[gif] terminator

“I think I underestimate the power of atomic warheads. It would be awful in a large city centre, crowds of panicked people rush around you, seeing a mother clutch a baby in her arms, hearing a rifle shoot in the distance, a man leaning against a wall, with a bottle of liquor in his hand, given up. In a home with an open door, an extemely eerie test tone plays as the leader says their final words to their doomed nation. You see a figure leap off the top of a large building. Then, silence. The entire city halts as everyone stares at a small flash of light. Many clutch their eyes and scream. For a second, everything around you bursts into silent flames as if it were touched by the hand of a demon. All of a sudden, your entire world explodes and is turned into nothing as atomic fire swallows you and a hundred thousand people. Every building, hundreds of years of ingenuity and creativity, are immediately vaporized. Every artist’s painting, every child’s scrapbook, every baby boomer’s mixtape, every effort of all these people are immediately for naught. Millions of collective consciousnesses are lost, every scrap of your past, present and future existence completely obliterated, eternally buried in the depths of human hostility and error.”

- Someone on the Internet