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Friendly Neighborhood Bucky

Summary: You and Bucky are neighbors, speaking only to say hi to each other. But when a spider appears in your bathtub, Bucky comes to your rescue.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1800

Warnings: Language, & a spider (but Bucky comes to your rescue).

Based off of a list of prompts/au’s: “this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me” au

A/N: I’m really stuck on my new series so here’s this random one-shot to have something new out there. Hope you enjoy :) Also, sorry the formatting is a little messed up?? I can’t get it to work no matter what I do. It’s correct in the document but not after posting. 

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I’m so incredibly done with the asexual discourse. This isn’t just keeping asexuals out of a space now. This is blatant disregard for countless people. I’ve been told to die. To choke. People have been told to go to concentration camps. To kill themselves. I can not believe the hate and it’s disgusting and horrifying. I don’t see how people can claim aphobia doesn’t exist. I’ve seen it in surplus. Look around and see it for yourself because I’m not obligated to share my own abuse any more. I never was. Because the moment I do I’m disregarded anyway and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of you aphobia people and your dangerous ideals.

Asexuals and aromantics feel messed up as it is due to INSTITUTIONALIZED and societal oppression and erasure. We get sent to corrective therapy. We get sent to REAL conversion therapy. It literally happened to me. Aphobes need to take a step back. You’re no ones ally. You’re hateful and destructive and tearing apart a movement from the inside. Good luck with what remains because plenty more than the A doesn’t care to be involved in LGBT anymore. Because they no longer feel safe or welcome. Because of you.

Rethink yourself. You’re not helping anyone.

i really….. want wizards and pirates to meet just for the conversation they’d have about the spiral

pirate: so you have to… use a magical door to get from world to world? 

wizard: yeah that’s the only way the spiral is connected isn’t it? how do you get from world to world? 

pirate: …we sail there

wizard: …what

& then the wizards think the pirates are all super kickass adventurers who can brave travelling through the literal void and pirates think wizards are super kickass magicians who can just. teleport from place to place and everyone is super kickass

I don’t care if I signed up for it when I clicked on the cutesy fluffy fic description, you do not turn my OTP into a pair of blushing babbling high schoolers all of the sudden. You give me the fucking emotionally damaged mess that are too stubborn to admit their feelings and you give me a plot that actually makes me believe they would admit their feelings and have such an emotional moment. One does not simply fluff without correct characterization.

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hi, i think tumblr ate my ask i sent a couple months ago. im nb, and a friend of mine never uses my pronouns if they/them, but ALWAYS uses them for a different nb friend of mine. it really messes me up, and i've pointed it out several times before, but i'm not sure what to do anymore. any ideas?

Get serious on them. It’ll feel awkward, but if they respect another nb’s pronouns then you can just talk to them very directly and seriously: “hey, I’ve asked you several times to refer to me using they/them pronouns (which you use for ________ so I know that you’re capable of it). I’d really appreciate it if you started using my correct pronouns, because when you continue to use the wrong pronouns for me it makes me feel really disregarded by you.” That should be harder to forget.

To Chyler, Floriana and the writers

Thank you. 
For giving me and everyone else a voice. 

To many times we were shot down, silenced and used. 

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I actually saw myself on tv. I saw a queer girl struggling to come to terms with her sexuality. Using correct words and doubting herself and trying to reach out to others for help. Congrats on being accurate with how coming out is. You did great and we appreciate it.

Thank you for making me feel valid right now. Thanks for making me happy, for making me believe.

Do NOT fuck this up. You’re doing the right thing. Try to not crew up this time. Please. We’re barely recovering from the last time we lost representation. 

If you do mess up, you should know… we WILL bring you down. 

much love, a grateful lesbian who finally has someone to look up to.  

Being rude to fast food employees. Yes, I'll give you directions.....

This happened about 10 years ago. (Edit. 12 years ago in 2004 to be exact)

My city is right off Interstate 90.

My (now ex)  girlfriend and I were eating lunch at the Wendy’s that’s right off the interstate.

As we were eating we overheard this woman being a total and complete bitch to the two workers in the front of the restaurant. It was the usual messed up order with the ol questioning their competence and wondering how hard can it possibly be to put the correct stuff on a burger.

Anyways, they were from out of town and I heard the woman and her husband (?) discussing how to get to where they need to be as they were eating their food.

As we were throwing our trash away we had to go near their table and the women said “hey you,  how do I get to highway 251?”. Not an “excuse me”, or “please” or anything…. So, that coupled with the way she was treating the employees really rubbed me the wrong way.

So, I tell her exactly how to get through town and get to highway 251…What I “forgot” was that the bridge going over the creek was out and was inpassable.

