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What about Jeff skinner and gabe landeskog

Gabriel Landeskog quietly asks the barista to give Jeff Skinner no sugar and no caffeine in his caramel mocha latte. He really doesn’t want to have to put Jeff on a child leash again.

SJ Res 34- Arizona

I have one further note about SJ Res 34, which allows internet service providers the right to sell private personal data without consent or notification.

My fellow Arizonians, we have our Senator, Jeff Flake, to thank for it.  He brought the measure to the Senate, and he is wholly pleased with himself.

I have read his justification for the resolution and it makes no sense whatsoever.  He seems to be claiming that the measure actually protects consumers, which is demonstratively not true.

He is up for re-election in 2018.

If this resolution is passed, we must make him pay for it.

He didn’t stand up for us.

He acted against us.

Never forget that.


The delusion you’re trying to cure is called Christmas. 

It’s the crazy notion that the longest, coldest, darkest nights can be the warmest and brightest. 

Yeah, and when we all agree to support each other in that insanity, something even crazier happens. 

It becomes true. 

Works every year. Like clockwork.

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Merry Happy, everyone! I hope your lives are warm and bright. ♥︎

“Your name isn’t Swoops!?” Kent exclaimed in the middle of the locker room.

Several of the guys stopped what they were doing to stare confusedly at Kent. Swoops (or rather, not-Swoops) froze guiltily in the middle of putting on his shirt. “Uh,” he hesitated. “No, actually. It’s Troy.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Kent said, waving his phone accusingly at his teammate. “Why didn’t you say anything before?” If Johnson hadn’t texted the news to Kent after practice, he probably would have continued on calling Troy the wrong name.

Troy shrugged. “You never really asked.”

“I just thought you really liked basketball.”

“Yeah, I like that too. But, come on, Parse, my name has been on my jersey for the last three years.”

For the first time, Kent properly looked the jersey that was hanging on Troy’s hook.  “Huh, I don’t know why I never really saw that.”

In his hand, Kent’s phone buzzed again, and he looked down to see Johnson’s message: That’s all we know for now. Will keep you informed about Troy’s background story in later updates.

Kent shook his head in confusion, and put his phone down to finish getting dressed.

Johnson was really weird sometimes.


Day 15 - Favorite Scene
It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a while


The internet is calling Jeff Sessions’s confirmation out as the travesty it is and preparing new contingency plans

Dr. Willie Parker, Board Chair of Physicians for Reproductive Health, also weighed in. “As a physician from Alabama who provides abortions, I have seen firsthand how Jeff Sessions’ brand of politics endangers the health and safety of women and families,“ Parker said in a statement.


“…you’re afraid you don’t fit in, you’re afraid you’ll be alone. Great news! You share that with all of us, so you’ll never be alone and you’ll always fit in.”

“You’re stronger. You’re better. You have friends. No, screw that. You have a family.”



So, @kapeluszniczka and I passed our exams and decided to celebrate it with an update of our lame Valentine’s Card!

Enjoy ((Graphic design is our passion: the sequel))

Part I

ok,,, not to start the Discourse but i /hate/ it when people pull tweets/quotes/etc that a person said 5+ years ago and are like “problematic!!!!! time to un-fucking-stan!!!!!”

listen, five years ago i was a superwholock. people change. people also don’t remember the shit they put on the internet 5+ years ago??? so also don’t use the “they should apologise!!!” excuse either????

like unless someone is like “hey you said X shitty thing a while ago what was that about” the person probably isn’t going to be aware that they’ve done/said X shitty thing. we live in an age where Everything Is Online. which means even our uneducated opinions are out there, too, but that doesn’t mean people can’t/won’t change.