[goes away to have an existential crisis]

If MCR Songs Were People

This probably already exists but I spent two hours doing this instead of sleeping. Tell me which song you’re most like.

Welcome to the Black Parade: has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t know how to do a smoky eye, was in the marching band in high school, daddy issues.

Sleep: has insomnia, PTSD, nightmares, is self deprecating, just wants to go the fuck to sleep

Destroya: probably gay, moans like a bitch during sex, pretty fucking hardcore, shit immune system though, lives for anarchy

House of Wolves:
will burn in hell (or believes they will), is a bad mother fucker, has a sister who should be scared, pyromaniac, “Catholic”

Vampire Money: all over the place, drinks a lot but parties like a beast, has a Bowie obsession, likes driving fast and loud music

Na Na Na: really artistic, pansexual, likes to scream lyrics, rebel at heart, probably still wears bandanas, sunglasses and boots all day every  day, fuck the government

Cancer: is dying, will die, all of your friends will die, actually doesn’t have any friends, really depressed, in pain, martyr

S.I.N.G: activist, owns jeggins, would join an underground gang if they had the balls, likes neon things for some unknown reason

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville: loves zombies, probably owns a Hawaiian   shirt, really quiet and doesn’t talk much, hangs out in shopping centres/malls but never buys anything

Demolition Lovers: is probably part of an underground gang, has to go away for “work” a lot, has a shotgun in the trunk of their car, teal,  unrequited love

Helena: recent death in the family, super fucking dramatic, lots of makeup, always wears black (maybe some red), nail polish is always chipped, imagines/fantasises things that will never happen all the time

super punk, goes to concerts all the time, will break shit just for fun, has authority issues, probably friends with a lot of delinquents, is a delinquent, doesn’t read books, drinks a lot

Famous Last Words:
is constantly having an existential crisis, really   committed when it comes to relationships, cowboy boots, goes outside at midnight for no reason

I Don’t Love You: always heartbroken, never cuts hair, plays guitar,  goes on road trips when things get difficult, super emotional, cries a lot

I’m Not Okay:
is still in high school, I don’t care if they’re 39  they’re still in high school, hates high school, does stupid shit all  the time because fuck it, high school, is not okay, is friends with  weird people, high school

Mama: PTSD, self deprecating, mama’s boy/girl/person, has a sick sense of humour, laughs manically for no reason, cutthroat

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison: probably gay, went to prison, had a fuck tonne of bitches (I’m kidding, they were actually the  bitch to a fuck tonne of other people), can’t adjust, has issues with  family

Headfirst for Halos: epic, is not okay, always trying to think  positively but is screaming inside, thinks about doing stupid shit all  the time (i.e. Putting a gun to their head)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You: screams a lot, has a vampire fettish, hates Twilight with a passion, has never gone outside, wouldn’t mind dying if I was a wooden stake to the heart, sucks dick

The Ghost of You:
fought in WWII, had a pretty girlfriend, wears round glasses with gold rims, is tall and lanky, has a brother, gets shot in  the chest, screams, dies

The Light Behind Your Eyes: is finding ways to deal with severe depression, cries a bit but quietly, reads a lot of books, all their friends are dead, trying to stay strong despite the fact they’re dying inside, sings like an angel

Give ‘em Hell Kid: lives life fast, probably has killed someone, wears red and like khaki green, shouts a lot, belongs in a 2005 MTV short, lives life on the edge, fatalistic

To The End: has read Dante’s Inferno, is a mafioso, fatalistic, has  probably organised the death of many people, likes to drink cyanide, sleeps a lot, owns diamond jewellery, likes cake

The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You: has no faith in life, likes western movies, will yell at you, has  applied for a license to kill, likes to sleep with people (like nap I  mean)

Thank You For The Venom: likes snakes, has probably almost OD’d, hates  the doctors, is stubborn, death obsessed, has probably stabbed someone, wears striped long sleeve t-shirts, hates running, hopes to be shot one day

Hang 'Em High: is death obsessed, clinically insane, screams a lot,  always makes a lot of aesthetic statements about things with black and  white connotations, Catholic, fuck off

It’s Not a Fashion Statement It’s a Fucking Death Wish: swears in front  of their parents, wears their mum’s clothes, is obsessed with killing  enemies, is always predicting their death to be soon.