The bridge had been out all summer and all the locals knew it, so when we turned around to leave the two employees were standing there at the registers and had heard the whole exchange and were both smiling at me…. And with a wink at them, we left the restaurant and knew in 10 minutes that royal bitch would be cursing my name, hahahahaha.

Be kind to people and people will be kind back to you.

Be rude to people if you want, but don’t expect any favors after that.


split clips of episodes 205 “dust and shadows” and 206 “iron sisters have been added to a temporary page on the shadowhunters resource blog. to access, add /temporaryclipspage at the end of the blog url. blog is password protected, if you need it or the url, message me or ask off anon so I can send it to you privately. 

I’m sorry for the bland page/no descriptions/gifs. I’m working on the pages now, but I wanted to post these real quick because of them being so late. Apologies! If anyone is willing to help write brief descriptions of clips, please message me. It would help me a lot!

I may do this for future episodes, too, just get the links out there and add to a page later on, so I can take a bit of time to make sure all the links are correct and html isn’t messed up! 

Anyone, long post, but here you go, angels!


“You don’t need to get upset when I mess up, a polite correction would be fine” 😐

“Its embarrassing to be corrected so don’t say anything” 😒

“You don’t understand why it’s so hard for me to switch pronouns” 🙄

“If you can’t handle it, then you shouldn’t come around because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get it right” 😑😑😑

PLEASE, for the love of God, please go into a deep hibernation and do not wake up until you have some friggin sense. Your ignorance is like being forced to listen to someone claw their nails on a chalkboard. I cannot handle.

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Here is another masterpost with information that I want you to know about my blog, which I collected from previous posts that I reblogged. If you do not agree with what is stated below, please unfollow me. I will continue to add statements to this post as I see fit.

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So, the first time ever I showed my mom Seventeen videos (I had to start from debut fam)….

Of course she didn’t want to watch them cus she can’t get the members right. (She still working on GOT7. She kept mistaking BamBam for Junior, like…)


There were a few members she did get correct because she thought they were really cute and handsome and just effin good-looking (she ain’t lying)

so she was like:

“Who’s that tall guy?”

This me: “That’s Mingyu, the delicious tall glass of water.”

“He’s really cute.”

“I know right.“

*Further on into the Seventeen lesson*

“that one looks like he’s mixed. He looks really cute.”

“that’s Vernon. He the real mvp.”



*Skip again to further on*

“That one don’t look Korean. He looks foreign.”

“Oh, that’s S.Coups, the leader. He’s my favorite of all. But no, he’s Korean.”

“He sure is cute.” *leans closer to the phone*

“haha…okay, that’s enough. You can back away from the screen.”

*end of the lesson*

“So mom..which ones do you like?”

“Let me see if I remember their names. that tall one..what’s his name..Mongul.”

“mingyu, but okay.”

“Yeah, him. I like him. I like Vernon too.”

(Peep he’s my third bias in Seventeen.)

“….okay. Is that all?”

She looks at me and was like, “who was that last one you showed me?”


*snaps fingers* “YEAH! I really like him!”

I’m like bitch whut?

“no uh uh mom. you can’t just steal two of my biases. choose somebody else.”

“that’s all I like-”


(I’m not about to share S.Coups with my own mother. no.)

like girl bye.

i’m not doing it.

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sentence prompts ➝ little game
  • ❛ Won’t you play with me? ❜
  • ❛ Oh, hush girl, just bat your eyes. ❜
  • ❛ I am unimpressed. ❜
  • ❛ We feign opulence just to get by. ❜
  • ❛ There’s nothing left to break of me. ❜
  • ❛ Welcome to the land of the broken minds. ❜
  • ❛ Hush now, don’t say, don’t say. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids? ❜
  • ❛ Play us like pawns and relentlessly confine into living up to gender roles. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t say a word. ❜
  • ❛ Bounded all thoughts and corrected common sense. ❜
  • ❛ Like a mess, distressed. ❜
  • ❛ Put on false confidence just to feel alive. ❜
  • ❛ They can’t hurt me anymore. ❜
  • ❛ It’s easy to fake a smile when you’ve been doing it for awhile. ❜
  • ❛ Throw on a jersey and no one get’s hurt. ❜
  • ❛ A dress is all you’ll ever be. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live? ❜
  • ❛ Play our little game, play our little game. ❜
  • ❛ Hush boy, don’t say a word. ❜
  • ❛ There’s nothing left to take from me. ❜
  • ❛ Gender roles impose control and deceive progressive time. ❜

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What do you think a Yandere asexual would be like?

