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What about Captain Swan made the ship important to you?

damn okay well thats a big question

I think the answer to that is very layered just because of how nuanced captain swan is but I think the big thing is that they just express so much hope? Like emma and killian were so beaten down and cast away for years and years, they lived unloved and unwanted and then they found a home in each other, they found someone who truly loves them for who they are, faults and all. And I think thats a really beautiful thing to witness, we see them both learning to let go of their past and move on to the future because of each other. We see Killian become who he truly is (a hero) and we see Emma become who she truly is (a strong woman who is capable of so much love and vulnerability) and they became that because of each other and its just…….. idk its a really hopeful story to me it shows that the past doesnt define you and that no matter how knocked down you can be you theres always going to be something good at the end of the road

im really not the best with words so that probably doesnt make any sense but basically captain swan is a lot of things to me but mostly hope I guess?

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I see you feel like you're having a rough patch with your art, but I wanted to say that your art on my dash always makes me happy, it's so lively and colorful and warm. Also, of course, I love love love the work you've done to redesign the Dragon Age characters' gear and armor, but I still thoroughly enjoy your work when it's DnD characters I have no relationship with, because it's just delightful art, and the thought you put in shows there too.

Aaaah, thank you! This really made my day. Really glad to hear you enjoy the non-fan art things too. It’s probably the greatest compliment you can give an artist (or one of them). 

Honestly though, it’s not so much that I dislike my own art, but more not being sure where to take it from here or what to focus on. x’D 

'Fake fans'

So I just wanted to talk about a little experience I had today.

I was walking in the halls of my school with my friend during lunch, and I noticed that the art class made these things where they pretty much drew things they liked, and hung some of them on the wall. I looking at them and saw someone wrote ‘Cry Baby’ in the blue balloons like on the album cover, and ‘Melanie Martinez’ in cursive underneath it. I was pretty pumped, because I love seeing Melanie fans do stuff like this. Next to it was the Twenty One Pilots logo. Ya know, the one that looks like this: |-/ (or something like that. Sorry, I’m not that big of a Twenty One Pilots fan.) But I noticed they spelt it ‘21 Pilots’ instead of ‘Twenty One Pilots.’ I’ve never been very big into TOP (I liked Vessel, but couldn’t really get behind Blurry Face), but I do know TOP fans make a big deal out of stuff like this a lot. So I looked at it and jokingly said 'pffft, fake fan’ and walked away.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how accurate this is. Fandoms aren’t for fans to chill with each other anymore, they’re more like a battlefield between the elitist fans and the chill fans. When something as petty as spelling the name of a band different qualifies you to be a fake fan, there’s a problem. This isn’t just in the TOP fandom, either, it happens in Melanie’s fan base as well. I could’ve called that girl a fake fan of Melanie for using Melanie’s widely considered 'mainstream’ album instead of the Dollhouse EP, and it still would’ve been an accurate representation of fandoms as a whole.

I’m tired of this 'fake fan’ bullshit. You wanna know what a fake fan is? Someone who pretends to like something despite never actually liking anything from it. For example, if I said I was a fan of The Hunger Games, but never actually read any of the books or watched any of the movies, that would qualify me to be a fake fan. But why would you even care if someone’s pretending to like something in the first place? They aren’t hurting you. Like what you like, support the artists you support, and everything will be fine.

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again:


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the ending of heathers makes me so mad because JD's last words were to Veronica and he was pretty much saying I love you and the last thing V said to him was 'goodbye'!! she didn't say it back!!! she didn't!!! say!!! it!!! back!!!

Ok so I’ve thought about this and I think the reason for that is bc like, I’m not really sure how to explain this, but I think she felt like saying she loved him would have felt like a plea to stay or something. Because she KNEW he had to die, and felt like saying I love you would have just made things harder for both of them :/


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

click for better quality~

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top five reasons why you ship kagehina??

