[dramatic zoom in]

in 1997 someone said to orlando bloom “dude you’re a super famous heartthrob right? can you show up for about 30 seconds total screentime in our oscar wilde biopic?”

orlando was like “what’s the role”

“you’d be a victorian-era male escort, you proposition stephen fry for sex on the street and then the camera does really dramatic cuts zooming into his face”

“oh FUCK yes”

Thoughts on the Lego Batman Movie:

  • funniest thing I’ve seen for months
  • the full microwave scene
  • if they had Ralph Fiennes playing Alfred, then why didn’t they also get him to voice Voldemort i mean, Eddie Izzard was great BUT ?? ?
  • i look forwards to the inevitable sequels wherein Batman obtains the rest of the Robins/assorted other orphans with much glee. i might not be in the dc/batfam fandom but i follow people who are and i appreciate its dynamic wholeheartedly.
  • best Joker ever
  • the skeptical pilot
  • ‘McGuffin Industries’
  • I WANT 8 SCUTTLERS AND I WANT THEM NOW that was the best? vehicle? it was so cute rip
  • ‘stop him before he starts singing’
  • baaAARBARA!
  • ‘i don’t do ships’
  • dramatic zoom in on Alfred
  • who is Phyllis’ boss? ??? or was that a reference I didn’t catch?
  • Batman flopping around on the stairs saying ‘No no no no no’ #relatable
  • so much more. the entire film is golden

i hate that song thats like “why you gotta be so cruel” bc its on the radio right now and all i can think of is that vid where it dramatically zooms on mayor dewey after pearl switches chairs bc he won’t leave her alone dhdhdhsjj



I present Undernovela the AU where everyone is very dramatic, speak español, zoom ins and on screen transitions happen out of nowhere, and anyone can just suddenly die of a heart attack. also everyone’s attractive. even the stereotypical comic relief skeleton.

y’all think this is a joke, but i actually have so much of it thought out. :y
19 years of watching shit novelas with my grandma does things to you. also click more cut if you want the translation??? lmao

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