Cemetery Drive: all too real, has a girlfriend, likes to hang out in  cemeteries, girlfriend has issues and ended her life, now has issues  because of it, drinks a lot, really fucking depressed

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living: is 100% a serial killer, sociopath, also has OCD, scary as shit

The End: is dying, but isn’t too sad, wishes to attend their own funeral  as a ghost, has no self confidence, can’t be fucking bothered growing  up, doesn’t give a shit, is very chill, wears yellow accessories

Dead!: Is dead, is having a party about being dead, wondering if all the  assholes in their life are in hell, no one actually likes them, laughs  at inappropriate moments, is a great dancer

This Is How I Disappear: really fucking dramatic, will be upset and   disappear if you break up with them, dramatic, is a part time satanist, will make a voodoo doll of you if you fuck with them, candles

The Sharpest Lives: goes out late at night, never showers, drinks   heavily, would probably go cannibal if it was legal, always in pain,   lives life on the fucking edge, will burn large objects, has sinus   issues

Disenchanted: is constantly torn, never actually cries, writes books,  likes to take chances, likes birds, got in trouble with the police for  some stupid but really fun shit, friends need to get their shit together  and learn a lesson

Bulletproof Heart: Gravity doesn’t mean to much to them, has self  confidence but not enough to stop running away, runs away a lot, wears  really funky colourful clothing, is very kind but misunderstood

Planetary GO!: goes to a lot of cool night clubs, knows how to fucking  party, is still very punk on the inside, sweats a lot (bc they dance a  lot), jumps up and down for no fucking reason

The Only Hope For Me Is You: is obsessed with being remembered, only has  one friend, is kinda depressed and really needs someone to hold onto,  but is also really questioning life and society, wants to run away to a  more aesthetic place

Party Poison: speaks fluent Japanese (cough I mean Weeaboo), watches a  lot of anime, loves Kpop and Jpop fashion, will party but goes to the  weirdest parties, dyes their hair, fuck the bullshit meaning of life  they do what they want

Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back: is a badass, known for being a  badass, stole your mum’s car and took you on the best date ever, wears a  lot of leather, ready for a fight, probably gets into a lot of fights  anyway, probably once looked like Danny from Greece

SCARECROW: is probably on LSD, smokes a lot of weed, is really chill,  too fucking chill, wears psychedelic t-shirts, is actually a  philosophical genius, reads a lot of poetry

Summertime: they might go outside if it’s summer, listens to music with  headphones on full blast, goes on the train a lot, likes to walk around  listening to music and pretends they’re making the aesthetic parts of  the music video they’re listening to, soft kitty

The Kids From Yesterday: is constantly nostalgic, loves Star Wars and  Queen, always having flashbacks, wears yellow and read things, feels  misunderstood, trying to figure out the meaning of life

Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us: likes Fall Out  Boy when they had long song titles, has issues, a lot of issues, ugly  screams a lot, doesn’t care, wears dark denim jackets, hates this girl  who fucked their brother

Drowning Lessons: has a lot of anxiety, constantly worried, always  running away from problems and situations, can’t swim, always has  regrets, has pink things

Our Lady Of Sorrows: was in a gang once, loves to get into switchblade fights, is really scary and bloodthirsty, believes in pagan gods, but   will protect you, blood blood blood.

Skylines and Turnstiles: saw 9/11 happen, life was changed because of  it, decided that they wanted to be in a band, made a band with brother  and his fren, got some dreadlocked weed smoking fanboy to join, the  drummer is an asshole x3, breaks up after 12 years, deems it to be a  good idea, scared of butane

This Is The Best Day Ever: this is the worst day ever, has no rhythm, is  really confused with what is going in, went to hospital a lot and hated  it, screams a bit, is a bit scared of needles, studded belts, suck dick

Cubicles: will die alone (or at least they think), hates their job, the  only thing that entertains them at work is people gossiping at the water  cooler, is actually having a severe existential crisis

Boy Division: is friends with people who would have a fucking rocking  funeral, stalks school girls, looks dead but only dresses that way,  likes to sing about California, paranoid all the time

Tomorrow’s Money: fell in love with a vampire, slightly aggressive, can  surf, stopped screaming three years ago, wants to be a doctor, hates   people who are thought of as heroes, ruined converses

AMBULANCE: screams in an aesthetically pleasing way, thinks you know  nothing, super weird, goes out after dark, likes to drive big cars,  wouldn’t mind driving, is super reliable even when they let you down

Gun.: was probably conscripted into the military, actually hates   violence and guns, wants to stay at home all the time, likes to call the  shots, owns an old uniform that they’ll never throw out

The World Is Ugly: likes Blade Runner and fairy lights, thinks weird  people are very beautiful, insanely observant of other people’s  behaviours, wears knee high socks and converses, hates the world because  it’s terrible

