aries: loud, convulsive, uncontrollable. they can howl. very contagious 

taurus  ~ witch’s cackle, high pitched 
gemini - catchy, mischevious pixie giggle 

cancer ~ laughing til crying, wheezer, baby cry laugh sometimes embarrassment  
Leo ~ Lion’s Roar, a gaffaw, hands flailing wildly, thighs are slapped, the heart rate increases 
virgo ~ covering their mouths, bursts out, shrill high pitch 

Libra ~ beautiful laugh, melodic, can be an embarrassed giggle. good at the fake laugh 
scorpio - a snicker, good control of facial muscles, but they can find the absolute hilarious in things

sagittarius - belly laugh, a contagious carry on, the eyes widen and smile too
Capricorn ~ a big belly roar, the body is convulsive, the more they try to suppress it the louder and more uncontrollable it becomes. loud, repetitious, like a split personality 

Aquarius - impulsive bursts of laughter, a bit of a cacophony. the sarcastic laugh, ‘ha’. clever enough to master it 

Pisces - a big build up, contagious, begins with a grin and becomes uncontainable, often toward tears. its a stoner laugh, whats so funny, only pisces sees the joke



  • LMAO cas sniffing the waitress 
  • THE EDITING AND DIRECTING OF THIS EP IS SUPERB like i know it’s an ep directed by rich so i’m just the tiniest bit biased but the way it’s done makes me think of the old school gabe eps 
  • all this archangel imagery…..i want mary to meet them……MICHAEL IS STILL IN THE DAMN CAGE…. 
  • oh no. oh. dean and cas D: 
  • finally some juicy myth arc stuff hoooo buddy oh yessss 
  • THE LANCE!!! OF!!!! MICHAEL!!!! 
  • new demonic royalty oh shiiiiiiit!!!!! he’s just like. chill 
  • [shrill, high-pitched whining noises] 
  • omg i bet misha hated having that black crap in his mouth 
  • dean looking cas deep in the eyes and saying “let’s go home” because WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE TOLD ALL OF THEM THEY WERE ALL LOVED 


the signs as summer love quotes
  • aries: "Komaeda, you fucking moron!" A shrill, high-pitched sound came from the celadon bushes and pierced the peaceful morning.
  • taurus: It had been a few hours. Izayoi had been waiting for his mistress, imprisoned to the tree.
  • gemini: Komaeda chuckled. "Ah...you're a kinkshamer?"
  • cancer: "DADDYYY!!!" A crying Hinata-chan ran up to him. "THAT MWEANIE BWOKE IN AND TWIED TO KIWW ME! I WAS SO SCAWED!"
  • leo: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and several yakuza entered, guns pointed. "Knock them out."
  • virgo: Komaeda slowly lowered himself onto Peko Pekoyama, using her soft breasts as a pillow.
  • libra: Komaeda had sent the video to Kuzuryuu. He had assumed it worked, because Yukizome-sama was so angry that she shoved him in a closet and beat him up.
  • scorpio: WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MONAKA?!" Nagisa Shingetsu stormed over to Komaeda, a furious flame alight in his cerulean watches. "You disgusting kinky piece of garbage," He snarled snobbily, "How dare a pathetic adult like you hurt Princess Monaka!"
  • sagittarius: Of course Izuru wasn't a kinkshamer, he was gorgeous and ethereal. Kinkshamers looked like Monaka, disgusting demons made of hatred and despair.
  • capricorn: She whispered in a deadly quiet voice. "Now, since you're already naked, go stand on your desk and don't move." Yukizome-sama pulled out a deadly sharp knife. "...Or i'll stab you to death."
  • aquarius: "M-mistress, let's n-not be rude!" A girl with long violent hair attached to the rude woman's leash wearing a skimpy bikini squeaked nervously. (Let it be known they were at Build-A-Bear)
  • pisces: "Are you the Super High School Level Sex, Kamukura-kun?"

