[goes away to have an existential crisis]

Prince Lotor Headcanons

• is literally Space Draco Malfoy
• Beautiful long white hair
• “Wait until my father, Lord Zarkon, previous Black Paladin, Evil Overlord, hears about <i>this</i>
• Haggar used to babysit him
• “Lotor! Stop biting the druids!”
• Baby Lotor: *hisses*
• Haggar is tired of his shit
• Definitely went through an emo phase
• “No one understands me, father, no one knows of my suffering, nobody, no one-”
• Totally got a war ship for his 16th birthday
• “Uhhhhh. Father, I crashed the ship.”
• Zarkon doesn’t let him drive anymore
• Space Garbarge Lord™
• Lotor has created classic memes, such as:
•*points at a random spot on the holo map* I HAVE FOUND VOLTRON
• *watching someone losing a battle in the arena* “Quiznak I wish that were me.”
• He made “What Lion Would You Be?” quizzes and forced every Galra soldier to take it
• (don’t even lie they all low key liked it)
• “Father, you would be the Black Lion.”
• *Zarkon screams loudly*
• Lotor eventually gets out into the universe, and sees firsthand the villainy of his father.
• He has an Existential Crisis
• Eventually he meets Voltron while they are both on the same planet, he goes rogue, and joins them.
• Becomes best friends with Shiro and Lance right away
• It takes a while but eventually Keith warms up to him, Lotor helps Keith spar during training, and gives him more knowledge about Galra Stuff™
• Especially mating rituals ;)
• Keith: Error 404
• He likes to cook with Hunk and help him and Pidge work in the Castle and their various projects
• Coran becomes Lotor’s adoptive father basically and Lotor learns how to broaden his horizons and appreciate life a lot more than he used to
• He personally apologizes to Allura on behalf of the Galra for the genocide of her people and swears his life and loyalty to her
• I love Lotor lmao oops

Missing You: Chapter 4

Summary: Phil goes away to visit a friend for a few days. Dan misses him and tries to fill the time. Based of Dan’s recent liveshow.

This Chapter: Dan looks through his tumblr tag

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Anxious Thoughts, Existential Crisis

Author’s Note: None of the tumblr comments were real - I wrote them for the fic but I certainly don’t think those things of Dan and Phil!. I love them both & I hope they never have to read stuff like that :(

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Pynch Fic Rec


And You - It’s summer. Adam comes home from work.

A House so Vast - Adam says, “Bite me all you want, I’m going back to sleep.” Ronan lets his forehead rest on the same place, dropping his body so that it is completely plastered over Adam’s. With the hand not gripping the keys, he weaves his fingers into the mess of Adam’s hair. He inhales, and everything is sweat and sun and the crisp, woodsy aftershave that Adam has started wearing. Ronan’s entire being stutters. He could stay like this, easily.

Ronan feels left behind. Adam is taking what he deserves. They talk, in a way. A short thing about feelings and things unsaid.

We Smile Because We Want To - “It’s a date,” said Ronan.“It’s your house,” said Adam.

These hands are tied - “At first, I thought Gansey and I were doing something wrong. Then I realized that it wasn’t our problem at all! It’s you two. You can be jerks but you’re always touching, and kissing, and doing that annoying telepathic thing.” She scrunched her nose, “It’s kind of disgusting.”Adam felt his face burn and immediately said, “That’s not true. We don’t- get off me, Lynch.” He pushed at Ronan who had been resting his head on his thigh this whole time. Noah decided to pipe in, “Like she said. Disgusting.”

That was what made Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves.

Should’ve Put A - It’s been happening every few days for the past four months. Ronan wakes up, finds a ring on his left hand, and panics until he can hide it.

post-trk conversations - what is says on the tin

beckoning - It is not until late June that Adam asks: “Should we talk about what we are?”Ronan furrows his brow. “Like— humanity-wise? Or relationship-wise?”“Hilarious,” Adam drawls, sneaking a kiss along Ronan’s jaw. “I was thinking more of the second one. But as for point A— very much mortal. Maybe a chaotic neutral.“

omnia - Ronan closes the distance between them with two hurried steps. The next thing Adam knows, he’s being crushed to Ronan’s chest. It’s solid, anchoring, and Adam ducks his face into Ronan’s neck. From this close up, he can’t see the purple, fingerprint-bruises, winding down Ronan’s throat. But he kisses that space of skin, anyway. Kisses it, and feels Ronan’s breath hitch.