This gonna be hella long so I apologize in advance. It seems that when it comest to Kagehina I can’t stop rambling…I just love them so fucking much

1. Because they are soulmates. Ask every single Haikyuu character about Kagehina, they would all say the same thing: they’re a match made in volleyball heaven. Their electricity, their sync, and their power is undeniable, so much that basically everyone inside and outside Karasuno openly recognize it. Oikawa even treats them as an actual couple. Or better, as Hinata himself said, partners. They are so different and yet so similar, they understand each other like no one else, they’re insanely passionate about volleyball, about improving themselves, about winning. They can canonically communicate telepathically (how extra is that), they are at the same time each other’s biggest rival and supporter. Kageyama is the partner Hinata always dreamed of, while Hinata is the sun that gave Kageyama the colors of the world back.

Originally posted by hanekawaas

By the time they reach their 3rd year I have no doubt they’ll be the greatest power couple that the world has ever seen, even beating their royal predecessors Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

2. Because they are growing together. Even if the core of their relationship probably never changed, if you look back at the start of season 1, now they’re already two completely different people. But still, as deep as it already is, they’re just in the early stage of their relationship and they have plenty of room for further development, especially when it comes to communicate with each other. Kageyama was emotionally scarred, Hinata had nothing but his physical abilities to offer. They started from the very bottom, in what was the shortest “enemies to lovers” arc ever, and never stopped discovering and learning about each other since then. The growth as technical players is crystal clear, but what they changed the most about the other is the approach to life in general.

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3. Because they naturally gravitate towards the other. The famous “As long as I’m here you’re invincible” sums the concept up really well. There’s a force that drives them to always be together, to always choose each other, a force they both don’t even understand. To his much displease, Hinata can even make Kageyama act a certain way on court just by influencing him with his aura. They are linked and committed to bring out the best of each other, of being the best setter/spiker for the other first, and just then for the team. They belong to each other and, together, they made a simple volleyball team feel like home. 

4. Because you can’t keep them apart. Their fight was as devastating for us and for the team as it was for them. It’s a breaking point in their relationship. But still, in their painful time apart, every single action was directed towards the other. Kageyama even went to Oikawa asking for advices on how to deal with Hinata (let the enormity of that sink in). During the summer training camp they worked their asses off, always keeping the other in mind…remember that Kageyama could make the-toss-that-stops work only when he started imagining Hinata spiking the ball. Not to mention the geniuses training camp, the first time they were forced to be apart against their will…It’s their mutual constant support that can make them play at the top of their game, so not having the other beside them affected them both to the point that Kageyama was unable to watch another guy play without comparing him to Hinata and honestly? what the fuck

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p.s. it’s stated in the manga that the whole team is affected when they’re not in good terms with each other. Kiyoko even said that she felt “a sense of peace and tranquillity” when they were finally reunited.

5. Because they act their age. Hinata and Kageyama are just 16, they are basically still kids. In a show where the characters are often requited to act way more mature than they are, it’s so refreshing to see them behave exactly like the young boys they are. Around Hinata, Kageyama breaks his collected form and lets out his hidden immaturity. We see them have fun together, go on their own little adventures, constantly and playfully bickering, they’re messy dorks together, they fail their tests together, they are loud, extra and completely childish together. They let each other shine bright in the perfect carefreeness of youth, and that’s beautiful.

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Thank you for your message, if you need me, you could find me sobbing in the corner. 

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RUFFLED SKIRT FOR TODDLERS - EA child to toddler conversion

Hey guys, back with another toddler CC! I’m sure everyone’s getting a little sick of looking at them by now (I’m not though:3), but I still think it’s really great that EA finally decided to release tots for us. Anyway, I had to have a skirt like this for my toddlers, because back at home, I have a niece who wears things like this, so it just didn’t make sense to not have it. And it’s freakin’ adorable, right?! 

