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Jeff Atkins Imagine #1

Yay im adding 13rw to my list of imagine… things anyways

I hope this is good because I legit love jeff but tony is my fav… and HE DESERVED BETTER and this takes place before Hannah and Jeff…. *cries*


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    Most of the time, you were the one in the relationship to get extremely mad. Sometimes your boyfriend Jeff was too nice for you, too calm for everything and that made you angry sometimes. Especially when you wanted him to yell and let his true feelings out. You could see veins throbbing in his muscular body when you two fought and it made you worried that one day he would explode. You wanted Jeff to get mad at you because it worried you if he didn’t.

And one day you had enough. You two (more like just you) had been fighting over the fact that Jeff seemed to be spending more time with Clay and his other friends more than he had been with you, and all Jeff could do was sigh and tell you he was sorry. 

“Y/N, baby I’m sorry. Clay’s been hanging out with Hannah and I know he likes her and I just want him to be happy. He hasn’t liked someone this much since kinder.” Jeff said as he watched you pace in the library, where Clay had just left from after helping him with his paper. 

There he was, giving valid excuses. Excuses that you actually thought were cute and didn’t want to stop, but you were so angry that he just didn’t tell you off. You would have liked it better. You hated that you were the bad guy in the relationship. 

“Come on, baby.” Jeff said, getting up from his seat and wrapping his arms around you from behind. He rested his chin on your shoulder as you stared ahead. “I’m sorry. I’ll take you to the movies tonight if you want? I’ll skip one practice just for you. The new Ouija movie came out yesterday and I know you want to see it.” 

You felt the heat bubble under your skin as you thought of his kindness, and when you didn’t answer Jeff placed a kiss on your temple. “You know I would spend more time with you if I could, Y/N. Please…”

“Jeff, stop!” You said sharply, pulling away. He looked at you while his jaw tightened. You could tell he was angry that you were still angry. You knew he hated that he was being honest and you were still being a bitch, and you hated yourself for walking away too. 

You ran out of the library, running at the back of Clay’s retreating backside, calling out his name. “Clay, wait up!” 

Clay turned around with his eyebrows furrowed, his mouth open slightly. “Hey, Y/N… weren’t you just fighting with Jeff?” 

“Jensen when you witness someone get into a fight you don’t ask questions three seconds later.” You sighed, before laughing at his expression. 

“Right.” He said, nodding and then continuing to walk. You walked with him, only glancing back slightly to see that Jeff was standing at the door of the library with his arms crossed. 

You turned away quickly. “You want to go to Rosie’s with me? My treat.” You asked Clay, fixing your shirt. 

“Uh, well,” Clay looked back as well but you stayed looking ahead. “I have work at seven so…” 

“It doesn’t take that long to eat a meal, Jensen. Come on.” You hooked your elbow with his and put on a fake smile, beginning to tease him about Hannah, who just so happened to be one of your new friends. 


It had been a few days since your fight with Jeff, and since then you had been ignoring him to your greatest extent. You wanted him to confront you, to tell you you were being a bitch, which three people had told you so far. You wanted Jeff to act normal. But yet despite the severe case of bitchiness you were showing him, Jeff still went out of his way to send you goodnight, goodmorning, and just in general cute texts. He kept apologizing, but that’s not what you wanted. You wanted him to be a human and get angry and yell, sometimes his perfect collect and physique got you. Sometimes it made you feel insecure because you weren’t like Jeff and you felt like you didn’t deserve him. Jeff deserved better

But on this particular day, after three consecutive days that you had been ignoring Jeff, you guessed it got too much for him. It was after a baseball game, and the minute that the game had ended and Jeff had won the game for the team you shot out of your seat like the rest of the crowd, yelling loudly. 

You threw your half eaten hot dog to the ground and ran off of the bleachers as the baseball team was walking to the locker rooms. Bryce Walker, a friend of Jeff’s, was walking right in front of your smiling boyfriend, both of them covered in red dirt and giving high fives away like candy. 

“Bryce!” You yelled out, catching the attention of both men. This was your last try at getting Jeff mad. At giving him a chance to explode on you. At being a little less perfect. 

“Y/N?” Bryce said with a little confusion and a lot of excitement. He held out his arms hesitantly and you shrugged before giving him a giant hug, laughing loudly. 

“Good game, Bryce! You did good out there.” Your eyes went wide when his hands lingered too low on your waist, instantly pushing him a little with laughter. “Any plans for celebration? I’ve got weed.” 

Bryce raised his eyebrows and grinned, twisting his bat in his hands. “Wow, didn’t know you smoked, Y/N! Well me and the guys are getting together for a little fun stuff. The hot tub will definitely be put to good use. Any chance you wanna share the stuff?” 

You could see Jeff out of the corner of your eye, his neck and temple throbbing with veins. He was getting angry. You still ignored him. 

“Hell yeah, I’ve got a new two piece I have to show off.” You winked cheekily and Bryce coughed loudly. 

“Of course your boyfriend would be coming too.” He said while glancing at Jeff. 


It all happened in a flash, one second you were walking next to Bryce and the next there was the clatter of a bat and you were swept off of your feet and thrown over someone’s back. It was Jeff and he was completely ditching his route to the locker rooms and was carrying you the direction of the parking lot, which was slowly clearing out. 

“We still on?” Bryce called out. 

You nodded while struggling in Jeff’s tight grip. Jesus, you had a good view of his ass and muscular arms. “Fuck,” You cursed. “Jeff, ease up a bit on the grip, I bruise easily.” 

Jeff said nothing but obliged to your request, his breathing hard and fast. Honestly, you were scared a little bit. You knew this is what you had wanted, but you didn’t exactly know what was in store for you. Was he going to break up with you? Murder you and throw your body in a ditch. Angry Jeff was unpredictable because he hardly ever existed. 

When you two arrived at his car he set you down a little roughly, throwing his baseball cap off of his head and running his fingers through his hair. “What did I do?” He asked softly despite his rough demeanor. 

You thought you had heard wrong. “What?” 

“WHAT DID I DO?” Jeff yelled loudly, his face going red. “WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE YOU SO COLD TOWARDS ME! I LOVE YOU, BUT Lately you’ve been acting like such a- such a- BITCH!” 

Part of you was relieved that he had called you that, but not when the guilt suddenly ate his features. “NO- no, Jeff! It wasn’t you oh MY GOD! It was me, Jeff, I was a bitch, I am a bitch don’t apologize.” 

“No, you’re not oh my God, I’m so-” 

“JEFF! Please don’t apologize! Do something! Call me names, yell at me, look at this point I don’t care! Punch me, let out your anger, Jeff! God, I hate seeing you like this, angry but you don’t do anything.” 

Jeff was confused, his chest heaving. “Baby, you know i hate being angry. It makes me feel like a bad person.” 

You let out a huge breath of air as you turned around in a circle, tugging at the roots of your hair. “Jeff,God, Jeff does that mean I’m a bad person? Jeff, you’re human it’s okay to be mad and it’s okay to yell every once in a while. Do you know how it makes me feel when you can do everything with so much kindness and positivity? It makes me feel insecure because I’m not as pure as you and I’m a big bitch. God, I love you, Jeff, but please just get angry at me. It is my fault.” 

Jeff stood there for a second, staring at you and processing your words. His eyes gazed over your face and you shifted uncomfortably after a second. Then, without warning he surged forward and kissed you sweetly and despite his sweaty hands and body he tasted like mint. 

When he pulled back he smiled and shook his head. “You ignored me for three whole days because you were angry that I never get angry? That’s kind of ridiculous, babe. Listen, I do these things, I put up with you even when you’re irrational because I know you feel bad when you do it. I know that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you always apologize. Let me guess this way your last attempt?” 

You grumbled slightly because Jeff was grinning down at you now, his hands on your shoulders as his fingers squeezed you lightly. “Yes.” 

“Baby, in so many ways it makes you better than me, because I bottle those emotions up. One day I told my mom off because I was angry at Zach and I didn’t do anything about it. He doesn’t know that breaking my lucky bat was wrong because he thought I was okay with it, because I didn’t get angry. Please, Y/N, don’t feel insecure with me. We’re both a little rusty on our humanity skills baby.” 

You nodded and Jeff did so too, placing his forehead across yours as he smiled before enveloping your lips in his, his teeth grazing your bottom lip teasingly. “I love you, Jeff.” 

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

“More than anything in the world.” You both said together before kissing once more.

“Now let me tell you how hot you look when you’re yelling, Jeff.” 


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No Control

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 2020

Characters: Jacob x reader, Sam, Paul, Jared, Billy

Warnings: angst, breakup of relationship

Summary: After Jacob imprints on Renesmee, his long-term girlfriend makes a discovery about herself.

For once, it was a sunny day in Forks. Really sunny, not weak sunlight straggling past clouds. You were supposed to be at home studying, but you couldn’t pass up a day like this. Especially not after your boyfriend turned up at your house at half past ten and told you that he was taking you to the beach.

Jacob ran his fingers through your hair gently as you lay in his lap. With everything that had been going on with the Cullens recently, it felt like the two of you hadn’t been spending enough time together. You didn’t resent him for it. You knew that he wanted you safe more than anything else.

But you had missed him like crazy.

Today, though, Seth and Leah were taking care of watching the Cullens so that he could be with you. Having a day like this one, when you could do nothing but lie on the beach and tease each other and kiss, reminded you exactly why you’d fallen in love with him in the first place. Werewolf or not (and you’d been pretty freaked when you heard about that one), days like this assured you of just how much he loved you.

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[The Price Of Love]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: NaLu.
Setting: canon – AU. 
Triggers: miscarriage, grief. 
Genre(s): angst, hurt/comfort.
Dedication: @delablossom – I sort of went in a less domestic direction with this. But I hope the angst is still everything you wanted!

Summary: Natsu had always known that the battle with Zeref would cost Fairy Tail a life. And yet, he’d always thought that life would be his. 

Lucy’s scream pierced the sky. Natsu flinched at the wave of magic that rushed past him, like a gravitational pull that nearly struck him to the floor. Catching himself and regaining balance, Natsu spun on his heel and retreated for the end of the guild hall, where he knew Lucy had been waiting for a signal. A second blast of magic came from behind, like splinters of wood exploding against his back. The force sent him sprawling across the floor, where he landed on his side beside Lucy.