Kiss The Ring: belongs in an alternate universe where it’s still the  medieval time but rock bands exist, is probably a contract killer, likes  to overthrow the king every five years, has really fucked up logic  about why it’s okay to kill a lot of people, cutthroat

Make Rooom!!!!: probably goes to discos, does not panic at them,  actually has some self confidence but always gets into stupid situations  and flails, wears the tightest pants in the world, wears earrings with  crosses on them

Surrender the Night: constantly lonely, likes to drive long distances to  think, lost a loved one, has cool patches on their jacket, has been to  hospital twice, likes to listen to you, always keeps secrets unless you  fuck with them

Burn Bright
: likes going to the city just to look at all the lights,   walks around and thinks that certain things would look nice on Tumblr,   unstable, can be aggressive, very in tune with their surroundings, kind of a Buddhist

Common People: your average person, always struggling financially, wears  a lot of blue, always falls in love with shallow rich girls for no  reason, really just wants to live however the fuck they want

Every Snowflake Is Different: loves children’s TV shows, goes to the  snow every year, loves winter and hot chocolate, will cry if you take  their toys away, will be a good parent, too busy having fun to give a  fuck

Desolation Row: got beat up at school, is now in a cutthroat gang, spits  a lot, wears a lot of eyeliner, likes Grease but is also super punk  rock, hates wearing underwear, likes to break shit all the time

Desert Song: is recovering from a drug addiction, is still in a really  dark place, trying to stay strong, is questioning the meaning of life,  probably had teal roots at some stage

Black Dragon Fighting Society: drinks juice when they’re killing because  it’s fucking delicious, really likes dragons, reads too much, hates  society, would run away but that would mean no books and no juice so no  fucking way, likes hot pink and black

Zero Percent: hates everyone, would kill everyone, really hates people,  does whatever the fuck they want, will kill everybody, will put zero   effort into school or work, does their own thing.

Mastas of Ravenkroft: worried about growing old, has no self confidence,  will only have sex if the lights are turned off, feels very old at a  very young age because of shitty bones, also has no fucking chill

fuck society, is super digital, but also really retro,   always tells people to kiss their ass, lives in a futuristic society,   likes robots, has a licking fettish, likes to destroy shit, will   probably spit randomly

We Don’t Need Another Song About California: Summertime’s long lost  twin, really doesn’t give a shit about California, but likes the sun,  probably lives in Florida, hates magazines, probably has a fake name,  thinks that nothing matters

All The Angels: is dying, has minutes left, girlfriend has issues   because she’s a little risky, everything has gone wrong, everyone is   upset, probably died three years ago, never went to heaven, likes pretty  flowers and dead things

a complete and utter 1800s Romantic, has probably ready  Frankenstein, wants to go on epic journeys, never showers, likes spices,  old fashioned, would probably get into the steampunk fashion thing

Blood: is forever in the 1920s, was a war hero but hates themself,  laughs manically sometimes, has a thing for blood but hates vampires,  90% human wreckage, 23% awful fuck, 8% bad at math, 14% clueless

How Wanna One would break up with their partner


Would prepare a nice dinner in an expensive restaurant to talk about the problems and how to solve them after countlss tries before. If it didn’t work, he would still wait for you to break up first becase he doesn’t want you to get hurt.

“ Is there anything you expect from me?”

“I am not sure”

“Okay fine, enjoy your dinner”

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He would ask his grandfather for advice but his granpa calls you and orders to improve the relationship becasue he wants someone to carry the “ha” surname. Very likely to recommend marriage and having kids to both of you.

“Your grandpa wants us to get married”


“I like roses and simple rings”


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After a nice date he texts you, when he gets home. Begining very careful with words and explains each reason of you two not working out with 20 texts, adding “you are an amazing person but” every now and then.

“Y/n… I wanted to say, I think you are an amazing human being, very beautiful, smart and cute but I don’t think this is working”

“ For real?”

“ Yeah sorry, but it doesn’t make you any less of an amazing person.”

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He would write, produce and compose a song just describing how you ate more than 50% of the popcorns when you watched a movie together two years ago. When you offer to buy him food instead he sings another song about how he could have had half of the popcorns and a dinner if you didn’t eat them last time.

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“Okay, okay” he starts and goes “less break up” which makes you wondering if he is using the wrong english words.

“Less break up”

“What did you break again?”

