• LMAO cas sniffing the waitress 
  • THE EDITING AND DIRECTING OF THIS EP IS SUPERB like i know it’s an ep directed by rich so i’m just the tiniest bit biased but the way it’s done makes me think of the old school gabe eps 
  • all this archangel imagery…..i want mary to meet them……MICHAEL IS STILL IN THE DAMN CAGE…. 
  • oh no. oh. dean and cas D: 
  • finally some juicy myth arc stuff hoooo buddy oh yessss 
  • THE LANCE!!! OF!!!! MICHAEL!!!! 
  • new demonic royalty oh shiiiiiiit!!!!! he’s just like. chill 
  • [shrill, high-pitched whining noises] 
  • omg i bet misha hated having that black crap in his mouth 
  • dean looking cas deep in the eyes and saying “let’s go home” because WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE TOLD ALL OF THEM THEY WERE ALL LOVED 


Saudade (5)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2.1k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence

Russian words are in italics



Originally posted by snowtrooper

She’s always so damn cold.

Her memories were fading rapidly now. She couldn’t recall the last time she saw Bucky. Time was irrelevant now. She felt immune to the pain now. Yeah, it hurt still, but it wasn’t like it was before.

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aries: loud, convulsive, uncontrollable. they can howl. very contagious 

taurus  ~ witch’s cackle, high pitched 
gemini - catchy, mischevious pixie giggle 

cancer ~ laughing til crying, wheezer, baby cry laugh sometimes embarrassment  
Leo ~ Lion’s Roar, a gaffaw, hands flailing wildly, thighs are slapped, the heart rate increases 
virgo ~ covering their mouths, bursts out, shrill high pitch 

Libra ~ beautiful laugh, melodic, can be an embarrassed giggle. good at the fake laugh 
scorpio - a snicker, good control of facial muscles, but they can find the absolute hilarious in things

sagittarius - belly laugh, a contagious carry on, the eyes widen and smile too
Capricorn ~ a big belly roar, the body is convulsive, the more they try to suppress it the louder and more uncontrollable it becomes. loud, repetitious, like a split personality 

Aquarius - impulsive bursts of laughter, a bit of a cacophony. the sarcastic laugh, ‘ha’. clever enough to master it 

Pisces - a big build up, contagious, begins with a grin and becomes uncontainable, often toward tears. its a stoner laugh, whats so funny, only pisces sees the joke


Okay but, TaeGi angst Au where Yoongi is in love with Taehyung but has been cursed as a child to burn everything he touches.

They meet as children when Yoongi is seven and Taehyung five. A sudden outbreak in Korea had occurred exposing all types of mythical creatures and hybrids to the human world. Until then those creatures and families had lived hidden away, of course, with the exposure it forces most of them to move into special nonhuman communities only. Taehyung’s family of witches just happen to move next door to Yoongi’s vampire family.

The day they first see each other they instantly hit it off.

The little boy with messy brown hair and wide eyes literally beams as he sees Yoongi the moment the boy arrives with his parents to introduce themselves. It’s literally so cute the way Taehyung just lights up as he takes in Yoongi’s pale almost translucent skin and baby fangs that peak out when he smiles.

“Mama he’s so pretty!” Little Taehyung hastily yanks on his mother’s skirt from beside her leg and both she and Yoongi’s mother giggle.

“He sure is Taehyunggie.” The little boy’s mother lowers to be eye to eye with her son. “Why don’t you say hello?”

Taehyung nods.

“Hello my name is Kim Taehyung!”  The boy grins wider.

“I-I’m Yoongi.” The elder whispers. “You have really pretty eyes.”

Taehyung gasps, back in his old town he’d constantly be made fun of for his one brown and one golden eyes, he can’t help but blush as Yoongi suddenly hides behind his own mother’s pant leg.

“T-Thank you.”

Taehyung and Yoongi’s mother share a knowing look.

From that day on Taehyung and Yoongi literally become best friends. Both sets of parents will laugh as they wake up in the morning for breakfast or set up for dinner at night and either Taehyung or Yoongi will be at each other’s houses laughing and playing. They become attached at the hip always by each other’s sides and even sneaking out to meet at their connected fences in their backyard to see each other before bedtime.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows until the first time the boys have an accident.

Usually, Yoongi wears black gloves on his hands to protect anyone from getting burned.  This day though, curiosity gets the better of them.

“Hey Hyung,” Taehyung touches Yoongi’s gloves. “Why do you never take these off?”

Yoongi frowns.

“I don’t know, momma just told me I’m supposed to always wear them.”