She lay panting uneasily on the ground, her complexion pale in the waning sunlight peering in through the shattered ceiling. Zeref’s footsteps were measured in their approach, slow and steady, like a ticking countdown to his death. Soon, there’d be nothing standing between them but a pile of rubble. 

Easing himself up onto his knees, Natsu pulled Lucy off the ground to rest on a nearby beam. And then she retched. 


Lucy’s eyes widened. Lurching forward, she let out a second scream, as though an invisible force had just struck her from behind. Anguish screeched in her voice, quietening only when she paused to retch. 

Still, Zeref’s footsteps approached. 

‘Lucy! Talk to me!’

‘Natsu! Lucy!’ Erza. ‘We’ll try to hold him off! You must finish this!’

Would she be saying this, he wondered, if she knew the cost of Zeref’s life? Shaking thoughts of his brother from his mind, Natsu gripped Lucy’s shoulders and held her steady as another wave of nausea made itself known on her face. The clash of magic and steel echoed in the distance, sending shivers up and down Natsu’s spine. 

Zeref was too dangerous. Natsu had intended to fight him alone – that had always been his plan – but Happy had rallied the others against his will. There had to be another way, he’d insisted. Another way to defeat Zeref. But Natsu didn’t have time to find another way. Not anymore. 

When he moved to stand, Lucy snatched his hand into her own. Her eyes searched his for a moment. Pain flashed deep within her, leaving Natsu temporarily immobile. His eyes roamed up and down her body, searching for serious injuries. It wasn’t until Lucy parted her legs that he noticed the trickle of blood seeping out from under her skirt. It pooled at his feet, casting an eerie reflection back at him in the thick surface.

Wendy. He needed to find Wendy. 

Lucy’s eyes filled with tears. ‘Natsu,’ she gasped. ‘There’s something I have to–’

‘Stay still! You’re hurt!’

‘The… The baby.’

Natsu’s breath caught in his throat. The what

‘The baby…’ Lucy heaved for breath, her forehead beaded with sweat. ‘I wanted…I wanted to tell you sooner but…I knew you’d…’

Understanding flashed through him. He remembered thinking he’d lost her to Dimaria. He remembered the grief that took him. Remembered their pause in battle to recuperate.

Remembered the night she’d confessed her love. 

Clapping a hand over his mouth, Natsu felt shock sluice through him, then anger. As the flames of rage subsided, he was left with a dull, hollow grief. His gaze flickered down to the blood at his feet.

‘Natsu…’ she whispered, her body trembling, her eyes filled with unbridled fear. ‘Save our…’

An explosion of magic filled the room, sending Natsu reeling across the ground. A blinding light was loosed into the room. As it cleared, Natsu saw Lucy roll across the ground towards him, her body limp as she collapsed by the entrance to the guild hall. He spotted Gray rushing towards her in the distance, then the familiar black of Zeref’s clothes as he stepped between them. The moment Zeref’s eyes shifted to Lucy, Natsu felt his rage return.

Climbing to his feet, Natsu felt a familiar ache in his stomach. Being human meant nothing if he couldn’t save the person – no, the people – he loved. Being human, being vulnerable, meant he’d failed to be strong. He’d failed to protect her. To protect their child.

Clenching a fist at his side, Natsu felt hatred spill through him, burning him alive. Trembling as tears came unbidden to his eyes, Natsu stepped into the chaos of smoke and magic, let the pain and the force take him, and stepped out of the other side a demon. 


‘Come here, Fay.’ 

Natsu bent to usher his daughter into the garden. Pink tufts of hair fluttered as she stumbled over the pebbles to lay flowers at the foot of the grave. 

‘Like this?’ she asked, searching his gaze for approval.

Natsu nodded. His mind throbbed with the memories of his battle with Zeref. No one had expected Lucy to unleash such an extortionate amount of power. The One Magic, Zeref had called it. The ultimate form of magic: Love. In the end, though it had been Natsu who struck the final blow, Lucy’s power had been enough to restore his humanity. And though he could no longer use magic, the price of becoming END – it was a price he’d been willing to pay. For her and for his guildmates. Pain tugged at his heart. 

‘Just like that,’ Natsu approved. ‘Good job. They look great.’

Fay grinned. 

‘Sorry I’m late.’

Natsu glanced over his shoulder to find Lucy standing in the distance, her eyes filled with the lingering grief that came with losing their first child. It was a time they would never forget, a time that would haunt them into the future. But, seven years later, they had been blessed with a second chance, a daughter, who came to them just as much of a surprise. Fay spent a lot of time sitting in the garden, talking to her big brother – Fay had insisted their unborn child had been a boy – and leaving flowers at his grave.

Lucy’s hand slipped into his and the two of them watched in silence as their daughter arranged flowers on her brother’s grave. Nysa, they’d decided, would have been the name of their son. He deserved a name, an existence, in the hearts of his family. Natsu knew in his heart that Nysa would have looked like her. 

During the aftermath of the war, Natsu had begged Lucy’s forgiveness. If only he had realised. If only he had known. He would never have marched into a war knowing she might suffer. Knowing that she was pregnant

All he’d thought about was killing Zeref, like a machine programmed with only a singular function. In the end, Natsu had malfunctioned at the cost of his son’s life.

‘Are you blaming yourself again?’ Lucy whispered.

Natsu grimaced. ‘I just…’ 

‘We live for the ones we love,’ Lucy told him. ‘We must carry on for our son. For Igneel. For my mother and father. For Master Makarov. For the people we lost.’

Natsu nodded but frowned. ‘It just doesn’t seem right.’

‘A lot of people died that day.’ Lucy’s hand shifted to her stomach. ‘But we’re here. We have to do our part to make up for the lives that were lost. We have to live to the fullest, so that they can live on in our hearts.’ 

‘I love you,’ he whispered. If only the words could ease his regret. 

Lucy smiled and squeezed his hand. ‘Thank you.’

‘For what?’

‘For letting me know the true power of love.’ 

Hogmanay pt.2

A wee snippet of Jamie and Claire whilst the Hogmanay preparations are well under way! Fluff and ALLLLL the feels because it is Monday and we need it!!!

Claire could hear the children chattering amongst themselves as they bunched the juniper and picked off any berries that had been missed, Bree’s accent standing out starkly amongst her cousin’s softer Scottish brogues.

The pot Jenny had left beside her was nearly full with pealed potatoes and the water on the stove had reached boiling. The room was becoming uncomfortably hot and Claire could feel the sweat gathering beneath the cloud of hair at the nape of her neck and trickling intermittently down her neck. She placed a hand against her back, readying for the task of standing upright.

“Alright little one, on three … one … two …”

Claire clenched her teeth and heaved just as the baby pushed a foot up under her ribs. The air went from her in a sharp breath and Claire sat down heavily, giving up on the two inches of elevation she had gained.

“You bloody little … Scot!”

She scowled, arching her back a little to encourage the baby to move, which it obligingly did, coming to rest in a much less uncomfortable position. Claire let her breath out again, this time with a sigh and passed the back of her hand over her brow. She had a few more weeks to go but felt like she was ready to burst. She didn’t remember feeling quite so huge with Brianna, though that may have been in part due to the near starvation she had suffered in the run up to Culloden and then the miserable cocoon she had wrapped herself in after her return to the twentieth century, a cocoon in which she only forced herself to take food for the sake of the baby.

Claire pushed thoughts of that time aside and steeled herself to stand once again. If she simply sat and waited for Jenny to come to her rescue she could be stuck in the sweltering kitchen for quite some time as the Hogmanay preparations were well underway and Jenny was bustling from room to room overseeing it all. Claire had tried to help but her swollen size had made her something of a hindrance to the process and when she had suggested preparing the vegetables instead of stringing garlands, Jenny had looked rather relieved. However, if preparing vegetables was what Claire was in charge of then she would bloody well be in charge of it and no one was going to put those potatoes in the cauldron but her!

She was half-way up when she felt a hand on her lower back and another take a gentle grip on her upper arm. She blew the hair out of her face and looked up into an amused sapphire gaze.

“I can manage.”

“I know.”

Jamie smiled but didn’t relinquish his touch and moments later Claire was on her feet. She raised her finger to wipe the perspiration from her upper lip but Jamie stopped her, catching her hand in his and ducking his head to gently kiss along the bow of her lips, his tongue gently tracing the curve of her smile.

“Ah Dhia! Mo nigheann donn, mo Sorcha …”

Claire lost the last of his words as he buried his face in the curve of her neck

“What was that?”

“I said …”

Jamie surfaced, smiling with the glazed eyes of a man singularly minded,

“That each time I sniff at ye I discover a new wee scent and I want ye more than before.”

Claire sniffed at her sleeve and wrinkled her nose

“I never considered onions and parsnips to be particular aphrodisiacs.”

Jamie’s lifted one springy curl from her collar bone, pulling it gently straight before letting it bounce back into its spiral and inhaling dramatically.

“I can smell cloves, rosemary and a wee hint o’ plum.”

Claire leant forward and sniffed his shirt lightly

“Horses and hay and … what is that?”

“Peat most likely.”

Jamie grinned and waved away the question before Claire could ask it.

“I brought a few blocks in from the shed this morning and changed my shirt but ye ken how the scent clings.”

Jamie lifted the pot of potatoes from the table

“Ye want these in the water?”

“Ye but give them here, I’ll do it.”

Claire reached for the pan but Jamie shifted, keeping it out of her reach

“It’s fairly heavy Sassenach. I dinna ken how many pounds ye peeled but if Jenny is still feeding the pigs peelings, we’re likely to have the fattest hogs in the Highlands.”

“We’re going to have a lot of guests…”

“And food enough to feed generations of them yet to come.”

Jamie grinned and crossed to the fire

“Wait I can …”

Claire began and then stopped as Jamie upended the pan with ease and deftly stepping out of the way of the water that splashed over the sides as the potatoes went in.

“I told you I could do it!”

Claire snapped, feeling absurdly like she was about to cry. She blinked twice and glared at the splashes of water steaming on the flagstones.

“For God’s sake, Jamie! You’ve got water all over the floor! I suppose I have to clear it up, do I?”

She snatched a cloth up from the side and stormed toward the small pool of water but Jamie blocked her path, expression carefully neutral as his hands came up to lightly clasp her shoulders.