- Edit of EA mesh 

- 14 swatches

- Known issues: If your little tots have a big tummy, your top may have some cutting issues (not all of them do, just select ones)

- Tag me with @keikosim, @keikosimlookbook, or #keikosim if you use it! Would love to see your adorable babies <3

- Made with @sims4studioofficial

- Download here!

EDIT (I forgot to write the rest of this LOL): I think I might take a break from making toddler CC and go back to making CC for adults, and maybe ever kids? I’ve never made kids CC but I think that would be interesting to try. Also, should out to @qvoix for her amazing tutorial about converting adult to toddler CAS items. Enjoy! 


I’ve been practicing making my own candles for spell work, sabbats, or general enjoyment. Starting with samples, because I’m still figuring out the right blends. 

My favorites so far are the Coffee & Hazelnut one (for mornings), Vanilla & Lavender Earl Grey (The one in the tea-cup), and the the blue and white one which I call my “Moonspell” candle, made specifically for my moon work. 
Also in this are my Samhain and Mabon candle tests, a rosemary candle and one I call “Scarborough Fair”. 

I think candle making is a lovely way to practice my craft and it’s also really fun to just create them. Researching and deciding on which things to add in based on their purpose, along with pouring your intention into them, is a good way to hone your abilities.

I plan on giving larger versions as presents for the holidays, so it is also a low-key way to gift part of your magickal work to friends and loved ones as blessings, spells, or charms. 


The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same

So the PTA Sans thing is fun but I’m interested in the cultural misunderstandings beyond “one of the moms is racist and Sans yells at her.”

Like, imagine one of the human mom brings, I dunno, really good brownies or something. Everyone’s complimenting them and someone asks what her secret is. She pshaws and says it’s just because “they’re made with LOVE.”

Sans is horrified, begins choking and spitting the brownies out and no one understands why.

To my love;
I used to look at other people in relationships and not understand how it was so easy for them to like someone and know that they were the person that they wanted to stand by and give themselves to. I never understood how their emotions just developed and they knew they loved the person, but you, you made it so easy for me. It was like right from the very beginning I knew, but I thought I was being stupid and overreacting because I liked the way you were treating me. As soon as I started to show you all the craziness of what goes on in my head and the stupid things I say and the shitty things I think about myself and you didn’t run, you didn’t say whatever, you stood by me and made sure that I knew I wasn’t fucked up and that I would stop blaming myself, that’s when I knew that you were the real deal. I have never felt any of these things towards anyone but you. I have never wanted to be next to to someone as much as I want to be close to you. I have never craved the presence of anyone as much I do you. I am so utterly in love with you that my mind can’t ever leave the thought of you. I love looking into your eyes on a different day to see what colour they are this time. I love how are hands fit perfectly together. I love seeing your eyes light up when you smile because you’re truly happy. I love the way you laugh at something really funny and then go “what was that laugh” because you thought it was ridiculous when I thought it was adorable. I love when you catch me looking at you and you have a small shy smirk pulling at your lips. I love when we finish eating dinner and you come up behind me and give me a massage. I love the way you smell. I love how even when you’re sad or upset you’re still so considerate. I love the concentrated look you have on your face when you’re playing piano and your little remarks when you mess up. I love singing with you at the piano. I love the little thing you do when you lick your lips. I love the way your eyes follow me when I’m coming towards you from across the room. I love the way you touch me; so delicate and gentle or desperate and passionate. I love the way you hold me like the way you did in church that day. I love the way our lips fit and work perfectly in sync with mine. I am so desperately in love with you I don’t know what to do with myself. You are my everything and I never want you to forget how much you mean to me, how much it would crush me if anything ever happened to you. You are my lifeline, so please don’t ever let me go. Because losing you would mean losing everything good in my life and I know I could never handle that. You have my heart and soul, baby. I love you. xx
—  (Your hopelessly in love girl)
ok so

we all know the yoosung crying emoji, right?

^ this

..and I’m preeetty sure we all know the sound it makes, yes..?


