[goes away to have an existential crisis]

The Roast of danisnotonfire

Oh, you finally uploaded I see
Its two minutes long I guarantee!
A diss track?
Well, it’s a little late
The title is just bloody clickbait!

So he thinks he can rap like Kanye West
Sit your ass down and go Kanye rest!
Where’s that link to the NigaHiga vlog?
Now you’re worse than PointlessBlog!

Ahem, let’s get something straight
No, its not your sexuality mate.

Whisks are for baking not masturbation
You’re a disappointment with all your procrastination!

You’re always saying anime is life
And I think that’s why you have no wife.
A full time internet hobo
Who’s aways lying about the ‘no homo’

Oh wait, what’s this I sense?
Another existential crisis at your viewer’s expense!

Been complaining about shit since twenty ten
Oh wait look, here he goes again!
Your rhymes are shit and rap aint lit
Just stick to games you bloody Brit

I just tore you apart like fucking barbed wire
Now Dan actually IS on fire

*drops mic*