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hummingbird heartbeat - pt30

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Kent pulled in a shivering breath. “No,” he said, again, as Jack cupped his face with both hands.

“Baby,” Bitty said, stomach tightening. God, he was crying. This was such a bad idea. Why hadn’t he realized?

“I –” Jack cut his sentence off before it even got started. 

Before Bitty knew what was happening, Kent had pushed away from Jack entirely, deserting the bed. He didn’t stop to grab his shirt before leaving the room, moving at a pace far too quick for Bitty to keep up with. The guest room door shut after him, the sound echoing just a little.

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Clay’s twin who likes Jeff headcanon

Request - “ Could you write some headcanons for being Clay’s twin and being the exact opoosiote of him, while also having a crush on Jeff?”

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  • So while Clay got the brains, you got the brawn
  • You were definitely still smart, but far more sporty than Clay
  • Clay is very introverted, whereas you’re outgoing
  • He always likes to remind you that he’s older by like 10 minutes
  • He thinks it gives him some kind of authority
  • But you could beat him in any fight
  • You always ate all his food
  • Clay was the dream child whereas your parents had a much harder time controlling you
  • You laughed so hard the first time he got drunk
  • But he managed to get back at you by vomiting in your best shoes
  • Aside from the looks, people are surprised to discover that you’re twins since you’re so different
  • You once hid all his Lord Of The Rings copies in your underwear drawer and he cried for three days straight
  • You started to feel a bit bad when you heard him mumbling the words to himself
  • “A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins…”
  • Arguing about who uses the bathroom first in the morning
  • He draws you little comics with “Super Y/N” and leaves them under your door when you’re having a bad day
  • He gets really worried when you go to parties, and texts you hourly to make sure you’re okay
  • Laughing at him when you see him in Gym
  • Teasing Clay about liking Hannah but him never being able to tease you about Jeff because he could never tell if you were genuine
  • Despite being friendly with Jeff and the rest of the group, you never really noticed how much you liked Jeff until he was studying at your house one night
  • “Uh so you remember I said I was tutoring Jeff tonight…”
  • “No, but Hel-lo ;)”
  • “Oh God.”
  • Jeff finds your advances funny, since he never actually thinks his best friend’s gorgeous twin would mean it
  • He loves Clay so much and would never dream to ruin that by making a move on you
  • But he really wants to
  • He’ll stop by your job at the animal shelter just to see you and the adorable puppies
  • Clay would be surprised when he found out
  • “Jeff, why do you visit the shelter so much?”
  • “I-uh-”
  • “Do you like my sister?”
  • After finding out, Clay would do his best to get you two together because you’re his two favourite people in the world.
  • One day when you got sad after seeing Jeff with a girl, Clay hinted that Jeff liked you in “Super Y/N”
  • “What do you mean here Clay?”
  • “It’s vague…”
  • “I noticed that.”
  • “Wait Clay come back!”
  • The next time Jeff comes over you sit in the chair near them, and you two can’t stop making googly eyes at each-other
  • “Can you two just make out already?”
  • When you finally get together, Clay being the proudest brother in the world
  • Dates at the Crestmont using Clay’s discount
  • Hanging out all together and just loving each-other

Tee Shirt - Finn Balor

send in your requests, currently, have an Enzo vid and Jeff, also got a cass imagine

anonymous asked:

Hey! 21 and 33 Jeff and Monty please??

21. “You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”
33. “There’s no one I’d rather have with me than you.”

Jeff giggled along as he relentlessly tickled Monty. Their Netflix marathon on the couch proved to be too long and boring for the energetic jocks, and Jeff had started to get cheeky. His hands had originally been teasing the boys thigh, but after Monty slapped his hand away the first few times, thinking he was smart, Jeff decided to tickle him.

Monty’s laughs rang through the house, but it didn’t matter much, since they were alone for the weekend. Even through Monty’s pleas, Jeff didn’t let up until his boyfriend seemed too short of breath for him to continue. He grinned, seeing the happy tears in Monty’s eyes and the smile still on his face. He loved to see Monty so unguarded and natural.

As the boys calmed down they cuddled up closer together, Monty’s head on Jeff’s chest. They were silent as they lay there, Jeff running a soft hand through Monty’s hair. They were their favourite moments, when it was just the two of them.

“You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know?” Jeff whispered,

“Shut up,” Monty mumbled, “I can’t be cute. Sexy, hot-”

Jeff chuckled, “yes, you can be cute. You may be constantly trying to fight someone, but with me, you’re adorable,”

“That’s because there’s no one I’d rather have with me than you,” Monty looked up to Jeff through his eyelashes,



Monty reached up until he was able to meet Jeff’s lips. The taller boy wrapped his arms tighter around Monty, pulling him into his lap.

“Want me to prove that I’m sexier than I am cute,” Monty offered,

“I’d like to see you try,” Jeff grinned playfully.

dahm-sub  asked:

since ppl are apparently not over your post (which is all true btw even if your views changed so maybe they need to fucking stop) i have a jeff question to balance that bullshit out: has jeff six ever spoken about his time with jeff? i know their relationship revolved around weed and drinking but i'd love to hear his perspective, esp since it wasn't like jeff was doing dahmers around him all the time like he was w/derf

lmao RIGHT?? ppl need to chill, just bc a post is still on my blog, doesn’t mean i still agree with it. i change, im human.

ANYWAYS, so I googled many a different variations of “jeff six and jeffrey dahmer” to no avail. i think the only info we have of six’s perspective on jeff, is from the perspective of others. Honestly I wish more people who knew a murderer would speak out, like yeah maybe dont do it for money but… MAKE A BLOG, tell me in detail about how jeff reacted when you ran over a dog!!! 

i’d love to see more perspectives on jeff tbh, thats why I still buy sketchy ass books by people who “knew” him


Jeff Conaway and John Travolta in Grease (1978) · Carlos PenaVega and Aaron Tveit in Grease: Live (2016)


“…you’re afraid you don’t fit in, you’re afraid you’ll be alone. Great news! You share that with all of us, so you’ll never be alone and you’ll always fit in.”

“You’re stronger. You’re better. You have friends. No, screw that. You have a family.”



nct challenge
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Future Kid-verse: [Nursey] [Caitlin] [Chowder] [Jack] [Bitty] [Lardo] [Shitty[Dex]

The one where they all have kids.  Prompted by this headcanon.

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