[eloquently puts into words how this is dean's heaven and his heaven is seeing sam happy]

Request: Figure From The Past

Request: Could you write an Angel!reader x sam and maybe they’re on a hunt and Castiel comes and knows the reader? That would make me so happy thank you!

Word Count: 681

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

Back straight, shoulders back. You’re almost entirely sure that the man stood before you is the one you’re looking for. Usually, you can tell with these people, but the witch in question has cast a spell over the town that’s ‘made your mojo go wonky’, as Dean so eloquently put it. You can hardly tell who’s who around here, and it’s as if their souls – which you usually see with such clarity – have been obscured by a greying mist, and your grace seems to be significantly weakened here, so you’ve had to get through this the old fashioned way.

“Well,” You say firmly, “I’m sure we’ll find the culprit. Thank you for your time.”

You finish with a sarcastic smile, before turning away and striding back to Sam, who matches your pace as you leave the building.

This man, if you’re to be correct, has killed no less than eighteen people over the last month. All blood sacrifices to whatever demon he’s serving.


“It’s definitely him.” You whisper, “Definitely.”

“How do you know?”

“He has this marking. Upper left arm.” You say under your breath, “I don’t know what it is, but I do know that it’s ancient.”

“Ancient marking. Got it. Could you recreate it?”


“Good. Let’s get back to the motel and see what it means.” He smiles, and once you’re out of view, he wraps an arm around your waist, “Get this case over with so we can get out of here. I know you have having your grace muffled.”

“It’s fine.” You assure him – or, yourself. Sure, you can fight – you’re a soldier, after all – but hell, not having that seemingly infinite power at your disposal does little to help out.

“Whatever.” He raises an eyebrow and you laugh, letting go of him so you can get into the car.


“Dean? You still here?” Sam asks as he pushes the door open. Dean looks over from his conversation with another guy – you don’t recognise him, as such. It’s only when you sneak a peek at his soul that you find something else entirely. Pure grace shines through the haze and he must see the same in you, as his eyes widen.

“Y/N?” He whispers, almost entirely disbelieving, “You – you were-”

“Dead?” You offer, and he nods. You shrug, “So were you.”

“That’s what they told you?”

“I was told that you had encouraged a rebellion and had subsequently been eliminated.” You speak softly – you hadn’t wanted to believe that he was gone, but he had to be, right? But, now, he stands before you, seemingly unharmed.

“I heard through the grapevine that you’d been killed in a mission.”

“I had to fake it. The war…” You shudder at the memories, “It was brutal on us all, Castiel. I ran.”

“I don’t blame you.” He says quietly, moving closer to you, “It’s not our home when we’re not safe anymore.”

He suddenly embraces you, hugging you tight.

You’d known each other fairly well in heaven. He’d been just one level above you in command and so you’d spent time organising and planning together. You’d gotten on well, with minds working in the same way. When he’d gone – after apparently inciting a rebellion, no less, you’d been floored. Castiel was so logical, so knowledgable about the world and the people and things in it… you couldn’t help but wonder if there was a reason he’d rebelled.

“Uh… guys?” Sam asks after a moment. You pull away from Cas, shooting a smile at your boyfriend.

“What’s up?”

“Care to explain?” He asks, evidently somewhat confused about what you’re doing with the other angel. You laugh.

“We knew each other in heaven.” You explain, “I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“Well, we can catch up later.” Dean says, “As in, once we’ve finished this job. Y/N, what did you get from our friend over there?” He asks, and the four of you get down to work to solve the case.