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can i add my voice to the people wanting to know what the bartsugsy theory is... I have my own theory which involves vic volunteering to raise the baby so it'll be interesting to hear what other people are thinking

Ok. Ok. I’m gonna write this bc Lena @stolemyhheart keeps taking the piss out of me for having written more Rebecca meta since Thursday than Robron meta lmao.

It’s not so much a theory as it is an observation (gotta love the Drought). This really was all constructed entirely with @itwasjustmisplaced and so is at least 50% hers too.

(Although it does delve into theorising too bc why not, at this point)

This also ties very closely into the idea that all of the stories that started with SSW are starting to come to a close - because that’s where this started.

“This” being - for this entire robron storyline - both Robert planning to propose and Rebecca’s interference.

But beyond that, and where this theory comes into play - Adam and Victoria have been consistently involved in the story, on the fringes of the action, even in the ways that don’t make sense, whilst at the exact same time ultimately having a very similar story of their own play out. 

Which, to me, is suspicious.

And it started with SSW.

A pre-warning: this is so Extra that I feel like I should be embarrassed about it but whatever, I’m gonna live up to my URL and my love of reading too deeply into things so just… humour me, I guess.

Here we go:

The Bartsugsy Theory

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I'm just so confused like wtf was that episode I mean Lo please tell me you are too. Aaron was devastated on Friday he could barely say the word "baby" now he's changed his mind and wants to help Rob wtf he'll be buying baby clothes now. R has a scare medicinal professional tell her she has to stay in over night but she leaves I thought she loved her baby and wants to be a mum she didn't take the medical advice and left. My head hurts this story is getting more ridiculous

anon, I’m hilariously confused oh my g o d

Aaron started off the episode angry, spent all of Friday devastated and unable to process it and being made to question his relationship with Robert now, here we are, canonically on the next day and he’s like WE’RE GONNA BE DADS ROB I’M GONNA BE THE BEST DAD

i mean…. he’s cute and adorable and everything but i’m also concerned he’s been abducted by aliens

Rebecca’s decision to not follow her supposed medical advice but instead get on a plane

Robert’s sudden care for the kid’s wellbeing

Victoria not even blinking an eye at the fact that Robert had an affair and expecting Aaron to be chill about it as well despite what she’s going through

The only characters who made any sense were Larry, Chrissie and Adam

And I’m still sus about Chrissie being super supportive, so

It’s like the writers took Robert’s disappearing money and turned it into an episode. Oh my god.

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I've been reading your opinions on Rebecca. How she couldn't give up on Rob despite all the crap. The parallels you drew with affair era Aaron. The only difference being Aaron fought his feelings and Rob, where Rebecca just gives in to him. But that makes me worried, because like you say, she didn't fight him UNTIL NOW Rob likes the spark/chase. Now she has something huge to fight for (her child). Do you think that fiery passion will be used to draw them together again (romantically) in future?

i’m screamingggg even if rebecca is now starting to stand up to robert, i don’t think their dynamic could ever be called “fiery passion”

Like even if there is a twist to this I’m going to be so annoyed. To write such crap and upset and confuse the dedicated fans who are genuinely gutted about this storyline. To put us through all that for MONTHS only for them to turn around and go “Haha Jk guys”?!?!

Fuck you Iain! Seriously I’m so done with this storyline. I think I was subconsciously hoping for a twist tonight because I’m so downbeat. This has just been a shitstorm from the beginning and there is no end in sight. To do this to two amazing and loved characters who could’ve had a thousand better stories, I just can’t get my head around it!.

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The only reasonable explanation for the lack of doctors in this is that ED blew their whole budget on SSW and can't pay an extra to say 3 lines about her pregnancy.

they literally paid for an actress to play a therapist and sit there and give aaron the life and story changing advice, “get a hobby” and they haven’t once, not once,  deigned to stretch to get a one line extra say “you’re stressed and it’s not good for the baby”??? for the supposed future child of their most popular couple??????? instead, for the last two months, every single piece of information about the baby has come from rebecca??????

hm yeah ok

so who can tell me what the narrative point of having rebecca have cramps and go to the hospital was? was it literally just a quick and easy way to make robert realise ~he cares~, despite being the biggest proponent for the abortion? despite not even bothering to give aaron that much?

and if they’re gonna have aaron and robert be invested this early on, is the story literally just going to be ‘rob and aaron fight rebecca to be able to see the baby’? and how does that work with the sympathetic rebecca angle?

