[falls over crying]

  • Me: Ugh, Zarkon is terrible! He's so cruel! Has no heart! Cat stealer!
  • Season 3: Haha oh yeah Zarkon was a sweetheart who was afraid of cats and laughed at his friends jokes and fell in love with an Altean
  • Me, on the brink of tears: Fair enough

remember when manly dan called dipper a little girl and he flinched and denied it rly quickly as if it’s a sore topic for him

or when there was an entire episode dedicated to dipper and him not being “manly enough”

and when he teared up and said “I’m not a male. I’m not a man. Is that what you’re getting at?”

remember how dipper always wears a shirt to the pool

and how he’s always wanted tyrone as his name and how dipper isn’t his “real name”

or how he’s embarrassed of his own sneeze because people call it adorable

this kid is trans someone fight me

Since the beginning of summer, Dipper has been obsessed with mystery ever since he found Ford’s journal 

 He investigated Mabel’s boyfriend 

He investigated the Loch Ness Monster

He tried to find out who murdered the wax Grunkle Stan

He wondered about ghosts

He wanted to find out who the real town founder was

He wondered how timelines work

He wanted to find a mysterious way to get taller

He wondered the body swap carpet worked

He became suspicious about Robbie’s CD

He wanted to find the beast that attacked the town 

He wanted to know why Stan was always rough on him

He wanted to know what the thing was that was stealing his and Mabel’s  Summerween candy

He wanted to know about Stan’s tattoo

He wanted to learn about the mysterious mailbox

He wanted to know why a mysterious Gravity Falls citizen always faces left

He wanted to know where the giant tooth came from

He wanted to find the Hide-Behind

He wanted to learn about the big mysteries in Gravity Falls

He wanted to learn about the author’s secret bunker

He wanted to know the password to the laptop 

He wanted to know who the author was 

He wanted to know why the townspeople’s memories were getting erased

He wanted to know why Soos hates his birthday 

He investigated the ghost haunting Northwest Manor

He wondered who his Grunkle Stan was

When he found out who the author was, he had so many questions for him

He wanted to know his Grunkles’ backstory

He was curious about what his Grunkle Ford was working on

He wanted to know the history between Ford and Bill 

He wondered what the phrase “New Mummies Daily!” meant

And he went on an adventure with Ford to find the alien adhesive to fix the rift

He’s been through a lot of mysteries this summer 

Mysteries are his passion

And when Ford asked Dipper to be his apprentice, Dipper eventually turned it down. Why? Why did Dipper give up on something that he loved and obsessed over since the beginning of summer? Why did he give up on a big dream he had? 

Because of her folks. 

That’s right. Dipper loves his sister more than anything. And instead of living his dream and following his big passion, he chose to go home with his sister.

Now that is truly amazing :*)

Jasper loves light up things. From fireflies to shoes and even lava lamps. One day he came back to a string of fairy lights decorating one of the cabin walls. Clipped to them were photos, each one a nice memory they remembered dearly. Jasper was so happy he started crying.


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Paring; Min Yoongi x Reader

✎ Words; 3.4k

✎ Genre; Slight angst, smut, some fluff (Mostly smut) 

Warnings; Cussing, face riding, light bondage, Min Yoongi being called ‘Kitten’ 

✎ Summary; Despite Yoongi promising to be home early on your anniversary, he completely forgets. The two of you end up having an argument and you offer him a way to make it up to you. 


You and Yoongi have makeup sex, plot twist, he’s the sub (well kinda a sub, for a little anyway)

Request from: @taehyungieshands

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long.

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What if before their wedding Victor jokingly asks Yuuri if he should grow his hair out. Of course Yuuri says yes and and is giddy up in Victor's face. Victor, suprised by Yuuri's reaction decides to do it, but he tells Yuuri he can't see his hair until their wedding day Then comes their wedding day. Yuuri is up at the alter and Victor appears at the beginning of the wedding Isle with his long hair finally exposed to Yuuri. Everyone and Yuuri are crying at how gearous Victor looks. (part 1)

(Part 2) Both Victor and Yuuri are at the alter. Yuuri’s eyes are lit up like fireworks and he tells Victor that he is so beautiful and is almost falling over from crying tears of happiness. Victor tells Yuuri he is beautiful too. They both start crying.


Talks Machina: CR Finale Episode

This is really hard to watch.

IDK if I can keep watching this.

Liam really wanted Vax to have a happy ending, but was increasingly feeling like that’d be next to impossible. 

He doesn’t view this end as a happy one.

I’m gonna cry all over again.

girls who like girls…a struggle

What I say: Look at you walking in here being gorgeous.

What I mean: You’re gorgeous, I’m staring, I’m kinda sorry, I really want to kiss you right now.

What they hear: Are you wearing makeup? If so, you applied it accurately. 5 points to Gryffindor.


your smile’s forever in my mind and memory 

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud 
maybe we found love right where we are

I fall in love with you every single day

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Oh!! OH!! I hope I'm not to late to jump in on the drabbles + kink requests!! If you get to it, can I request a Castiel x reader drabble where Cas likes being called his full name during sex?

“Yes, Castiel,” you gasp. “Just like that.”

“Say it again.” His lips move against your collarbone, words falling out hard and heavy as he thrusts his hips.

“Please, Castiel,” you groan again. “Don’t stop.”

He moves a little faster, still nudging against your g-spot, grinding now instead of thrusting. You can tell from the sounds he’s making that he’s close to coming, deep grunts and strained, broken noises in the back of his throat.

And God, it’s about time. You’ve been ready to come for at least a half hour, but Cas has that damn angel endurance, and you’ve done your best to be patient.

“Come with me,” he finally says, leaning up to look down at you, all blue eyes and messy hair.

With one more push, you fall over the edge, a cry of “Castiel” on your lips. He pulses inside of you at that, trembling like he’s overwhelmed.

You drift off to sleep with your angel still inside you.


Stanley:  “͔͈̠̯̝͈̭W̳h̤̙̝̩̺̯͜ͅo̠̟̱ ̳̼a͚̯̮̱̩͖r͙̳͈̬͖̣e̕ ̛͉͓̭y̴͙o̱͠u̠̠͝ ̪̰̼t̛ò̰̪̰̲̫̬ ̜̲͕͎̬́m̭̖̥̬͝e̦?̲͕̩̮̯̥!”̫̦̯̱͙̟̠