[i would actually kill for this]

the losers club as things that ive overheard in college

richie: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a healthy breakfast in my life, look two fucking chocolate bars!”

stan: “If I had taken another a level I think I would’ve killed myself by now”

bill: “I am the leader of this god for saken shit show”

mike: “I literally have no fucking idea what I’m doing and I plan on having that mindset for a long time”

ben: “English literature can kiss my ass. I can’t stand Shakespeare anymore”

bev: “Listen, girls are the best thing that ever happened to me”

eddie: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the college toilets cleaned, there’s probably a whole gang of bacteria in there”


reddie: one boy aggressively choking another whilst they both laughed

zebraslovescupcakestoo  asked:

EHHHHH?! That golden eyes in Felix on that sketch. Is that Natural or is that a hint on his past you're trying to tease like Bendy's?

Marini: Its Felix’s natural eyes born yellow unlike Bendy’s natural eyes are born black but glow red eyes certain times when killing mood.

Felix eyes was inspired by this black cat with golden eyes i mean HOW COOL would it be if his eyes actually does sees in the dark like this? Eh? Eh? OH CMON..

Hey I just wanted to join in the fun with Silver! I did my own interpretation. I’ll do different characters tomorrow ^.^

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: Brainstorm

Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung

Looks like they could kill you, but is a cinnamon roll: Ten, Ultra Magnus, Skids

Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Cyclonus, Whirl

SINnamon roll: Getaway

This is just me having fun, Silver’s opinion is just as valid!!

In the midst of complaining about having no games to play I remembered that I hadn’t actually finished Death of the Outsider yet lmao.

So now I’m playing that. And failing wickedly at doing a no-kill run but eh, at least there’s no chaos meter this time around. Sorta just playing it without worrying about the stealth and violence too much. 

That being said, I’d love to finish the Quiet as a Mouse contract but I’m terrified of the new clockwork soldiers and would like to kill them please and those two things don’t exactly go hand in hand. 

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Hey Starscream. Before you got the Apex Armor and you were trapped between Dreadwing and Optimus who did you actually wish to win if there were one ?

I didn’t care for either of them, and would have loved to see them kill each other off. However that wasn’t going to happen, so I was rooting for Optimus. Had Dreadwing won, he’d have hauled me back to Megatron, and I would most likely have been executed, since I had nothing to trade for my safety. For all the Prime’s insufferable pontificating, he was far more reasonable than either Dreadwing or Megatron. My best chance for freedom and survival was with him, however annoying it was.

I know it’s not actually going to happen, but does anyone else wish that the villain next episode, who I believe is named Becky Sharpe, would give Iris enough bad luck that she gets hit by a bus and dies? Like, could we just have someone come along and take her out so we can be rid of this awful, selfish, poorly written character? If they wouldn’t let Savitar do it, maybe someone else can.

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It's great to find someone who prefers Black Siren as a villainous OC than a "break in case of emergency" Laurel. I mean,they're very different from each other. Yes,Laurel had quite a dark side,but she doesn't strike me as someone who would willingly work as Zoom's lieutenant,and enjoy the killings. I'm all for making her more humane,and giving her a tragic background. But her "sob story" to Oliver reminded me of Malcolm(s1 Malcolm,not that butchering Guggenfuck did). Your Errow salt rocks!

I did not even know that they actually did it by now? As I said: I quit arrow over a season ago.

Really I have no problem with turning the Siren good. I am a sucker for a good Redemption story.

But we are at a point where even the most hardcore Laurel fan just wants to let it go. You cant treat an actress, a fandom and a character like shit for 5 years and then expect to hit the History-Eraser-Button and suddenly everybody is on board with you.

What fucks me up, even more, is that all this was fixable. They want Laurel back?

Then bring back Laurel. Stop wussing out. Stop being an asshole. Grab the Legends of Tomorrow writers and plan out how to do this. Put real effort into it. Shit make it a central point of the season.

It is still baffling to me that Sara lance basically ignored the Death of her sister till she had the chance to bring her back in the Season 2 finale of Legends.

And that was the perfect moment to do it. It was a ticket to bring her back without opening the “Nobody stays dead” can of worms. It was your golden ticket to do it…And they blew it.

And now they expect the viewers to buy what? 3 other canaries and the redemption arc for the black Siren? Just so they can have Laurel back without making her the Canary? If you think about it..that’s even more insulting!

“Yeah look we get it..you want this character back but..Ok, we give her back but she won’t be the Black Canary on this earth! Because: fuck you!”

This is the exact reason I quit Arrow in the first place. It’s not only that the writing is bad, no it’s downright insulting to the audience.

Screw that.

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Lol this is just for fun but lets play Kiss, Marry, Kill and your options are Littlefinger, Ramsay Bolton, Tywin Lannister...

This is… cruel…. but I’m going to give my reasons, because I have reasons.

Kill Ramsay, because he’s a violent, unpredictable threat to the North who is actually politically stupid and not trueborn, so it wouldn’t be useful or helpful to marry him or keep him sweet. Just kill him dead. @itsbrittbrattt I know you’ll be distraught, sorrynotsorry.