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I wish ED would let Rebecca go full soap villain, because then they could explore some of the parallels between her & Lachlan. Both obsessing over someone who is happily in a relationship/ Lachlan's straight forward attack on Alicia vs the questions surrounding the night Rebecca slept with Robert (then ED could address the drinking and consent). Them trying to shift the narrative after. The White family coming together & then tearing apart over the revelations. Rebecca seeing she's as bad as him

I like that a lot, anon. 

I mean, when you look at the White family as a whole, they’ve all gone in and out of villainy - Chrissie, Lawrence and even Lachlan (as much as for him, it can’t work, because there’s really no coming back for him as a character) have all been given treatment sympathetic treatment as often as they have been treated like points of antithesis in a plot.

The plot always shows them doing things to root against, but also always takes care to give us their side of the story, whether it works or not, and the same can very much be said for Rebecca but Rebecca is also often treated narratively as the ‘better, more moral’ White - she hands herself into the police against their wishes, convinces Lachlan to turn himself in because it’s the right thing to do (and Robert asked it), stands up against Chrissie when she’s being rude to Debbie, takes Sam out to lunch etc. etc. - maybe we’re supposed to think she’s a better person at her heart than the rest of her family. Conversely and hilariously, despite this, I also think that she largely doesn’t take responsibility for herself or her own actions - nothing is ever because of her, it’s because of an outside force, there’s always an excuse but again, I’ve already spoken about this and her lack of agency.

(this thread of moral upstanding that she has is actually why I had such an issue with her sleeping with Robert during the Incident because it just didn’t seem in character for who I thought she was - someone who would do shitty things and play fast and loose but would, at the end of it all, do the right thing, moreso than robert - and it’s not that I’m trying to hold her to a higher moral standard than robert, but more than her giving in and sleeping with him made me have to rejig my entire understanding of her impossible to understand character, but I’ve already sort of spoken about that)

Anyway anyway the consent issue is iffy (to me) because my gut feeling says that the show doesn’t want to make it part of the narrative and the dialogue on Thursday was meant to shut that down, but really didn’t at all, actually sort of made it seem worse for Rebecca, given that Robert says he passed out and couldn’t remember her leaving? and she seemed absolutely fine the next day, absolutely clear on what happened? he looked… well, like someone who had drunk a lot of whiskey. but my problem is that the show doesn’t want to address it directly and it’s so vague. We see her drinking from the bottle, we know that somewhere between her getting there and the incident, when they’re both presumably drinking, the bottle gets a lot emptier - I just don’t understand why they couldn’t make it clear that (if) she was also drunk???? but she doesn’t even mention it, doesn’t even say to chrissie that it was a drunken mistake, and so we’re left with this impression that…. she wasn’t as drunk as robert? And in fact, a point is explicitly made earlier in the episode with ross that she doesn’t want to drink, because she’s too hungover? so i don’t really know. i just. i don’t understand why they would leave it so vague.

but then i have that question about a lot of this storyline. there are too many points that are unnecessarily vague when they don’t have to be.

but… yeah. i just don’t think they want to deal with the consent issue but they haven’t had the forethought to explicitly shut it down (and it would be literally as easy to do as rebecca saying that she and robert were both incredibly drunk? because at least that makes it a little less creepy? but no, instead we have “robert was very drunk and passed out, rebecca left”??????? and i do think this is just bad writing, but it would be sweet if they wanted to prove me wrong.)

but YES, anyway, i like this idea and i didn’t mean to spew out a whole other essay in response but this is the mood i’m in so here we are. i think rebecca has a lot more in common with her entire family than she’d like to admit.