First of all: Thank you for sending me a message, I absolutely love when you all send me asks. It’s the best! *sends virtual good vibes*

Now that’s done, my dear Anon, let me start this response by saying that anime is not my thing. No offense, I just could never get into it. I watched barely few titles, all short and I think I only ever finished one. And it all took place years ago, when my best friend was obsessed with this medium. So as you can imagine, I am very far from any sort of an expert on any related subject.

That said, I did go on a bit of research binge after your message, which included spending way too long some lovely time on tv.tropes as well. That gave me a bit of a better understanding of the term, since it provided exampled from books and movies as well. And with that knowledge I am now happy to share my limited opinions on the subject. (Mostly because I got intrigued, but also because I absolutely hate replying to asks with ‘idk, sorry’.)

So, my understanding is that Yandere characters are generally appearing sweet/cute/nice enough, but are actually psychotic/evil/toxic/abusive/etc./etc., which is often prompted by their main motivation which is a twisted form of romantic love. For example they can kill off or threaten anyone who they think can ruin their relationship. Or even kill off or threaten their beloved one with some twists of “If I can’t have you no one can!”.

Obviously that’s an easy recipe for a villain. Which is actually what gave me a pause there, because there’s plenty questionable material of turning asexuality into a villanous trait, which I would hate to feed. On the other hand: I love me a good villain and it’s impossible none of them are ace, so let’s play the devil’s advocate here for a sec and see possible scenarios.

Generally I don’t think being ace would automatically change the Yandere character all that much. They could be exactly as they would be with any other sexual orientation. Their (twisted) romantic infatuation seems to be what mainly drives them, so sexual orientation doesn’t play that much role here.

That said, I could imagine a sex repulsed asexual Yandere not wanting their love interest to be involved with anyone even more evidently than typical Yandere. I could imagine there being some delusion about trying to keep their love interests “untained” or even maybe safe from the naughty ways of other people.

I think that’s a way in which asexuality could be twisted into this trope.

Personally I think though it would be even easier to make aromantic Yandere characters. (Especially aro aces, too.)

We could use some twisted/toxic friendships here. Characters who don’t want their closest friends/qprs getting attached to other people. Viewing potential romantic/sexual interests of their partner as a threat. Trying to isolate their loved ones from others. Trying to stop them from getting any other meaningful relationships by any means possible. Considering potential romantic love something that could end/limit the relationship they have. I feel like I’ve read a few dark!Sherlock fics that were close to this subject, though often enough they strayed into romantic relationship between Sherlock and John later on.

Also, and this idea I got from the fact that the list of examples in movies included Misery: the obsessive fan take on the theme. That’s easily enough acceptable without romantic interest in the object of obsession.

Going down that route we can think of other obsessive tendencies that don’t involve romantic feelings. For example: enemies obsessing over each other and “loosing it”, when they realise that someone who to them is the arch-nemesis, doesn’t care so much about their rivalry.

Also a twist on a classic stalker plot. A character obsesses over another, but doesn’t really want them in romantic or sexual way. Just enoys the fantasy that gets ruined by any actual real romantic/sexual interests of their object of obsession.

Following that thought, the Yandere character who is just obssessed with having a control over another character to protect them and keep them safe. Not to bring up Sherlock again (I’m really sorry), but some dark!Mycroft fics take that twist on his relationship with his brother.

Obviously though, all of those do lose a part of the original character description, so they don’t fit perfectly. And as for romantic aces, as I said, it could be not that important to the way the character is shown, since it doesn’t seem to be the main point of them.

Again, it’s really not my subject and these are just some random thoughts I’ve had after I did some basic research. Still, I hope you, dear anon, enjoyed my rambling at least a tiny bit. :) Once again, thank you for your message :)

The Last of Clan Lavellan
“Most of the clan is already dead. Live well, da'len. You carry Clan Lavellan witb you.”
SPOILERS FOR Dragon Age Inquisition!!!
So theres a war table quest called Protect Clan Lavellan if you have the dalish origin and if you mess up, in true bioware fashion, your clan dies. But there is nonreaction. No mention of it all by anyone after. Its like “oh my family is dead? Well shit. Guess I better do these other quests”. It really irked me because Bioware had an opportunity to do something great with this and really make it special but they totally wasted it. So I had a need to correct this and i tried.

Accent Challenge Thing 2
  • Accent Challenge Thing 2
  • Me

I was tagged by @knights-of-221b-privet-drive to do the accent challenge!