“Oh! How about you take them off then?” Taehyung looks over Yoongi’s shoulder into the kitchen where their parents are talking to make sure no one is watching them. “Let’s see what happens?”

Yoongi hesitantly nods and slowly starts to pull the black cloth off.  Honestly, the little boy is afraid. He remembers when one time he forgot to put them on and his mom had yelled at him with panic in her voice, he really didn’t want to get yelled at again, he also wanted to make Taehyung happy.

The boy’s hold their breath as Yoongi pulls the gloves on and Taehyung even shuts one eye as Yoongi’s pale fingers become exposed.

Nothing happens.

The boys release their breath and Taehyung giggles.

“See Hyung you’re okay!”

Taehyung reaches out to hold onto Yoongi’s hands and that’s when it happens.

“So how are you liking the neighborh-”

Yoongi’s mother is cut off by Taehyung’s  shrill high pitch scream of pain piercing the entire house.  

All four parents eyes widen and without thinking Taehyung’s mother dashes out to the living room where the boys had been playing and where now the cries are coming from. Yoongi’s mother heart slams against her chest in panic as she follows.

Taehyung lays on the floor, still screaming in pain, as Yoongi stares silently with wide eyes and his little body shaking. The eldest boy’s mother instantly knows what happen when she takes a look at her son’s exposed fingers and the deep pus-filled burns on the Taehyung’s tiny hands.

Yoongi turns to look at his mother and her heart breaks at the horror in the boy’s eyes.

“I-I’m sorry i-”

Yoongi runs out of the house.

anonymous asked:

"Mom wants you to come home, Juggie." Jellybean says, voice high pitched and shrill. "I'm fine on my own, Jellybean." Jughead replies, not making eye contact with his sister. "Jughead, the Tipton isn't the same without you." Jellybean whispers, voice breaking. "The what."



Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Hi can I request a Draco x Metamorphmagus!reader? She’s in slytherin and Draco likes to tease her because every time she sees him her hair turns a deep red and he doesn’t know what it means so he tease her. And he continues to do that until he sees her hair start to turn blue. Deep red means she likes him and blue means that she’s sad. Draco finds out through hermione because she’s couldn’t see her friends feeling get hurt by him anymore. So angst and fluff I hope u don’t mind!!

Originally posted by nellaey

Draco watches the room through lidded eyes, surveying the on goings of his peers. He vaguely registers that Pansy is prattling away about something next to him but he can’t find it in him to care. He’s searching for someone specific – someone wonderful. Honestly, the only person in the school that he truly cares about. 

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the beginning ♡

member: vernon / hansol

genre: fluff

this wasn’t originally planned for vernon’s birthday it was just sitting around in my drafts but since it was feb 18 yesterday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Oh Baby!  Raven's a Baby!

Mumbo let out another another annoying cackle as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop while his enemies the, Teen Titans, give chase. Robin, Cyborg, and Drake Daniels followed on foot, while Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, in the form of a hawk, followed from the sky. They had been chasing the washed up magician for the last three blocks and already they had dealt with dancing gloves, razor sharp playing cards, and being tangled in silk scarves, now they just wanted it to be over. None more then the Dragon Knight, Drake Daniels.

“I will let this guy get away with all the money he stole for him to never utter another magic related pun for the rest of his life.” he grumbled.

“That’s not how this works.” the familiar monotone of the half-demon reminded him. Drake rolled his eyes leaping onto another rooftop. With a twang, Robin shot his grappling hook at the escaping villains feet. As he had hoped, the shot tripped the villain up, but a good magician always has a few tricks left up his sleeve. He spun around as he fell so that he was on his back and removed a wand from his sleeve. He took aim at the Boy Wonder and uttered his magical phrase.

“MUMBO JUMBO!” A stream of white light shot from his wand heading right for the chest of the team leader. Robin, who was always thankful for his training with the Batman, nimbly leapt out of the way just seconds before the light hit him in the chest. The same however couldn’t be said for those behind him as the light was now coming straight for Hawk Beast Boy.

Without thinking, Raven dove for the changeling and pushed the green hawk out of the line of fire only to be hit directly by the light herself.

Beast Boy fell to the ground in his human form and got to his feet. “RAVEN!” The sorceress was engulfed in light and was falling down into the allyway below.

“I got ‘er!” Shouted Drake. He leapt into the air and caught the girl, but the magic that was now enveloping her began to wash over him now sending them both hurtling to the ground below. Beast Boy got to his feet and sprinted to the roofs edge to look for his friends.

“Beast Boy! Mumbo’s getting away!” Robin yelled back to the changeling.

“I’m not leaving withou-” Beast Boy made it to the edge and looking over, he saw his friends wrapped around a white light.