ldr - “No Skype sex,” Adam says, but then a thought occurs to him. “Hey, is there a portmanteau for that? Like… Skex? Or something?”He regrets it almost instantaneously. Ronan doubles over, nearly knocking over his laptop as he cackles. “Yes, Parrish. Oh, yes. Have Skex with me, c’mon.”or:The Epic Fairytale Long Distance Romance of Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish.

two lost boys - Adam knew that people wouldn’t get it, that people would look at Ronan and think that Adam could do much better, that Ronan would only hold him back, but Adam couldn’t have cared less. Because he knew that the broken halves of Ronan’s hearts matched up perfectly with his.Two lost boys.Connected by one heart.or: The One Where Ronan Meets Adam’s College Friends

things that break the silence - Adam has left for college and Ronan didn’t expect the Barns to be so quiet without him there.

After All This Searching, What Is There Left To Do But Breath & Bleed - Gansey wakes up. This picks up immediately after the final chapter of The Raven King–but before the epilogue. Major TRK spoilers. Some angst. You have been warned.

ama me fideliter - Gansey is shocked to learn that Ronan and Adam have been keeping a secret from him for years. Post-TRK, spoilers.

Here In This Potent Silence Is Where I Come To Find You - Ronan and Adam drive back to the barns. Post the final chapter of The Raven King. Pre-Epilogue. Can be read as a one-shot but also compliments Part 1 in this series. SPOILER ALERT for those who have not read The Raven King.

can’t let the day go - Ronan knows he does, but he also feels like he needs to relearn Adam every time they see each other again. He’s itching to relearn him now, but he can’t bring himself to move forward. It’s the surprise of it shocking him to stillness. Adam here when he shouldn’t be. A pleasant surprise, sure, but they didn’t discuss this. They Skyped just two days ago and Adam didn’t mention anything about plane tickets or plans, nothing about sneaking away from his small, overheated dorm room to be here in the mild spring weather with Ronan. Ronan’s so happy he can barely breathe.(Or, Adam takes a long weekend off from school and makes a surprise visit to the Barns.)

the one where there’s onesies - The one where there’s onesies, terrible popcorn, and someone most certainly has a cape fetish. (Or, Ronan and his dreams love Adam a whole lot and Adam loves cuddle piles more than he ever thought he could.)

in between - THERE ARE RAVEN KING SPOILERS In which Adam works on processing what happened, Ronan is thankful, Gansey wants to know if he can kiss Blue, Blue wants to know if she can kiss Gansey, and Henry wants to go on a road trip.Set in between Chapter 67 and the epilogue.

a truth so loud you can’t ignore - Set between the last chapter and epilogue of The Raven King. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. The first line is a major spoiler. Fair warning.Adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family. It’s no surprise that Ronan’s at his side.

making shades of purple - Five times they say I love you without saying I love you.

built you a home in my heart - They don’t ever say Goodbye.A series of coming-back-togethers.

your body’s poetry, speak to me - He’s always loved this old, faithful sofa. When he was a kid, he thought someone could sink right into it like quicksand. Get lost forever if they weren’t lucky. It felt like it could be a portal to another dimension before he even knew about the existence of magic, his own or any other kind. Sitting next to Adam like this, still tasting him on his lips, heart thrashing wildly in his chest, skin singing with the memory of his touch, it feels like discovering that all over again.

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Existential Crisis

Genre: Fluff. (again. Honestly I can’t write angst for shit.)

Words: 857.

Warnings: Some swearing.

Summary“Are you having another existential crisis?” he asks.

“Athena didn’t make me smart enough to avoid them, Phil.”

A/N: I wanted to remove my writer’s block with a PJO AU. Yay. So here’s a little drabble.

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anonymous asked:

YAY ANOTHER BLOG<3 So, how do you think Rampo, Chuuya, and Dazai would act drunk?