“I apologise Sassenach. If ye hand me the cloth, I’ll mop it up for ye.”

His voice was gentle, consoling even and Claire felt the tightness in her chest clench and her throat began to burn. Claire looked around him and saw the gentle wisps of steam rising from the floor a second before her vision blurred.

“No it’s fine … It’s already drying. I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

“Dinna be lass, I interfered and upset the system you had in place. I’m sorry for it.”

Claire snorted wetly and hastily mopped her eyes and nose with a handkerchief.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so irritable!”

“Nothing. There is nothing wrong with ye, but ye are exhausted and your body feels like it’s betrayin’ ye at every turn. It’s enough to make anyone irritable.”

Jamie’s arms encircled her as he spoke, his cheek resting lightly on the top of her head

“I feel like a fat, silly fool!”

“You are magnificent, Claire.”

Jamie spoke simply, rubbing small circles in the middle of her back

“But upon my word, Sassenach, the smell of ye and the feel of ye against me is makin’ me think verra wicked thoughts.”

“Perhaps you should confess them to me upstairs.”

She murmured and felt the shiver of a thrill run through him

“Confession, eh? Will ye forgive my sins?”


Claire allowed the word to fall from her lips and the considerable firmness that has been building against her stomach hardened further.

“Can ye get one of the girls to mind the food a while? I dinna think I can wait for your benediction.”

Jamie whispered in her ear and as he bent toward her Claire imagined a willow tree, tall and graceful, arching as its branches dip toward the water’s surface, reaching until even the petioles and stipules are submerged deeply.


It felt like hours but could only have been minutes later, as Claire ran her fingers through the sweetly curling hairs of his chest, she realised that Jamie had done what she could not do for herself, he had centred her.

He had let her play the role of the saviour, dubbing himself the wicked one who was dependent on her for his redemption. He had made her feel wise and beautiful and in control, he had guided her to see herself as he saw her.

“What are ye thinking, Sassenach?”

His voice was heavy with satisfaction and Claire delighted in the small sigh of contentment he gave as she kissed the bud of his nipple.

“I was thinking that you still, after all our years, just let me be myself and how much I love you for it.”

She smiled and looked up as she felt the bed shift to see him propped up on his elbow, looking down at her curiously.

“I fell in love wi’ ye for who ye are Sassenach. I canna see what benefit it could be to either of us if I were to try and change ye now.”

“You might have a wife with a sweeter temperament?”

She teased, stroking the length of his nose with the tip of her index finger.

“I doubt a sweet wee mouse could make my balls fizz the way you do.”

Jamie’s tone was even and as he blinked solemnly at her, his face serene, Claire burst into laughter and laughed until the tears streamed down her face and her ribs ached with the force of it.

“Oh my God! Jamie! I did not expect that!”

“Well neither did I, a sweet wee lad o’ three and twenty and you and older woman takin’ me in hand…”

He was grinning too now, his mirth held back only barely

“It was my mouth actually…”

Claire retorted and the room filled with the sounds of their happiness, of memories and shared knowledge of love and the comfort of one who knows you so very well and they clung to each other until the last of the humour left them when, still smiling, they touched their foreheads together.

“In truth Sassenach, I dinna care what ye do to my balls as long as I get to hear ye laugh like that often and plenty until my dying day.”

Jamie raised her hand, clasped in his own between them on the bed and kissed her skin, just above the warm silver of her wedding ring.

Piece of Cake

john laurens x reader

prompt: john decided to propose to you on the most romantic day of the year by slipping your ring in your dessert during dinner. his plans don’t go accordingly though.

a/n: aha let’s pretend i was able to post this yesterday and i’m still on schedule 


To say John was nervous was a complete and utter understatement.

He’s been thinking about this all day and all night. He always had the velvet box in his coat pocket, fiddling with the lid and running his fingers over the smooth fabric. He constantly repeated the speech he prepared in his head till it was the only thing he thought about besides you.

John didn’t know how to settle until the day of his proposal came around. Even then, he still didn’t settle. If anything, his anxiousness increased.

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Prompt from @caramovienerd  “I’m pregnant.”

A/N: So apparently i only know how to write teeth-rotting fluff so I hope you like this. 

It’s been almost three weeks and it still doesn’t feel real.

Not that he’d ever admit it to anyone, ever, but Amy’s apartment is actually pretty amazing.

Our apartment, he corrects himself.

She’s got soft towels— Towels. Plural– and she’s got a fridge full of all these things he didn’t even know existed before and her carpets are soft and fluffy and her TV is almost twice the size of his old one.

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I luckily screenshot every ask I receive in case my ask box deletes them. Here ya go! I decided to go with Yuuri for this once because I have a lot of other OC asks, and tbh I just love torturing that smol bean 💚💜

“I need to throw up…” Yuuri groans, resting his head on the railings of the boat with his hands in a white knuckled grip either side. He stares miserably at the dirty deck beneath him, trying to ignore the relentless churning of the waves below him which echo the sloshing nauseating movement in his stomach.

“Maybe you should sit down?” Viktor suggests, putting a hand on Yuuri’s back. He tries to help Yuuri upright but didn’t get very far before Yuuri groans and lets out an airy belch before leaning back against the railings.

“Feel too sick… can’t move…” he mutters miserably under his breath, shuddering with nausea.

“You poor thing…” Viktor comforts him, smoothing his black fringe off of his face. “Just try to breathe. How about I see if I can find you some motion sick pills in the shop? They must have some, you’re definitely not the first person to get seasick.”

Desperately trying to gain an ounce of control over his upset stomach, Yuuri wraps both hands around it groaning again, his face milk white with just a faint sickly green tinge beneath his cheekbones.

“I’ve been "seasick” since before we even left the dock…“ Yuuri mumbles miserably, not daring to look Viktor in the eye.

"Yuuri!” Viktor predictably exclaims.

“You mean you’ve been feeling sick all day?!” Viktor pouts. He does not look happy.

Yuuri grimaces and closes his eyes as another surge of sickness washes over him, before nodding hesitantly.

“My stomach’s felt weird all day… didn’t think it’d get this bad…” he hisses through obvious pain, doubling over and clutching his tummy harder again.

“Ohhh… I don’t feel very well…” he hiccups, looking increasingly queasy.

“Oh Yuuri… I wish you’d tell me these things before they get this bad! If I’d known I would never of suggested this boat ride- it can’t be helping. You need to be in bed, not standing leaning over the rails of a fishing trawler!”

Yuuri’s reaction to this is a wet belch which gurgles up from deep in the poor sick boy’s stomach, eliciting another sickly moan as his stomach flips and flops angrily inside him like a fish out of water.

The imagery of the fish and the sloshing water inside turns his stomach even more and he clamps a hand over his mouth with a sudden heave. He throws himself back over the rails and retches miserably.

“Oh my poor sweetheart…” Viktor soothes tenderly, rubbing the sick boy’s back. “Just let it out darling…”

“I can’t-throw up…” Yuuri stutters wretchedly, before heaving again.

“Probably because you haven’t hardly eaten all day…” Viktor points out, but the imagery of food is too much for Yuuri’s weak stomach and he groans again with a grating heave that sounds like Yuuri is trying to evacuate his internal organs as well as his stomach contents.

“Don’t- talk about food…” Yuuri whines, breathing heavily.

Viktor hates seeing Yuuri so pathetic and hurting like this. He has an idea.

He produces a water bottle from his bag and offers it to Yuuri who looks at Viktor like he’s gone mad.

“It’s just gonna come back up…” Yuuri says tiredly, but Viktor persists.

“Isn’t that the point?”

“But I don’t want to be sick!” Yuuri cries, tears springing to his eyes as his emotions overtake him. The poor thing is frightened, in pain and miserably sick and it’s all just too much.

“Oh Yuuri… I think you need to be…” Viktor says gently. “It might help your tummy feel better.”

Yuuri takes the water bottle reluctantly, uncapping it with shaking hands. He puts it to his mouth and swallows gingerly. Immediately his face bleaches even whiter, visibly draining of all remaining colour.

Viktor spots the warning signs and grabs the bottle back just as Yuuri is violently sick all over the desk beneath him. He heaves again, a thick wave of watery sick flowing from his mouth. Viktor quickly helps him stand up slightly more from his doubled over position so he is clinging to the boat railings and getting sick once more into the sea, rather than in the growing puddle around his feet.

“I don’t *hurrrlllppp* feel good…” Yuuri chokes out between heaves. More vomit spatters into the ocean below as Yuuri heaves wretchedly.

“You poor baby… your belly is really sick isn’t it?…” Viktor says sadly, rubbing his back as Yuuri throws up again, another chunkier wave of yesterday’s dinner making a sour reappearance.

“Urghhh…” Yuuri moans, holding his still nauseous belly tightly. He is trembling viciously.

“Let’s get you sitting down with a bucket, hey?” Viktor suggests, knowing that this is going to go on for a fair while yet, especially whilst they are still on the boat. The churning waves are certainly not helping his poorly stomach.

Sitting at a bench, Viktor places a black bucket on the floor, before slowly laying Yuuri down with his head in Viktor’s lap.

Yuuri moans and winces again at the pain in his stomach and Viktor places his hand over it, gently rubbing it underneath the boy’s thin shirt. He can feel how bad it is just by the churning beneath his palm.

“Oh, your poor tummy…” he soothes the sick boy, who hiccups queasily and sadly before muffling his face into Viktor’s body. “You’re really not well are you…”

“Ohhh… Viktor… my stomach feels bad…” Yuuri cries wretchedly convulsing with another empty gag.

“It’s ok, you’re gonna be fine…” Viktor murmurs. Yuuri undoubtably caught this bug from his last free skate where it had spread between most of the competitors. It is going to be be a horrible 24 hours, but Viktor will stay with his poorly boyfriend as long as it takes.

Harder To Breathe

Kai x Reader 

Song: Harder To Breathe ~ Maroon 5 

Request: Jongin smut where you come home and catch him masturbating and you can’t help but watch and he sees you and asks if you want to help him?

Word Count: 1,666

Rated: Smut 

 A/N: I kinda did something different for the “asks if you wanna help him” part but I hope you like it any way~ Ugh the ending is trash. 