“No I mean less break up”

“No no young boy we are not breaking things ”

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He asks to meet you and talk about the matter properly and is very serious about it. He would try his best to help you open up (play yeoreojweo in bg) and say your problems to him. Most likely to end up in good terms instead of break up.

“Y/n it would be good if you could open up a lil.”

*sings open up *

“I mean”

*body rolls* “ yeoreojweo yeoreojweoyo”

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He tells you to go away and never contact him ever again with an aegyo.

“You are captured out of my heart”


“Close the door behind your back”

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He doesn’t know what a break up is, he doesn’t even know he is dating someone. He doesn’t know who he is, what’s life.. he is having an existential crisis right now.

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He is too shy to say anything and goes along with relationship until you complain, then he would shyly ask, “what do you think would be the best for us?”.

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“You remember the nayana daehwi? ”

He asks you nicely.

“Oh yeah the bangs.” he sighs and looks at you

“We can’t be dating when you still remember that.“ 

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Smiles cutely and when you tell him he is very cute and handsome he just coldly reponds “well this cutie ain’t yours anymore” then he dolphin laughs at his own chic-ness walking away.

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isa-the-weirdo-99  asked:

TheatreAU (Costume designer/Tailor Robbie & Acrobat Sportacus) . Kinda based on my life 'cause I study to be a seamstress and I had a work experience in a theatre. There were very cute acrobats in the play and I had to help them change behind the scenes... I'm just saying hot, sweaty, guys in underwear ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

Idk how many people here are familiar with the musical “Pippin” but that’s the play I have in mind for this AU. To sum it up: someone has an existential crisis and there’s lots of flipping and jumping and dancing and whatnot.

1. There are so many different versions of “Pippin” that Robbie can draw his costume design ideas from literally anywhere. He’s stoked. Wants to start right away. Sportacus, new to this acting troop, goes in to get measured and poor Robbie nearly has a heart attack. Who is this lean annoying blond.

2. Sportacus rips his act 1 outfit during the first dress rehearsal and Robbie is Livid. It’s bad enough that the kid playing the sick-then-healed-boy in the second act (Ziggy) spilled juice on his shirt during the intermission break. Sportacus sticks around while Robbie fixes his costume, making conversation and getting to know his designer. 

3. Robbie comes in on days he’s not even needed so he can watch Sportacus practice his jumps and flips. Sportacus notices Robbie watching and enjoys showing off. He keeps insisting on new stuff to try and fit in the musical. His acrobat partner, Stephanie, who is fully aware of why he is showing off, goes along with it. 

4. Opening night. It’s going great. Before “Corner of the Sky” in act 1 (a big McLarge Huge number), Robbie is helping a near naked Sportacus get into the right outfit. Sportacus is still huffing and puffing from the last song but he’s got a big smile on his face. He’s loving all the moves he gets to do. He’s sweating and smiling and Robbie is Transfixed. Finally, the costume is all on. There’s Sportacus’ cue. Robbie cups his face and gives him a kiss. “FOR GOOD LUCK. DON’T LOOK INTO IT. LITERALLY BREAK YOUR LEG.” 

5. After the big song and dance, scene changes. Sportacus runs off stage and tackles Robbie. They fall to the ground and Robbie want to say something about getting the outfit dirty but a cute acrobat is kissing him so whatyougonnado.

~Send me an AU and I’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it~

Pynch Fic Rec


And You - It’s summer. Adam comes home from work.

A House so Vast - Adam says, “Bite me all you want, I’m going back to sleep.” Ronan lets his forehead rest on the same place, dropping his body so that it is completely plastered over Adam’s. With the hand not gripping the keys, he weaves his fingers into the mess of Adam’s hair. He inhales, and everything is sweat and sun and the crisp, woodsy aftershave that Adam has started wearing. Ronan’s entire being stutters. He could stay like this, easily.

Ronan feels left behind. Adam is taking what he deserves. They talk, in a way. A short thing about feelings and things unsaid.

We Smile Because We Want To - “It’s a date,” said Ronan.“It’s your house,” said Adam.

These hands are tied - “At first, I thought Gansey and I were doing something wrong. Then I realized that it wasn’t our problem at all! It’s you two. You can be jerks but you’re always touching, and kissing, and doing that annoying telepathic thing.” She scrunched her nose, “It’s kind of disgusting.”Adam felt his face burn and immediately said, “That’s not true. We don’t- get off me, Lynch.” He pushed at Ronan who had been resting his head on his thigh this whole time. Noah decided to pipe in, “Like she said. Disgusting.”

That was what made Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves.