“We’re alright Beast Boy keep going!” Drake shouted from below. Beast Boy hesitantly turned back around and ran off with the rest of his team after the magician.


After another ten mintues of the chase, they lost Mumbo. Each of the four remaining Titans took different corners of the roof they landed on looking around for the villain while trying to catch their breath.

“Beast Boy can you see him?” Robin asked.

Even with the eyes of an Eagle we wasn’t able to see Mumbo. He shook his head along with Starfire, whose alien vision wasn’t able to find him either. A quick scan from Cyborg’s equipment also revealed no evidence of the blue faced magician.

“Damn it!” Robin shouted pounding his fists together.

“Hey where’s Raven and Drake?” Cyborg asked. He and Starfire looked around not realizing they were two member’s short. Beast Boy snapped to attention realizing they had left them behind.

Robin took out his communicater dialing Raven. “Robin to Raven, where are you?” There was silence on the other side for a moment. Then the audio came on, but not the video feed.

“Robin?” it was a deeper voice but one they at least knew.

“Drake? Are you in Dragon form?” Robin asked, the rest of his team was over his shoulder listening to the conversation.

“Yeah, I’m headed back to the tower. I’ve got an earbud in my ear-”

“Where’s Raven?” Beast Boy asked.

“Awe, worried about your girlfriend?” Cyborg asked making kissing noises.

Beast Boy snarled at him. “She’s not my girlfriend! I’m just…concerened…”

“Yes I to am worried for friend Raven.” Starfire whimpered.

“Raven is fine,” DragonDrake said over the comm, “…I think…”

“You think?!” the team shouted in unison.

“What happened?!” Robin asked, panic clear in his voice.

“Uh…this you’ll just have to see to believe. I’ll see ya at the tower.” The communication cut leaving the Titans concerned, and confused. Starfire grabbed Robin while Beast Boy changed into a Pteronadon and grabbed Cyborg in his talons. They flew off towards the tower, fear heavy in their chests.

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A Very Bad Idea (M) // Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader (ft. the other members of GOT7)

Genre: Smut, Comedy

Summary; As you and Youngjae are about to get a little heated together, the rest of GOT7 walk in on you both.

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The Fire That Won’t Go Out

The first fires started on Monday and by Saturday we were all evacuated from our homes, told to grab only essentials. And although it was never directly said to us, it’s implied we’re never going back. I’m writing this from my parent’s house in Michigan, far away from the hellscape that was once my home.

My boyfriend Ike, a volunteer firefighter, got called about the first house fire. Typically he doesn’t get called on for this sort of thing but apparently it was a rager. So with a kiss to my cheek and a cheeky reminder to let the cat in tonight, he took off. Meanwhile I settled in for a day off of work, I don’t get them often enough and I wanted to relax.

About noon Ike called me. I was dancing around my room to the Hamilton soundtrack while eating Pringles when the phone went off. I turned off the music and answered.

“Hey babe.”

“You won’t believe this- it’s the McGowan house.”

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By request, I wrote this drabble one-shot for @tooruliciouss based on her Levi angst art (art will appear at the bottom of this post or you can see it here).

Ereri + Levi angst, more Levi angst than Ereri because this is actually only the first half of what I had planned but it’s already gotten too long and since I can’t write much atm I decided to leave it at this lol. 

(Warning: Implied/Mentioned major character death)

The second Levi gained his consciousness, enough to somehow reflect the situation he was in momentarily, all he wanted was to get away from that void blackness that surrounded him.


In the far distance his ears caught a shrill, high-pitched sound, though he couldn’t make out what kind of tone its source was.


Slowly and with meticulous caution did he part his eyes open. Eyes that felt like they had been victims to blackness for eternity and even beyond and they were dry and raw and reddened when he first opened them. What had been pitch-black before was pure white now, the ceiling of some room—the room he was in right now.


There that sound was again, so it hadn’t been some product of Levi’s consciousness that existed in his mind only.  

With time moving on, Levi gradually regained his senses and ability to comprehend and judge, however he cursed inwardly when a shot of pain stung in his body. Located close to the inner middle of his front upper body, he sensed some kind of twisting and squeezing as if someone had forcefully rammed their hand into his chest, piercing through skin and flesh, to grab his organ and tear it apart brutally.

Levi’s eyes squinted as the ache cut off his breath, which was already a problem in itself, and although barely a minute had passed where Levi had woken up from whatever sleep or unconsciousness he had had, and his brain was already making up possibilities of what was going on here. The reason why he had been asleep and why his chest hurt.

A few days ago he had… But it couldn’t be it, could it? They said everything was alright!