 You drove home in the dark, having just run to the store to grab some ice cream and a movie. You were bored and sad and decided an action movie might spice up your life. It sounded pathetic, but you missed your boyfriend a lot. He was one of the best parts of your life, and provided you with some of your best, happiest memories. It was nearly impossible for you to feel upset when you were with him. You lived together but for the last couple of weeks he’d been staying at the dorms instead of with you, and it sucked a lot. They were preparing some new dances for a couple awards shows later in the year and he said it didn’t make sense for him to come home at 3 a.m and leave again at 7. You disagreed, but it was selfish of you to make him run all the way home when he could get more sleep by practicing at and sleeping in the dorm, so you told him it was fine and that you’d miss him. It wasn’t fine, and you did miss him a lot. Hence the ice cream you were about to use to drown your sorrows. 

 Stepping into your two bedroom apartment, you made a beeline for your room, which was towards the back. You were going to cuddle up in one of his sweatshirts and your comfiest panties and try to enjoy this movie as much as you could without him being there with you. As you walked, you picked up an unusual sound coming from your room. You slowed, cocking your head towards the noise that seemed to be coming from your room. You crept along, coming to a stop just beside your slightly open door, identifying what you now understood to be breaths. Heavy breaths. 

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Intro Note: So something very exciting happened over on my ACOTAR blog (@acourtofdreamsandstarlight) tonight…I hit 1,000 followers! ONE. THOUSAND. Like, my brain can hardly even comprehend it. I am so, so thankful for each and every one of you, and I’m glad that you like my silly little obsessive blog! To say thanks, I wrote a short continuation of my earlier Feysand pregnancy drabble, which you can read here. This drabble is also dedicated to @feysand17, who has been waiting for me for ages to write a continuation (and don’t worry–I haven’t forgotten your other prompt request either!) and the lovely ladies of the Skype Court for their support. :) Hope you enjoy!

Prompt: “Can you help me up? Your child is pretty heavy.”

Feyre Archeron, Cursebreaker, Defender of the Rainbow, and High Lady of the Night Court, had had just about enough of this pregnancy business. At nine months, two days, fifteen hours, and give or take seven minutes—not that she was counting––she was more than ready to have this baby.

Heaving a long sigh, the High Lady of the Night Court chucked aside the book she’d been reading—well, trying to read. She doubted she’d made it any further than a few pages in the past hour, and if pressed, she wouldn’t have been able to describe any of the events that had transpired in the normally riveting tale about a fearless assassin queen. It was rather hard to concentrate on the problems of imaginary people when a very real, very tiny person kept demanding her attention with insistent kicks inside her belly every few minutes.

Feyre ran a hand in soothing circles over her bulging stomach. “Believe me, baby, I’m just as impatient for you to be out of there as you are,” she said. As if in agreement, there came another kick, this one a bit more forceful than the last, and Feyre winced.

It was her eighth day of bed rest, which had been ordered by the Night Court’s most experienced healer and midwife, Arin. Feyre felt that if she did not have this baby soon, she was truly going to go out of her mind.

As she shifted to find a more comfortable position, which, admittedly, was next to impossible, she was hit with an urgent pressure on her bladder. She pushed herself up onto her elbows with a groan and called down the bond to her husband. Less than a second later, Rhysand was at the edge of the bed.

“Is my lady in need of assistance?” he asked with a crooked smile and a low bow. Seeing the frown on her face, Rhysand straightened, and his tone immediately went from one of mild teasing to sober urgency. “Feyre, what is it? Are you in pain? Is something wrong? Should I fetch Arin?”

Feyre rolled her eyes at his fussing. “I’m all right, you big Illyrian baby. I just need to get to the bathing room is all. Can you help me up? Your child is pretty heavy.”

“Oh,” Rhys said, his shoulders relaxing. “Of course.” He leaned over the bed, one arm sliding behind her back while the other slipped under her knees. In one fluid motion, he lifted her from the bed.

“I’m perfectly capable of walking,” Feyre huffed. “It’s just the getting-on-my-feet part that’s a little tricky.”

Rhys clicked his tongue. “Ah-ah, you remember what Arin said. No walking or standing until after the baby’s arrived.”

Feyre let out a low growl. “Damn what Arin says. What exactly is she afraid is going to happen if I stand and walk? That I’ll go into labor? Because at this point I’m thinking of doing just that if it will speed things along.”

Rhys chuckled at her irritable retort. “Don’t shoot the messenger, Feyre. I’m just following orders.” He hugged her tighter to his chest. “And truth be told, I’m rather enjoying it.”

“Yes, well, don’t expect to be carrying me around again for a very long time.”

Rhys had just stepped into the bathing room when suddenly a dampness soaked Feyre’s nightdress. She gasped in horror, thinking for a moment she’d lost control of her bladder and wet herself. She looked up at Rhys, who was staring down at the damp fabric with some surprise, and felt her cheeks color. Quite against her will, tears of embarrassment sprang to her eyes. Cauldron damn my infernal hormones, she cursed silently.

“Rhys, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what—“

But she hesitated in her apology as she saw a smile spread across her husband’s face.

“What in the name of the Mother could you possibly be smiling at?” she demanded, her face burning as she thought he might be about to laugh at her.

“Feyre, darling,” he said, his violet eyes sparkling with excitement. “Your waters just broke. Are you ready to meet our baby?”

Request: Love the lonely out of you

Request: Imagine reuniting with Tig after he gets out of jail (like season 4) romantic and passionate smut maybe?

This song inspired me to write this imagine, you can listen it HERE

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by walking-fandoms

Tig’s POV

He never had told anyone everything about his life, but he did that with her. He had been honest, but suddenly, Tig decided not to tell Y/N about him going to prison. He was terrified of her finding out about it. Their relationship was great, he loved Y/N very much, but he didn’t know if she would stay, go through that. Prison would be something new in her life, maybe she would leave him. It would be better to go inside believing she would be waiting for him. He knew it was irrational, he was fooling himself, but he hoped it would be better that way.

Sun would rise soon and he was already awake, gently waking her up to make love. It was urgent, desperate and he lost himself in her. Y/N, obviously, noticed something was out of place.

“Tough job?”, she ran her fingers through his hair, Tig’s face buried on her breasts, arms around her. He nodded, breathing her scent in, “Everything will be fine Alex, I’ll be thinking about you okay?”

“Okay”, he muttered and kissed her deeply once more.


They barely had parked their bikes when Stahl and ATF came in. Tig sighed. That was it, he was ready to go. Gemma looked at him, knowing she would be the one to tell Y/N. That was when another car entered on TM and it was Y/N.

“Shit”, he cursed. She wasn’t supposed to be there, to see him being pushed inside a van by the feds.

“Alex!”, she called him. Tig felt the handcuffs, tight on his wrists and clenched his jaw. Next to him, Tara was trying to give Jax one last kiss. He looked up and Y/N was crying.

“Please no”, he whispered. It was breaking his heart to see her like that. Gemma walked towards her and wrapped an arm around his beloved Y/N. He could see the disappointment in her eyes. He sat next to his brothers and let his head fall, “I lost her”.

He thought nobody had listened him, but Juice whispered, “You didn’t, man. You’ll see”. Juice and his innocence…Yes, he would believe that for now, to survive those months. Tig would think about her waiting for him, and not in the cold empty bed he would find when he left prison.

14 months later

He was riding, finally going back to Charming, the clubhouse, TM. Tig had missed the highway, the bike under him and the wind. He focused on that, on feeling the freedom again, not to think about her. Being outside also meant home, an empty home. She hadn’t visited him and actually, he wouldn’t want her to do that. He didn’t ask Chibs about her when they met outside Stockton, he wanted to stay hopeful for a little longer.

They entered the parking lot and there were people waiting. Family and friends cheering as they parked the bikes along the fence. Tig took his time and only in the last second, when he couldn’t avoid it anymore, he looked up. Her car wasn’t there.

“Tiggy…”, Gemma walked towards him, arms open.

“Please Gem, don’t try to…”, he didn’t want her pity, that would be the worst.

“She is late shithead”, she hit his shoulder, “She is just… Thank God! Finally!”

Gemma looked over his shoulder and Tig turned around. A familiar car was entering the TM and then, his Y/N was running to his arms. Tig thought his heart could explode, he lifted her, feeling her legs wrap around him.

“I’m sorry”, she caressed his face, touched his hair, “I’m late”

Before he could say anything Y/N lowered her lips to his. He held her as close as he could, ignoring the whistles. She was there! He growled at the sweet taste of her mouth and the adorable sound she made when he dug his fingers on her thighs.

“I missed you Alex”, her voice was breaking as she locked her eyes with his.

“I missed you too baby girl”, he couldn’t help the wide grin spreading on his face when she smiled. He looked to his brothers going inside and put her back on the floor, “I have Church now gorgeous. Will you wait for me?”

“Yes”, she traced his low lip with her thumb. Tig opened his mouth to let the tip of his tongue touch it. Her eyes widened and he actually thought about missing Church. She walked backwards, “I’ll wait for you at home Alex”


They had the day free after Church and Tig rushed to his bike, anxious to get at her house. He still couldn’t believe she was there. He was a lucky man, Y/N deserved the best and he would work hard every day to be a better man for her. He was finally home and Tig opened the door just to find her on the other side, waiting for him. She let her arms fall down her sides; she was crying and smiling at the same time.

“You are here”, she whispered and Tig took large steps towards her. He cupped her face and pressed his lips on hers.

“Yes baby girl”, he wiped her tears with his thumb and she covered his hands with hers.

“House was quiet without you”, she moved her fingers to his lips, “Bed was so cold”

“I’m here now doll”, Tig slid his hands down her body, pulling her close, “I won’t leave you again”

He kissed her, soft and slow. Her hands slid under his kutte, taking it off. She carefully put it over the table and Tig smiled at the gesture. He lifted her, carrying Y/N, legs around him, to the bedroom.

“Love me Alex”, she whispered on his ear, arms wrapped around his neck. Tig trembled with the urgency to love her, but he would take it slow, really make love to her and savor his Y/N on his arms again.

Tig sat on bed with her on his lap. He kicked his boots off as Y/N giggled, kissing his neck. He tangled his fingers on her hair, so soft and beautiful, pulling her mouth to his. Her fingers frantically unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off.