Ranpo Edogawa:
He’s the type of drunk that will do anything to prove he’s better than you or to prove a point. He will brag about how amazing he is with completely unrealistic stories and will claim any mistakes (eg. He stumbles over and falls to the ground) as something he meant to do. He’s more likely to be amazed at things and is a lot louder.

Chuuya Nakahara:
It’s canon that he’s an emotional drunk but I think he loses control of all of his emotions. He’ll find something that is completely random and be really happy all of a sudden but then he’ll see something on the news and burst out in tears and sob about how awful the world is. He would get angry over nothing and fight anyone/thing and ramble about his problems to anyone who happens to walk by. If they refuse to listen to him, he will then proceed to fight them until they do.

Dazai Osamu:
Dazai doesn’t know what’s going on at all when he’s drunk. He is really clumsy and drops literally everything he touches. His speech is really slurred and goes from speaking very quickly to extremely slow. Sometimes he’ll randomly pause in between words then continue talking. He’ll fall over a lot and tell completely pointless stories that have no relevance to anything or morals whatsoever, but he’ll feel that everyone should listen to them because he thinks they are hilarious and will yell at them if they don’t.

Since this resulted in one of the best BSD convocations me and admin Holly have ever had, we’ll share a couple other things we came up with.

Kenji is the ‘Wildcard’ drunk and it always depends on what he’s drinking/how he feels as he’s drinking. He’s mainly overjoyed and surprised about everything.

Atsushi refuses to get drunk. He’s the only sober one. Crying for help.

(Holly is proud of this one) Fukuzawa stands up on the table with an empty bottle in his hands, using it as a microphone and yells/poorly sings the lyrics to Total Eclipse Of The Heart and other awful 80′s ballads really out of tune to Atsushi.
“BACK IN MY DAY THEY USED TO CALL ME THE STAGE KILLER!” Fuzukawa yelled from a table, mid singing.
“P-president no-”

Fitzgerald just goes into mega horny stripper mode. But it takes A LOT (I mean several bottles of strong alcohol) to get him drunk. 

Lovecraft goes into existential crisis mode and starts educating people on ‘The Unknown’

Akutagawa would be the stone cold drunk. He would have a dead expression as he says the strangest things. He would get really passionate about something he would be ranting about like cucumbers and he’d punch a wall or something and be like “They DON’T get enough RECOGNITION!” And emphasize on certain words out of complete random.

Kukikida drinks his problems away then gets really happy and doesn’t care about anything. He then loses all of his energy and becomes like a slug. He does everything lazily whilst lead on anyone/thing he can and doesn’t move or talk. He only groans and sighs.

Please enjoy our stupidity.

Random stuff about the signs
  • Aries: Desperately wants to be able to peel an orange in one peice but can't so just ends up getting angry and making a mess out of their pile of tiny orange peel scraps.
  • Taurus: Makes eye contact with everyone at a social situation and then stares intently at the last slice of pizza wondering if it's okay to eat it even tho YOUVE already eaten more than everyone else. Eventually shrugs and goes for it
  • Gemini: Loudly says "anyway" when someone try's to change the subject away from you in a conversation
  • Cancer: Crying at sarah mclachlan commercials with the sad animals
  • Leo: Dancing in in their underwear in their room to forget about all their problems. It kind of works if you turn the music up loud enough
  • Virgo: Has everyone amazed cause they act really chill about school but always have the best grades but secretly they are trying rlly hard
  • Libra: Can't dance. Eats a lot of fruit. Might have three existential crisis in one day.
  • Scorpio: Always kind of horny and might stab you. Great taste in music tho
  • Sagittarius: Spilled coffee on themselves this morning and won't shut up about it. Seriously has told every single person they've talked to today it's getting boring
  • Capricorn: The only one who did the math hw and reminded the teacher of it two minutes b4 the bell rings
  • Aquarius: Glowing. Everyone is turning to look at them. Woah did Beyoncé just walk by!!! No it was just you you are a goddess *wakes up from daydream*
  • There is drool on your desk quit bein gross
  • Pisces: Just wants to go back to sleep. Didn't do their hw. Is drinking an earl grey latte and will share it with you. How sweet.
The Roast of danisnotonfire

Oh, you finally uploaded I see
Its two minutes long I guarantee!
A diss track?
Well, it’s a little late
The title is just bloody clickbait!

