Mac waltzes into Paddy’s one day and immediately pops a boner. Something about the atmosphere is different, and it makes him want to bust a nut right there on the spot.

“Baby boy,” a sensually silky baritone echoes around him. “I wanna see you hang dong for me.” The voice sounds exactly like Dennis, and Mac’s boner intensifies.

“Dennis? What’s going on? Why can’t I see you?” Mac asks, looking around the bar. He’s the only one there.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dennis’s voice says. “Take off your pants and go to the glory hole.”

Mac obliges, running to the men’s bathroom in record time. He rips off his pants and jams his dick into the wall.

“You ever heard of a power bottom glory hole, Mac? No? Well, you’re about to find out.” The wall of the bathroom stall starts riding Mac’s dick. Mac comes, and because they are in love, Bar!Dennis immediately comes, too.

“There,” Glenn Howerton says as he finishes typing up that last line. He makes an AO3 account and uploads his fic, waiting for the kudos and comments to start rolling in. “That’ll show them for never #explaining Dennis is the Bar.”

iasip rocky horror au

me, @thedirtgrub, and @macwhosarat came up with these over various car rides to various places while listening to rhps

Frank: Dennis
Rocky: Mac
Brad: Charlie
Janet: Waitress (would’ve been Dee but then she’d have to do stuff with Dennis and that’s gross lmao)
Columbia: Dee
Magenta: Artemis
Riff Raff: Cricket
Dr Scott: Frank
Eddie: Schmitty
The criminologist: The Lawyer

We would love any suggestions on how to make this AU better! Eventually we’re gonna draw it but we need to solidify the characters first