선미(Sunmi)_보름달(Full Moon)_M/V


Yoobin : Sunmi usually doesn’t put any lotion or anything on her face, but she especially put on cream and lip gloss to look good for Taeyeon

Kangin : That’s weird

Taeyeon: Why?

Kangin : Female singers usually want to look good in front of guys

Yoobin : This situation is a little different

24시간이 모자라
선미뢸 (Sunmi)
24시간이 모자라

K-Song Of The Day | Sunmi-24시간이 모자라(24 Hours)

Addictive. I feel bad to have ignored this song before because now I can not get enough of it. I’m familiar with Sunmi seeing as she was with Wonder Girls but I like her solo as well. Just a nice little dance track with sexy choreography that’s been parodied over and over again.