“I want you Alex”, she whispered, grinding on him, “I need you”

“Baby girl”, his groaned, grabbing her hips, “I want you so bad too, but I want it to be slow. Love you the way you deserve to be loved. Adore you”

She took a deep breath and held the hem of her tank top, taking it off. Tig swallowed as she reached for her bra, unclasping and throwing it on the floor, “Don’t make me beg”, she held his shoulders, arching her back.

Tig cupped her breasts, feeling the familiar weight on his hands. His thumbs brushed the nipples, making them hard and she sucked in a breath. Y/N moaned his name, Tig growled, trailing kisses down her chest and over each nipple. He sucked them, listening her soft moans and feeling her hands on his hair. “You are so beautiful”, Tig squeezed her breasts, kissing them, “So perfect”.

He held her close and gently laid her, his body covering hers. Tig brought her fingers to his lips; he kissed them and her wrist, sucking along her pulse. She looked at him through her eyelashes, loving eyes making his heart beats faster. He knelt on bed, pulling her shorts down her legs, panties following. Tig held her leg, kissing her soft skin, looking at her. Y/N locked her eyes with his before moan his name.

“Alex”, Tig’s mouth was ajar as he watched her move her hand between her legs, touching herself. He inhaled deeply and took of his clothes. Naked, he hovered over her again, taking her hand in his.

“I told you it would be slow”, he smirked, licking her fingers.

“Fourteen months is long enough Alex”, she bucked her hips up. Tig closed his eyes tight, trying to control himself. His cock slid over her folds and he could feel how ready she was for him.

“Oh my God, I don’t deserve you”, he said, holding his member at her entrance, “My angel”

Tig slowly pushed inside her, feeling her wet and warm around him. He muffled her moans on his mouth, tangling his fingers with hers. He clenched his jaw, trying to control himself. He wanted it to last, though he was going crazy close to her again. The months apart making it more intense.

She pressed her thighs on his sides, whining. Tig cupped the back of her neck, pressing his forehead against hers, breaths mixing.

“Alex, I-“, she mumbled, chest heaving, “Baby, please. I can’t…”

“Shh”, Tig held her close, his thrusts losing pace as her walls started to pulse, “It’s okay…Come with me baby girl, just let go”

She did. Y/N tossed her head back on the pillow, eyes closed. His name got choked on her throat, Tig growled as her pussy tightened and he buried his cock deep inside her in one last thrust. He spilled his seed inside her and hid his face on the crook of her neck. He tasted the sweat on her skin and breathed their scent mixed, perfection. Their calmed down, her arms around him, caressing his back.

“I missed you so much”, Tig pressed her more against him, bringing her close as he laid on his side. He pulled back to look at her and put a strand of hair behind her ear, “I love you Y/N”

“I love you too Alex”, she cupped his face and put a chaste kiss on his lips. Tig held her hand tight on his.

“Do you forgive me?”, he creased his brow, desperate to talk, to get that out of his chest, “For not telling you”

“Alex”, she pushed him laid on his back. Tig watched as she rested over his chest, fingers tracing circles on his skin, “It’s okay babe… I won’t deny it, I got disappointed for you not telling me, we were supposed to be there for each other. Gemma told me you were scared. I was scared too; when I saw them taking you and I didn’t know what was happening. Did you thought about that?”

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry”, Tig desperately pulled her to him, “It was the first time I was going to prison since I met you, the first time you would face something like that. I didn’t know how you would react”

“Well, now you do know”, she smiled, playfully hitting his chest, “I didn’t run and I’ll never do that. I won’t leave you so easily Alexander Trager”

“I don’t want you to”, Tig rolled on bed again, making her giggle when he nuzzled on her neck, “In fact…I think it’s time for you to get a crow. What do you think?”

Y/N stared at him for a second and Tig held his breath, waiting. She smiled and bit her lip, “Where?”

Tig rested his hand between her breasts, “Here”. She nodded and Tig smiled, his lips replacing his hand. She purred and her nail lazily trailed a path on his back. He looked up at her and smirked before continue kissing her body. He couldn’t get enough of her, the tattoo could wait a little longer.

Social Suicide part 6

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: SMUT (trust me), swearing, dirty talk. 

As a socialite you do what is expected of you, you show up. But when you meet a man completely different, and seemingly out of this world, your world changes fast

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

‘Bucky, I’m fine! Really, I need to train, or I will lose my form and get fat!’ You whined as you followed him around the kitchen.

Tony snorted at your comment, but held up his hands in defense when you glared at him.

‘Y/N you lost a lot of weight in the hospital. You were there for three weeks. You should at least gain a few pounds’ he said while still holding his hands up.

You’d been living at the avengers tower ever since you got out of the hospital after the event. All of your assets had been frozen due to the investigation, something you already knew was going to happen; but it didn’t make things any easier. You couldn’t afford your apartment anymore, so Tony arranged to have you moved.

You were used to a certain lifestyle, and you couldn’t afford that either at the moment. Tony offered to help, in the form of an enormous cheque, buy you politely declined. Your assets wouldn’t be frozen forever, and you could stand to live like this for a few weeks.

Momentarily though, you were after something else. You were back on your feet and declared completely healthy by three different doctors (Curtesy of Tony Stark) but Bucky wouldn’t let you come near the gym; or train with you for that matter.

'Bucky, come on! I need this, I’m going insane!’ You blocked his way to the fridge to get his attention.

“Y/N..’ He sighed.

'No!’ You stomped your foot to empower the word. 'Train with me, or at least let me into the gym!’

You huffed, and you actually started to feel angry towards him. Who was he to tell you what you can and can’t do anyway? And suddenly a vicious grin played your features. 'Or..’ You whispered darkly, 'are you afraid of getting your ass handed to you, again?’

Bucky raised his eyebrows at you, while you heard Tony mutter a: “ooooohhhh shit” from the kitchen counter.

'You sure are confident there, doll’ Bucky towered over her with a strange look in his eyes.

'Apparently, you’re not’ you sassed back as you crossed your arms and cocked your eyebrow.

Bucky growled and slammed his hands against the fridge, trapping you between his muscular arms.

'You wanna test that theory, baby girl?’ he hissed.

'I don’t wanna hurt you, honey’ you smiled sweetly. This was going exactly as you wanted.

A growl erupted from him again as he grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the kitchen. Leaving Tony behind with a puzzled look on his face as to what just happened. 

You noticed you weren’t going anywhere near the gym and started to wonder if your plan had actually worked, or if you were gonna get an earful from Bucky.

Turns out; it was neither. Almost kicking the door down in the process, he threw you into your bedroom and shut the door.

You stood in the middle of the room, still wondering what the hell was going to happen.

'Take off your clothes’ Bucky’s voice surprised you. A deep, dark and husky tone to his words.

'Wh-what?’ You stammered, feeling a heat originate from your core, spreading through your whole body like wildfire.

'Take. Off. Your. Clothes’ he growled while taking a few steps closer to you.

You couldn’t help but obey him, the way he commanded you put you in a trance. You pulled your top over your head slowly, determined to give him a show in the process. Starting at the button of your jeans, you pulled it as slowly as you did your top.

You heard his breathing pick up as you slid your jeans down to your ankles and stepping out of them.

You stopped as you stood before him in your lingerie.

'Did I tell you to stop?’ He took a few more steps and stopped in front of you.

You obeyed again, reaching behind you for your bra clasp, again at a staggeringly slow pace. But Bucky had just about had enough of your teasing. He harshly grabbed your bra between your breasts and ripped it clean off.

You gasped at his roughness, but felt your core heating up all the more because of it.

'Because you feel so up for kicking my ass..’ Bucky growled as he raised his hand to your cheek and caressed it gently, causing you to tremble where you stood. 'I’m gonna see if you’re ready to take the consequences’ he continued and grabbed your hair at the back of your head, pulling it back so you looked him clean in the eyes.

'Do you think you’re ready, baby girl?’ His tone so soft, but still so dark, you had trouble standing upright.

'I’m ready, daddy’ you breathed, not knowing where to look; his lips, his crotch, his broad shoulders..

'I think, you’ve been acting out. You’ve been a bad girl’ he dipped his head in to devour your neck. Using his lips, tongue, teeth; making you shudder and moan out loudly.

'Sounds like my bad girl is a little hot and bothered’ his voice vibrated through your body.

'Bucky..’ You moaned his name and instantly knew your fault. Your head snapped back due to his pull on your hair.

'What did you say?’

'Daddy! I meant daddy’ you squealed, loving the way he worked you so rough.

'That’s right, baby girl. I’m gonna remind you who’s in charge. And who your fucking daddy is’ he hissed against your ear, his scruff scratching your cheek as he spoke. His metal arm now on your throat, pressing the air out of you just enough for you to gasp. He lead you over to the bed, throwing you on your back. Before you could even begin to understand what was happening, your panties were ripped off the same way your bra was.

'My beautiful, bad girl’ he groaned as he drank your naked body in his sights.

You moaned as your hands were out of your control, reaching for your dripping core, desperate for attention. Before you were able to touch yourself, Bucky commanded you: 'turn’

'B-but Daddy..’ You whined.

'Shut up’ he hissed. 'And.. turn

'Yes Daddy’ you whined and did as you were told.

'Oh that’s my bad little girl..’ He breathed looking at your ass. 'You know I have to punish you for being bad, don’t you baby girl?’

Your body covered with goosebumps, the anticipation driving you crazy.

'Yes daddy’ you answered submissively.

'Good’ he growled, you felt the bed dip underneath the weight of his body.

His hand traveled gently from your calf up to your thigh; stopping just under the curve of your ass.

'Brace yourself, baby. I’m gonna make you be a good girl’ he whispered. His voice lustful and still so deliciously dark.

You gripped the sheets underneath your fingers, closing your eyes slowly, you waited. Just when your eyelids shut, his flesh hand landed on your cheek with some force.

You gasped and a moan escaped your lips as you felt your skin burn under his palm.

'If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re enjoying this’ Bucky grinned at your response.

You could only whimper pathetically, completely under his control, and loving every second pf it. His hand landed on your cheek again, another moan left you.

You were impressed by the way he knew your limits, his hand coming down with just the right force to make it sting, but still pleasure you in every way possible.

His hand trailed from your ass to your thigh, he pulled your legs apart and without warning he pushed a metal finger inside of you.