Gemini Rising Appearance

The body is usually thin, with a short trunk and long limbs. Some may even appear frail. The head is long, narrow between the ears; but above the shape is slightly bulging on both sides. The hair tends to lighter shades in color and is usually fine in texture. The skin may be very thin, so thin that the veins may show from underneath. The complexion tends to the lighter shades.The voice typically is light, sometimes high-pitched, even shrill if you become excited; it is very adaptable, however.

These lovely Gemini risings: x x x x x x x


An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: ‘Fire alarm goes off at 3 AM and you’re standing across from me in your underwear’

Word Count: 3,362

Early mornings are something you dread.  It’s not just the blinding light from the morning sun peeking through the curtains, or the birds singing well before daybreak; it’s waking abruptly and not on your own terms in those instances.  You groan when you’re pulled from your soothing slumber with a high-pitched shrill.  

It’s just after three when the alarm sounds and you stir under the bedsheets.  In the vivid dream you’re laced in, it’s hard to pinpoint whether the sound is real, but regardless of being uncertain, you peel open your eyes in a squint at the harsh noise.  

Alongside the muffled yet piercing tone there’s a monotone voice and you peel back the blankets, springing to your feet once you make out the warning over the blaring alarm.

“Fire,” it states and though half asleep, you reach for your cell phone and head for the door.

Your bare feet pad down the short hall, the wood cool beneath your soles.  With heightened senses you breathe in, finding no evidence of a fire within the apartment.  You flick on a light in the kitchen, your brow pulling in and eyes shrinking to slits before you tap the metal door handle at the main entrance, checking for any sign of heat.  

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virgo’s  nervous system is highly tuned, so they have a tendency, after a startling event to let out a shrill, high-pitched scream. there can he
a spider or some bug, and you’ll hear the shriek of a virgo.. it can be quite surprising 

Rejuvenating Berries

Dear @catofcream, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I hope I got the date right this time around). And I can’t draw, but I did try to write something, so have 3.6k of Bagginshield fluff and humor with a dash of angst:

After eating “rejuvenating berries” (a gift from the east) Thorin and Bilbo wake up as children. They don’t remember getting to Erebor, or each other.

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While we’re on the subject of Human Bills, this is probably a good opportunity to talk about the design I’ve personally always been the most fond of and why - @genalovestoons Bill! Keep in mind, this just my personal opinion based on what I’ve learned about character design in school and what I feel fits Bill’s character the best. There’s LOTS of good Human Bills out there and ways to re-design Bill as a human in a way that’s fitting! But these are the reasons I consider this particular one pretty close to perfect.

1. SHAPE LANGUAGE: HOT DAMN LOOK AT ALL THEM TRIANGLES! Obviously triangle is the most effective shape language for Bill not only because he is literally a triangle, but the shape indicates “sharpness” and Bill is a very “sharp” character; intimidating, powerful, intelligent, mysterious, ominous.. even his voice has something of a sharpness and angularity to it, mainly by being rather high pitched and shrill.

2. DECONSTRUCTIVE BODY TYPE: A lot of popular Bill designs are conventionally attractive men, but “tall and thin” and “pretty” aren’t mutually exclusive, and this designs plays with that. Here he’s thin, but in the lanky, zero muscle, noodley-limbed sense. Dude’s probably not even 100 pounds. His tallness emphasizes how much of a stick he is, and also keeps him from looking too young. Speaking of age, despite being older than the Milky Way galaxy, Bill isn’t exactly mature. Really he’s kind of a manchild, so placing him at 20something young adult feels about right.

3. ODD FEATURES: Between the tacky haircut, the missing eye, the giant eyelashes and the huge triangle nose, he’d probably look rather weird if he was rendered realistically. 

4. STAN PINES (AND ALEX HIRSCH) PARALLELS: There’s been a lot of connections between Stan and Bill in the series (”Eeenie, meenie, minie…. You!”), so the eye patch and the similar suit are a great way to continue that. There’s also the slight resemblance to Alex Hirsch, who voices him, and as the creator of the show has knowledge about the entire universe of Gravity Falls, just like Bill! Out of all the characters on the show, Alex is also probably closest in personality to Bill, since they’re both goofy trolls with offbeat senses of humor.