..yes you do.


now who was the one who made the messenger app with said emoji?

that’s right

this guy

now imagine seven trying to make the emoji thing for yoosung and having to stop at least like 50 times because when he tries to sync up the sound and the images he just can’t do it because he’s so gay for him and he dies a little bit inside every time he hears it

Hello ^שלום!

Hey fandom I wanna ask somthing but really..

We all know that this fandom was made for everyone out there in this big world and it’s a very bad thing to see anyone not feeling welcom on it just because of their religion or sexuality or whatever or because they fear racist people who makes them feel bad and hurt…I just want you to support and send love to @cr7jasper776power
She feels she ain’t welcome bc she is Muslim and this stuff so can you pass this on and show everyone that our jasper fandom is sooo big and free for everyone to enjoy it!
Please help by rebloging this post please support thank you :)

Few Words Of Motivation.

Okay guys, since you all seem to only be focusing on the negative aspects of 2016, I’m here to give you a long-ass post filled with positive info, and this post is made especially for Carats.

My friends, we all have at least one thing in common. What is that? Exactly. Seventeen. Have you all taken the time to actually appreciate what the boys have accomplished this year? Even if this isn’t directly related to us, it still affects us in the best way possible, or at least I hope so because I sure feel that way, since it motivates us to reach for our dreams and work hard in order to make them true, just like our boys did.

April 25th, 2016Seventeen release their very first studio album, “Love & Letter”. Up until then, they only had released two EPs, “17 Carat” and “Boys Be”. With this album, Seventeen charted at #3 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and at #5 on the Heartseekers Albums. Their title track, “Pretty U”, charted at #3 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart which, marked their highest ranking on the chart to date. “Pretty U” also had its first consecutive wins in Show Champion on May 4th, 2016 and May 11th, 2016.

July 4th, 2016 - Seventeen release their repackaged version of “Love & Letter”, simply entitled “Love & Letter Repackaged” and, with it, they release one of the most popular jams of the year: “아주 NICE”. The music video for this track has over 14 000 000 views in less than half a year which, in my opinion, is more than a big deal. “아주 NICE” was also ranked at 4th place for the award of “Best Song” on SBS PopAsia Awards.

December 5th, 2016 - Seventeen release their biggest hit-album “Going Seventeen”. On the day before, December 4th, 2016, the group released their newest hit-single and title track “Boom Boom”, which left the entire Seventeen fandom in a frenzy and captivated the attention of many others. With “Boom BoomSeventeen won three awards: 

  • December 15th, 2016 - M Countdown;
  • December 16th, 2016 - Music Bank;
  • December 21st, 2016 - Show Champion.

What else did we have this year?


  • Seventeen’s “One Fine Day” - all members;
  • The Geeks” - Vernon;
  • Duet Song Festival” - Seungkwan;
  • King of Mask Singer” - DK (ep. 60 / ep. 70);
  • Star Show 360″ - all members (ep. 5).


  • You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” - all members (ep. 327 / ep. 345);
  • Hello Counselor” - Jeonghan & Seungkwan (ep. 302).

Compilation Album:

  • 17 Hits”.

As Collaborating Artist:

  • Chocolate” (with Yoon Jong Shin);
  • These Days” (Woozi with Kanto).


  • Sickness (병) (with Pledis Girlz’ Eunwoo).


  • Check In” (Hip Hop Unit). 


  • Pretty U (예쁘다)”;
  • Love Letter (사랑쪽지)”;
  • Very Nice (아주 Nice)”;
  • Healing (힐링)”;
  • Check In”;
  • Boom Boom (붐붐)”;

So guys… even though 2016 was shitty and I cannot say otherwise, at least we have our boys, who have already accomplished so so much, and I hope this not also makes you happy and smile, but also motivates you to do better next year, to become the best person you can be, because these boys never gave up and they reached their dreams, so why should we give up? No matter how hard things are, I’m sure the upcoming year will bring us more hope and strength, and remember, my dear Carats: FIGHTING! 