Gripping the sheets tighter, you gasped and the word 'Daddy’ left your lips in a scream.

'That’s right baby girl, scream for me’ Bucky pumped his finger inside of you as you started grinding your hips to his rhythm.

'You’re so wet, baby girl.. Turn around, I wanna taste you’

You did as you were told immediately. Your naked body exposed and vulnerable in front of him, you realize you trust him completely. Heart and soul.

'Are you gonna be a good girl?’ He growled at the sight of your wetness.

'Yes, daddy’ you whimpered, your chest moving fast with heaving breaths.

'That’s my baby girl’ he grinned just before he dove in between your legs.

A stream of foul language left your lips, and you felt Bucky smile while he sucked your bundle of nerves gently. Flicking his tongue around it at a staggering speed, you cried out for him to fuck you, to ruin you.

Bucky sat up and watched you squirm for him with his dark, lustful eyes. And then he just chuckled, 'not yet’

He rose to his feet and started undressing; you watched him reveal his beautifully sculptured body, your lust for him only growing with every inch of his skin exposed to you.

Finally he stood in front of you completely bare and incredibly strained.

'Come here’

You complied, crawling off the bed submissively to stand before him.

'On your knees’ he whispered hoarsely.

You slowly descended to your knees, your gaze never breaking from his, knowing the innocent look you gave him drove him insane.

'Suck my cock, baby girl’

You opened your mouth to accommodate him, and before you could even take him, Bucky already gave it to you. Shoving himself between your lips, you immediately made sure he felt everything there was to feel about you. Rolling your tongue while you sucked with all you had, muffled moans escaping from the back of your throat.

He let out a breathy laugh, 'You like that baby? You want me to give it to you?’

You released him from your lips, nodding while flicking your tongue around his tip.

He smiled, 'Only because you’re being such a good girl’ he jolted his hips forward, making you take him in completely. You struggled with his size, moaning out around him.

'That’s right baby, take it all’ he growled throwing his head back in pleasure. He thrusted into your mouth, still so aware of your limits, as you enjoyed every second of his pleasure.

He finally pulled back, leaving you to gasp for air.

'Get on the bed’ he instructed, dragging you up by your hair.

'Is this what you want, baby girl?’ He breathed, clearly struggling to control himself. 'You want me to fuck you?’

'Yes! Please, daddy!’ you moaned desperately. The anticipation was becoming too much for your body to handle, the sight of him eyeing you like this made your mouth water and your core soak.

Without another word Bucky lunged at you, taking your lips in a sloppy, searing hot kiss. Not able to think of a kinky position to suit the mood due to the haze that now clouded his mind, he pushed himself into you; making you cry out with pleasure and relief. His thrusts steady and harsh, while his lips moved against yours lovingly and passionate; the contradiction between the two sending you over the edge before you even knew what hit you. Clawing at his shoulders, Bucky held you close as he came to his own finish, an animalistic moan leaving him in the form of your name.

‘I love you, baby girl’ he whispered, still with ragged breaths as he pulled you into him. 

‘I love you too, Bucky’ you smirked against his chest, letting a content sigh escape your lips.

sick december

Jake went into December’s room to wake her up since she always wanted to wake up for runs in the morning. “Good morning baby.” Jake brightened her night light and found her curled up in a ball under her covers. “Hey..” He walked over to her and sat down on her bed to put his hand on her shoulder. He realized she was shaking and sweating and her hands were holding her stomach. He pushed her hair back from her face and asked her,“ Baby are you alright? You’re scaring me. Hey.” December moaned in pain as a response and pushed her hand into her stomach even further. “Baby…” Jake sat her up and hugged her tightly. Tears started trickling down her cheeks from her tightly clenched together eyes. “December please. Tell me what’s wrong so i can help you. Please.” Jake wiped her tears away. He took a hair tie from her wrist and tied her hair into a ponytail. She cried harder into Jake’s chest as she clenched her stomach. Jake was getting so worried and he held her closer to him. She finally stopped crying after a while and looked up at him with red eyes and muttered painfully,“ Jake my stomach is killing me it hurts so bad i want to die.” Tears resumed falling off her face as she looked at him. Jake suddenly felt a pang of horror as December rarely felt horrible and she had always had a very strong tolerance for pain. “Baby, lie down for a while and i’ll go get you some painkillers. I’ll be right back okay? I love you.” Jake gently laid her down and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before running off for the painkillers and water.

Jake quickly returned and fed it to December. “Thank you.” She weakly mumbled. “It’s okay.” Jake looked at her with a face full of concern. She let out a soft burp and covered her mouth. She burped again and again. She started to pat her chest and tried to burp but she cant get it out. Jake gently hit her back to help her and after some pats she let out a huge burp. “Can you please get me a bucket i feel sick.” December asked. “Sure sure.” Jake rushed off and back with a huge bucket. He also took a bottle of medicated oil. “Do you want me to help you rub your stomach? I think you will feel better after.” Jake offered. She nodded gratefully. He smiled and lifted her shirt to put some medicated oil on. He noticed that her stomach was very bloated and that it was gurgling loudly. He dropped some onto her stomach and started to rub it softly. She moaned and Jake gave her kisses. She burped once in a while and Jake started to rub a little harder to help her get the gas out. “I’m going to be sick.” December quickly sat up and grabbed the bucket. She gagged and dry heaved while Jake rubbed her back soothingly, whispering comfortingly to her. “Let it out, it’s okay.” Jake reached in front for her stomach to give it rubs. She let out a wet burp and spit into the bucket. Jake rubbed her stomach harder and she started to throw up streams of water and stomach acid. She hadn’t ate much for dinner and haven’t even ate breakfast so she didn’t have much to throw up. She continued to dry heave even though there was nothing left in her stomach. “Baby that’s enough you’re empty already.” He pat her back to show her. She finally stopped and she leaned back onto Jake’s warm body. She rested her head on his chest. Jake noticed little droplets of tears dripping from her eyes and he wiped them off with a soft towel. “Do you feel better?” He asked as he pat her stomach softly to settle it. “No, it still hurts a lot.” December replied weakly. Jake gave her some water and she rinsed her mouth, spitting it out into the bucket. “Drink some baby. I don’t want you to get dehydrated.” He held the bottle to her mouth after she handed it back. She resisted for a while before drinking a tiny sip. “Hey. Don’t be so stubborn. Drink more.” Jake said firmly. December started to cry. “Baby, baby no, don’t cry please. I’m sorry, i’m just really worried about you.” Jake felt incredibly guilty. December managed to drink half of the bottle with tears dripping off her face. “That’s enough baby. Thank you.” Jake capped the bottle and continued rubbing her stomach. Her stomach rumbled loudly and she moaned in pain. Jake could see her stomach getting bloated even though she isn’t eating anything. “I need to bring you to the hospital December.” Jake told her. “No! Please. I don’t want to go, just stay here with me i’ll get better i promise.” She begged Jake and looked at him with wet eyes. “If you get worse i will need to bring you to the hospital.” He said. She nodded and rested her head on his chest again. Jake hugged her and pat her stomach lightly as she fell asleep.

December suddenly sat up and looked around frantically for the bucket. She quickly reached for it and threw up the water she just drank. “Oh no.” Jake kneeled beside her and rubbed her back. She burped a lot and he pat her back to help her. After some time she leaned back against Jake and breathed heavily to catch her breath. Jake kissed her forehead and she looked at him. “I’m sorry.” She sighed. “It’s okay baby, i love you.” Jake smiled at her. “Why is it so cold.” She rubbed her arms and shivered. Jake took off his hoodie and put it on for December. “You should sleep. Rest will get you better.” Jake kissed her lips softly and pat her back as she curled into him. She fell asleep in Jake’s muscular arms and Jake pulled up the blanket to keep both of them warm. Jake fell asleep after some time as well.

Jake woke up after he felt December get out of his arms. That was quickly accompanied with sounds of her throwing up. He rubbed his eyes and blinked while he tried to grasp a hold onto reality. When he finally really woke up he saw December kneeling in front of the bucket and she was dry heaving. “Oh baby you don’t feel well again.” Jake walked over to rub her back. She nodded as she threw up streams of water and stomach acid. Jake fed her some water and wiped her mouth. “We should go see a doctor you know. I’m worried for you.” Jake suggested. “I don’t want to, Jake. And i probably can’t even get out of the house right now.” December protested. “I’ll carry you out if that’s your concern.” Jake replied. “No, please i really don’t want to go.” December gave Jake her puppy eyes and pouted. “Plus, if it were you being sick you wouldn’t want to go see a doctor too, and i know that.” She added. “True.” Jake sighed and continued rubbing her back. “But do you feel better though?” He asked. “A little bit. Can you rub my stomach again? That felt nice.” December smiled at Jake to reassure him. “Sure baby, anything for you. I’ll go get some more water and empty the bucket first.” Jake hurried off and back. “I love you and i hope you feel a lot better soon.” Jake kissed her stomach and then her lips. “Hey don’t kiss me. You’ll get sick too.” December pushed his face away weakly. “Then you’ll take care of me won’t you.” Jake laughed. “I will but i don’t want you to feel horrible babe.” December held his face in her tiny hands and felt his sharp jawline. He smiled and kissed her cheek before rubbing her stomach for her. “Let me know if i’m hurting you alright? And tell me if you feel sick again.” Jake told December. “Mmm.” She replied and closed her eyes. Jake continued to rub her stomach in gentle circles and sometimes patting it. He could feel and hear her stomach rumbling and gurgling. She would occasionally let out soft burps and cover them with her hand. After some time when December’s stomach didn’t rumble so much, he asked her,“ Do you feel any better? Does your stomach still hurt?” “I feel a lot better now. Still a little bit nauseous but it’s alright.” December replied. “Good.” Jake reached for her hands and massaged them. “Your hands are so big it feels really nice.” December smiled. “I’ll do this more often for you then.” Jake laughed and continued. “Sleep with me, I bet you’re tired too.” December scooted to the inner side of the bed and made space for Jake. He climbed in and pulled her in to cuddle. “Thanks for taking care of me babe. I don’t know where i found this amazing boyfriend haha.” December laughed as she buried her face into Jake’s warm chest. “It’s okay. I found you in the dust bin.” Jake joked and they both chuckled. They soon fell asleep to the rhythm of Jake patting December’s back.
The Rugby Player - Calum Hood Smut

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Word count - 2313

Pairing - Y/N and Calum 

Smut?: Yes! 