Should’ve Put A - It’s been happening every few days for the past four months. Ronan wakes up, finds a ring on his left hand, and panics until he can hide it.

post-trk conversations - what is says on the tin

beckoning - It is not until late June that Adam asks: “Should we talk about what we are?”Ronan furrows his brow. “Like— humanity-wise? Or relationship-wise?”“Hilarious,” Adam drawls, sneaking a kiss along Ronan’s jaw. “I was thinking more of the second one. But as for point A— very much mortal. Maybe a chaotic neutral.“

omnia - Ronan closes the distance between them with two hurried steps. The next thing Adam knows, he’s being crushed to Ronan’s chest. It’s solid, anchoring, and Adam ducks his face into Ronan’s neck. From this close up, he can’t see the purple, fingerprint-bruises, winding down Ronan’s throat. But he kisses that space of skin, anyway. Kisses it, and feels Ronan’s breath hitch.

ldr - “No Skype sex,” Adam says, but then a thought occurs to him. “Hey, is there a portmanteau for that? Like… Skex? Or something?”He regrets it almost instantaneously. Ronan doubles over, nearly knocking over his laptop as he cackles. “Yes, Parrish. Oh, yes. Have Skex with me, c’mon.”or:The Epic Fairytale Long Distance Romance of Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish.

two lost boys - Adam knew that people wouldn’t get it, that people would look at Ronan and think that Adam could do much better, that Ronan would only hold him back, but Adam couldn’t have cared less. Because he knew that the broken halves of Ronan’s hearts matched up perfectly with his.Two lost boys.Connected by one heart.or: The One Where Ronan Meets Adam’s College Friends

things that break the silence - Adam has left for college and Ronan didn’t expect the Barns to be so quiet without him there.

After All This Searching, What Is There Left To Do But Breath & Bleed - Gansey wakes up. This picks up immediately after the final chapter of The Raven King–but before the epilogue. Major TRK spoilers. Some angst. You have been warned.

ama me fideliter - Gansey is shocked to learn that Ronan and Adam have been keeping a secret from him for years. Post-TRK, spoilers.

Here In This Potent Silence Is Where I Come To Find You - Ronan and Adam drive back to the barns. Post the final chapter of The Raven King. Pre-Epilogue. Can be read as a one-shot but also compliments Part 1 in this series. SPOILER ALERT for those who have not read The Raven King.

can’t let the day go - Ronan knows he does, but he also feels like he needs to relearn Adam every time they see each other again. He’s itching to relearn him now, but he can’t bring himself to move forward. It’s the surprise of it shocking him to stillness. Adam here when he shouldn’t be. A pleasant surprise, sure, but they didn’t discuss this. They Skyped just two days ago and Adam didn’t mention anything about plane tickets or plans, nothing about sneaking away from his small, overheated dorm room to be here in the mild spring weather with Ronan. Ronan’s so happy he can barely breathe.(Or, Adam takes a long weekend off from school and makes a surprise visit to the Barns.)

the one where there’s onesies - The one where there’s onesies, terrible popcorn, and someone most certainly has a cape fetish. (Or, Ronan and his dreams love Adam a whole lot and Adam loves cuddle piles more than he ever thought he could.)

in between - THERE ARE RAVEN KING SPOILERS In which Adam works on processing what happened, Ronan is thankful, Gansey wants to know if he can kiss Blue, Blue wants to know if she can kiss Gansey, and Henry wants to go on a road trip.Set in between Chapter 67 and the epilogue.

a truth so loud you can’t ignore - Set between the last chapter and epilogue of The Raven King. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. The first line is a major spoiler. Fair warning.Adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family. It’s no surprise that Ronan’s at his side.

making shades of purple - Five times they say I love you without saying I love you.

built you a home in my heart - They don’t ever say Goodbye.A series of coming-back-togethers.

your body’s poetry, speak to me - He’s always loved this old, faithful sofa. When he was a kid, he thought someone could sink right into it like quicksand. Get lost forever if they weren’t lucky. It felt like it could be a portal to another dimension before he even knew about the existence of magic, his own or any other kind. Sitting next to Adam like this, still tasting him on his lips, heart thrashing wildly in his chest, skin singing with the memory of his touch, it feels like discovering that all over again.

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so i had an idea for what avengers would be part of a ghost hunting show bc i love to look at those shows when i’m in a mood and it was all nice and @teenagesonder said “i would cry for a fic of this” and so i decided to write it after deliberation. 