Happy New Year’s, guys! May all your dreams come true. ♡


I know nobody is reading this because I have 0 followers/0 friends. But I have to say this.

Dan and Phil make me so happy. They make my heart burst. I have so much love for them and I don’t know what to do with it. It makes me upset that I live in a part of the world they’re never going to come to (Middle East)  and I’ll never be able to fly somewhere just to see them. It doesn’t matter what I’m going through because  in my heart I know there are two people in this world who have made things which will always make me smile. Buying merchandise, flipping through the pages of TABINOF for the 1000th time and re-watching all the PINOF episodes are a few of the only things that I can do when those overwhelming feels are crushing me. I hope one day, even if only for a few seconds I get to meet the ray of sunshine that is Phil Lester and the cutest giant in the world Dan Howell.  Also, the pictures would be really interesting because I’m 4′11. 

You know what I love? Marauder art and fics that include Peter. I understand the reason for people wanting to leave him out, trust me, I do. And I hate him too. BUT do you really think as the 11 year old boy he was when their little group formed he was plotting what he did to James, Lily, Siruis, and Remus, well hell the whole lot of them? Highly doubtful. 

He was just a kid who wanted to be friends with some cool dudes. They pulled him into the group, made him part of the family, and made sure he wasn’t alone. THAT is what makes his betrayal so tragic, because they trusted and loved him, and taking him out of things that happen to the Marauders at school takes a lot of that away. 

Give me fics that have Peter is them. Show me four happy teenage boys having the time of their lives and goofing off in class together, before anything happened, before when Peter would never give up his friends. SHOW ME what happened between them to make it so he would let them die, did they tease him just a little too much so he snapped and did it out of spite? Did he feel like an unimportant part of the group and then did Tom Riddle come in with his charm and make Peter feel important enough that he would turn his back on his friends? 

Every character has a backstory, that is an important part of every tale. Peter was a Marauder before it all went down hill for them all, and I get so excited when people don’t ignore that. Agian, a reminder that I hate Peter, but much in the way I feel about Snape, I can dislike him but know what an important part he plays in the whole story. You feel me?


I made these for the TC Community because I thought it’d be a fun way for us to get to know everyone’s TC and bring us closer and yeah I don’t know. So I guess just reblog and message someone numbers if you want them to do some or you could just reblog and then fill it all out yourself, whichever sounds like a better idea to you. Sorry if they’re lame.
1. What does your TC teach?
2. Does your TC have any cool talents/hobbies?
3. What kind of music is your TC into?
4. How old is your TC? Do you know their birthday?
5. Do you know your TC’s middle name? If you feel comfortable sharing it, what is it?
6. What is the most physically attractive thing about your TC?
7. What is the most attractive thing about your TC personality-wise?
8. What does your TC look like?
9. What does your TC sound like?
10. What is your TC’s relationship status? Any kids?
11. Does your TC have any side jobs or previous jobs that you know about?
12. What is your favorite outfit that your TC wears?
13. What is your favorite moment you’ve had so far with your TC?
14. What is the most random thing you know about your TC?
15. What are your TC’s favorites that you know of? (color, band, drink, book, movie, etc.)
16. Does your TC have any habits you’ve noticed or phrases they say all the time?
17. If you and your TC were alone in their classroom after school and wouldn’t get in trouble for anything, what would you do?
18. What is something you’re dying to tell your TC, but haven’t been able to or are afraid to?
19. Are you able to tell when your TC is having a bad or stressful day?
20. If you could dress your TC in anything you wanted, what would you choose?
21. How close are you to your TC?
22. Do you ever dream about your TC?
23. If given the opportunity, would you date your TC even if it had to be done secretly?
24. Do you think your TC has any romantic feelings for you?
25. Is there anything you regret telling your TC?
26. Do you have a nickname that you use for your TC when talking about them on here? What’s the meaning behind it?