If you👉🏻 do not🙅❌ get my👫 sister🙎💁 her stories📚📺 and a NEW🆕 room as SOON⏱⌛️ as POSSIBLE 🕐🕐 then I👱 will come💦 down👇🏻👇🏻 on this 🏥hospital🏥 LIKE the HAMMER🔨🔨 of THOR⚡️🙏🏻. The thunder⛈⛈ of my vengeance😤✊🏻 will echo🎙 through 👇🏻these👇🏻 corridors🏥↔️ like the GUST 💨 of a THOUSAND1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ WINDS💨💨😤

underrated sunny scene: when charlie threatens the landlord with the gun in his pants, then immediately slams the door and starts hyperventilating/gagging while the success music plays


this video is literally someone making the disgusting foods from it’s always sunny and then making an actually palette …. friendly version of it and i stg this is the funniest fucking video i have ever seen goodbye internet this is all i have ever needed

By Organization for Transformative Works

The year is 1952, and Dennis Reynolds is fighting a losing battle. His run for comptroller is dead in the water, his wife is petitioning for divorce, and the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer is broadcasting news of his private indiscretions on a daily basis. Dennis is desperate to preserve his reputation and protect his few remaining secrets, but a chance encounter with a barkeep at the St. Patrick Club will complicate the final week of his campaign more than he can possibly imagine.

chapter four is up up up