Kiss Littlefinger. Yes, really. He’s very politically savvy and he pulls a lot of strings, so keeping him sweet would be kind of essential to health and wellbeing, no? He’d be a powerful ally, and feelings absolutely cloud his judgement. Ergo, I would use this to my advantage.

Marry Tywin. The Lannisters are a noble family with a ridiculous amount of influence. Tywin is pretty fucking smart, and he managed to be Hand of the King to one of the most violent Targaryens, which is a feat in itself. Lannister wealth is frankly ridiculous, and you get Casterly Rock, as well as time at court in the Red Keep, and respect from pretty much everyone. Also there’s the fact that it’s been said Tywin ruled Aerys, but Joanna ruled Tywin, so you’d have a lot of clout in terms of decision making.


#ok but like i thought people would talk about this more #how she from the second she saw prince ali thought it was aladdin even if jafar said he killed him #this movie is so clever because these three times are the moments she’s convinced it’s him #the first moment she recognizes his hair because let’s be honest, aladdin has a lot of it #the second time, the most obvious one, is when he pulls that ‘do you trust me’ line and move #and then my favorite which a lot of people don’t actually notice when watching the movie #THE DAMN APPLE MOVE HE SUBCONSCIOUSLY DOES TO BE ROMANTIC AND HER DAMN FACE WHEN SHE KNOWS IT’S HIM AND THINKS ‘I GOT YOU NOW, STREETRAT, YOU AIN’T FOOLING ME’ #honestly though bless this movie

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


The Entire SH fandom to Luke:

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

All the Weird Zoomouts

Sounds like they used a retake instead of just reusing the clip.

A replay of him picking us up from Mark’s room…

Wait, the camera noticed him this time.

I’m not that surprised because a good chunk of us noticed him the first time.

…I just now realized that Dark’s signature droning sound is in the background.  It’s just not at the frequency that it would actually annoy me.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed it until this point.

Wait who the fuck are you



(I didn’t catch him, but the Detective is off screen to the right.  Everyone’s facing him)

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Okey but i am a sucker for angst and well i was thinking what do you think would happen if lotor wouldn't "save" keith and keith actually killed himself to save the mission... What do you think shiro would do and feel? Cause i have no idea... Well i can imagine him screaming at keith not to do it to find another way but what would he do after ?

You know the really awful thing about this? At first, Shiro would be congratulating him, saying good job. Because Team Voltron had no idea what was happening on the other end, they just knew Keith was going to try and stop the ship. And it stopped. So, mission success, right? Shiro commends him for his efforts, but the cruel irony there is that, if it was actually Keith who stopped the ship, he’d be dead. Shiro would be there smiling and telling Keith how proud he was and hearing–nothing. Dead silence. 

Keith’s comms are completely down. It could be nothing, just some interference, the others reason. But Shiro tenses, and his stomach drops. Something’s not right here, he can feel it in his gut. The few seconds between when Coran’s call is received and they open up comms are the longest of his life. It’s childish and cowardly, but he doesn’t want to answer. Doesn’t want to hear the words. And even as Coran speaks, relays Keith’s world shattering decision–Shiro hardly listens. The words are there, punctuated by sharp breaths and wretched sobs, but Shiro doesn’t need to hear. He already knows what happened, can feel it in his bones.

Keith always gave back more than the universe deserved. 

The flight back to the castle is a streak of stars and warbled static. Shiro doesn’t know how long it takes. Shiro isn’t sure when they made it back. Shiro hardly remembers sitting down until Hunk is already offering him a blanket and Allura insists he eat some food. He’s glassy-eyed and numb when everyone offers their condolences, hands reflexively clenching every now and again. The light that shoots up his galra tech arm is sheer impulse, but the flare is still enough to startle. Lance walks him back to his room and tells him he should rest. 

For the longest time, Shiro wonders why he did it. How did he do it? Was he calm and composed right up until the very end? Did he scream? Did he cry? Did he break down and steel himself with some sacred oath of duty before he blasted himself to pieces? Did he ever think about how the others would feel? How he would feel? Did he ever believe his life was worth anything at all?

And you know what else is cruel? Keith didn’t even get to say his goodbyes. Not even so much as another, “It was an honor flying with you.” He was going to die without telling his team one last time how much they mean to him, without telling Shiro. He couldn’t bare to say his goodbyes, there wasn’t time, they would’ve tried to stop him–there are a number of reasons not to, so he didn’t. It’s for the best, he must’ve told himself. If he doesn’t acknowledge it, doesn’t speak the words aloud, then this can’t be real. Just close your eyes and it’ll all be over soon. It’s a thought Shiro can’t cut loose, and he lets it close around his throat with every shaky breath. 

And it isn’t until the horrible sinking sensation creeps up on him in the midst of another sleepless night, slicing right through him like a knife–that he realizes, choking back a sob that devolves into a mindless scream. “It was always meant to be yours.”

Had Keith kept piloting Black instead, he would’ve been saved. 

Just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.” “I know you are. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

He can’t bare to set foot in Black for a long time after that.