I recorded it with a bad mic because I thought it would be fine, but I forgot that tumblr only accepts small MP3 files so it sounds quite bad oops

A correction:

I say “it’s the truth” (when talking about hp), I meant “It’s official” (how did I mess that up? haha)

I tag the following:

@bucketofkay: Tagged, @dammmitmagnus: Tagged, @testbe: Tagged, @god-o-biscuits: Tagged, @jameshazard: Tagged, @docerz: Tagged. 

You don’t have to do it if ye don’t want to!


1. what’s your name and username?
2. where are you from?
3. what’s the time where you are?
4. pronounce the following words: meme, pepe, doge, sudoku, espresso, celtic, acai, dr. seuss
5. what’s your favourite pizza place? what’s your favourite pizza topping?
6. what’s your favourite dessert?
7. what’s your favourite food? what food do you hate?
8. what’s your favourite tv show? what tv show were you into, but then got out of?
9. what brand is your phone?
10. do you speak a second language?
11. how do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? do you say ‘guys’ or ‘dudes’ or…?
12. which harry potter house do you most identify with? if sorted by pottermore, do you agree with the one you got?
13. is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating
14. now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it

Gazette Live 1/23 Nagoya Highlights

- Biggest being they punked us. And by us I mean the audience and Aoi. They started playing Inside Beast and it seemed like someone done fucked up.
- Aoi, Reita, and Ruki all congregate with Ruki smacking Reita’s arm and consensus seemed to be it was Reita’s fault.
- Surprise!!! Birthday cake for Aoi! Ruki and the audience sang for him!
- Ruki made Aoi speak. My Japanese is nowhere near perfect so feel free to correct me, but it SEEMED like Aoi said something like huh how about that I was yelling at you for messing up and it was something like this lolololol what do you think of that. He held the mic to Reita who might have said something like he didn’t really think anything. Lol.
- Ruki was also super into this birthday cake. He commented on the picture on it and tilted it up so the audience could see it. He also kept sticking his finger in it to taste the icing and kind of took a few steps like he wanted to follow it when they took it away.
- During Inside Beast Aoi got a lot of love from the band, Reita kept pointing at him dramatically.
- Lots of ‘end of the tour’ type talk from Ruki, grateful for the tour and all, only this and tomorrow and the final left, nothing shocking or especially silly.
- Reita nommed Uruha’s arm like a corn on the cob. Uruha thought this was hilarious.
- I feel like a lot of my talk is Reita centric I’m sorry the guy did a lot of stuff. He also smacked into Ruki once getting off his box and went to go play facing Aoi during another song. Reita got low like he likes to do. Aoi tried to and made a face while rubbing his leg lol.
- Aoi and Uruha played back to back at one point.
- Typical Ruki and Uruha time during Hyena.
- At the end after Linda, everyone else was gone, Ruki was finishing up, and Kai had just thrown his last drum stick. He went and grabbed a bottle of water when suddenly he totally changed trajectory and just POURED water down the back of Ruki’s shirt, then ran away real fast giggling.
- Ruki flailed for a minute, then got playfully indignant, throwing down the straw from a water bottle in a huff. He then either dumped the water in a corner or on one person’s head (I couldn’t see), flung the bottle and left. (Everyone was saying Kai is going to die. RIP Kai you lived a good life.)
- Uhhhh it was a really good live. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. My seat won’t be as good as it was tonight for sure though!


Here’s the breakdown:

First row

Left: do-S Tattsun enjoying shocking the hell outta Mamo

Right: Mamo explaining his drawing of Elizabeth and glares straight at Tattsun for making him mess up because he shocked him so many times lmao

Second row

Left: Aoi Yuki’s behind Mamo’s drawing of Elizabeth, which makes it look like the drawing connects to Aoi’s body. Therefore Mamo and Tatsu completely lost it at that lmao

Right: Of course dirty-minded Tatsu asks about Kaji’s drawing and says something about it looking like kintama (correct me if i’m wrong) *slang for testicles* in which he gets kicked by Mamo

Third row

Left: Idk Mamo just IDK

Right: Mamo and Sora talked about fashion *her character, Elizabeth won for best fashion* in which Sora talked about what she’s wearing. Mamo then says “Your’e wearing panties?” (again pls correct me if im wrong) and gets smacked in the arm by Tattsun *I guess we can call him a polite pervert lmao*

Fourth row

Left: Fukujun and Tatsu drunk af

Right: Mamo being mamo

And I don’t need to explain the bottom row lmao

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Do you have any Alec/Clary fics? I've only seen one here.

Of course! I’ll make a list below, since there aren’t enough (complete) Alec/Clary fics to make a new tag. 
By the way, sorry if I took a long time to get back to you! My asks have been messing up, and this one didn’t show up until I looked through my activity feed.

Alec/Clary Fics