So he thinks he can rap like Kanye West
Sit your ass down and go Kanye rest!
Where’s that link to the NigaHiga vlog?
Now you’re worse than PointlessBlog!

Ahem, let’s get something straight
No, its not your sexuality mate.

Whisks are for baking not masturbation
You’re a disappointment with all your procrastination!

You’re always saying anime is life
And I think that’s why you have no wife.
A full time internet hobo
Who’s aways lying about the ‘no homo’

Oh wait, what’s this I sense?
Another existential crisis at your viewer’s expense!

Been complaining about shit since twenty ten
Oh wait look, here he goes again!
Your rhymes are shit and rap aint lit
Just stick to games you bloody Brit

I just tore you apart like fucking barbed wire
Now Dan actually IS on fire

*drops mic*

Danisnotonfire One Shot | 3 AM

Note: No but like really, I just imagine the mundanest shit ever but all the freaking time. Like fighting over cereal (I can sustain myself solely on it) and greeting each other every morning and the incredible height difference there undoubtedly is in between us…

“Seriously though, he asked me if you had a tattoo of a Hungarian Horntail on your back.”

“Was he just being ironic though, or was he sincerely curious?” Dan laughed.

“I don’t even know,” You laughed with him, legs stretched out in front of you.

“At least he didn’t say Pygmy Puff,” He commented, opposite you but in the same position. After a slight pause he added. “I should get a Pygmy Puff tattoo.”

“That’s a good idea.” You said sarcastically.

“You should get one too.”

“Matching tattoos, is it?”

“My best ideas come at night.”

“You wouldn’t make it past the flat door.”

“You wanna bet on it?” He thumped his chest theatrically and stood up. “Let’s go right now.”

“It is almost three in the morning Daniel sit your ass down.”

“Why are you so mean to me?” He whined, still standing.

“We can go get your tattoos tomorrow.”

“Do you think they have temperal Pgymy Puffs tattoos?”

“We can ask.”

A few moments of silence.

“Do you know what I feel like playing?” Dan asked, coming closer to you.

“What?” You asked.

“The floor’s lava.” He said, awaiting your response.

You blinked at him and, “Well then, seems like you’re on fire.”

He jumped onto the bed with a laugh.

A leap onto his chair, a thrown pillow and another hop there, another pillow in hand of course.

Your legs flexed and you hopped back onto the other pillow, “We need more amunition.” You called.

Dan, wobbling a little on his desk chair (which you had thought was such a bad idea) understood what you meant. He jumped then onto the bid bean bag chair and held his arms out expectantly.

You threw him a couple other pillows, a few pokemon plushies and the bed cover even.

But he hadn’t seemed to have set all the pokemon plushies yet so as the cover hit him, he lost his balance and throwing everything into the air, fell. His half upper body landed touching the bare floor - *cough* - you mean lava.

“No,” You both cried out simultaneously.

“Help, (y/n), save me.” Dan pleaded.

You rushed to him, breathing a little hard from the slight physical exertion playing Lava seemed to cause.

“Dan, no.” You played along.

Once reaching him, you laid on the bean bag chair and stretched your hand to him.

“Wait,” He said in his normal voice and flipped around so that his legs were in the lava. Then taking hold of your hand, said, “Go.”

“We’re going to be alright,” You said dramatically.

“Don’t let me go.” He weeped.

“Wait,” You said quickly then. You took out your phone and went on to YouTube (you didn’t have it on your phone) and played My Heart Will Go On.

Dan laughed the instant it started but returned to character as you placed your phone on the side.

“I’ll never let you go Dan.”

“Always,” He asked, sliding away as if being pulled.

“Always,” You laughed a little while looking at him fondly. “I’m not sure that’s how it goes.”

“Shh, I’m dead.” Dan rolled over onto his stomach.

“Looks like you’re having an existential crisis.”

“What’s the difference?” He muttered.

You turned the music off with a smile standing up and grabbing the cover off the floor. You shook it a little and let it float down, spreading it on the floor.

“C'mon,” You said to Dan.

He rose his head and once saw what you meant, rolled over to you.