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What The Signs Should Do Today According To Science
  • Aries: Stream 'We Young'
  • Taurus: Stream 'We Young'
  • Gemini: Stream 'We Young'
  • cancer: Stream 'We Young'
  • Leo: Stream 'We Young'
  • Virgo: Stream 'We Young'
  • Libra: Stream 'We Young'
  • Scorpio: Stream 'We Young'
  • Sagittarius: Stream 'We Young'
  • Capricorn: Stream 'We Young'
  • Aquarius : Stream 'We Young'
any fanders want to help out a nonbinary pal?

so basically i have been tweeting thomas like crazy for the past few days, because i really want him to write the word “breathe” for me for my next tattoo. i want the tattoo because of his Accepting Anxiety videos, especially because of the scene where Anx is telling him how to breathe to calm down. i never want to forget that and what better reminder than a tattoo, right? :’)

now i haven’t been successful in getting him to see my tweet BUT i don’t want to lose hope! now i know thomas’ merch event is this weekend and, unfortunately, i was unable to get a ticket :( buuuuut i thought maybe a fellow fander going would be willing to help? of course i don’t want to take away from your moment with thomas! but if anyone wouldn’t mind asking him to write “breathe” out for me on a piece of paper or whatever, i would be the MOST appreciative, like you would not even understand lol

idk what i could offer in return for this, other than my utmost gratitude and love. and again i dont want to take away from anyone’s moment with thomas and im certainly not expecting anyone to do this, i just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask :’) 


Thank you @beautifullyframed and @ponderation for the recent reblogs <3.  And belated thanks to @biutifulpics@camera-raw, @imiging, @luxlit, @the-masterworks@photosworthseeing, @sangoreblog2 and anyone else I’ve forgot to mention for their reblogs of my photos when I was last active around here in the spring.

I hope everyone’s having a good summer. I spent some time in Colorado, Arizona and Utah. And I also spent quite a bit of time helping my mother transform what used to be a drab fenced-in area for a pool (that no one swam in) into a little garden oasis 😊 

I’m trying to get synced up on Flickr & Tumblr so that I can share new things.. so please excuse my excessive posting. Sometimes I’m not sure how much time I should continue to invest in Flickr & Tumblr, since they’re now owned by a company that wants to destroy Net Neutrality, but that’s another story. 


Have I mentioned that im producing a podcast and a YouTube channel? I have a ways before everything goes live but I’m sharing the whole process. My channels are getting ready to go up! I’m just working on overlays and branding, making sure my hardware is up to snuff, and traveling for interviews.

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I got tagged by @queendenial indirectly, but i’m bored enough to actually do this, so….

Time Right Now: 3:54pm

Nicknames: samwise, @queendenial calls me samhyun. idk. sam-a-lama-ding-dong was a thing

Gender: female

Star Sign: aquarius/capricorn cusp

Height:  5′6″

Birthday: january 87

Favorite Solo Artist: ella fitzgerald

Favorite Bands: bts, big bang, day6, akmu, nell, a million other things

Songs Stuck In My Head: listening to music, so nada

Last Show I Watched: the late show with stephen colbert

When Did I Create My Blog: like….7 or 8 years ago?

What Do I Post: nothing at the moment >.> (but usually kpop and art and the trainwreck that is the internet)

Last Thing I Googled: uhhhhhhhhh, how to make almond meal

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: yeah, but i use them even less than this one, if that tells you anything

Do You Get Asks: i used to

Why Did You Choose Your URL: it was spray painted on an underpass in chicago. i saw it on my way home from work and thought it was ~cool

Following: 398

Followers: 506 (why)

Favorite Colors: dark jewel tones

Lucky Number: it was 3? i don’t put much stock in that stuff anymore

Average Hours Of Sleep: never enough

What Am I Wearing Right Now: comfy pants. everything else is irrelevant

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: like 4 or 5, but they’re all thin.

Dream Job: self-sustaining, self-published author

Dream Trip: going anywhere with @queendenial

Favorite Food: arroz con leche. arroz, la luz de mi vida y de mi boca

Nationality: american (expatriate)

Favorite Song Right Now: sophiya - therapy

also tagging @croatoan-the-line and @kiwijennie. and @mousiessisden annnnd istg i don’t know who’s even on here these days

Alright, kiddos, let’s take a second here to talk about something that’s- well, it’s related to Charleston, but sort of in a tangential way. I came across some idiot friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend on Facebook who had posted this particular meme of bullshit in a comment:

The short version?

This is just cynical, childish, unmitigated crap.

The long version?

Fuck this lazy-ass, faux-superior, South Park-style “both sides suck” political bullshit. The people who were run over? What makes them racist? Protesting against people chanting Nazi slogans? Standing in the way of white supremacists marching towards an African-American church? Having the unmitigated gall to actually give a shit about their fellow citizens and being willing to go out in public and support them?

Newsflash, kids: Being emotionally detached and laughing at other people for having political views doesn’t make you smarter than them. It doesn’t make you cool. It doesn’t make you right.

It means you don’t have the common sense and empathy to care about other people. It means you’re actively rejecting the kind of community and support for each other that makes us succeed. You might think you’re taking some sort of intellectual, so-rational-and-detached-which-makes-me-right attitude to things, but really, you’re just being a lazy idiot who is too selfish to care about other human beings and is laughing at people who were attacked for supporting other humans.

It means you’re so invested in your supposed impartial beliefs, that you’re standing by and deriding people who are standing up to a mob chanting Nazi slogans, and that’s all they care about. You know that saying, if you aren’t with us, you’re against us? No. See, to Nazis, if you aren’t against them, you’re not getting in their way. You’re willing to stand by and say you don’t care while they harass and terrorize any group they like. You’re actually telling them “I don’t care.” Which is great to them, because it means that they can do what they want, knowing no one is going to stop them, and that means you’re basically an ally. 

Don’t fucking do this.

Be brave. Give a shit about other human beings.