“Levi.” A warm, incredibly relieved voice called his name out, and Levi recognized that soft voice right immediately. Oh god, how much did I worry him. Actually I don’t want to know. Levi thought before he tilted his head to the side, where his name had been called from.

To sight came a pretty face, eyes flustered and puffy, cheeks flushed, lips pale and there seemed to be streaks of dried tears painting Eren’s skin.

Levi blinked slowly as he drinked in the sight of his boyfriend who was right there beside him. He didn’t need to see anyone else right now. If Eren was here, every problem in the world would vanish; or at least be ignored and supressed and forgotten.

“How long have you been crying while I was asleep?” Levi’s exhaled breath didn’t reach far, hitting against something transparent. He was wearing a breathing mask. Even earlier he had figured out that he must have been in the hospital, not only because of his laying position but he had also noticed the unfamiliarity of this room which eliminated the possibility of being in his own one.

And then Levi became anxious. He shouldn’t be laying in a hospital bed and he shouldn’t be feeling any pain? The last thing he remembered was a visit to the hospital, yeah, but not one that should have resulted in this. He had come for something else, he had been ushered to this place by his doctor who told him there was something urgent to be let him known, but all the while Levi hadn’t given it too much thought as he had headed to the hospital.

So now here he was. Restricted in terms of movement and with an aching chest.

His inner turmoil was cut off by Eren’s chuckling sniffle. Levi’s eyes swept to him again, jaded, and he blinked once at a faintly laughing Eren.

Eren scooted his sleeve over his cheeks, erasing any trace that was left of him having cried. He sniffed once. “I’m sorry. But I was so worried when I got a call from the hospital, informing me that you had suffered from breathing trouble. They had called it… dyspnoea, or whatever i twas called again.”

A breathing attack?

Levi had… No, this couldn’t be. It couldn’t be.

“When I had arrived here they hadn’t given me more information, though. They wouldn’t because I was “just” your boyfriend. Levi, please tell me what’s wrong? Is it… Is it about your donor lung? I thought, um, you said everything is fine. Is something wrong with your lung?!” By the time Eren had finished his facial features had undergone wary, pain, anxiety, shock, and horror. He wasn’t dumb, so he knew that there would be only one thing that could be a reason to Levi’s prior attack.

One of Levi’s lungs had been replaced by an organ donation. A consequence of excessive chain smoking starting from teenager age. When Eren and Levi met and became a couple afterwards Eren had tried to convince him to stop smoking since Levi’s habit could be considered a fatal disadvantage. But it was already too late for that, Levi’s right lung gave up before any of them could do anything anymore. Months were spent in sorrow and pain and ruthless agony, Levi’s countless hospital visits resulted in a long-term stay. His doctor’s prognosis was the one of having only a little chance to actually find a lung that would fit Levi’s. The couple had been forced living weeks with uncertainty and Eren had never shed as many tears as during that time. Finally, a donor appeared to really exist, however, the transplantation brought risks along. Despite of possible difficulties that could happen, Levi agreed on a transplantation because he had nothing to lose anyway. Levi could die from this and he knew; and it had cost him days to make clear to Eren that he might die. Eren of course had been totally overthrown and overwhelmed. For the longest time he had lived in denial and after abundant talks between them, where Levi begged of him to not give up and live on in life if he were to not make it out alive. Eren had mostly stared at him with blank eyes and a blank face, nodding ghostly when all the while he had told himself that if Levi were to die, he’d die with him. Whatever it had been, a sign from Heaven, a miracle, or the blessing knowledge and talent of the doctor’s medical skills, in the end Levi had survived everything. His body (and mostly his other lung) accepted the donor lung and so Levi was able to flee from an early death. It may be that he had to follow regular appointments on check-ups but that was the least he should deal with by all means, so he didn’t mind. His last check-up was only a few days away (depending on how many days he’d been unconscious) and even then there didn’t appear any problems.

Then why was he here…

“No, there can’t be something wrong with my lung.” Levi eventually breathed out weakly, cracking up a smile that he himself found more than unsuitable right now.

There was nothing to smile as he was lying to Eren.

Because there must be something with his lung, but what—he didn’t know.

“Are you sure? You had breathing troubles and went unconscious due to it!” Eren cried a whine, leaning forward as his hands took hold of Levi’s arm. Eyes shining out wetness, lips quivering as if he was going to start crying again anytime soon, he whispered, “Be honest with me.”

“I am honest with you. I’m sure this was an exception because of the foreign lung I have in me for the rest of my life. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.” Levi cursed himself for saying these things straight to Eren’s face.

Of course something dangerously serious must have been up with his lungs—Levi knew. All he had to do was breath deeply once and feel the burning pain crawl up his throat.

