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“Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone….”

But with Emma put under a sleeping curse, Killian is left with difficult decision to make.


It’s been said so many times, over and over again. I, myself have said it so many times over and over again as well. Nothing can truly justify how deeply I mean that so much. Lately, my anger towards the undeserved things Padmé got has been triggered and I can’t help myself but go on a full force rant about how Padmé deserved so much better than what fate has dealt with her.

As a young girl Padmé was destined for great things. She has always wanted to do one thing. That one thing is to help others in need. That was all she truly wanted and all she truly loved. She devoted herself to public service at a young age, which took away her opportunity to live a normal childhood. At the age of eight, she joined the Apprentice Legislators and eventually became a junior senatorial advisor. At twelve, she participated in the Legislative Youth Program and took a two-year mandate as supervisor of Naboo’s capital, Theed. At fourteen, she was elected queen and as queen she saved her planet from the Trade Federation and united her people with the Gungans – something that past kings and queens tried and failed to do. She earned so much love from her people that they created a movement to amend the constitution so that she may remain their queen. She declined, but she accepted the offered position of Senator of Naboo. As senator of Naboo, she outspokenly fought against the Military Creation Act against the Separatists. She was the only non-force-user human fighting alongside the Jedi in the battle of Geonosis. She fought for diplomatic solutions to end The Clone Wars. She has contributed to so much of the galactic republic’s success and made a name for herself in galactic history.

She has achieved all she ever wanted, and more as well, and for that she deserves at least something for herself. Marrying Anakin was a little something that she got that she deserves, because she deserves to marry the man she loves and to start a family of her own, but not even that was easy as they were constantly separated and forced into hiding their marriage. To make matters worse, her husband eventually turned to the dark side of the force and became Darth Vader which broke her heart and killed her and took away her opportunity to raise her children.

In the short life of the naïve, kind-hearted, optimistic, courageous, and selfless Padmé Amidala Naberrie-Skywalker, she has faced so many hardships and missed out on so many opportunities. She deserved so much better than that.

She deserves the typical happy, fun, carefree, and young life she deprived herself from.

She deserved to grow her confidence and maturity normally so that she would never doubt herself in the years to come.

She deserves to build a personality of her own other than a political one.

She deserves to give herself, other than her planet and her people, a little thought.

She deserves more friends other than her fellow politicians and staff members.

She deserves to go through minor life crises, not hostage and war crises.

She deserves to do ordinary things free from assassination attempts.

She deserves to let her diplomatic solutions be pushed through and to be praised for them.

She deserves to instantly say “yes” to her heart’s desires without thinking twice about the consequences.

She deserves to fight in petty fights other than political debates, military battles, and wars.

She deserves a happy marriage that she can show off to the entire galaxy.

She deserves a husband who isn’t often separated from her.

She deserves a family of her own.

She deserves to raise her children and watch them grow up into people as equally wonderful as she is.

She deserves to live her life to the fullest.

She deserves to be remembered for many years by the many generations to come.

She didn’t deserve to force herself to take away her childhood.

She didn’t deserve to rely on her political abilities.

She didn’t deserve to see life through one view she believed in.

She didn’t deserve to have her life at risk for the things she whole-heartedly did for her planet and people.

She didn’t deserve to have her ideas and beliefs shot down by others who didn’t have faith in her and her abilities.

She didn’t deserve to fight for her life and the life of others.

She didn’t deserve to deny her feelings for Anakin and hide her marriage to him.

She didn’t deserve to have Anakin constantly taken away from her by the war.

She didn’t deserve to have him worry about the fate of her life.

She didn’t deserve to have Anakin turn to the dark side.

She didn’t deserve to be taken away from being a mom to her twins.

She didn’t deserve to have her life taken away at the prime of her youth.

She didn’t deserve to be forgotten by her people.


I know that those are just some of the things she didn’t deserve. There are more. She deserves a lot better than all of that.

Words can’t do much to justify just how much Padmé Amidala deserves. The simple things I am writing don’t even do much to expound how much she deserves more. Simply saying “Padmé Amidala deserved better” bares so much meaning to be taken apart and examined part by part.

I will forever be amazed by the thought of how Padmé has faced so much misfortune in her life and yet she took every single one of them with her will unwavered and her courage stronger than ever to fight. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love her so much. That still doesn’t change the one belief I stand by, out of love for my favorite character and my hero.

Padmé Amidala deserved better.