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baking/cooking with friends ✨

sunday candy - donnie trumpet & the social experiment
making breakfast - twin peaks
honey bunny - girls
weekend - smith westerns
salad days - mac demarco
back pocket - vulfpeck
i wear glasses - mating ritual
you go down smooth - lake street dive

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One thing I’m getting real real sick of is the self-styled ~smart, educated, logical~ dude who inevitably pops up in every discussion about fucked-up beauty standards to mansplain how many things we tend to find attractive (symmetrical features and bodies, clear skin, ect) are evolutionarily ingrained because they’re indicators of health and fertility. Therefore, the dude says, he’s not judging women by their attractiveness, but by their health and suitability as a mate. It’s not sexist for him to want all women to be thin and clear skinned and large-breasted with symmetrical faces and bodies, it’s just logical.

To this dude I would like to say:

A) Fuck you. You’re not smarter or more logical than anyone else and your condescending tone is annoying and makes you sound like an asshole, not a scientist.

B) How is health or fertility an acceptable standard by which to judge someone’s worth as a human being? That’s messed up and ableist as fuck.

C) Also, even if you’re going to go with that argument, WIEGHT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF HEALTH OR FITNESS so saying you find thin people attractive because they’re healthy is just illogical. 

Before a million angry argumentative assholes dive into my inbox, I want to clarify that I'm not saying that finding thin people or people with clear skin or symmetrical features attractive is somehow wrong or offensive. I’m just saying that it’s important to know why you really find those things attractive and consider if it perpetuates a message you support.

Don’t fucking pretend you’re somehow above sexist beauty standards by continuing to perpetuate them through ableism.


TITLE: Cuddles


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: OC asks Tom for cuddles.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: A really short one. I think it goes nicely with my url don’t you think? Have a lovely night guys.

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Sly making up some sorta pet names trying to be "nice" and he´s like "Hey Koujackass"

headcanon that every time Sly tries to be nice he breaks a sweat and has this really creepy half smile because it goes against everything he believes in and it almost HURTS TO BE NICE TO THIS FUCKING LOSER so he’ll try really hard and end up being like “hey…….. babe… ug. wait- I just threw up in my mouth a little bit”

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Ok so i finally worked up the nerve to tell you this, but i love your blog so much. I sneak on tumblr all the time during my classes just to see if you rebloged or posted anything. When im feeling kinda crappy the stuff you post like your comics makes me laugh. Thank you for being awsome! ....just felt like telling you this.

[clicks tongue and fires finger guns]

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YYEAH but just imagine that in the middle of sex or smh aoba just turns into sly every like 30 seconds and then back to aoba then sly over and over and then koujakus like: how do i handle this shit

I can see it now

Koujaku and Aoba are doing the do, the usual gross dorky lovey dovey way. It’s really passionate and close, lots of ‘I love you’s and whispering each other’s names. Suddenly, Aoba stares up at Koujaku like he just saw a ghost, and that’s when he notices the glowing eyes. He hesitates for a moment, wondering if he should stop or not. They’d agreed to let Sly have his fun, but coming out in the middle of sex? Does Aoba want him to stop? After a couple second of silent eye contact, Sly lets out a keening moan and starts shouting lewd things to urge Koujaku on. He decides, what the hell, and continues with Sly acting like his usual self. He’s still being really slow and loving about it, but Sly is just shouting and acting like he’s enjoying it way too much, which more than pleases Koujaku because wow that voice coming out of his Aoba is erotic as hell. Suddenly Aoba goes quiet again and hides his face in the pillow, being a big blushing mess and holding down his voice. It starts switching back and forth, Aoba suddenly clawing on Koujaku’s back and then releasing a second after, and so on and so forth.

Koujaku is confused as fuck but Sly being so lewd mixed with Aoba being so cute makes him feel like he’s making love to TWO WHOLE AOBAS at once and that’s just fan-fucking-tastic