“You almost died.” Eren’s monotonous tone sounded off in the tranquil room.

“Did the doctor say that?”


“Then you can’t know.”

“But yo—”

“Eren, please. Calm down. I will talk to him now. Can you tell a nurse that I’m awake? The doctor shall confirm what I have told you just now. It’s not so bad. Don’t stress yourself over it, okay?” One of Levi’s pale - almost white! - hands rose to Eren’s face to stroke it. Levi hadn’t got back yet the perfect coordination for any kind of movements with his limbs so it might be that his supposed soothing stroking is actually rough.

Even if, Eren wasn’t bothered by it. He still trailed in a state of doubt and worries.

“Okay, I’ll call the doctor.” And with that, replying strangely passive, Eren left the room.


When the doctor finally came in – without Eren, he had to wait outside – Levi glanced at him with bitter malice in his eyes. Deadly grey that swirled in his orbs spiked invisble spears through the docor’s skull. However, the latter seemed very much unimpressed by it. He kept his professional composure, standing confidently in front of Levi.

He shifted his clipboard in his hand. “I see you’re awake, Mr Ackerman—”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Levi growled, a perilous wave of wrath dipping the air around them, coming from Levi’s voice. He breathed in deeply once, and it stung; though Levi didn’t care. His frown intensified. “What the fuck is this shit?! I had a check-up only a few days ago. You said everything is alright with my donor lung!”

“First of all, back then I said as of right now everything seemed alright. Though I also did tell you that we will check up on something that we couldn’t quite tell what it was. That’s why I called you for a few days later.” The composed calmness in the doctor’s tone irritated Levi more than he’d wanted to admit.

It may be true that all Levi had listened to during his last check were the words of his lungs being alright. He had mostly ignored the other things his doctor had said, or they had just been fast forgotten.

“So what?! My body did accept the lung, didn’t it?! So where the fuck is the problem?!” Levi’s voice shook and deep in his mind he was scared. Afraid of where this conversation would lead to, afraid of the things his doctor would say next, afraid of losing again. His quickening breath hit the breathig mask as his glance turned anxious.

He didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t want to hear anything that would result in leaving Eren behind. Dying on him. He had been there once, he didn’t want to make that experience again. He mustn’t. For Eren, he had to live. He had a new lung and he had a new life. Everything should be alright.

The doctor flipped through some pages of Levi’s data. “Mr Ackerman, do you remember what I told you before your surgery?”

Levi was breathing heavily, barely registering the words that reached his ears. It was no more than a depleted sigh he answered with. “That complications might occur.”

“Yes. There weren’t any complications during the implantation—”

“Right!” Levi called out loudly, hands tensed to fists. “There weren’t any complications! So what’s the big deal?! Stop fucking messing with me! Just tell me that my breathing attack was nothing grave!”

There wasn’t a falter or sigh or exhaustion mirroring on the doctor’s face. By now it was clear that he wasn’t doing this the first time. He knew he had to always keep his professional coolness as a doctor. Even when bad news had to be uttered, he had to do what he had to do.

He crossed his arms, the clipboard whipping slightly from one side. “Let me ask you something else first. After the successful surgery, after the obligatory stay in the hospital for recovery, when you were home again, far away from any nurses who would examine your activities, did you ever smoke a cigarette again? Even if it was only one?”

Silence. Levi felt some pressure weighing him down. Making him mentally shrink to a tiny ball of abjection.

“Mr Ackerman?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Are you sure about your answer?”

Another stillness; making it unbearable for Levi to breath. He swallowed hard.

“Yes, I am.”

“Interesting. Because I am not.”

Levi wanted to scoff, but bit down on his bottom lip instead. He wanted to spat at his doctor when he had no right to. He struggled with himself and at the same time he couldn’t keep it at this. “Have you… ever felt like not being able to give up your habits right away? That you still had to do it for a while because they were a habit after all?”

“No, I have never ever felt like this.”

“Fuck you.”

“Levi.” That his doctor has switched to calling him by his first name was a surprise, yes, but Levi couldn’t give two shits about that. “Those cigarettes are the reason why you have a stranger’s lung in your body! Having smoked again—”

“It was only once—”

“—is the most unreasonable and ludicrous thing you could have done.” he finished, not being bothered by Levi’s short interruption.

“Are you seriously trying to tell me one cigarette has worsened everything again, all at once?! That is fucking ridiculous!”

“Of course one cigarette can’t have such a fatal impact. I asked you this because I wanted to clarify how much of a contradictory person you were.”

