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Couldn’t sleep last night.

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Can you do more of your Voltron "soda au" I know you said it as a joke but god damn that sounds interesting

ahaha sure thing

so we got coca cola zero for shero and fanta fruit punch for allura ^^

these 2 were all I had time for now but they were fun :D

Witchy Rick in a dress for your Halloween needs

German music recommendations #1

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Jennifer Rostock - Wir sind alle nicht von hier
Frida Gold - Liebe ist meine Rebellion
Kraftklub - Dein Lied
Casper - Im Ascheregen
Alexa Feser - Medizin
Mark Forster - Sowieso
Maxine Kazis - Dreck
Jennifer Rostock - Tauben aus Porzellan
Juli - Wir beide
Christina Stürmer - Millionen Lichter


everyday Namjoon bf texts 💘

requests are open 🐋


Clones who showed early initiative and leadership abilities were singled out for enhanced programming and officer training.

On other hand, clones who proved deficient or had undesirable mutations were reconditioned - a term that included everything from genetic therapy to termination (After the Jedi took a more active role overseeing clone trooper training, terminations were largely halted, with deficient clones shunted into support roles).

(source: Essential Guide to Warfare)

Probably gonna be scarce this week since my work has blocked tumblr on their VPN again but also (and slightly more important) because the project that I’ve been working on for the last four months, the project that has extremely high stakes for me both in the eyes of my management and business partners, is going live this weekend.

So I am, naturally, a bit of a hot mess right now. All well-wishes and positive vibes are extremely appreciated.


“I won’t hold back. I’ll give everything. I’ll pay homage by dancing”.

09:08   happy super belated birthday @09kageyama