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Y/N,” Charlie said with a smile.

“Yeah, you guys too. Thanks a lot for your help, both of you.”

“No problemo, anything for a friend,” Jo replied with a nod. You smiled at her referencing to you as a friend, glad to have met two nice people on your first day. You waved goodbye to them as they left, then turned back to your door recognizing the music inside as Metallica.

“At least they’ve got good taste in music."you mumbled, before opening the door and entering your room.