A/N: I’ve wanted to write this for so looooong!!!!!

Sucking in a deep breath, you bit your hand and held back a scream. Your whole body tensed and with your other hand you gripped the blanket so tightly the bones of your knuckles looked as if they were about to rip through the skin.

Calum had just been tackled to the ground and he was currently out of sight due to all the men piled on top of him. You hoped he was okay. Last time this had happened he’d been kicked in the face with someone’s studs and the team had to call out medical. He’s merely suffered a black eye, a couple of cuts, concussion and some damage to his pride, but you’d still cried at the state of him afterwards.

“Y/N,” Ashton laughed next to you. “Calm down, he’s fine! He wasn’t tackled, they’re piling on him because he scored.”

“Yeah, but he could still get hurt, Ashton. Why couldn’t he be into swimming like you or be into sitting at home and playing video games like Michael.” You folded your arms grumpily, letting out a sigh of relief when you saw Calum stand up from the pile.

Calum’s eyes immediately found yours and he smirked, sending you a wink before he jogged off down the playing field. You heard some girlish squeals behind you. “Yeesh, why are you guys squealing? He was winking at Y/N.” You heard an unfamiliar voice tell them. Their squeals stopped.

You felt a finger poke your spine and you turned around. Three girls were staring you. They all looked about sixteen. “Are you Calum’s girlfriend?” One of the girls asked.

“Um, yeah.” You shuffled uncomfortably, wanting to turn around and keep an eye on Calum.

“Oh my God! I’m so jealous!” One of the girls wailed and you laughed. “He’s so hot.” She stuck her tongue out and started panting. You couldn’t blame her. You were once like them, drooling over the Maori boy through the television. After a year of fantasising over him, you finally met him in a supermarket.

You’d both gone for the last bag of Doritos, Calum’s quick hands making it easy to snatch them from your reach. You’d looked at him, a mixture of horror and surprise on your face. Horror because you were a sweaty mess from your morning jog and surprise because, well, the Calum Hood had just stolen the last bag of Doritos.

He’d smiled at you, waving the Doritos in your face as he spoke to you, “You can have the Doritos if you give me your phone number.”

Ashton’s voice brought you back from your thoughts and to your conversation before the girls had interrupted you. “Hey, you should be glad he decided to play rugby years ago. If it weren’t for him being a rugby player, you would never have been a fan of rugby and if you weren’t a fan of rugby wouldn’t have worn that rugby shirt in the supermarket which would’ve meant that Calum probably wouldn’t have approached you.”

“Smartass,” you muttered.

You moved your eyes back to the game just as Calum was tackled violently to the ground.

“Okay, now you can freak out.” Ashton shouted as he stood up with the rest of the roaring crowd. You bolted from your seat, scurrying down the stairs to the barrier where Calum’s team manager was stood.

“Is he okay?” You shouted over to the manager.

The man rubbed his hands together. “I’m not sure, that was one of the worst tackles I’ve seen.”

Those were not the words you wanted to hear.

Gripping the metal barrier, you climbed into the area with the manager. If Calum was escorted off, he’d be brought here.

He hadn’t got up yet. He was still lying still on the ground, a couple of his team members stood around him as medical checked him over on the field. Slowly, Calum began to sit up. He looked a little puzzled, a hand raising to his head to wipe the blood from his forehead so that it didn’t go into his eyes.

You saw the medical man speak to the referee and Calum before he helped Calum off the floor and moved him in your direction.

Calum did not look happy and the blood dripping down his face only added to the angry look he had on his face.

The look softened when he saw you. He started to feel less angry and more guilty as he saw the tears streaming down your face. He knew you hated it when he got hurt and he hated it when you cried because of him getting hurt.

He hoofed himself over the barrier and pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before turning away so that you couldn’t see the blood.

“Let me play.” You heard him demand.

“Hood, look, that wound doesn’t look like it’s going to heal anytime soon. You need to go to the hospital for some stitches.” His manager told him.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” He snapped. “I’m the best player on the team. We need to win this match. Just get the medical to stitch me up”

“The medical just check you over. They don’t do stitches or anything. They’re firstaid. And Calum, the team can hold off the other time for another fifteen minutes. It’s probably impossible for them to overtake us now, Hood. we’re too far in front. We’ve already won.”

“Let me pla-”

“Calum! Let your girl take you to the hospital. She looks like she’s about to have a panic attack.”

That seemed to smack some realisation into Calum.

He whipped round and saw your shaking body and heaving chest.

“No, baby, no.” he mumbled, stepping forward and pulling you into his sweat and blood covered shirt. He could feel the rapid beat of your heart against his chest and he moved his hands to stroke your hair and back, a motion that soothed you.

“Don’t panic, don’t cry.” He whispered, rocking you side to side slightly.

“I-I can’t h-help it.” You sputtered out between sobs.

“I know baby, I know. What do you want to do? Want me to take you home?”

“No,” you pushed him away. “I want to take you to the hospital.” Grasping his hands, you kissed his bloody knuckles. “Please.” You muttered against his skin, sensing his reluctance.

He pulled you back into him. “If taking me to the hospital will make you feel better I’ll go.” He told you, not being able to resist your angelic, tear-stained face.

You nodded, tugging him to the exit.

“Feel better now?” Calum mumbled into your shirt.

“Much.” You sighed, brushing your fingers through his hair.

The two of you were currently lying on the bed. Calum was between you legs, he had his arms wrapped around your waist and his head resting of your soft stomach.

You had shut all the blinds and turned off the lights in an attempt to sooth Calum’s headache. He’d refused to take pain killers, saying that “I’m a rugby player, Y/N. I’m too manly for pain killers. Yet here he was, squeezing the life out of you as a wave of pain flashed through his head.

“How ‘bout you?” You asked, tickling the sides of his neck slightly. He groaned and nuzzled his face further into your stomach to avoid your tickling fingers.

“Good. A little sore and tired, but good.” He unwrapped his arms from your waist and pushed himself up so that he could look into your eyes. “And horny.”

“Calum,” you warned. We can’t, you have a headache. And a fractured rib.”

He snorted. “Y/N, please, this is nothing. I’ll be good as new tomorrow. And orgasms will take my mind of the headache.” He smiled smugly.

“Calum, the mood isn’t rea-”

He pushed himself up onto his knees and cut you off, slamming his lips to yours. “Shush.” He grabbed you hand and pulled it towards his shorts. He forced your hand to cup his crotch and you immediately applied pressure. He moaned quietly, unable to control the way his hips thrusted into your hand.

“Y/NNNNN,” he drawled, throwing his head back as you began to palm him through the thin material.

“How did you get this hard?” You giggled when he nearly toppled to the side.

“All you baby, all you.” He pushed your hand away and shucked off his shorts. Apparently Calum hadn’t felt like putting underwear on when he’d put his shorts on.

His curved cock stood proud against his stomach, leaking slightly at the tip. He wrapped a hand around it, stroking it gently. He let go and moved his palm in front of your face. “Spit.” He commanded. You did as you were told, spitting into the palm of his hand.

“Mmm, baby,” he gasped when he held his cock in his hand again.

You edged closer to him. “Calum,” you murmured, not taking your eyes off his dick. “Let me touch. I want to touch, I want to taste. Please.”

Calum pushed away your needy hands. “No, no. Not tonight, baby. You can only watch.”

“Calll, nooooo.” You whined, giving him your best puppy face.

“Y/N, yesssss.” He mocked you, closing his eyes so he surrender to your puppy face.

You groaned, yanking off all of your clothes so that you were completely naked, just like Calum.

“Please let me touch you.” You begged, moving your own hand to touch yourself.

“‘Gimme your fingers, Y/N.” He tapped his lips with a finger on his free hand.

Slowly, you slid your fingers into his mouth, loving the way his tongue curled deftly around your digits. You moaned with him as his tongue gave each finger special attention.

Reluctantly, you moved your fingers out of your mouth and moved them back down to rub yourself. “Good girl.” He groaned at the beautiful sight of you.

After a couple more minutes, Calum got up and moved off the bed. He held out his hand for you to take.

“What are you doing?” You asked as he lead you over to the large armchair in the corner of the room.

“Not what I’m doing. It’s what you’re going to be doing?”

“What?” You gave him a puzzled look as he lowered himself into the chair, keep his legs spread apart.

“I want you to ride my thigh until you come, Y/N.” You watched as his cock twitched at his words.

“You want me to what?”

“You heard me the first time.” He patted his thighs. “Pick a thigh, any thigh.”

You laughed at his cheesiness.

“Which thigh do you recommend, Cal?” You stood in front of him, trailing your fingers up and down his arms.

He closed his eyes at your touch.

“My right leg, your left.” He patted the thigh. “Still no touching though, baby.” He smirked and, once again, curled his hand around his member.

“No fair.” You pouted, positioning yourself over his thigh.

You used his shoulders to find your balance as you lowered yourself down onto him. He traced patterns into the skin on one of your hips with one hand, the other was preoccupied with something else…

“Good girl,” he praised you when you sat properly.

You gasped at the new sensation. You had never ridden Calum’s thigh before. You’d never ridden anyone’s thigh. You were glad it was Calum you were trying it with first, he was perfect for it. He was a rugby player for God’s sake! He had wonderfully toned and thick thighs.

You began to grind yourself slowly at first, simple forward and backward movements. You were already soaking the skin of his thigh and you were thankful you were able to get so wet so quickly because the wetness of his thigh made it ten times easier to slide your nub against his skin.

“‘Atta girl,” he gasped, beating his hand faster. He kept eye contact with you the whole time. And just when you thought the sensation couldn’t get any better, Calum began to rock his foot against the floor, increasing the pleasure for you.

You screeched and gripped his shoulders tighter, adding to the collection of bruises and cuts he already had from the game earlier today.

The tapping of his foot sent delicious shocks of pleasure up your spine and you begged him to touch your tits. “Touch my tits, Cal. Touch them.” You used one hand to grasp an erect nipple and tug on it slightly. Calum growled and pushed your hand away. Using his strong, large ones to tweak the hard little buds.

“You enjoying this, baby? Do you like riding my thigh.”