First of all, Tony Stark did not realize that there was so much science and fun things to do with hunting ghosts. He also didn’t realize that some times, the ghosts wouldn’t want him there and try to launch him out a window. Clint said that he’s used to that, but whatever. Tony is a gift among humanity, and should be treated as such. (Just kidding.) 

They’re dealing with a rogue ghost who doesn’t like anyone invading “their” space. Tony is fine with this. He hates it when Bucky comes in at fuck-this-o’clock to say “Tonytonytony there’s another ghost case Tony.” Steve admits that Bucky is a little bit ghost-crazy. The guy went off the grid for about five years during special ops and basically became a ghost, however, so Tony trusts him to find the good ones. 

Steve Rogers never thought that he’d be ghost-hunting as a side job. Being a prostitute at an abandoned Subway sounded more likely, and Steve never thought he’d say that sentence. (Thanks Natasha!) Tony dragged him into it after Steve’s apartment was haunted, but Steve was too stubborn and broke to a.) move or b.) do anything about it. Tony said he’d do it for free. The ghost was a bitch, but Tony got it to either come to a mutual agreement and stop wrecking Steve’s art or it left and went to torment Brock a floor down. (Good.) 

Natasha and Clint came in one day, not together. Clint is one of those people that accidentally discovers things on accident. Yeah. He almost discovered the complete government scandal relating to Bruce’s old research. He also almost got the Coca-Cola recipe by accident. That’s a whole other story that’s basically a multi-chapter epic at this point. 

Natasha came in because she had business with Tony’s old company, Stark Industries. Instead, she found the genius screaming about ghosts and microwave adapters, and decided to stay for the peanut gallery. (She never claimed she was sane. Just that she was a quick and rational thinker. Insane people can be rational. Likely. Sometimes.) 

Bruce Banner was the kind of guy who you would never believe hunted ghosts. He was a kindergarten teacher who also had about three doctorates in different fields of science. The team didn’t really question this, mainly because Clint discovered a portion of the government scandal and said that they were lucky Bruce liked them all and could handle Thor’s yelling and Tony’s incessant questioning and ability to build things like might-work-paralysis-rays in a day with no sleep for twenty-eight hours. 

Thor was just…he was crazy. But he got ghosts. He was one of those guys who you thought was a nice jock guy and then once you got to get to know him, it was clear that the whole jock thing??? Way off base. But that’s another epic to tell. We gotta get down to ghost hunting. 

They’re called the Avengers. Don’t ask why, Tony didn’t come up with the name. They had a doozy of a house. Namely a huge mansion that had about six ghosts in it that were wreaking havoc and destroying the house. Bucky told the house they could do the job before Tony could even ask if he could bring ramen to hte house, so they’re having ramen while discussing the ghosts. 

“So, one of them saw me in the bathroom, and she looks pretty creepy,” Clint says. “You know, in a ‘twisted-head-and-revenge’ kinda way.” They nod. This is commonplace. It’s a miracle that Clint didn’t get thrown against the wall. The lights flicker. “aw lights, no…” Clint whines. The crystal chandelier starts swinging. 

“Eat my ass, spirits!” Natasha declares. She says stuff like this and can get away with it because she has good reflexes. 

“Nat, I’d rather die right now than listen to your shit taunts,” Tony says rolling his eyes. 

“Oh for the love of god Marilyn, shut up. No one wants to see the chandelier fall on the table and break and lose it’s value. Chin up sweetheart.” It stops.

“How the fuck do you sweet-talk ghosts?” Steve mutters. 

“Your tongue is very amazing!” Thor yells. Thor does shit like this all the time. Oh, they put him through tests. Thor can speak like a regular human. He just…doesn’t. He likes to declare things and yell and make regular things sound overtly sexual. But, he’s nice about it and has an amazing girlfriend that doesn’t mind this. No one really minds it, it’s just hard when you’re trying to shop at a hardware store with Thor making dick jokes. Loudly. (Bruce thinks it’s hilarious.) 

“Okay, what are we gonna do?” Steve asks. “So far, Marilyn is the only one who’s been shaking the house and appearing, but what about the other ones?” 

“Let’s just run into them and find out,” Bucky says. 

“You can’t run into ghosts, they’re translucent,” Clint says.

“Is that even the correct use of the word ‘translucent’?” Bruce asks. 

“I don’t know, who cares about it?” Clint says. “Bucky’s the one who’s dumb enough to want to run into ghosts.” 

“At least I didn’t order pizza in the middle of an investigation and trigger a ghost’s rage attack,” Bucky mutters. 

“It was one time!”