5. EGYPTIAN: Not only are white Bills super boring, they don’t make much sense! Considering his connection to the pyramids, it seems like a no-brainer to make him Egyptian. Now of course Egyptians don’t have one particular skin color, so his brownish-tan skin tone is mainly to indicate he’s clearly not white. It also works well as far as color theory to complement his yellow suit, making his overall color scheme very desert-like.


The admin wanted revenge. She had been hiding inside the vent, watching through the grate.   

It was now that she decided to put her plan into action.

Taali aimed her revolver at the dove, smirking as she saw it between the crosshairs.  Her hands were shaky, but she took a chance and pulled the trigger. The gunshot was unbelievably loud, and the blast caused the grate to fall and crash to the floor. The sudden sound was followed by a shrill, high-pitched laugh as the bird fell to the ground in a cloud of white feathers.

She was now completely visible, but she didn’t seem to care. At least, not yet.


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Dane Cypel recommends

Rick & Morty #1

Rick & Morty is a coming-of-age tale of a boy and his grandfather. This quick, heartwarming synopsis may sound wholesome but this series is SO much more. Coming from its Adult Swim cartoon roots, Rick & Morty #1 launches as an Oni Press published comic.

The brainchild of Community creator Dan Harmon and collaborator Justin Roiland, Rick & Morty is best understood as a skewed alternate dimension version of Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future. In this printed iteration, Zac Gorman (magicalgametime​) takes the authoring duty and attempts to meld the characters from the show with those on the page. Morty’s high pitched shrill of a voice along with Rick’s guttural belches can be imagined with Gorman’s dialogue. In this case, the book channels the show perfectly, making the transition to comics that much more appealing.

CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill bring the look and feel of the cartoon with near-perfect accuracy. The panels appear as if they were screenshots of the show. Often licensed material lacks in the art department- where characters look somewhat off and awkward- but that is not the case here. Cannon and Hill do an excellent job in, again, channeling the cartoon while also bringing something unique to the book.

Curiosity attracted me to Rick & Morty, for the sole fact that Rick was an alcoholic and sociopathic Doc Brown- and though my tastes are somewhat different than the norm, the fantastic stories and strange worlds kept me interested and wanting more. This is a comic for anyone with a quirky sense of humor, who loves well-written cartoons, or wants a ridiculous story. The only thing missing are the commercials.

[Read Rick & Morty #1 on comiXology*]

Dane Cypel is a digital editor at comiXology and freelance illustrator based in Manhattan.

*Not available in all countries.


Ugly Words

Cacophony: confused noise
Cataclysm: flood, catastrophe, upheaval
Chafe: irritate, abrade
Coarse: common, crude, rough, harsh
Cynical: distrustful, self-interested
Decrepit: worn-out, run-down
Disgust: aversion, distaste
Grimace: expression of disgust or pain
Grotesque: distorted, bizarre
Harangue: rant
Hirsute: hairy
Hoarse: harsh, grating
Leech: parasite,
Maladroit: clumsy
Mediocre: ordinary, of low quality
Obstreperous: noisy, unruly
Rancid: offensive, smelly
Repugnant: distasteful
Repulsive: disgusting
Shriek: sharp, screeching sound
Shrill: high-pitched sound
Shun: avoid, ostracize
Slaughter: butcher, carnage
Unctuous: smug, ingratiating
Visceral: crude, anatomically graphic

@chaosreaper74 @kijilinn @markiplier-imagines

One of the most terrifying things that you can encounter at the dog park is a giant 7ft tall Great Dane puppy leaping and bounding towards you with its mouth gaping wide open and tongue flapping sideways. You fight every urge to run the other way screaming in terror, so you brace yourself for impact (and the possible assault of slobbery wet kisses)… Until your low-riding Corgi comes careening out of nowhere with his shrill, high pitched bark, scaring the giant puppy off, and saving your life.

Imp = 1
Mountain = 0