Levi’s face crunched in disgust and anxiety. If he bit a bit harder, his bottom lip would chap. When he said the next words, his lips were quivering and so was his voice. “Just tell me already where you’re going with all this.”

The doctor scowled a serious glance at him, eyes emotionless. “The ‘unknown issue’ I mentioned last time is about your other lung, as I have found out now.” Levi’s internal shivering worsened. “It turns out that your own lung is slowly falling apart. It hadn’t been as damged as your other one, but sadly now has come the time for your other lung to recede its function. Another implantation is out of question. Your lung can’t be helped anymore. We tried. Mr Ackerman…”

Levi didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t want to face cruel reality and break apart from it. Of all the things that were a possibility after the implantation, he hadn’t wanted it to come this far. No… why…

Pearly wetness gathered in the crease of his eyes, glazing over his whole sight soon. His heart hammered erratically in his chest. It hurt just as much as it did when Levi had his severe breathing problems. As if a grand fire had flamed up inside him, a wild beast howling in his chest and burning down everything it reached with its flaring fingers, Levi felt like gradually rotting from the inside out. A feeling of his own blood turning to ashes and his oxygen evaporating, causing him to choke on it, as if it was acid. And then the tears came in a flow and his lips released small quick exhales that dampened in his breathing mask as the doctor announced Levi’s harsh doom.

“You’re going to die.”

Levi’s heart halted pumping for a moment. His breath hitched. His eyes went still. His mouth hang loosely open. Face frozen in horror.

A long moment wasted in unbearable silence later, Levi gasped in a deep breath and even this he couldn’t do properly. His body had refused to obey. As if it knew that there was no point in doing so, since Levi would have to die soon anyway.

The words repeated in his mind for a while:

You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. You’re going to die.

All he managed to rasp out with a voice, that was dry and croaky like an old branch from a tree, was, “You’re lying.”

And here it was; that small part of him that denied the obvious.

“No, I am not. As a doctor, I have vowed to never lie to my pa—”

“And what is with Eren?!” Having gone totally mindless, sanity slipping from his fingers ever so easily, Levi screeched at the other cries of anger and despair. “What is with him?! He is my boyfriend! I can’t leave him! I can’t die on him just like that!” The rivers of tears had turned his cheek into a flowing waterfall, and his face distorted painfully as madness and suffering coated every part of his skin.

“I’m sorry, Mr Ackerman. But once you’re coughing up blood, it’s over for you.”

And that was when Levi ultimately fell apart. He sobbed and cried and suffered into his hands, all the while thinking of Eren – Eren, Eren, Eren, his everything! – realizing that from now on it’ll be aching pain for both of them because Levi had already almost died in front of Eren. And now…

There was no escaping it.

Tipping Point [Ficlet]

[aka a thing that would probably be part of a chapter in a long-form fanfic, but I can’t commit to those things so you just gotta deal with out-of-context snippets]

Horror movies should never be used as the basis of one’s education in any aspect of life, but Josuke thought they had been relatively realistic in one thing.

The worst things happened at night.

The worst, ugliest, most horrible things happened under the cover of darkness. That made enough sense, didn’t it? Less people around to witness the horror, the shadows concealing any maiming, the silence swallowing a victim’s screams like an unending void. Night was the stage upon which many corpses were thrown.

So why, then, was such a hideous thing happening in the middle of the day? In the bright heat of summer, where there should’ve been the hyper chatter of children, the consumption of ice cream, swimming in the sea and enthusiastic bug-catching?

Well…at least there were bugs.

The hoarse scratching of wings and feelers, the high-pitched, shrill screaming of cicadas amplified by multitudes. The shambling of a massive amount of bodies, a crowd of beasts and horrors so thick Josuke couldn’t even make out the horizon. Terrifying cries and screeches that drowned out any other sound that dared to echo. The crowd of parasite ridden humans…or what used to be humans…had seemed to crawl out from nowhere. Josuke didn’t let his eyes rest on one person for too long. If he focused for too long, he’d start recognizing girls in uniforms from his former high school, neighbors he saw every day, the clerk from that shop down the street…

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Leap of Faith [John Laurens x Reader]

Length: 1024+ words

Genre: Fluff

AU: Modern Time

TW: Descriptions of an panic attack

A/N: Okay so this was suppose to be a drabble, but it got uber long, and I just kept writing, and i loved it so much so I HAD to make it into a full fic. I love writing modern John… seriously. 

“Shit shit shit,” you muttered as you heard the elevator rumble, and whine to a stop. “God… Not again.” The elevator in your dorm would break down practically once a week, and management still hasn’t gotten their shit together, and fixed it. You sighed, pressing the emergency button every other second. This would be the first time you were stuck while it broke down. At least you weren’t alone.