“Four,” Natasha says. When she says things, she’s right. So Clint glowers and mutters “it was two.” This gets him a glare. 

“Alright, Bruce and I are going in one room, pair up with your buddies and go in other rooms,” Tony says. “Remember if you’re in trouble, call Rhodey and Sam.” Rhodey and Sam were at home watching funny movies because “they were not into that stupid shit” and were on call should anyone be close to death or want to have a hot plate of pizza rolls at the ready when they got home. 

The ghosts are hard to, you know, convince. They like their house. It is prime real estate, and they have three full bathrooms, an amazing amount. Not really. But full bathrooms? Gorgeous. The previous owners also picked out really nice wallpaper, and that’s a shame to leave. Tony understands this. 

Tony doesn’t always “hunt” ghosts. As in, he can’t really do anything but sweet talk them to go away. This works. This also goes against science and everything Bruce thought he knew, so he had an existential crisis for a while. 

The team is watching Tony talk with the last ghost about this one time he had a taco-eating contest but the tacos were from Taco Bell, and he had never won anything and run to the bathroom so fast for eating. (this included going to an “authentic” Italian restaurant, finding out a mob was using that as their money-laundering hotspot, and eating uncooked pasta.) 

“How does he always do that?” Bucky mutters. “I can’t even sweet talk a ghost into leaving me alone!” 

“That’s because the moment you step into the house you loudly say that the house looks like the inside of your grandmother’s casket,” Natasha simply replies. “Also, you and Steve don’t think.” Bucky shrugs. Steve was the most reckless, but Bucky just had fun with it. (Bruce was pretty sure he was getting ulcers.) 

“Okay,” Tony announces. “We’re through. Bruce, your recording technology works wonders, thank you so much. Team, we did a good job. Steve, you’re driving. I’m sleeping. Clint, call Rhodey and Sam and ask for a pizza with toppings that everyone likes only. If you put sardines on it again I will have no choice but to sell your soul to the devil.” 

“You’re an atheist.” 

“Fine then, I’ll sell your soul to Natasha.” 

“Oh god.” 

Random stuff about the signs
  • Aries: Desperately wants to be able to peel an orange in one peice but can't so just ends up getting angry and making a mess out of their pile of tiny orange peel scraps.
  • Taurus: Makes eye contact with everyone at a social situation and then stares intently at the last slice of pizza wondering if it's okay to eat it even tho YOUVE already eaten more than everyone else. Eventually shrugs and goes for it
  • Gemini: Loudly says "anyway" when someone try's to change the subject away from you in a conversation
  • Cancer: Crying at sarah mclachlan commercials with the sad animals
  • Leo: Dancing in in their underwear in their room to forget about all their problems. It kind of works if you turn the music up loud enough
  • Virgo: Has everyone amazed cause they act really chill about school but always have the best grades but secretly they are trying rlly hard
  • Libra: Can't dance. Eats a lot of fruit. Might have three existential crisis in one day.
  • Scorpio: Always kind of horny and might stab you. Great taste in music tho
  • Sagittarius: Spilled coffee on themselves this morning and won't shut up about it. Seriously has told every single person they've talked to today it's getting boring
  • Capricorn: The only one who did the math hw and reminded the teacher of it two minutes b4 the bell rings
  • Aquarius: Glowing. Everyone is turning to look at them. Woah did Beyoncé just walk by!!! No it was just you you are a goddess *wakes up from daydream*
  • There is drool on your desk quit bein gross
  • Pisces: Just wants to go back to sleep. Didn't do their hw. Is drinking an earl grey latte and will share it with you. How sweet.

Have you ever felt like you’re going to disappear?
Fading into nothingness as your very existence just banishes?

A certain half-youkai was experiencing just that… No, he wasn’t having an existential or midlife crisis. It was more of the literal sense. A feeling that somehow, he was as if slipping away from this world and back. However, it felt like this land, this very land he considers home was now pushing him out.


Why was that?

Was it his numerous visits to Muenzuka? Was it perhaps his constant exposure to the items from the outside world? Or was this simply gensoukyou’s will, telling him his end. And what’s the silver lining here? Nothing really. Unless you count the man’s desire to stay as well as tapping into and somehow developing an inferior ability to that of the Hakurei shrine maiden. Well… Not like he’s likely going to be able to use such a thing anyway…

Guess he was just left to deal with this by himself while continuing on their daily life, huh?

Existential Crisis

Genre: Fluff. (again. Honestly I can’t write angst for shit.)

Words: 857.

