DAY 2128

Jalsa, Mumbai            Feb11/12,  2014            Tue/Wed  12:35 am

Gaurav Kumar Kulshreshta

Mario Andrew

Rishi Vij ..

All the dedicated Ef’s and members of this wonderful family wish you a most wonderful birthday .. have a happy day and happy years ahead .. and may you continue to be in good health and …

And birthday wishes to Mario Rodrigues … @mario_a_goa 

Some of the greatest motivations to humans have been initiated by acts or events or moments that have never ever warranted the final outcome !

It shall be difficult to elaborate on this for now, but in time and space and deeper understanding, it shall have the its own intrinsic capacity to do so. One cannot guarantee what the final outcome shall be, but suffice to say that the statement shall indeed be justified and stately and pure !

A day of complete rest .. a day when you wished nothing would come in the way .. a day when you wished that the drapes on the windows and doors remained in the dark .. a day when there was need to be not questioned, or asked, or driven to routine scheduled missions … a day of just being wherever you are - in bed, on couch, on Tv, in pyjamas, with or without timed meals … a day when there would be no demands, no solutions asked for, no decisions to be taken or given instructions .. nothing ..

And yet … none of the above is secured by any deliberation.

It was a normal day .. another of its kind yet not all of its kind ..

There was passion in the communication, in the lethargy, in the wait, in the morsels … in just about all and everything …

And guess what ? Tomorrow challenges to be the same ..

Good night all … Chelsea on with West Brom ..

Amitabh Bachchan

[حدث في مثل هذه اللحظة: قرر الرئيس محمد حسني مبارك تخليه عن منصب رئيس الجمهوريه وكلف المجلس الأعلى للقوات المسلحة بإدارة شؤون البلاد !
Good Morning Saturday

Woke up early today, like 7.30 for no certain reason, haha!Still not feeling well, my throat is so itchy!

Prepared my breakfast for today. Hot milo, apples & oranges, biogesic, and a gass of water to make me feel better.

I seldom wake up early so today was a productive day. I edited our thesis manuscript while having breakfast in bed.

Buon Giorno! Hope everyone did enjoy their saturday. :*

يسقط حكم العسكر
لدي قناعة إننا أخطأنا عندما فرحنا يوم 11 فبراير بسقوط مبارك و لم ننتظر و تركنا ميدان التحرير قبل إقتلاع النظام من جذوره…
و أخطأنا مرة أخرى عندما وثقنا في المجلس العسكري و وافقنا على تخلينا عن السلطة له…
و أخطأنا للمرة الثالثة عندما سكتنا على أنتهاكات المجلس العسكري و الداخلية و تركنا حق الشهداء خلفنا…
و لكن ما زال بمقدرتنا أن نستعيد الثورة مرة أخري و نستعيد حق الشهداء…
فإن بدأت إنتخابات الرئاسة في 25 يناير و كان هناك رئيس مدني منتخب في 11 فبراير فسنبدأ في بناء وطناً مستقراً بعيداً عن حكم العسكر و خيانته…

A great video by an Egyptian for Egyptians. This really captures the sentiment of Egyptians living outside of Egypt. Shout out to Sara Elgamal for an amazing job.


Sorry to make an ad hominem attack (sorry I’m not sorry, that is), but I want to say something to all you American pansies who are expressing trepidation and anxiety about Egypt’s future:

Sod off.

Contrary to your neo-Orientalist, narrow little worldviews, Egyptians can think for themselves. Haven’t the past 19 days taught you anything?

You are all losers.