“Jesus,” the boy behind you cursed, rolling his eyes and running his hand through his hair, making the dark locks fall out of his ponytail. “Fucking stupid school- too fucking cheap to get the stupid elevators fixed.”

You took a deep breath, trying to distract yourself from the black hole in your stomach. You hated being in an enclosed space, it never failed to cause your anxiety to spike. “Hey, it’s John, right?”

His frown turned to a smile as you addressed him. “Yea! I’m sorry, I don’t know your name though.”

“Y/N,” you replied.

“I’m sorry, but how do you know my name?”

“I’m close with the RA, and you guys aren’t the quietest people in the building,” you said with a laugh. He followed suit, his head falling back.

“I’m sorry. My friends and I can get quite rowdy.”

“And drunk.”

“And drunk.” He repeated, his green eyes practically glowing in the dimly lit elevator.

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“Hey, baby, come motivate me.”


“Lay under me.” Harry smirks over at you, raising his eyebrows in a playful manner.

“Alright. I’ll do it.” You smile back, curious to see what his reaction to your agreement would be.

He immediately perks up, looking up at you with a bit of surprise mixed in with excitement. “Really?”

“Yep.” You agree, walking over and shimmying your way under Harry.

He begins to do the exercise and has you count for him, obviously trying to show off.

Every few push-ups he will steal a kiss from you, his lips connecting with yours for a few seconds before he continues his work-out, making you laugh at his flirting.

“Sixty-six, sixty-seven, sixty-eight…” You keep going, too busy giggling as Harry makes silly faces at you to notice Liam walk into the room.

However, Harry notices.

A few more push-ups later he suddenly collapses over you, wrapping his arms around you to bring your bodies closer, and he presses his face into the crook of your neck. Before you can say anything about how sweaty he is, he begins to moan, rubbing himself against your leg as if he were thrusting.

“Oh, Y/N. Harder. Rub harder, baby. Fucking shit, I’m going to cum through my jeans if you keep it up, kitten. Mmmm–oh yeah. Ohh, I’m coming, Y/N!
Right there–faster!”

Confusion takes over your face, but Liam speaks up before you can, finally making you aware of his presence.

“Oh, fuck. I’m so sorry, guys, I didn’t know. I-I–shit–” He stutters, his face becoming flushed, his neck and cheeks tinting different shades of red and pink.

Liam stumbles over his feet, backing up to try and leave the room, running his shoulder right into the door frame.

“Bloody hell, w-who put that there?” He mumbles, turning and finally managing to scurry out of the room, clearly embarrassed.

Harry throws his head back, roaring with laughter. You follow suit, knowing that he had done it on purpose to traumatize Liam. It had been very funny.

“You’re an asshole, you know that?” You tell him when you both are done laughing, small giggles still slipping from both of your lips every now-and-then.

“Yeah, I know. But you gotta admit, that was priceless.” Harry snickers.

“It was hilarious.” You can’t help but agree, sliding up from underneath him to push yourself up off the ground, looking down at Harry with a large grin across your face. “But I’m going to go apologize. The poor boy must be crying.”

“You go do that,” Harry comments, flipping over onto his back, extending his arms over his head and stretching out his back. He then crosses his arms behind his head, giving you a cheeky half-smile. “I’ll stay here to recover from my post-orgasmic state.”

You smirk at him, shaking your head as you walk towards the door of the dressing room. “You really are something, Harry Styles.”

“And don’t you fucking forget it, bitch!” Harry calls after you in a shrill, high-pitched voice, imitating a woman.

Laughing, you walk down the hall, heading towards the dressing room Liam and Niall shared to apologize for almost giving Liam a cardiac arrest.

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Title: Are you scared? (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony leads the group to a haunted house, insisting that it will be a great team building exercise. Peter insists that he isn’t scared, though we all know that he is.

Word Count: 1795

A/N: I love Halloween and I loooove Peter Parker! Ok I also had to add some cute af fluffy-ish moments of Peter and Reader, couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy this, omg I cannot believe Halloween is next Monday. That just means we’re even closer to Christmas *moonface emoji* Enjoy!

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my-life-is-orange-deactivated20  asked:

"*whispers* what if Annabeth can talk to owls just like Percy can talk to horses" I saw this post and immediately thought of asking you to write a small fic for it. Let's be honest, you would make it so well

First of all, thank you for sending a request. Sorry it took so long!! This was actually a really interesting prompt, and I hope you like this short one-shot!

The trees stood tall above Annabeth as she walked through the dark woods, holding hands with Percy. The moon shone brightly, the silvery light filtering through the branches. Crickets chirped in the wood.