Warnings: Some swearing.

Summary“Are you having another existential crisis?” he asks.

“Athena didn’t make me smart enough to avoid them, Phil.”

A/N: I wanted to remove my writer’s block with a PJO AU. Yay. So here’s a little drabble.

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Danisnotonfire One Shot | 3 AM

Note: No but like really, I just imagine the mundanest shit ever but all the freaking time. Like fighting over cereal (I can sustain myself solely on it) and greeting each other every morning and the incredible height difference there undoubtedly is in between us…

“Seriously though, he asked me if you had a tattoo of a Hungarian Horntail on your back.”

“Was he just being ironic though, or was he sincerely curious?” Dan laughed.

“I don’t even know,” You laughed with him, legs stretched out in front of you.

“At least he didn’t say Pygmy Puff,” He commented, opposite you but in the same position. After a slight pause he added. “I should get a Pygmy Puff tattoo.”

“That’s a good idea.” You said sarcastically.

“You should get one too.”

“Matching tattoos, is it?”

“My best ideas come at night.”

“You wouldn’t make it past the flat door.”

“You wanna bet on it?” He thumped his chest theatrically and stood up. “Let’s go right now.”

“It is almost three in the morning Daniel sit your ass down.”

“Why are you so mean to me?” He whined, still standing.

“We can go get your tattoos tomorrow.”

“Do you think they have temperal Pgymy Puffs tattoos?”

“We can ask.”

A few moments of silence.

“Do you know what I feel like playing?” Dan asked, coming closer to you.

“What?” You asked.

“The floor’s lava.” He said, awaiting your response.

You blinked at him and, “Well then, seems like you’re on fire.”

He jumped onto the bed with a laugh.

A leap onto his chair, a thrown pillow and another hop there, another pillow in hand of course.

Your legs flexed and you hopped back onto the other pillow, “We need more amunition.” You called.

Dan, wobbling a little on his desk chair (which you had thought was such a bad idea) understood what you meant. He jumped then onto the bid bean bag chair and held his arms out expectantly.

You threw him a couple other pillows, a few pokemon plushies and the bed cover even.

But he hadn’t seemed to have set all the pokemon plushies yet so as the cover hit him, he lost his balance and throwing everything into the air, fell. His half upper body landed touching the bare floor - *cough* - you mean lava.

“No,” You both cried out simultaneously.

“Help, (y/n), save me.” Dan pleaded.

You rushed to him, breathing a little hard from the slight physical exertion playing Lava seemed to cause.

“Dan, no.” You played along.

Once reaching him, you laid on the bean bag chair and stretched your hand to him.

“Wait,” He said in his normal voice and flipped around so that his legs were in the lava. Then taking hold of your hand, said, “Go.”

“We’re going to be alright,” You said dramatically.

“Don’t let me go.” He weeped.

“Wait,” You said quickly then. You took out your phone and went on to YouTube (you didn’t have it on your phone) and played My Heart Will Go On.

Dan laughed the instant it started but returned to character as you placed your phone on the side.

“I’ll never let you go Dan.”

“Always,” He asked, sliding away as if being pulled.

“Always,” You laughed a little while looking at him fondly. “I’m not sure that’s how it goes.”

“Shh, I’m dead.” Dan rolled over onto his stomach.

“Looks like you’re having an existential crisis.”

“What’s the difference?” He muttered.

You turned the music off with a smile standing up and grabbing the cover off the floor. You shook it a little and let it float down, spreading it on the floor.

“C'mon,” You said to Dan.

He rose his head and once saw what you meant, rolled over to you.

The Roast of danisnotonfire

Oh, you finally uploaded I see
Its two minutes long I guarantee!
A diss track?
Well, it’s a little late
The title is just bloody clickbait!

So he thinks he can rap like Kanye West
Sit your ass down and go Kanye rest!
Where’s that link to the NigaHiga vlog?
Now you’re worse than PointlessBlog!

Ahem, let’s get something straight
No, its not your sexuality mate.

Whisks are for baking not masturbation
You’re a disappointment with all your procrastination!

You’re always saying anime is life
And I think that’s why you have no wife.
A full time internet hobo
Who’s aways lying about the ‘no homo’

Oh wait, what’s this I sense?
Another existential crisis at your viewer’s expense!

Been complaining about shit since twenty ten
Oh wait look, here he goes again!
Your rhymes are shit and rap aint lit
Just stick to games you bloody Brit

I just tore you apart like fucking barbed wire
Now Dan actually IS on fire

*drops mic*