Mirror - To Lose [pt 2/3]

!F: I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I realized coming here was a foolish mistake on my part. I just might hope for forgiveness.
R: Surely you do not wish to…
!F: And I cannot let any harm come to my Master.

F: I guess there’s no point in trying to save someone who do not wishes to be saved.
R: He is not doing it for himself only.
F: Master?
R: He wants to protect. (Protect us. In the only way he thinks is possible.)

The really hilarious thing about Frankenstein that modern adaptations almost invariably leave out is that the dude wasn’t even a scientist.

Yeah, there’s that post going around about how he wasn’t really a doctor because he never graduated university, but here’s the thing: he wasn’t even studying science.

The text is explicit on this point: Frankenstein was a student of alchemy, not medicine. He thought he was pretty hot stuff because his alchemist cred impressed folks in the middle-of-nowhere town where he grew up, but then he enrolled in a big city university and everybody laughed at him, not because his ideas where too cutting edge, but because they were absurdly archaic.

Here’s these people literally forging new paths in surgery and germ theory and everything that would become modern medicine, and then here’s this punk kid shooting his mouth off about, like, vital humours and shit. How could they not mock him?

That’s where the whole “I’ll show them - I’ll show them all!” bit comes from.