“So, why did you want to go for this moonlit walk?” Percy asked, a yawn escaping from his lips.

Annabeth nudged him with her shoulder. “Because, Seaweed Brain, if we wait a bit, we should see some shooting stars. Today’s the day when they’re predicted to appear, and we have some good visibility here.”

“Shooting star, huh?” Percy asked. He grinned. “So, what are you going to wish for?”

“What?” Annabeth responded, perplexed.

“You know, what are you going to wish for. You wish when you see a shooting star.”

“Oh,” Annabeth responded. “Well, I’ve got everything I need right here.” She leaned in to kiss Percy, who grinned.

As they broke apart a few seconds later, Percy pursed his lips in contemplation. “I think I’m going to wish for the new PlayStation.” When he saw the look on Annabeth’s face, he laughed. “Kidding, kidding! I’ve got everything I need too.” He smiled at her. “But I really wanted that PlayStation,” he muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, Annabeth heard an eerie voice interrupting the sounds of the wildlife.

Daughter of Athena, a voice reverberated around the clearing.

Annabeth stumbled. Percy grabbed her arm. “What is it?”

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#354: ‘Counting Every Breath’

How Long Will I Love You: Counting Every Breath - One Shot #354
+past one shots
No visuals/song. 
A continuation to the AU in:  #181. Baby Of Mine  (PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3) #252. Keep Breathing

“Harry, baby, I’m fine, I promise.”

Harry tutted his tongue, fiddling with the extra blanket over your legs. “You’re sure you don’t need another pillow? I can get another one.”

You were pretty content against the two he had propped you up with already, but Harry was fluttering around and fussing like a mother hen. You were worried he hadn’t managed to thoroughly chew his dinner.

“What about more water? Did you get enough dinner? Do you want anything else? I think we’ve still got some of those puddings Mum left for us.”

You smiled, snuggling your tiny baby closer. “I’m okay, I promise. I want you to come here and cuddle with us.”

Harry pouted his lips, stood firmly at the end of the bed now, fists resting against his hips. “Can I rub your legs? Are they still bothering you?” His hand reached down to rest against your calf, ready to spring into action.

“Later. C’mere and cuddle your girls for now,” you urged.

Harry smiled the biggest and dopiest of smiles. His girls. His girl was finally home, right where he needed her. Snuggled up on your warm, safe, chest for a meal.

“You’re feeding our baby,” he reasoned. “I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

You chuckled. “Well, I’m toasty warm, properly supported, hydrated, full of takeout Japanese and I’ve definitely turned into a dairy cow, so will you please stop fussing and come here?”

Harry relented, climbing up onto his side of the bed and settling himself down. Darcy paused in her nursing just long enough to indicate she’s heard him groaning and grumbling as he gets comfortable with a full belly of his own while hers was busy getting filled too.     

“I can’t believe how tiny she is still is,” he whispered, as he rolled over onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow so he’s perfect gazing distance to her. She’s like a doll. Her features still delicate and soft, he watched every sucking motion of her cheeks as she ate, the muffled snuffling and suckling noises and gurgles. She was bathing in your warmth, one hand pressed against your chest. It was the way you were looking at her that really got to him. Your eyes had gone soft, almost molten. It was like she was the only thing you could see in that moment. For a small moment, it was just the two of you, and he knew that for those and every moment in between, she was your whole world. He could safely say that she was his too. He reached to stroke his fingers down her arm, her hand flexing, splaying out her fingers in response.

Your lips drooped down, your fingers halting their trail over her back. “That’s because she wasn’t supposed to be born for five more weeks, and ten altogether.” You drew in a shaky breath, not wanting to cry over it anymore. She was home now, she had been given a clean bill of health. She ate more than you thought something so small ever could. She made all of the delicious little sounds the baby could, she had ten fingers, ten toes, and was starting to gain the apples in her cheeks. In every sense, at least to you, she was perfect. “I was supposed to be the one to keep her safe, and I couldn’t.”

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Derek Hale Imagine - Alpha and Omega - Part 2

-gif source unknown-

Story Description: Requested - Alpha/Omega where they don’t get along at first because you’re an Omega, but you keep getting pushed together. 

Description: Derek comes to apologize.

Warnings/Labels: Language

Approx. Word Count: 1,400 

A/N: Somewhere in my brain this ended with hot, rough sex in which the sheets of the motel got destroyed. That didn’t happen. Because it didn’t make sense to the story. I mean I’ve built these guys up to hate each other. It’s not just going to be oh and suddenly they’re having sex… So with that in mind… Read my A/N at the end.

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