“Yessss,” you hissed, feeling your eyes getting heavy.

“I can tell you’re close. So so close. Those pretty eyes of yours need to stay open and so does that beautiful mouth of yours, I want to hear you scream when I make you come on my thigh.”

You moaned at his dirty words, feeling the tension in your stomach building rapidly. Both of Calum’s hands were at your hips, quickening your movements.

“‘C’mon baby, ‘c’mon. I know you’re almost there.”

“I’m so close Cal.” You shrieked, feeling your nails pierce into his skin.

“OH, GOD! CALUM!” You screamed as your orgasm hit you like a truck.

Your head fell back and you screamed Calum’s name so many times it was as if it were the only word you knew in the moment. Your body quaked with the strength of your orgasm and your hips bucked a few more times before they finally stopped completely.

Happy and sated, you flopped onto Calum’s chest.

“Can we do that more often?” You asked sheepishly, hiding your blushing face into his chest.

“Of course, baby. But I believe you have to return a favour.” He smirked, gesturing to his rock hard friend.

~Ellie xxx

Distraction - 18 (Harrison Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part  Eleven  Part Twelve  Part Thirteen  Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen  Part Seventeen

SOOOO I saw the new episode and all my stories are whirling about my head and I chose to do this one first because I love you Harrison Wells….That’s a good reason right?

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You were with your family watching them gush over Ronnie on New Year’s Eve. She was a hit despite the fact that everyone was upset with you for giving her the Wells last name. You explained your reasoning, but they still didn’t like it. He was after all a murder and a complete egotistical science mad man, according to them.

You sighed drumming your fingers against the wine glass in your hands. You’d almost gone a whole day without thinking about him. You were hoping the distance and the time would help you attempt to get over him, but no…it only made the ache worse and desire stronger.

You came out of your thoughts when you felt a familiar vibration in your back pocket. You pulled out your phone staring at it your mouth dropping open slightly seeing Harry’s disgruntled face. You had snapped the photo of him while he was working, which was always.

You let out a heavy sigh walking out of the house answering, “Hello?”


You smiled a little, “Harrison?”

“Yeah…sorry…I didn’t think you would answer.” His voice sounded shaky.

“Harrison, what’s wrong?” You frowned crossing your arm around you to keep some warmth, “You sound…I don’t know like somethings off…”

The sound of silence filled the line. Finally he spoke, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called.”

“Harrison Wells.” You put your hand on your hip, “You tell me what’s going right now or so help me I will reach through this phone and slap you.”

“You’re very scary when you use your mother voice.” You smiled a little.

“I’ve been practicing for the future.” You told him letting out a sigh, “You wouldn’t have called unless it was something really important.”

“I’ve made a mistake and I don’t know how to fix it.” You could practically see him rubbing his forehead with worry.

You finally sat down on your parent’s porch swing, “I’m sure it can’t be that bad…”

“You’re right, it’s worse.” His words struck you differently than before. This wasn’t just a mistake to him this was something that effected the both of you.

“What did you do?” You finally asked slowly. Again silence filled the line, “Harrison…”

“Zoom came to me.” Cold waves rushed over you as he talked, “…he threatened me…everyone…not just Jesse…He threatened you and Ronnie.”

Your hand went to your mouth as you looked at Ronnie through the frosted window, “He brought Jesse here…I had her. I held her and he took her from me again. I didn’t know what to do but to agree to his terms and I don’t know what to do now, Y/N…I don’t know what to do.”

You stared at your mom holding your baby girl. You’re beautiful baby girl, “What does he want?”

“It doesn’t matter…”

“What does he want, Harrison?” Your voice was hard as you asked again tearing your eyes from your baby.

“Barry’s speed…he wants me to help make him faster and stronger before he takes it.” His voice was flat as he rattled off the instructions.

“Can you do it?” You felt sick asking.

“Y/N…” You could hear the surprise in his voice.

“Answer the question.” You swallowed shutting your eyes.

“I’m working on it…” He spoke quietly.

You stood up turning away from the happiness inside the house knowing what you were thinking about doing was awful, “Does anyone else know he came to you?”


You wiped the tears from your face before they froze, “Keep it that way, I’m coming home. We’ll figure it out together.”

“Y/N, no. You can’t…”

“He threatened Ronnie, Harrison…” You felt your chest heaving, “He threatened my baby, and he has your daughter, and has hurt my friends…I won’t let him hurt them again. We help him and search for other options while we do…and god help him if he comes near my child.”

“Y/N…” You looked over at Barry in the lab shaking off the thoughts from that night a few weeks ago, “Everything alright? You seemed far away.”

“Yeah I’m great, just a little tired.” You told him smiling, “How are you? Everything going okay?”

He shrugged, “Sorta…I’ve been having these dreams again of Zoom…”

You spaced out as he talked to you. He’d spoken to you about it before and you didn’t know what to tell him. You barely talked to anyone lately being consumed with figuring out the speed force. You had broken out Eobard’s notes trying to learn everything you could. You were an engineer not a particle physicist or a molecular biologist, so most of it was beyond you.

“I’m sorry, Barry.” You patted him on the arm, “We’ll get him soon.”

“Yeah…I know. I just don’t know what to do about Patty. I can tell she worries, but…I just want to keep her safe.” He told you.

You nodded, “I know and you are.”

“Anyways what are you working on?” He started shifting through the notes in your book.

“I’ve been helping Harrison with speed force and how to lock and unlock it.” You weren’t lying. You were just not telling him that the intention was to take his speed if they couldn’t lock Zoom’s away, “Hopefully we can figure out how to stop him if we do.”

“That’s great, do you need help?” He smiled at you. You hated that. How helpful he was when you were practically against him at the moment.

“No, I was about to take a break and video call my mom to see Ronnie.” You told him, “Maybe later though.”

“Alright, give Ronnie a kiss for me.” He smiled walking off.

Harrison came in through the other door, “I’m sorry you have to lie to him.”

“I have not once lied to him.” You glanced over at him, “You might, but I don’t. I intend on working out how to cut Zoom off from his speed…If I can’t…then that’s will I’ll lie to him.”

He frowned watching you pull up your laptops video app. He hated seeing you like this. You were supposed to be the compassionate one. The one that kept him from going over the edge, but you were right at the edge with him ready to do what had to be done for the sake of your daughter.

“I could use some coffee, can you get me some?” You looked over at him.

“Yeah of course.” He nodded knowing that was your polite way of telling him to leave so your mother didn’t see him. They weren’t getting anywhere with the formulas he was creating and as much as you tried you weren’t knowledge enough to really help, but he had to give you props for trying. It’s why he loved you.

He stopped in the hall glancing back toward the room as the realization hit him. He loved you. It’s why he called you that night, it’s why he enjoyed being around you, and why he needed you to be on his side.

He loved you.

“No….” He shook his head walking forward again, “You can’t…put it away and hide it. Don’t let Zoom see…”

Hocus Poke.... Me- S.M. Imagine:

Requested: No💛
Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 693
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💜


Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

“Shawn grab some more candy from the dining room.” I call as I hand out the chocolates to the group of little girls
It was Halloween night and my boyfriend Shawn and I were handing out candy to the kids.. We had dressed up even though we decided not to go out and Shawn was setting up the mini haunted house for after sundown.
“Babe I need more webs.” Shawn said
“Look in the closet in the hallway my love.” I say
I hear the doorbell ring again as I adjust my dress and watch Shawn disappear again.
“Trick or Treat!” exclaims the little boy of about 6
“Take two sweetie.” I say and let him choose from the bowl in my hands

Finally it was dark outside and I had set up the signs for the treaters.
“You look hot a'f.” I tell Shawn
“Not as hot as you baby.” He says
He had dressed as the Joker and I had dressed as a naughty vampire who’d just been bitten.
“You’re making me horny.” Shawn smirked, and licking the two puncture wounds I created on my neck, just above my choker.
“Shawn fuck me.” I moaned
“Don’t tease baby girl.” He said
“I’m not, bend me over and fuck me.” I moan as he sucks at my neck now
We wisk away upstairs, rushing into the room.
“Take off your lingerie.” Shawn said
He called my costume ‘lingerie’ because of what it covered or lack there of.
I stripped naked and laid on the bed, touching my already wet pussy.
“Naughty girl is going to get a spanking for touching what’s mine.” Shawn says
I continue to touch myself and watch as Shawn slaps my hands away and parts my legs open wide, the tip of his tongue teasing my clit.
“Right there daddy!” I moan loudly as his mouth sucks the swollen sensitive nerves between my legs.
His pace quickens as he slides two fingers inside me and pumps them hard and fast.
“Fuck Shawn!” I scream
He lifts his head, sliding his fingers in and out as I clench around him and arch my back with a powerful release.
“All fours.” He growls as I hear his clothes hitting the floor
“Shawn.” I pant as his tip runs my folds then a slap on my bottom
“Fuck.” I squeak as the vibration squish my juices and make me drip
“You are a bad little slut.” He says and grabs my ass and pussy at the same time
“I’m sorry daddy, I’ll behave.” I suppress my moans
I feel his tip sliding my entrance as he thrusts all 9" in without warning
“Daddy, I’m your little slut.” I moan
“Yes you are take daddy’s cock.” He growls
He parts my legs wider, pushing my head down onto our sheets as he takes me roughly from behind.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asks and I don’t answer
“Answer me!” He growls and slaps my ass hard, making the sound vibrate through our room
“Yes I promise master.” I say
“Tell me like you mean it kitten or I won’t let you cum.” He says
“I promise daddy I will be a good kitten, if you let me cum.” I say
Soon the feeling of his cock slips out and he flips me on my back.
“Watch daddy make you cum slut.” He growls
I lean on my elbows and watch his fingers slip in and out of me, glistening with my arousal as my body heaves up and down..
“Squirt!” He growls again
“Yes Daddy.” I say and rub my clit too
“Give daddy a nice big juicy squirt Princess.” He groans
I see his red lipstick smeared and his makeup running.
“That’s a good girl.” He moans as I start to squirt and he hits my pussy.
“Push it out baby.” Shawn says
“What?” I heave confused
“Daddy’s creampie baby.” He smirks
I push my ass down and clench my walls, delivering his thick white load from my hole onto the sheets.
“Good girl baby.” He says and kisses me
“Thank you puddin.” I smirk and kiss him