Upcoming Lecture: Manuscripts on Mondays: Mystery Anthology I: Lost Poems in an Italian Recipe Book

Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin (Department of English)

The first of two talks this academic year on a mysterious item in the Bruce and Dorothy Brown Collection, one of UVic’s few Italian language manuscripts: a personal collection of culinary and medicinal recipes, charms, scrawled notes and doodles. In this strange and messy book are many secrets and delights. Dr. Williams Boyarin will reveal lost medieval poetry that lies, unnoticed and unseen until recently, in and beneath its pages.

Date: December 4, 2017

Time: 1-2 p.m.

Location: Special Collections and University Archives, Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library, Room A003

Manuscripts on Mondays provides an opportunity for the campus and the community to explore medieval and early modern manuscripts from Special Collections. These handwritten documents, including Books of Hours, a genealogical scroll, and legal documents, are a window into the past.


“I hated the first season. I did! I actually had a nervous breakdown. I would get up every morning, dreading going to work. I would have nightmares about going to work. I hated my character. If I was asked to write a backstory for her, I wouldn’t know one thing to say. So I went to see a psychiatrist. I told him my problem. That I felt stuck and that I was gonna leave the profession again. I was already like 75 by now… I spent twelve hours in therapy and then he asked me to invite Grace into the room and talk to Grace. And I fell in love with Grace. And I discovered that what it was is… in the first season began by us being abandoned by our husands and that triggerd me - and I went right down that dark hole. But from then on, it’s a joy. It’s an absolute joy.” - Jane Fonda at the Savoy Theatre (15th October, 2017)