College Confession #49

So last year my friend and I went on a Model United Nations trip to Chicago. We were both working for our school newspaper, I was a writer and she took photos. Anyways there was this one really cute delegate representing Germany (from another school). We talked about him a few times and then proceeded to do our jobs of covering the event.  

When we got back to campus, we had to turn everything we did back in to the editors of the newspaper including the cameras. One of our editors was going through a camera when he screamed “WHO THE HELL’S CAMERA IS THIS?!?!”

It turns out that she spent the entire three days at the conference following the delegate around and taking pictures of him. There were over a thousand of them…

- George Mason University

Jeanette has been waiting very patiently for these little rose gold Paw Print pieces to come in from BVLA! They made for a great fit in her second earlobe piercings.

While in the studio today, she also fell in love with the beautiful Rosette and absolutely had to have it in the upper cartilage piercing that we did last year! So great.

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A fluffy white emu has appeared, settling himself on Boss' bed next to the prone skeleton. Ruffling his feathers, he spread his wings over the monster, covering him. His chick now.

*Boss had remained perfectly still on the mattress for a good portion of the day until the Gmu came along. Very slowly, he turned his head and stared at the bird.*…

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*Blueberry sneaked towards the unsuspecting Gmu. He was going to ride this bird.* ((Smolblueberrysans))

Gmu stood deathly still, doing his best to balance as a bird. How the fuck was he supposed to emu?! His head tilted when he heard a noise behind him and he swung his neck around, trying to pinpoint where the noise was coming from.

( @smolblueberrysans )

George Washington University no longer requests SAT or ACT for admission

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