Obstacles 7 (ROMAN REIGNS)

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Ugh you guys! How did all of y'all guess it was a dream? 😂 anyways I’m not gonna post this again until either Tuesday or Wednesday. I wanna get the rest of my requests done




Dean looked over at his friend kinda side eyeing him after noticing how quiet he’s been all morning. “Something bothering you?”

His question went unanswered.


Finally Roman snapped back to reality, glancing in Dean’s direction. “…Yeah?”

“I said is something bothering you.” His friend repeated himself.

“Oh uh…” Roman thought about if he should lie or be truthful. “…Uh, nah. Why?”

“Bro, don’t lie.” Seth said butting into the conversation. “Roman had a dream about Y/N.” He started to explain, then stopped before leaning closer to Dean. “…About Finn fucking her.”

Roman looked at Seth pissed. “I didn’t tell you, just so you can go tell everybody else.”

Seth shrugged. “He’s not everybody else, he’s Dean.”

“You know he’s right.” Dean spoke up. “We’re brothers. We come to each other when we need to.”

He’s right, Roman thought.

Roman didn’t confide in many people, especially when it came to his marriage, except for like his close family, but since they weren’t physically here, Dean and Seth would do.

“It’s just this Finn, shit. It’s getting out of control. For me at least. I can’t even have my wife around without thinking that while I’m in the ring, Finn might be trying to talk his way into her life. And then that dream last night…” He paused momentarily to run his hands over his face and let out a long sigh. “I don’t know, it just gave me a preview of what I think, or what could happen.”

Seth groaned. “It didn’t happen and it won’t.”

“No, it could happen.” Dean said sounding frustrated. “You know how much I love Y/N . I’ve known her as long as I’ve known you and she’s like my little sister. She’s never done anything for you to expect cheating on her part. She’s even stayed with you, when you did cheat and honestly I suggested she leave you but she stuck by you.” He glanced at Roman to make sure he was still listening. “But if you continue to accuse her of going behind your back, she’s gonna do just that, whether it’s Balor, or some other dude. ‘Cause all you’re doing is pushing her away. And as for Balor, he’s just feeding off this mess.”

“Like demons do.” Seth added, nodding.

Just then it hit Roman.

He was pushing her away.

Possibly into another man’s arms, and no matter what, even if she decided to truly divorce him this time, it will all hurt the same.

His paranoia was getting the best of him, killing his marriage, and hurting his wife in the process.

And maybe Finn is feeding off this, like Seth mentioned.

I need to fix that.

“I can’t let him win.” He said, not realizing he had said it out loud.

“Let who win what?” Seth asked looking at Roman.

Roman only shook his head. “I need to get home.” He said jumping up. “I need to apologize to Y/N. She’s gotta know how sorry I am.”

Seth furrowed his eyebrows. “And you can’t just call and apologize…?”

“No…” Roman snapped. “I need to do it in person. She deserves that much.”

Roman was finally able to think with a clear mind, since this mess started and now nothing was gonna stop him from doing things the right way.

He was going to get back right with his wife.

After Roman had left, Seth turned to Dean. “Since when was you so smart about relationships?”

“Since I got married.” Dean said laughing, also getting up to leave. “You should try it.”


Don’t you just love Dean being the voice of reason and talking some sense into our RoRo?

Should Reader forgive him right away or make his ass suffer too? 😏


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Eavesdropping (ROMAN REIGNS)

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This was requested by @m-a-t-91 for some humor and i think i stayed true to your ask so fingers crossed you like this 😅


Reader is inside an empty locker room with Roman having a playful workout and their noises attract other superstars as they pass causing a huge misunderstanding: HUMOR


Warnings: NONE


Roman chuckled as he laid down on the floor getting in position. “Babe. You sure about this?

"Yes. Now just trust me.” Y/N giggled. “It’ll be fun, no lie down so I can get on top, Roman.”


“… so I can get on top, Roman.” Dean heard a female say as passed the locker room door.

A smirk immediately began to show on his face once he heard it was one of his best friends who was in there with the girl.

“Alright, Roman’s ‘bout to get it in.” He mumbled to himself letting his curiosity take over as he edged closer to the door.


After eavesdropping for a bit, Dean got so focused on the noises coming from the cracked door he didn’t even hear Seth walking up on him.

“Dude what are you doing?” Seth’s voice boomed in the hallway making Dean jumped. He stood from his kneeling position and punched Seth in the arm soon after. “Shut up Rollins. I’m trying to listen. Roman’s I’m there with a girl and he’s about to get it in.”

“And you’re gonna listen?” Seth asked, scrubbing up his noise in disgust. “That’s just wrong dude.”

“Then go.”

Seth shook his head. “Hell no. I said it’s wrong but I still wanna hear.” He said kneeling down next to his friend.


“Baby you’re so good at this…”


“…. Baby you’re so good at this.” Seth mocked the female. “Pff. I bet I’m better.” He mumbled to himself, only for his eyes to widen soon after when he glanced up and saw a curious Alexa Bliss eyeing him.

“What are you guys doing?” Alexa asked her eyes traveling from Seth to Dean, then back again.

“Listening to Roman and this girl have sex.” Both guys said in unison.

“Ooh, move over.” She said, wiggling her way in between Dean and Seth.

Dean looked over at her shocked. “You wanna listen?”

“Uh, yeahhh… that’s why I said move over.” She said, her signature smirk immediately began to show. “Us, girls have a kinky side too, you know.”


“Hold up Roman, I need to rebalance.”


“Damn Roman must be wild. Do you guys hear that? She can’t keep balanced.” Alexa started saying, but her talking only caused both Dean and Seth to shush her. “Okay, jeez.” She mumbled.

“Um-hm…” A voice behind them cleared their throat.

Seth huffed frustrated. “Man look, I’m not moving over…” He began in a half whisper. He turned around to be confronted with a backstage WWE worker. “Oh, hey.”

“I’m looking for Reigns. His match is about to start, is he in there?” The worker asked inching closer to the locker room. “Oh, good. He is.” The worker said after he heard Roman’s name being called out, he pushed past them, making his way closer to the door.

Dean lunged foward trying to stop the worker. “No. Don’t. They’re having sex in there.” He blurted out but it was no use, considering the worker had already entered leaving the door wide open.

Everyone froze, and silence filled the room.

Y/N was sitting on Roman’s back, Roman in mid-push up position. “Who’s having sex?” Roman finally spoke up, getting off the floor after Y/N had gotten off him.

“I… We…” Dean stuttered at a loss for words.

Alexa pointed at the two guys who previously accompanied her in eavesdropping. “Dean and Seth, said you two were.” She finished for him.

“Yeah, it was all Dean.” Seth joined in. “He was the first one listening in.”

Dean shoved him, making him stumble back a bit. “Thanks for just throwing me under the bus like that…” He then looked back at Roman. “This dude, was out there talking about, he could do better and don’t get me started on Alexa talking about her kinks.

Alexa blushed a deep red. "I didn’t say anything about my kinks, I said us girls have a kinky side.” She mumbled.

“Yeah, and what I said was a joke…” Seth protested. “You know I love to joke…” He said chuckling nervously as Roman glares at him.

“Roman, we need you in 5.” The worker spoke, interrupting the awkward conversation, exiting the locker room a few seconds later.

Roman nodded, taking Y/N’s hand.

“Your friends are weird babe. Like how do they get you doing push ups while I’m sitting on your back mixed up with sex?” Y/N laughed.

Roman shrugged with a slight grin. “I don’t know babe.”

“Oh, so they were just doing pushups…” Dean started. “

”…and she was sitting on his back. Man we were so far off.“ Seth added causing all three of them to laugh.

"Guys.” Alexa slowly stopped laughing, with a look on her face like she’s just had an epiphany. “Roman didn’t even introduce us.”

My App’s Not Stupid… You Are (THE SHIELD)

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Tried to add humor to this one lol. Hope it makes sense!


Warnings: none


“Romannn…” I whined pouting at one of my best friends.

He chuckled, mocking my tone soon after. “Baby girllll…” I scoffed hearing my other two best friends, Seth and Dean join in on the laughing as they continued out the elevator.

Ignoring them, I continued taking to Roman. “You gotta believe me.” I tried to reason with him.

Roman turned around taking me by the shoulders. “Y/N, It’s not you I don’t believe…” He paused and I could tell he was trying to be dramatic. “… I don’t believe your app.”

“Yeah,” Seth’s voice rang in my ears. “It’s an stupid app.

“I looked at him with a scowl on my face."My app’s not stupid… You are…”

Seth smirked, “Says the girl who thinks an app is really gonna tell if the hotel is haunted. Seriously Y/N/N. You wasted you money.” He turned on his heel, resuming the walk to our hotel room.

I saw Roman starting to walk ahead, to catch up with Dean.

I gasped. “You’re gonna follow him Ro?”

