[dramatic zoom in]

it’s never going to happen but please let the raven cycle series be filmed in parks & rec format. let ronan stare dead-eyed into the camera every time gansey starts talking. let blue go on 25 minute feminist rants that are cut in sporadically throughout the episode. let gansey ramble cheerfully to the camera about glendower until ronan inevitably yells at him to shut up. let the camera zoom in dramatically on adam’s face literally every time he speaks. we deserve this.


Video Game Challenge

✘[3/7] Male Characters - Albert Wesker | Resident Evil 5

The zombie apocalypse happened, and we were holed up in a school. There was electricity and water and etc, and like a 5 foot fence around the place. The news radio was playing, when suddenly we heard somebody on it exclaim, “the zombies can now jump!” We looked out the window and the zombies weren’t jumping, rather, gaining elevation and then losing elevation. It was kind of like Minecraft jumping. As I realized that, there was a dramatic camera zoom on my face.

  • Zuko: *glances at Azula's aim, then to Katara*
  • Zuko: *drops his stance, and starts running*
  • Zuko: *screams at the top of his lungs in terror that Katara might get struck*
  • Zuko: *leaps in front of Katara, using his body as a human shield to guard her from the lethal lightning*
  • Zuko: *attempts to redirect what he can in his horrible stance, but it's obvious he could not do it right, after the foreshadowing of him preaching how fatal it was to Aang to further display the blatant sacrifice that was being made*
  • Zuko: *literally reaches for Katara while he is in agonizing pain, legit dying on the ground with electricity coursing through him from the most powerful firebender alive on Sozin's Comet, where power is amplified*
  • Kataang Shippers: Zuko taking the lightning had nothing to do with him caring about Katara, even as a friend! It wasn't even a sacrifice! He'd be a dick if he didn't do it! He only did it because he can bend it! It was not sacrificial at all! There is no reason for the dramatic music, zoom in on their faces, Zuko falling to his death on the ground! It's not a sacrifice, nope, not even platonically! You guys are delusional!
  • Me: Yosue are really desperate, aren't you?