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He panicked.

Dex said it first, and Nursey panicked.

He never thought Dex would be the one to confess his feelings first.

Which might be why, when Dex says “I love you Derek”, Nursey responds:


Dex’s jaw dropped, and he blinked at Nursey. Once. Twice. Thrice. Before he closed his mouth, and shook his head at Nursey.

“What?” Dex finally managed. They’re quiet for a moment before Nursey realizes Dex is expecting an answer.

“Um…I meant to say I love you too.” Nursey explained sheepishly.


“100% babe. I really love you.”. Nursey said and Dex smiled.

“But instead of telling me that, you said ”#relatable"?“ Dex said with a laugh.

"Uhm…”. Nursey tried, but it was useless. He couldn’t explain why he’d said that.

Dex smiled, and Nursey realized he was going to be chirped for this forever.

And he didn’t even mind.


Favorite Cow Chop Videos: Ice Cream Brownie Disaster

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ok but lena loves animals so much because they're always there with unconditional love for her, which is something that she's literally never had before. so like when her and kara adopt their first dog together, she honest to god treats him like he's her biological son and it's absolutely ridiculous and adorable.

oh my god?? dude lena is 100% the type of person to buy sweaters and tiny little boots for their puppy. and when kara’s like “lena, you know dogs… don’t need sweaters right?” lena just stares at her. “of course i know they don’t need them. but what if they want them, kara? can’t a dog wear a sweater without judgment?”

(lena comes home with a dog-sized supergirl outfit one day. “it’ll remind me of you when you can’t be here,” lena says. kara decides she likes the doggy clothes)

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Haunted Love-Part 2

Part 1

Word Count: 4,006

A year as passed, and Riley finds herself back in New York. This was her home. She is on her way back home after a very long day. She was happy about getting an opportunity about working with one of the best publishers in New York, and she had her mom to thank tremendously about giving her this chance, but her boss was a real piece of work. But Riley knew that this was only going to open more doors for her.

She lets out a reliving sigh when she steps onto the subway and sees an empty seat. She hurriedly walks over before someone was able to take it because soon the subway cart was filling in with people. Stop after stop, Riley sees people come and go. Some people take the seats that become available, while others grabbed onto the bars to keep them from flying back.

When the subway gets to the stop before hers, she watches a young girl walk into the subway cart alone; she looks about thirteen or fourteen years, and what Riley also notices, is that a young boy around the same age notices her as well. Riley watches his lips gape open, and his eyes widen as he stares at the young girl, and Riley silently chuckles to herself.

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Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

panicked and withdrew

 here’s a little taste of what’s to be                                                                          no inhibitions, no turning signals, just fireworks                                                      and soccer balls hitting unsuspecting cheeks                                                          no clever words, no calvin klein underwear                                                            just thrift shop goods and suppers microwaved                                                      at 2 am in sad pink bunny slippers

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