He only shrugged, yawning shortly after. “Any other time I would play along with you but not now. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m too tired.” He finished disappearing around the corner.

I sighed glancing over at Dean. “You gonna go with them?” I mumbled.

Dean shook his head. “I don’t believe you, but I’m not gonna leave you. Especially not since you’re really freaked out.”

He smiled causing me to smile. I linked arms with him. “And this is why you’re my favorite, Deano.”

We made our way back into the elevator and Dean pressed to button to go back down.

While we waited to get to the lobby floor I giggled causing Dean to look at me. “What’s funny?”

I continued giggling. “Oh nothing, just thinking about how Seth said I wasted my money… when I bought the app with his credit card.” I smiled innocently.

Dean looked at me shaking his head playfully. “Remind me to never leave my wallet around you.” He grinned.

Two Weeks 1/? (SETH ROLLINS)

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Sent in by @m-a-t-91 for a bit of Seth as a asshole turned lover boy. Gonna test out my AU skills for this (I think it’s AU lmao) sorry i didnt get it all out in one part bby, but I feel this isn’t just a one and done type thing 💭


Reader is kinda nerdy and is constantly picked on by the school bad boy Seth Rollins but could Seth be masking his true feelings? : ANGST AND FLUFF


“Okay, as you all know, today’s the day we start work on the project. And I’ve taken it upon myself to pair you up with your partners.”

The teacher starts calling out names of the students in the class, along with the person they’re to pair up with.

“And finally, Y/N…” The teacher glanced down at her list of names. “…and Seth.”

It was that exact moment Y/N wanted to crawl into a nearby hole, curl up into the fetal position and die.



Anything to not have to be paired with the guy who’s always picking on her.

Just then the bell ring signaling the release of the students.

“Alright class!” The teacher shouted to make sure she was heard over the noise and gossiping of students. “You have two weeks to complete this, but I suggest you don’t play around to the last minute. This project is 60% of your final grade!”

Y/N slowly rose from her desk, groaning at the thought of having to see Rollins after school for 2 weeks.

It was hard enough having to deal with him during school.

She always treasured the moments when the bell ring and she was able to get away from Rollins and his stupid smirk.

But now she wouldn’t even be able to do that for 14 whole days.

Fuck! She mentally cursed.

“Aye nerd.” Seth called out to her while slowly approaching her desk. “Y/N.” He said louder after he was ignored the first time.

“What, Seth?” Y/N asked growing more annoyed by the second.

Just as she turned around, a ball of paper collided with her face.

“Nice one bro.” Roman, another grade A jerk, said to Seth fist bumping him causing Seth to chuckle.

Y/N already had an idea it was Seth who threw the balled up paper but that confirmed it.

“See you after school, babe.” Seth said doing that stupid ass smirk of his again before leaving.

But this time it had some weird effect on her.

Blood rushed to her cheeks making them turn a deep shade of red.


Was she blushing?

Over Rollins?

No the better question is why is she blushing over Rollins?

It wasn’t the smirk. She’d seen that too many times to really be this affected by it.

Y/N stopped gathering her things, taking a moment to think.

It had to be what Rollins had said.


Rollins had never called her babe, hell he’d never really called her anything other than her name and the usual, nerd.

And she’d never blushed over anything her did, if anything she’d always been annoyed at his behavior.

She shrugged it off, maybe it was nothing she told herself as she left the class.


“Dude, what the fuck was that in the class room?” Roman asked, his best friend as they made it to Seth’s locker.

“What was what?”

Dean groaned looking at him like he was stupid. “You calling Y/N babe.” He finished as Roman nodded.

Seth closed his locker, shutting it, only to come face to face with his two best friends. “It was nothing, damn. It’s just a word.”

Dean shook his head. “No. It’s a word you call someone you like. Shit, you don’t see me and Ro calling every girl here babe.”

Roman once again nodded, agreeing with Dean. “Ambrose has a point.”

Seth rolled his eyes. “Well I don’t like that girl. Man, you know I’m Seth Freaking Rollins. I can get any girl in this lame ass school. Why would I settle for…” He pointed as Y/N walked out the double doors of the school. “…That?”

He got picked up his backpack from the floor.

“I know you two aren’t the smartest but damn at least have a bit of sense.” He said leaving his two friends standing there.

As he rounded a corner Seth stopped, exhaling a breath he didn’t know he was holding until now.

“Fuck, Rollins…” He whispered to himself. “…You gotta be more careful next time.”