OP: Yoongi-ya I love Yoongi very very much ㅠㅠ
YG: No, I love you more…


Q: What do you think when noona fans call you “Taehyung-oppa”?
Taehyung: I really like it.


Older (or) Younger, which one do you like? (this means if JK likes older or younger girls) then Jungkook ticked 연상 (older)


Q: What age are you going to have a girlfriend? (Can’t I be (your girlfriend)? ㅎㅎ)
Yoongi: Well…


Q: Yoongi-hyung’s birthday is soon, what gift will Jimin-oppa give (to Yoongi)?
 JM: I will not give (him a gift) 


Q: the word that encourages oppa the best when he hears it is?
HS: You are doing well, Hoseok-ah!



The full video version!

I don’t know what JK said to HS but it’s pretty clear HS was already about to sit and pointed out the other empty sit to JK. And did JK really point at JM’s direction with his lips (like he was telling HS why he wanted to sit there)?!

Of course, HS probably understood there’s no arguing with JK about it (he’s been away from JM for a long time that night, come on! Give the guy a break!) so just did what an understanding hyung would do. (Poor HS T-T)

And JM! OMG! JM! The smile he did after realising JK’s sitting next to him the rest of the night – KILIG! (Just google it. I’m sorry but I have no other sufficient one-word expression to use for this!)


video from twitter: kookmin9795

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Alright, JK giving himself and Jimin the same age says A LOT tbh.. I'm a bit... Yeah.

{Hi! Sorry to bother but although I’m a die-hard jikook shipper (unbiased 🙃) , I just have to say how amazingly consistent JK has been throughout the years with putting himself and JM at the same age “friend” level and also how in calling JM ‘cute’ with all its synonyms be it in Korean, Japanese or English.}

He really just confirmed the way we perceive their relationship.
What I found really sweet is that not only is Jimin the only one he put on the same level as him but he gave him his own age. And when Hoseok was asked the same question he also gave jimin his own age but gave jungkook something like 10 (i dont remember but basically he’s a kid for him). So jungkook acts like the maknae he is with the others but not with jimin. And jimin’s suddenly not a hyung anymore with him.
That’s great.

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Do you know if there are other videos other the bangtan bomb about the coming of age dance that JM and JK did a while ago? I was wondering if other broadcast station filmed that event. The few fancams on youtube are rubbish quality. Thanks a lot!

This ask is sounding so spoiled. Anyways if we’re thinking about the same event it was during Bangtan’s anniversary on VLIVE? It was a paid event on vlive app and only a small number of ARMYs got to watch live. Plus, generally cameras weren’t allowed so if they are fancams they had to do it discreetly. Sorry the quality isn’t to your satisfaction.

If anyone knows any links for this pls send it as a reply~

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Do you agree with Rapmon's Hogwarts Houses sorting choices? Gryffindor (RM, JN); Hufflepuff (JH, V); Ravenclaw (JK); Slytherin (JM, SG). I can see them all in those houses, although I find it funny where Rapmon placed Jin and Jimin. I would switch them.

I see them as

Gryf: JK (loves his bros, really loves his bros, will do anything for his bros, brave, determined, though definitely on the RC border because of his competitive nature)

Huff: V, JH (hard work, loyalty, generally brightness of demeanor, grounded but floaty at the same time)

Slyth: JM, Jin  (Jimin is 1000 percent slytherin–ambitious af, sly, fluid and flexible, epitome of an overthinker; it’s harder to explain Jin in my brain, but the way he grabs attention, his self-preservation, and his clerverness make me think Slytherin)

Raven: SG, RM (for constant striving for perfection, savage roasts, problem solving, originality, philosophizing, deep thinking and consideration)

But tbh I’m apparently bad at this because I’ve always thought I was Slytherin and Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor.