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smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun

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Jeon, have you been skipping out on meals lately? It's nice you're treating your sunbaenims to your share of food (and clothes..) lately, but if you keep this up you'll get sick!

JK:  Don’t get the wrong idea, Unnie. I-It’s not like I did those things for you. I did it because I had free time, that’s all!

JK: *says that while having snacks for Jin in arms*

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the Beatles
— a little anthology
[ collage ]

have you ever thought about how beautiful it is that we fall in love with fictional characters? these characters don’t exist and will never know we exist but we still love them so genuinely. we don’t gain anything material from loving them but we still do. i think loving fictional characters is one of the most selfless things we do

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Togekiss is new to the community and wants to be friends with Serperior! Togekiss brings a cupcake as a friendly offering. @dailytogekisslove

Welcome to the Community (I’m so sorry this is like super late)!!